cooking everyone a GOURMET MEAL because I'm WIFEY now.


  1. QuinnyLs

    QuinnyLsDia atrás

    You in the cover of this vid looks like that CallMeCarson meme

  2. Kono Dutch

    Kono Dutch2 dias atrás

    Wifey ring.... How big is too big?

  3. Kono Dutch

    Kono Dutch2 dias atrás

    I've never kept my hands clean this long.... I'm turning over a new leaf.

  4. Kono Dutch

    Kono Dutch2 dias atrás

    Now that Im trying to get back on track with my normal lie.

  5. Kono Dutch

    Kono Dutch2 dias atrás

    I don't know how

  6. Just Jayden

    Just Jayden2 dias atrás

    Me pausing the video when tana opens the fridge to peep her groceries lololol

  7. Natalija Životić

    Natalija Životić2 dias atrás

    grosed out of slippery chicken, but not of the gross lookin ass dick 😂

  8. PrinceOfLillies

    PrinceOfLillies2 dias atrás

    Wait wait wait! Mariah is editing this as well?!?! How long has this been happening?!?! Mariah you are editing queen at this point!!

  9. PrinceOfLillies

    PrinceOfLillies2 dias atrás

    I’m 6 mins in and you haven’t put up your hair and I’m triggered 😂😂

  10. Goose Goose

    Goose Goose3 dias atrás

    ily tana büt was anyone else bothered by her long hair dangling over the food ?? LIKE PUT IT UP PLS OMG

  11. MRN NRM

    MRN NRM3 dias atrás

    Fuck u

  12. Tana’s Extensions

    Tana’s Extensions4 dias atrás

    Do more cooking videos pls!!!

  13. Iris Kiflom

    Iris Kiflom4 dias atrás

    I’m obsessed with this video. I love you Tana. Thanks for brining us into your kitchen! ❤️ Love ya

  14. aj

    aj4 dias atrás

    "We're skipping the freshly ground part" babe u used a pepper grinder 😂😂

  15. Alexia Muñoz

    Alexia Muñoz4 dias atrás

    tana you didn't wash the chicken lol

  16. Payton Lynn

    Payton Lynn5 dias atrás

    Does anyone else feel like Tana’s content & Tana herself, has changed SO MUCH since the “marriage”? It’s like she’s done a full 180 & I hate it. Cause I love Tana so fucking much. But I miss the normal Tana.

  17. bunny 10156

    bunny 101565 dias atrás

    Horrible!!but hopefully you'll get better don't give up, being a wife is a big responsibility

  18. Jeannette Reyes

    Jeannette Reyes5 dias atrás

    She is a really stupid adult .. How the fuck she’s famous

  19. Kk 23

    Kk 236 dias atrás

    I’m turning over a new *LÄEF*

  20. Punk Prophet

    Punk Prophet6 dias atrás

    W H Y does these people have so much money and can not even cook a single simple meal I am trying to be educated in many ways, working fuckin almost two shifts and I barely can live through a month in a rent fuckin apartment w h a t h a p e n n e d please tell me how

  21. Courtney Morin

    Courtney Morin7 dias atrás

    Fucking close the oven

  22. jennabenna6600

    jennabenna66007 dias atrás

    Ashly low key throwing shade through out the video

  23. J M

    J M8 dias atrás

    You can’t buy class

  24. Abayomii Rosè

    Abayomii Rosè9 dias atrás

    The fact that she didn’t clean her chicken and cut off the fat. she literally took it out of the packaging and started seasoning it. she’s going to get sick and die of a pneumonia I swear to god-

  25. Kamren Parker

    Kamren Parker9 dias atrás

    PLEASE put your hair up

  26. Moth Lord

    Moth Lord9 dias atrás


  27. Meena Lupe

    Meena Lupe9 dias atrás

    3:05 tana likes jenna marbles yay

  28. Nicky Swift

    Nicky Swift9 dias atrás

    I'm southern an fry chicken all The time.. I was legit tryna tell her what to do thru my phone lol!!!

  29. frierthai

    frierthai10 dias atrás

    Ease up on the fake lips

  30. Mary Eliza

    Mary Eliza10 dias atrás


  31. Laila Layla

    Laila Layla11 dias atrás

    She didn’t even wash the meat...

  32. Suziejane Pimlottx

    Suziejane Pimlottx11 dias atrás

    Omg I fucking love you 😍

  33. Oswegoma

    Oswegoma11 dias atrás

    Dude wash your chicken, ew

  34. Jacky Lancon

    Jacky Lancon11 dias atrás

    for a the WHOLE first minute amari gets ignored and honestly .. me too

  35. kyleigh Tremblay

    kyleigh Tremblay12 dias atrás

    The 'oh hell yeah' sounded like Jenna Marbles

  36. Jessica Ave

    Jessica Ave12 dias atrás

    Ok but Tana Mongeau is a whole mood wow I love her😂🖤✨

  37. RileySmileyRiley

    RileySmileyRiley12 dias atrás

    Bruh what? *picks up chicken with gloves* Tana: EW THIS IS THE GROSSEST THING IVE EVER DID *picks up chicken without gloves* Also Tana: ...

  38. RileySmileyRiley

    RileySmileyRiley12 dias atrás

    I thought Tana was vegan...??? Am I crazy? Was she at one point? 🤔

  39. Malia Grace

    Malia Grace13 dias atrás

    You look sooooooo much like Iggy Azalea lol

  40. Sarai Rodriguez

    Sarai Rodriguez13 dias atrás

    I'm actually like how tf she don't know how to tffff

  41. s4d brvana

    s4d brvana13 dias atrás

    Okay but drop the link to the recipe

  42. Caroline Beckstrøm

    Caroline Beckstrøm13 dias atrás

    Why are you using plastic cutlery...?😔

  43. Breanna Kelly

    Breanna Kelly13 dias atrás


  44. AmbieBambie

    AmbieBambie13 dias atrás

    You ppl try way to hard!

  45. AmbieBambie

    AmbieBambie13 dias atrás

    You ppl try way to hard!

  46. Taylor 8

    Taylor 814 dias atrás

    All the dislikes are from the vegans that got salmonella from watching this video

  47. Allie C

    Allie C14 dias atrás


  48. Allie C

    Allie C14 dias atrás

    4.99 mil, in like 10 minutes u will probably have 5 mil, congrats b

  49. Emma Frost

    Emma Frost14 dias atrás

    Wives know how to cook oor atleast the basic skills.

  50. Kalah Thomas

    Kalah Thomas14 dias atrás

    Okay but no one noticed that she didn’t wash the chicken before cooking it 🥴

  51. Waits Sharpe

    Waits Sharpe14 dias atrás

    Ugh ur still posting? Idubbz needs to finish the job

  52. sadaya Show

    sadaya Show15 dias atrás

    Tana being dizzy af and wifey IS A BIG MOOD

  53. Marisa Hagan

    Marisa Hagan15 dias atrás

    there’s like so many things wrong with this video😂 like the fact she left the oven open for awhile is horrible, the fact she didn’t even know how to turn on an oven, like damn, you might be privileged but you’re dumb as fuck.

  54. Giamakesvids

    Giamakesvids15 dias atrás

    Bone apple teet bichis

  55. Alina Nicolae

    Alina Nicolae15 dias atrás

    2:28 - homeless skinless chicken breasts =)))

  56. Gabriela Andrade

    Gabriela Andrade15 dias atrás

    3:47 your exactly like the other girls 😭😂🤦🏾

  57. Danielle Byrne

    Danielle Byrne15 dias atrás

    Gonna miss Mario being the voice of reason

  58. Alex L

    Alex L15 dias atrás

    I wish she would just go back to being tanna !! Not more Paul shit

  59. loa ding

    loa ding15 dias atrás

    Can someone plz mark all the times tana said “like” 🤣🤣🤣

  60. Sarah B

    Sarah B16 dias atrás


  61. Holly Kilrain

    Holly Kilrain16 dias atrás

    Ugly cuc

  62. Violette Graziadei

    Violette Graziadei16 dias atrás

    **thumbs downing it cause your house didn’t light on fire**

  63. Sam Spiering

    Sam Spiering16 dias atrás

    close your oven put your hair up dry hand and wet hand! good job checking the temperature of the chicken! CLEAN YOUR CHICKEN Still loved the video and also a great idea using hot Cheetos on tacos!