Cooking with Karrueche Tran and Kylie Jenner



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  2. Aurie

    Aurie20 horas atrás

    That’s not Mexican cheese lol. That’s a store bought grated cheese mix that they sell as a “Mexican” mix for people who don’t know better.

  3. Naruto Uzumaki59

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  4. Mini Cooking With Fat Fingers

    Mini Cooking With Fat Fingers3 dias atrás

    I like the knife rack on the counter behind them 👍🏽

  5. Cesia Gebben

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    How have I never seen this before?

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    I wish i looked like you kylie my confidence would be even higher then it already is. ❤

  7. Eileana Oakley

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    You are so beautiful kylie


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    Nadie vino aquí por el video de Sofia Maure?? 😢

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    Anyone watching in 2018??

  10. Thick Bagina

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    I made these today

  11. flashback mary

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    not a hater but anyone notice the black sleeve at 5:30?even when Kylie is in a white top

  12. Iggy Azalea

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    flashback mary lmao cuz Kylie didn’t flip it😂😂

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    Like si venís por Sofi Maure

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    Kylie wtf are you wearing boo Hickeys? Baby throw up? WHY A TURTLE NECK IN THE SUMMER

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    The both so pretty 😍🧡look like they can be sisters

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    why have I watched this so many times

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    They eat just that one half of taco for the week lol

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    *we're really hungrY* 05:56

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    Shrimp eat shit...

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    I made this. It was bomb asf thanks

  21. Una Persona :v

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    Se ven bien giles admirando a esta tipa :v

  22. The cup RM throws in the Run MV

    The cup RM throws in the Run MV12 dias atrás

    But who's the person with the black shirt

  23. Slay_samy Jimenez

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    I tried this tacos at hole omg they are so good I recommend doing them thanks for this receipt👌👌👌

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    Ugly 🤮🤢

  25. Mary Catherine Gallagher

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    should of been called, "Kylie can't cook"🥑🍋🍤. the meal looks great though.

  26. Эд Гадди

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    wtf is this shit?! 186k idiots

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    like si vienes por sofi maure XD

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    Love it. Cant wait to try this recipe. 😀

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    These hoes need to stay out the kitchen

  30. Mike Chris Scorpio.

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    Asking Kylie To Cook Is like asking a Klan Member to visit Morehouse College, It's Not Happening 😴😠

  31. Talissa

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    i actually grill my shells

  32. Fun Funny

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    You need to see whats a real taco

  33. yavette witherspoon

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    0:08 and 6:24 ?🤔 is it just me or why is Kylie always being praised and put into the spotlight so much and she don’t even do shit

  34. yavette witherspoon

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    Smart comment 6:14

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    Vengo por sofi maure xd

  36. Sara Granados

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    Estas si son mamadas. These 2 sluts do not know how to make real Mexican guacamole. Pendejas, diciendo guacamouli todas retrasadas.

  37. Sara Granados

    Sara Granados17 dias atrás

    Que cochinero, aver que hagan una comida 100 % mexicana

  38. Prettysanap

    Prettysanap17 dias atrás

    I cringed when she put the tomatoes in there.

  39. Music 4Life

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    I'm only here because it's not God's will that any perish but all repent to receive eternal life. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon to judge each person for their deeds. Seek Him with all your heart until you find Him. Time is running out. These are the last days, and we are the final generation. Now is the time to repent, turn away from sin, and prepare for the return of the King. Take care and God bless you

  40. oh honey

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    put some salt in that b lol wtf hahah what is flavor with out it hahaha

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    Wtf why??

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    Like si venís por Sofi Maure 😂💜

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    taco tuesdaaayyyy

  45. Rose

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    Vine a ver como cocinan tacos después de ver a Sofi Maure

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    Tocos gringos :v Malísimos

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    Alguien esta aca por Sofi?😂


    OLIVIA PREWITT19 dias atrás

    Go to a 5:40 and Kylie chef is doing her job


    BRENAY DAVIS19 dias atrás

    They some real Cali girls that’s how we make our tacos 🌮 lol

  50. Daniela Martinez

    Daniela Martinez20 dias atrás

    Didn't in 5:46 the shirt of kylie's change ... White to Black?😮

  51. Mimi Bellair

    Mimi Bellair20 dias atrás

    lmao kylie’s not even making the tacos, she’s wearing a white shirt and you can see someone wearing black making the tacos

  52. pls stop callling me gay im not gay

    pls stop callling me gay im not gay21 dia atrás

    I am too stoned for this. This video is so uncomfortable

  53. Aracely blogs

    Aracely blogs21 dia atrás

    why u girls are lies.

  54. Alexus Jackson

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    Kylie personality used to be awesome, now she's bland. That boy (not Tyga) really messed her up with her lip insecurity and she hasn't been the same since. It's sad

  55. Bianca Bell ASMR

    Bianca Bell ASMR22 dias atrás

    You can tell they are American there’s too much oil in the pan 😂

  56. sarah frankiewicz

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    Where was the salt in the shrimp or the guac?

  57. Christopher Do

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    That Vietnamese beauty just shines

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  59. Lily Soth

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    You chick's really don't know how to cook....

  60. CHEVY BOY!!!!

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    Jenner looks lost, LOL

  61. Fatmeh Afroz

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    5:29 look carfully and u will see that kylie is no longer cooking the tacos its someone else 😂😂😂 (FAIL)

  62. DJ Proe

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    It's funny how pretty girls can't cook. All they can make is "quick and easy" dishes lol

  63. Shaun Cushing

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    Wonder what a Gordon would say about this empty woggly eyed cunt cooking skills

  64. Samantha Garcia

    Samantha Garcia26 dias atrás

    On 5:41 there is a arm with a black shirt how could it be Kylie if she is wearing white

  65. bokwit bruno

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    I wished they would have showed how they constructed it in the shell

  66. iliana hernandez

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    make sure Karrueche okay though I heard she think I'm tryna give the coochie to Quavo 😂😂

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    Haii guyss my name is lusi. im from Indonesia. Recently I just post my first vlog video #LUSIVLOG !! please check it out and support me to continue this journey, Thankyou. Have a great day all🙏😊

  68. Donnie May

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    I made these today and they were so delicious!!!. Thanks for sharing this recipe ladies!!!

  69. Islander Girl

    Islander Girl27 dias atrás

    Shii I want some of that tho but Shii Kylie looks like she does not wanna be there

  70. Sonara Sanders

    Sonara Sanders27 dias atrás

    soooo we gone ignore the fact that kylie is wearing a white shirt....but when she starts adding more ingredients to have more flavor to the guacamole the “shell fryer” if you will has a black shirt on 😂😂

  71. J Frenchy

    J Frenchy28 dias atrás

    yeah lick them lips you money hungry hoe

  72. hannah maria

    hannah maria28 dias atrás

    I made these, and they were very good, only thing is, it got very watery in the pan.

  73. Sasa Ruled

    Sasa Ruled28 dias atrás

    She wasn’t lying when she said she loved them hahaha she’s been eating them everyday since according to her ahaha

  74. R E

    R E28 dias atrás

    Her mom likes em super soft huh explains Caitlyn perfectly


    MAXMARLEY PLAYZ28 dias atrás

    Kylie is on white but in this part shes in black 5:28

  76. Catherine Diaz

    Catherine Diaz28 dias atrás

    You add RED onions, NOT white 🤦‍♀️

  77. Katherine Gomez

    Katherine Gomez28 dias atrás

    Welp I got hungry watching this 😢🤤

  78. chanel mcclain

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    Oh she a FREAK FREAK

  79. yardy know

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    2:00 the awkwardness from their laughs 😂😂😂

  80. xtraassalty XD

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    I loved this collab

  81. ma namejeff

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    When someone you hate makes a funny joke 1:57

  82. Presley Coady

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    where’s kylie’s boobs lol

  83. alphabrenna

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    “Mexican cheese” 🤔

  84. Kearny Garlow

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    Lol the way they looked at each other when they were talking about thenoise the shrimp was making 😂😂😂

  85. Airreona TheeElevatedSongstress

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    I’m jealous of them eating those tacos!! 😂😂 but seriously! 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  86. Donna Kennedy

    Donna KennedyMês atrás

    This is a pre cooked meal no damn real meal

  87. Abby Lena

    Abby LenaMês atrás

    Mexican watching this.... “I think Limes give it that flavor” Pues claro! -No Shit

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    I'm good luv enjoy

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    Omg my last name is Tran yassss

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    That dance Kylie did cringe.

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    Those laughs are soooooooo faiiiikkkkkkke

  93. Elizabeth O'Hearn

    Elizabeth O'HearnMês atrás

    this girl needs to use some damn salt, especially in her guacamole

  94. Pradhnya Deshmukh

    Pradhnya DeshmukhMês atrás

    Idk why but I honestly think Kylie has good energy and she's warm. Dont really see the ice queen people been talking bout

  95. Amy Whelan

    Amy WhelanMês atrás

    How can I make taco's

  96. Priya Darsini

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    A taco vid with 10 m views HAHAJA

  97. Black Star

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    "Kylies first time cooking ever" Rename title

  98. Marcio Santos

    Marcio SantosMês atrás

    Vocês são irmãs?

  99. jasmin kittelmann

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    5:30 - 5-40 Kylie cheating she have a white top not a black one

  100. Jack moors

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    When are yt updating so u can pull the food outta the screen

  101. Eddy soeparno

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    6:10 lol