Cooking with Karrueche Tran and Kylie Jenner


  1. Phoenix Berens

    Phoenix Berens8 horas atrás

    i've always said i wanted to make this dish it years later i still haven't gotten around... (soon tho lol)

  2. Vinny Smoove

    Vinny SmooveDia atrás

    Who is this beautiful girl cooking with Kylie??

  3. Kay-Kay

    Kay-KayDia atrás

    WARNING no salt and pepper was harmed in the making of this video lol

  4. Lala's Laughter Hour

    Lala's Laughter Hour2 dias atrás

    Wasn't she wearing white 5:29!

  5. Hanna Chambers

    Hanna Chambers2 dias atrás

    these comments are bizarre, kylie nor her seem uncomfortable at all. if anything karuch has some awk laughs cuz hellllo thats what girlfriends do when theyre hanging out am i right ladies!?!?!?!?!?!? theyre being giggly normal ass people tbh

  6. Makoya Official

    Makoya Official2 dias atrás

    I been a fan of you for a long time but I could not find your BRreporter channel because I don’t know how to spell your name

  7. CALI 69

    CALI 693 dias atrás

    What does old bay season taste like???

  8. Eka Kadagishvili

    Eka Kadagishvili3 dias atrás

    When you cook, you have to tie up your hair ! New rules ? 🤔

  9. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez3 dias atrás

    She treats Kylie as if she were stupid...

  10. Hop Along Johnny

    Hop Along Johnny3 dias atrás

    I would like to taste both of their 🌮’s

  11. The Asian Nerd

    The Asian Nerd4 dias atrás

    This is so stupid.

  12. henshana molina

    henshana molina5 dias atrás

    This was more of watch kurruche (idk how to spell her name) cook

  13. suhaylah ghaznavi

    suhaylah ghaznavi6 dias atrás

    Im surprised that she dont go more subscribers

  14. suhaylah ghaznavi

    suhaylah ghaznavi4 dias atrás

    +george anthony shut the fuck up

  15. george anthony

    george anthony4 dias atrás

    Thizz Nuts 🤣🤣😭😭😭

  16. suhaylah ghaznavi

    suhaylah ghaznavi5 dias atrás

    +george anthony what does that even mean

  17. george anthony

    george anthony5 dias atrás

    suhaylah ghaznavi I know right but she doesn't need y'all She got me Already 💪😁

  18. Trigerak aem

    Trigerak aem6 dias atrás

    Bruh why yall eating the fake ass amrican tacos

  19. Helen Faol

    Helen Faol6 dias atrás

    Hey everyone, I’m trying to make this at home but we don’t have Old Bay seasoning in NZ. What is a good replacement for this?

  20. muffin

    muffin6 dias atrás


  21. Antoinette Mikkey

    Antoinette Mikkey9 dias atrás

    Beautiful Subscribe please

  22. salty default

    salty default9 dias atrás

    Yep I agree kylie, raw shrimps with seasoning looks yummyy

  23. Alyssa

    Alyssa9 dias atrás

    So awkward lmao

  24. Aaliyah H.

    Aaliyah H.9 dias atrás

    Lmfao they failed at the editing because you really can see the black shirt on the side 😂I like this but it’s cringey idk...

  25. Hafizur Rahman

    Hafizur Rahman9 dias atrás

    banging food girls👍

  26. World Peace

    World Peace9 dias atrás


  27. Invader 71

    Invader 719 dias atrás


  28. mz morton

    mz morton10 dias atrás

    Karruechue so pretty

  29. Manisha Mulchandani

    Manisha Mulchandani13 dias atrás

    Epic moment 5:17 and 5:31 someone else is making the tacoss

  30. Melissa Tenorio

    Melissa Tenorio14 dias atrás

    kylie: This noise **laughs** Karreuche: has a nice lil ring to it me:wtf

  31. mary smith

    mary smith15 dias atrás

    Yall think youre fantasy is but you're not it anymore

  32. Loraine Harkhoe

    Loraine Harkhoe16 dias atrás

    Hmm can i have one 😆😆😆😆

  33. Marisol Calero

    Marisol Calero17 dias atrás

    5:16 well i knowtist that Kylies shirt turnd black. wtf ya better explain because that meens she cant cook cause she got someone else doing something shes supposed to do.

  34. Leah Renee

    Leah Renee17 dias atrás

    I love ALL the songs that Kylie listens too, but you can’t say anything in her videos because they’re all disabled, and I understand why, so please tell her. ❤️ lol, thanks. (I guess- I don’t know why) 😂🤦‍♀️

  35. Tailynn

    Tailynn17 dias atrás

    Those tortillas have a better personality than Kylie lol

  36. alfred james major

    alfred james major17 dias atrás

    to phoney bitches makeing trash

  37. Faith Her

    Faith Her19 dias atrás

    I hate their laugh

  38. Joe Salha

    Joe Salha20 dias atrás


  39. PinkBunnyLily

    PinkBunnyLily20 dias atrás

    At one point “Kylie” was wearing a black top :/

  40. Mintara

    Mintara20 dias atrás

    What was happening to the bottom of Kylie’s top the whole video tho.

  41. Shashank G

    Shashank G21 dia atrás

    Fake ass!

  42. kiara g

    kiara g22 dias atrás

    White shirt, then black shirt🤣😂💀 5:33

  43. Naseema Veasey

    Naseema Veasey23 dias atrás

    karrueche basically did everything🤣🤣😍

  44. nadya britt

    nadya britt24 dias atrás

    1:54 that's what good pussy sounds lile

  45. Paola Munoz

    Paola Munoz25 dias atrás

    Is there such thing as Mexican cheese 😂

  46. Paola Munoz

    Paola Munoz25 dias atrás

    Oh hell no Ask a Mexican myself .. this looks disgusting 🤦🏻‍♀️ we don’t make our shrimp tacos like that

  47. Danielle Deisrael

    Danielle Deisrael25 dias atrás

    Do Kae where lace wigs lol not my business curious again not on my mind

  48. Gianna Bridges

    Gianna Bridges25 dias atrás

    Did anyone see when they were putting the shrimp in the bowl one of them fell in the onions

  49. Friedrich Nietzsche

    Friedrich Nietzsche26 dias atrás

    Bitch what is you doin? Throwing cilantro in there when you’re cooking your onions you’re just going to make them wilty.

  50. Tori B

    Tori B26 dias atrás

    Damn Kylie put a lot of oil

  51. The Asshole

    The Asshole28 dias atrás

    5:29 so basically Kylie didnt do shit since its someone else helping out with a black shirt

  52. Rama Elboshra

    Rama Elboshra28 dias atrás

    Shrimp tacos with lady in black shirt

  53. Lauren Sandra

    Lauren Sandra28 dias atrás

    who took over the tortillas for Ky? the beach really is that lazy onl

  54. Jan Daniel Ching

    Jan Daniel Ching29 dias atrás

    When kylie used those tongs to keep the tacos from closing made me realize she's legit can cook

  55. Dallas Flowers

    Dallas FlowersMês atrás

    when she was stirring the shrimp, all i could think about was the vine where he says “that’s what good pussy sounds like” 😂😂😂


    METALOPURA55Mês atrás

    Stay in school kids

  57. Val R

    Val RMês atrás

    Like these bitches even eat

  58. Diana Andrade

    Diana AndradeMês atrás

    That aint no Mexican cheese!! Leave us alone lmao

  59. Bianca Lucio

    Bianca LucioMês atrás

    It's cooking with Kylie but she didn't do anything.

  60. thankyou next

    thankyou nextMês atrás

    I want to try this recipe! It looks delicious. I am even salivating just by watching this 😣

  61. Due October

    Due OctoberMês atrás

    Karrueche is extremely pretty !

  62. Princess Is kewl

    Princess Is kewlMês atrás

    Is it just me or did kylies shirt change to black at the guacamole part🤯🤷🏽‍♀️🤔

  63. Lesli B

    Lesli BMês atrás


  64. Aussie🤙🏾

    Aussie🤙🏾Mês atrás

    Karrueche's taco would taste delicious 🤤

  65. NolaBooXo

    NolaBooXoMês atrás

    Was this during the time when Kylie was with Tyga and Karruche was with Chris hahaha

  66. NolaBooXo

    NolaBooXoMês atrás

    Kylie is so awkward

  67. TheRobinsoneb1

    TheRobinsoneb1Mês atrás

    Good idea but I would be great to bake the shells so the taco doesn't get all that extra oil/fried grease

  68. anastasija

    anastasijaMês atrás

    love your black/white t-shirt

  69. The Schryvers Squad

    The Schryvers SquadMês atrás

    That looks delicious 😍😍 hi from New Zealand 🇳🇿

  70. Manny

    MannyMês atrás

    Idgaf what they're cooking i just saw karruche in them tight ass pants and knew i had to watch this

  71. Brenda Rubio

    Brenda RubioMês atrás

    Natural beauty vs plastic and whatever else

  72. jacek

    jacekMês atrás

    silly bitches can't even cook... those fucking shrimps are RAW and they didn't even cook the onions, fucking talentless THOTS

  73. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. TrumpMês atrás


  74. Dominique MSP

    Dominique MSPMês atrás

    5:37 Kylie wore a white shirt.. not a black one.. right? .o.

  75. Jordan Rosales

    Jordan RosalesMês atrás

    Who is the person in the black shirt

  76. zill patel

    zill patelMês atrás

    Look at 5:29 Kylie shirt is black not white

  77. Avocado_ V

    Avocado_ VMês atrás

    I don't know why but Kylie seems kinda shy in this video

  78. Say it ding dong

    Say it ding dongMês atrás

    No salt or garlic in the guacamole? :( Or does Old Bay just have salt in it?

  79. Venessa Nieto

    Venessa NietoMês atrás

    Definitely not “healthy” tacos lol “little but if oil” 😳😳😳😳

  80. J C

    J CMês atrás

    They know how to turn the gas on lol HOW SMART LOL

  81. Srijana Basnet

    Srijana BasnetMês atrás

    Haha no salt 😂

  82. MR Gandafl the grey

    MR Gandafl the greyMês atrás

    I smell shit and this video is full of it, bitchass Kylie can't cooking

  83. Anna Lappas

    Anna LappasMês atrás

    Notice how when Kylie said she would finish the shells, her sleeves magically turned black.

  84. Hayati 622

    Hayati 622Mês atrás

    So many jealouse people in this comment section..for me she doing great its just her personality that she introvert girl n did't talk much....fighting kylie

  85. Marcus Moore

    Marcus Moore24 dias atrás

    Hayati 622 Go back to school and learn to spell jealous lol

  86. Lynn Magele

    Lynn MageleMês atrás

    @ 5:33 who else noticed that’s not Kylie’s arm on the right lol she’s wearing white but the person @ 5:33 is wearing black 😳😳😳 exposed 😂

  87. Marcel Marquis

    Marcel MarquisMês atrás

    Chris brown and tygas exes lmao

  88. fabulous

    fabulousMês atrás

    What happened to sour cream and mexican cheese?

  89. Shreelux nepali

    Shreelux nepaliMês atrás

    kylie wearing white and black dress at the same time 😕😕😕

  90. stupid shit

    stupid shitMês atrás

    Tf is so cute about cutting shrimp 💀😂😂

  91. Annette F.

    Annette F.Mês atrás

    “Cut them into THREES” 😂

  92. RizexTG

    RizexTGMês atrás

    5:29 right side *EXPOSED*

  93. hekktik

    hekktikMês atrás


  94. kristian aguilar

    kristian aguilarMês atrás

    You know kylie jenner hasnt cooked a thing in her life

  95. Chettah Zaw

    Chettah ZawMês atrás

    alguien mas vino por sofi maure? v:

  96. Craig Gamble

    Craig GambleMês atrás

    My faves! 😍😘😗😙😚


    MAT HATTERMês atrás

    Ocean's 8... Kylie jenner

  98. Cheyanna Musgrove

    Cheyanna MusgroveMês atrás

    when's the party over - billy eilish #KARMA

  99. Yeuogu

    YeuoguMês atrás

    Who's here because GradeAUnderA's video about that BRreporterr(didnt know the name) arguing about him...

  100. Caitlin Emma

    Caitlin EmmaMês atrás

    Do you have to add tomatoes in with the shrimp? Is there a purée or something I could use as a substitute? I h a t e fresh tomatoes.

  101. Rod mua

    Rod muaMês atrás

    Kylie was not flipping the tacos someone in a black shirt was doing it for her at 5:30 look at it again!!!!

  102. Felix Oloo

    Felix OlooMês atrás

    The cringe is real...

  103. z l

    z lMês atrás

    Omg im cringing at the way the prawns were cooked 😭😭

  104. keira and breen

    keira and breenMês atrás

    uh in the video she has a white shirt but then in the oven she had a black shirt kylie is a fake

  105. Suziyah Johnson

    Suziyah JohnsonMês atrás

    So none of yall in the comments not gon mention chris??