Cooking with Karrueche Tran and Kylie Jenner


  1. k

    k4 horas atrás

    as a chef, this video pains me. where tf is the seasoning

  2. MyLife AsChanel

    MyLife AsChanelDia atrás

    Kylie gave her some clout

  3. Justa MaMa

    Justa MaMa2 dias atrás

    It said "boiling oil" lmao! "Simmer" (in oil) its fry bitch! Smh.

  4. hxneybee.

    hxneybee.2 dias atrás

    My mom and dad make the best tacos my mom makes the most delicious beef tacos and my dad makes the best shrimp tacos I loveee them I always tell my mom she should open up her own taco place that’s how good they are

  5. alexperez85

    alexperez852 dias atrás

    The freaking pan has no heat..

  6. Noella Aviles

    Noella Aviles4 dias atrás

    Why the fuck is Karruche breathing down Kylies neck like that.....

  7. niners mexfor life

    niners mexfor life4 dias atrás

    Yo they b buying some Kroger brand onion powder wtf

  8. Eduardo Cruz Huizar

    Eduardo Cruz Huizar5 dias atrás

    omg I as a mexican I cringed all the video / 4:29 TORTILLAS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE CRUNCHY IN REAL TACOS

  9. babydoll babydoll lauren

    babydoll babydoll lauren5 dias atrás

    Kylie educating us about how she likes to keep the tongs in the taco shell as it fries.

  10. PrincessKombucha

    PrincessKombucha5 dias atrás

    Making this right now I cannot wait

  11. hello there

    hello there5 dias atrás

    Am I the only one watching this during Ramadan and just mukbangs in general?

  12. Christopher Roche

    Christopher Roche6 dias atrás

    so maybe kylie just wanted to be know for cooking instead of no talent besides her makeup line and when Karrueche said ''I like your taco shells'' then kylie said ''thanks'' her mind said ''Thanks but I didn't make them'' lol

  13. Christopher Roche

    Christopher Roche6 dias atrás

    Didn't anyone else notice that when karrueche was making the guacamole that in the corner was a black sleeve and was making the shells and kylie was wearing white

  14. jaxi1321

    jaxi13216 dias atrás

    Did no one notice the cross contamination when she was transferring the shrimp one fell into the onions she uses in the guac 😩

  15. Krisaaanne

    Krisaaanne6 dias atrás

    5.30 Why does Kylie shirt switch from white to black? TF

  16. Noora Queen

    Noora Queen4 dias atrás

    I don’t think it’s Kylie

  17. Nhat Ha Pham

    Nhat Ha Pham11 dias atrás

    Kylie looks a bit uncomfortable

  18. amanda buyanzi

    amanda buyanzi12 dias atrás

    Their constant fake laughing made me cringe the whole time

  19. Jennifer Marquez

    Jennifer Marquez12 dias atrás

    I had Kylie’s app and she changed because oil was splashing on to her shirt so yess she is making the tacos


    LOTUS DOLL LITTLE13 dias atrás

    what race is she


    LOTUS DOLL LITTLE13 dias atrás

    I saw the other episodes where she said she lives these taco. n she said she learned from her

  22. jaxi1321

    jaxi13216 dias atrás

    Me too! Lol

  23. Your Boi Calvin

    Your Boi Calvin13 dias atrás

    2 of the baddest girls 🤤

  24. Mona Patel

    Mona Patel15 dias atrás

    “Yeah, we can STOT the shells”

  25. Mona Patel

    Mona Patel15 dias atrás

    The fake laughs... so CRINGE Lowkey the tacos look good tho

  26. bikkibikki

    bikkibikki15 dias atrás

    But kylie Jenner doesn’t follow karruche on ig

  27. RandomnessLOL

    RandomnessLOL16 dias atrás

    Salt has left the chat.

  28. t.e. w

    t.e. w16 dias atrás

    This is a weird duo. 🤣 Anyone else think so? I didn't know they were friends...


    MARYAM DEHQANI16 dias atrás

    Why are people bullying Kylie

  30. jaxi1321

    jaxi13216 dias atrás

    When arnt they 😒

  31. Aysha Monias

    Aysha Monias17 dias atrás

    Kylie looks lost a bit in the video lol

  32. Kat H.

    Kat H.17 dias atrás

    Omg that’s me with the OLD BAY ❤️

  33. ZaeZae

    ZaeZae18 dias atrás


  34. No Face

    No Face18 dias atrás

    They seem so fake to each other lol

  35. Edwin Rodriguez

    Edwin Rodriguez19 dias atrás

    Que hasco .

  36. Rosè Shishkova

    Rosè Shishkova20 dias atrás

    Am I the only mexican in here?! Que pedo no mamen el guacamole no se hace asi... y los tacos mucho menos aunque sean que camaron, malditos gringos no pueden ni hacer un taco normal chale

  37. jaxi1321

    jaxi13216 dias atrás


  38. Briza Camacho

    Briza Camacho22 dias atrás

    5:56 "we're really hungrEEE"

  39. Hadia AbdulHamid

    Hadia AbdulHamid22 dias atrás

    Karruechies laugh really annoys me

  40. Andy Novoa

    Andy Novoa22 dias atrás

    Why invite someone and treat them like that?! I don’t care who you are. whatever happen to welcome or making them feel at home? All I kept seeing was Karrueche taking EVERYTHING away from KYLIE, almost at the end you only see Karrueche, why invite her and then do her like that? Of course, no one paid any attention to that! Once again society is overpowered by greed, selfishness and most of all hatred, One only sees what one wants

  41. marie bmn

    marie bmn22 dias atrás

    SO SO GOOD !!!

  42. mireya Gonzalez

    mireya Gonzalez23 dias atrás


  43. mireya Gonzalez

    mireya Gonzalez23 dias atrás

    I love all type of food👼👼👼🙌🙌😂😂👏👏🙏👏😘😘

  44. Volkan Tekten

    Volkan Tekten24 dias atrás

    Wow this recipe is awesome! Tacos, shrimps and onion powder *_* !!!!! this is cool... more episodes Cooking with Kylie would be awesome..

  45. mireya Gonzalez

    mireya Gonzalez24 dias atrás


  46. Jenny lynn Lane

    Jenny lynn Lane25 dias atrás

    Better then that fat pig whordyn pig would eat everything

  47. reyna villarreal

    reyna villarreal25 dias atrás

    Kylie Jenner has no personality

  48. Lexi Noelle

    Lexi Noelle25 dias atrás

    The fact that Kylie's so grown and acts so confused in the kitchen 😂😂 damn shame

  49. Emilie Bourgeois

    Emilie Bourgeois26 dias atrás

    Its funny to think that karrueche is 9 yrs older than kylie

  50. Taetv

    Taetv27 dias atrás

    Okay so what I’m loving most about this is the Kroger Brand Onion Power! I’m all about saving a buck or two 💁🏽‍♀️

  51. Zara Choudhury

    Zara Choudhury27 dias atrás

    kylies a fraud man i can't believe she pretended to make the tacos

  52. Planet Zac

    Planet Zac28 dias atrás

    Kylie watching someone else cook for 8minutes. Ground breaking.

  53. Edgar ortiz

    Edgar ortiz29 dias atrás

    This is disrespectful

  54. Syeda Nilima

    Syeda NilimaMês atrás

    How did u get kylie jenner to come your not even popular on BRreporter

  55. Isabella Talamante

    Isabella TalamanteMês atrás

    Awww they look soo happy when they took their first bites of the tacos😂😂😂💕

  56. Bilal Ali

    Bilal AliMês atrás


  57. Brianna Gouskos

    Brianna GouskosMês atrás

    What the hell is a shrimp it’s a prawn 🍤

  58. Hanniballz

    HanniballzMês atrás

    I''m here from Matty Matheson

  59. Ana Bella

    Ana BellaMês atrás

    Kylie is so awkward. I feel so uncomfortable watching her interact.

  60. Destiny Savanna

    Destiny SavannaMês atrás

    onion powder

  61. shaavehlovely Clarke

    shaavehlovely ClarkeMês atrás

    Any ways they bout move on from the two bestie

  62. Karishma Palsetia

    Karishma PalsetiaMês atrás

    Love shrimp tacos and guacamole! Enjoyed watching your video ! If you wanna check out a travel video of Switzerland my husband and I made. Thank you :)

  63. Artistic Grace

    Artistic GraceMês atrás


  64. Badax Mamii

    Badax MamiiMês atrás

    I mean yeah this might take some time if your not use to cooking but with time it gets easy seotusiy though 🤣🤣☺️🤦🏻‍♀️

  65. Badax Mamii

    Badax MamiiMês atrás

    Can’t even cook some quick and easy shrimp tacos I bet she can’t even wash her own damn clothes either or wash her ass right maybe somebody does everything for her damn I feel bad for her 🤢🤢🤮👋🏼🔥💀they need to add some salt and season to everything they have

  66. jaxi1321

    jaxi13216 dias atrás

    Yup no one famous can do laundry, I've seen that on many reality shows, the famous person can NEVER do their own laundry or anything for that matter

  67. Badax Mamii

    Badax MamiiMês atrás

    Kylie is lazy ass hoe you can tell everyone makes everything for her since she’s famous and shit

  68. sweetjune

    sweetjuneMês atrás

    Looks delicious I might try

  69. Lindiwe Bilimonga

    Lindiwe BilimongaMês atrás

    I love u Kylie❤

  70. Electra Hanias

    Electra HaniasMês atrás


  71. What

    WhatMês atrás

    Nah but this WHO bhris breezy was going krazy after hellllll nah 🥺

  72. What

    WhatMês atrás

    This sh** So st00pid 🤣🤣😭😭

  73. Emma Dinh

    Emma DinhMês atrás

    kylies so talented!!!!!

  74. shanita green

    shanita greenMês atrás

    They nasty for laughing at the "sound" the mixing of the shrimp is making 😁

  75. Blake Johns

    Blake JohnsMês atrás

    I tried it it sucks better with steak 100x better

  76. Lana Williams

    Lana WilliamsMês atrás

    Kylie seems like such a shy person.

  77. Lord Voldemort

    Lord VoldemortMês atrás

    God I thought this was the start to a bad porno.

  78. kx Kaz

    kx KazMês atrás


  79. Emily Tan

    Emily TanMês atrás

    Am I the only one that came from Matty’s vid with Bon appetit reacting to this video

  80. Grendizer Ace

    Grendizer AceMês atrás

    I wouldn't mind eating their tacos

  81. H T

    H TMês atrás

    If someone put this dish in front of me I would relapse on vegetarianism without hesitation.

  82. Rickn Moorte

    Rickn MoorteMês atrás

    Theyyy cant cook for shitt lol look how they were handling the ingredients

  83. Julia Galloway

    Julia GallowayMês atrás

    How do you eat this and stay so thin?

  84. Jesus L

    Jesus LMês atrás

    Boiling oil?the fuck



    u know how u guys say that Kylie was wearing a white shirt and at 5:26 there was a black shirt. Stop judging because Kylie might’ve needed to pick up a important call or go to the bathroom for a minute

  86. mohammad daghagheleh

    mohammad daghaghelehMês atrás

    love kylie but she didn't cook all of the tacos

  87. Rahaf Hussein

    Rahaf HusseinMês atrás

    Kily nice

  88. Rahaf Hussein

    Rahaf HusseinMês atrás


  89. Emily Smith

    Emily SmithMês atrás

    Kylie’s new bestie

  90. liz quin

    liz quinMês atrás

    I watch and rewatch this everytime I’m hungry.

  91. Karina Veegas

    Karina VeegasMês atrás


  92. McAldon Binney

    McAldon BinneyMês atrás

    Kylie should just stick yo makeup

  93. Baker1984

    Baker1984Mês atrás

    Please check out( Princess Misty) BRreporter channel.

  94. Taylor C

    Taylor CMês atrás

    "Girl the taco tuesday is at your house"

  95. Jose Arango

    Jose ArangoMês atrás

    There nothing Mexican about these tacos , they literally turned soft tortilla into a hard shell 🤦‍♂️

  96. Justina Rock

    Justina RockMês atrás

    I was curious and made these step by step the exact same. And they weren't really that great tbh

  97. Rupasri sivakumar

    Rupasri sivakumarMês atrás

    I have been watching this video since 7th grade, and never get bored by this......

  98. Hello Lez

    Hello LezMês atrás

    Did noone realize their dirty taco jokes ._. ??????

  99. Brie fly

    Brie flyMês atrás

    Would be better if hardshell was replaced by either corn or flour tortillas and add some pico de Gallo and red or green salsa lol

  100. Alejandro MILAN

    Alejandro MILANMês atrás

    Los gringos le ponen ingredientes de más a la comida mexicana y también la hacen de manera diferente

  101. Maria Rincon

    Maria RinconMês atrás

    Bitch ass Kylie was wearing a white shirt n all of a sudden a black shirt??

  102. Tanisha Angel

    Tanisha AngelMês atrás

    “We’re gonna cut up the shrimp” “cute” 😂😂😂😂

  103. campanichi

    campanichiMês atrás

    2 disgusting trannys: one dumb as a buck, the other one pretending to be sweet, but bitter and with very low self-esteem, saying "I love your taco". Vomitive.

  104. Karlsss

    KarlsssMês atrás

    I come back and watch this video every so often because it’s so satisfying lol

  105. Jennifer Copp

    Jennifer CoppMês atrás

    Yall consintrate to hard on a mfukkuhz actions. Most yall cant afford tacos let alone cook them. I cant stand a mothafucka that watch a bitch every move df outa here🖕