COPPA in a Nutshell


  1. CircleToonsHD

    CircleToonsHDMês atrás

    Hello my friends, while I wait for the apocalypse to hit my channel, why not check out my new SUPER limited merch? I'm SUPER proud of this whole line so I hope you enjoy it too

  2. super myst

    super myst23 dias atrás

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  3. Daniel Kolbin X

    Daniel Kolbin X24 dias atrás

    Lol ikr

  4. Tr1-F0rce

    Tr1-F0rceMês atrás

    CircleToonsHD good luck surviving the endgame...


    LAP NGUYENMês atrás

    Also i didnt know that you watch terminalmontage


    LAP NGUYENMês atrás

    Can you not say curse words

  7. scaly raptor 1944

    scaly raptor 19444 horas atrás

    We are fu

  8. YouNeedHealing

    YouNeedHealing18 horas atrás

    what the hell is a coppa

  9. Dylan Pearceiesk

    Dylan PearceieskDia atrás

    Coppa is taking over

  10. The Last Of Us is here.

    The Last Of Us is here.Dia atrás

    0:07 あ痛ッ

  11. Michael Alexander

    Michael AlexanderDia atrás

    Guys i heard the coppa isn’t as bad. Also youtube should totally add in a “general audiences” thing. For arlo and some other fellas

  12. Ace Of Spades

    Ace Of Spades2 dias atrás

    BRreporter in 2019: No cursing BRreporter in 2020: Say fuck. Say it again. Do it again.

  13. um pinbol qualquer

    um pinbol qualquer2 dias atrás

    Eu sou o único brasileiro na seção de comentários?

  14. braders 48

    braders 482 dias atrás

    Best monster ever

  15. awesomestgamerboy

    awesomestgamerboy2 dias atrás

    Oh also on top of that regular tos still exists meaning you can't swear too much or you get demonetized also. *BRreporter!*

  16. Andrea Samper

    Andrea Samper2 dias atrás

    Thx COPPA!

  17. Isaak Bullock

    Isaak Bullock2 dias atrás

    Coppa looks B.A.

  18. Artista Nerd

    Artista Nerd2 dias atrás


  19. InkTheOne

    InkTheOne2 dias atrás

    Oh damn o my FAVORITE

  20. javier hernandez

    javier hernandez2 dias atrás

    Whould all Nock It Out! There a security with actuall people, not a machine. Nothing crazy has happened so far

  21. Mr. Oofball {True Form}

    Mr. Oofball {True Form}3 dias atrás

    COPPA is Demonetization on steroids

  22. FlipAMeme

    FlipAMeme3 dias atrás

    *did I just hear a naruto sound*

  23. /海綿状Sponge

    /海綿状Sponge3 dias atrás

    I would rather being demonetizate rather than coppa.

  24. PebbleMiester

    PebbleMiester4 dias atrás

    People before 2019: “BRreporter can’t get worse than this” COPPA in 2019: “hello there”

  25. Dapper Demon

    Dapper Demon4 dias atrás

    BRreporter pre coppa: Oh yeah, you can make money, just be family friendly! BRreporter after coppa: Oh yeah, you can make money, but it will cost you 42k dollars and a possible lawsuit. Oh you dont want that? then you just mark your channel kids only. oh right by the way, you wont be needing that money any time soon now, right? good good. Bye!

  26. Captain Rex

    Captain Rex4 dias atrás

    Venom vs Mysterio on low budget

  27. Galactic Potato

    Galactic Potato4 dias atrás

    Did he just use a cloning jutsu from Naruto to make a clone of himself to talk for him? Or did he reappear from going invisible?

  28. Apple

    Apple5 dias atrás

  29. Floofy Pigeon

    Floofy Pigeon5 dias atrás

    Coppa is not that bad...

  30. NinjaXFiles ®

    NinjaXFiles ®3 dias atrás

    It is that bad, what are you talking about? Hundreds if not thousand of channels are getting blocked by YT because of COPPA. Doesn't matter if you mark your videos correctly (as for kids/adults) their bot system is just horrendous, and it'll do the opposite of what is meant to do.

  31. ANLEK

    ANLEK5 dias atrás

    Coppa what ?

  32. Boxy Rants

    Boxy Rants5 dias atrás

    “But now I think, everything is TOO family friendly.”- Demonetization hero

  33. Blurange Boy KM's see

    Blurange Boy KM's see5 dias atrás


  34. Alexander

    Alexander5 dias atrás

    COPPA is retarded it made a animated video not for kids for kids. Why?

  35. Emeraldia Kitty

    Emeraldia Kitty5 dias atrás

    DailyMotion: I allow content Creators!

  36. yeet

    yeet6 dias atrás

    COPPA can eat my pant

  37. yeah this is small brain time

    yeah this is small brain time6 dias atrás

    fack coppa its litterally shit

  38. ThatBoi360

    ThatBoi3606 dias atrás

    Does coppa work on child you tubers?

  39. Derek Schon

    Derek Schon6 dias atrás

    When season 2's villain waaaaay outclasses season 1's villain

  40. Toon Link

    Toon Link6 dias atrás

    COPPA is the opposite of demonitization...demonitization can delete bad and agressive words in channels and COPPA is the opposite of demonitization because he makes the fun and makes pepole swear and a bit good because he doesn't wan't kids to look at these :I or P.A.R.E.N.T.S (protecting and reading every night to the sick)

  41. Prtty Much Lag

    Prtty Much Lag7 dias atrás

    That coppa thing is a joke for aprils 1! Hahahahaha *Happy credit music* Coppa: not today

  42. Señor Doggo!

    Señor Doggo!7 dias atrás

    So Be Family Friendly But Also Not Too Family Friendly?

  43. Swivel Shivel

    Swivel Shivel7 dias atrás

    So are we just gonna come to a full circle to where we go back to the old days of BRreporter where you could just find straight up porn on here?

  44. The common youtuber

    The common youtuber7 dias atrás

    Is this the end for the fallen warrior demontise man? Tune in next time to find out!

  45. crazy4aday

    crazy4aday7 dias atrás

    Just say FUCK at the beginning of every video

  46. Wolfie Cloud uwu

    Wolfie Cloud uwu7 dias atrás

    And I broke my freaking foot 0:12

  47. Shreddy McShredderson

    Shreddy McShredderson7 dias atrás


  48. Angry Space Marine

    Angry Space Marine7 dias atrás

    What is COPPA?

  49. Burakku Ren

    Burakku Ren8 dias atrás

    His physical apareance doesn’t match my expectations. Expected someone much younger

  50. Kevun br gameing •69 years ago

    Kevun br gameing •69 years ago8 dias atrás

    that pretty right

  51. Potato Chip

    Potato Chip8 dias atrás

    I really don’t know how COPPA works. Someone pls tell me

  52. Brian

    Brian8 dias atrás

    I like how they made the ads personalized then when they get fined they are basically blaming the BRreporter community and say that kids are unsupervised and shit, then they made this law. Thanks to the parents who don’t supervise their child and how do youtube know that there are many underaged kids here?

  53. SpudSupreme

    SpudSupreme8 dias atrás

    0:35 When you interrupt a guard's voice line with a magic attack in Skyrim

  54. Mints_are pink

    Mints_are pink8 dias atrás

    Way better than coppa video explaination

  55. Apocalyptapig

    Apocalyptapig8 dias atrás

    We can save BRreporter. Here’s how. Content marked as “Not made for kids” will be treated as fully mature content, in the same vein as videos showing footage of somewhat gory video games or a generous amount of profanity. It will be blacklisted. It will disappear from the search results. It will be buried. For many smaller channels, this will kill any chances of new people finding their channel. But the alternative is much, much worse. All of us here got the email from the BRreporter team. All of us need to read it and see exactly what we’re dealing with. So I propose a solution: We ALL mark our content as “Not made for kids.” Everyone, even if you’re not really a content creator, as long as you have an account on BRreporter, I beg of you to post a video and mark it as “mature.” Yes, we’ll all be blacklisted, and our content will be buried, but everything, 99% of all videos on BRreporter, will all be “mature”... And so there will be nothing to bury it under but other “mature” content. And that’s the same as not being blacklisted at all. Copy and paste this message wherever you see fit to spread the word. We are the creators. We can change this.

  56. Rajan Gajewski

    Rajan Gajewski6 dias atrás

    Ok sir, as you say so! But uhhh... im on an ipad.

  57. TNT boy Video's

    TNT boy Video's8 dias atrás

    They got rid of the demonized problem by creating a whole new problem

  58. TheTorblox2

    TheTorblox28 dias atrás

    This is Avengers 5

  59. alexandru dumitru

    alexandru dumitru9 dias atrás

    post hentai. what are they gonna do? Remove it for being an animation and too kid-friendly?

  60. lucario just for fun

    lucario just for fun9 dias atrás


  61. ElCreep1907

    ElCreep19079 dias atrás

    I thing, it's time to make a website like BRreporter but without rules.

  62. Rajan Gajewski

    Rajan Gajewski6 dias atrás

    Our tub!

  63. Reaper 569

    Reaper 5699 dias atrás

    Is this a face reveal ?

  64. Fast & Furious Fan 2001

    Fast & Furious Fan 20019 dias atrás

    COPPA can burn in hell.

  65. Joshua Serunjoji

    Joshua Serunjoji9 dias atrás


  66. RezoGaming GD

    RezoGaming GD9 dias atrás

    Coppa just makes kids channels cannot watch minimize a video

  67. Dat Meme Boi .w.

    Dat Meme Boi .w.9 dias atrás

    I can still get the hay after 1 month


    BREEZE THE COLD ?9 dias atrás