Cosmo Alexandre Knocks Out Sage Northcutt | ONE From All Angles


  1. Ercushka Kulmetov

    Ercushka KulmetovDia atrás

    Sage is too good looking to be a UFC fighter, His pretty face couldn't handle the punches.

  2. CY Bitches

    CY Bitches4 dias atrás

    Took out by a juicer

  3. robertg305

    robertg30520 dias atrás

    Delayed reaction knock outs are the scariest

  4. Dobre Ion

    Dobre IonMês atrás

    premature stoppage

  5. Shane Ellis

    Shane EllisMês atrás

    Is Sage out of the hospital yet? 17 fractures in his face alone!

  6. GGMuscle

    GGMuscleMês atrás

    Untested federation and one punch breaks 8 bones in Sage's face. Wonder how that happened... USADA knock knock

  7. ronki23

    ronki23Mês atrás

    can't find the comment but as someone else said, sport karate isn't the same as traditional karate. They don't wear head guards with traditional and don't keep hands low either- I don't think they score backfist, side kick or hopping round kicks either. Lyoto Machida is real karate

  8. Roger rtewwr

    Roger rtewwrMês atrás

    0:50 the complete lack of reaction from that guy behind cosmo is a little disturbing

  9. Felix GuZman martinez

    Felix GuZman martinez2 meses atrás

    Wheres dana

  10. Eric Hodge

    Eric Hodge2 meses atrás

    Kid's got nice hair, but...

  11. tekno mytekno

    tekno mytekno2 meses atrás

    That kid might have been future champion material.... but after taking that shot,,,, I don't think so.

  12. Aakash Mash

    Aakash Mash2 meses atrás

    how did this 22 year old kid pick a fighter like cosmo

  13. Buck Naked

    Buck Naked2 meses atrás

    Cosmo crushed Sage's spirit... along with his face.

  14. Buck Naked

    Buck Naked2 meses atrás

    Dude broke 8 bones in Sage's face. How can someone hit that hard!?!

  15. Seàn O'Reilly

    Seàn O'Reilly2 meses atrás

    Love how this vid jumps straight into action, thumbs up

  16. StackPaper Everyday

    StackPaper Everyday2 meses atrás

    why didnt sage wrestler the guy? Sage is way bigger and stronger.

  17. blairio wamba

    blairio wamba2 meses atrás

    Poor thing 🙁

  18. hackman55able

    hackman55able2 meses atrás

    "Far better to win mighty things glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, then to take the ranks with the poor spirits who niether win much nor suffer much. Because they live in that grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat". Teddy Roservelt.

  19. GrandpaBlackskin

    GrandpaBlackskin2 meses atrás

    Sage went down like a boss he tried to recover but body mind and soul gave up

  20. SmallBlock351Cleveland

    SmallBlock351Cleveland2 meses atrás

    Dude just got a lucky shot. It happens every now and then.

  21. Dude With a Face

    Dude With a Face2 meses atrás

    Face down in the dirt, she said this doesn't hurt.

  22. Nayquan Cotterell

    Nayquan Cotterell2 meses atrás

    It shoulda been a split decision

  23. mr b

    mr b2 meses atrás

    " sage stuffing"

  24. Anthony

    Anthony2 meses atrás

    Did they really have to show it from 12 different angles?

  25. Brandon Blair

    Brandon Blair2 meses atrás

    Managerial malpractice.

  26. Action TV

    Action TV3 meses atrás

    Cosmo Alexandre is a late starter he started fight training at age 19 and had his first fight at late 21 and he still whipped sage nortcutt who started fight training at a young age of 3 so age is just a number and nothing else Cosmo Alexandre is one of the best fighter's who started competing and training at a late age before age 19 he had not even a little bit of inch of fight training or knew about kickboxing and mma.

  27. 1jeffbrown

    1jeffbrown3 meses atrás

    Sage Northcutt is in perfect physical shape. However, Cosmo is a monster fighter who knows what he's doing. Cosmo is 37. Sage is only 23 or 24

  28. Jefferson Domareski

    Jefferson Domareski3 meses atrás

    Já ouvi falar de "pé no ouvido"... mais ou menos isso.

  29. Steve Rutledge

    Steve Rutledge3 meses atrás

    How the hell do you train to be able to punch as hard as that?

  30. VolosStefan

    VolosStefan3 meses atrás

    Looks like Zack didn't get "Saved by the Bell" this time! ;p

  31. Vinnie Mascaro

    Vinnie Mascaro3 meses atrás

    muay thai lol. This is a typical testosterone jacked black dude. Let's see him fight a real Muay Thai fighter, and see what SOLID fighting looks like. I do not think this guy would last. He is like an american generic Muay thai wanna be. The punch he threw had 0 to do with muay thai and no different than a street fight.

  32. M1 Garand Guy

    M1 Garand Guy3 meses atrás

    Thank god Cosmo got brutally KOed by that Dutch kickboxer

  33. John Sauce

    John Sauce2 meses atrás

    that was before this though

  34. BklynBuild718

    BklynBuild7183 meses atrás

    He was clearly going for a single leg...

  35. U.w33b

    U.w33b3 meses atrás

    **ONE PUNNNNNNNNNCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH** I’m convinced Cosmo is the real One Punch Man.

  36. hackman55able

    hackman55able2 meses atrás

    Got knocked out last year, brutally. See 2018

  37. Biboy Baaco

    Biboy Baaco3 meses atrás

    sinalubong Ung Suntok Amfuta vovo hahaha Karate ka pang bobo Sage norhtcutt ka

  38. Randall Logan

    Randall Logan3 meses atrás

    All these comments about Sage getting knocked out. How many of you have been knocked out? I have and I have knocked opponents out. When you don’t see it don’t see it coming or don’t block YOU will get knocked out even if it’s a midget.

  39. wewrert wererh

    wewrert wererh3 meses atrás

    his manager should be fired

  40. theworldisnotenough

    theworldisnotenough3 meses atrás

    I'm just a guy on the internet but Cosmo looks like an ANIMAL, Sage looks like he just got hair on his nuts.

  41. Ciego Sanchez

    Ciego Sanchez3 meses atrás

    Before Sage left the UFC they planned him to fight demian maia and people said that it wasn’t a fair matchup..... but this was better right?

  42. J Rod

    J Rod3 meses atrás

    "I just wanted to destroy something beautiful"... FIGHT CLUB

  43. Łukasz Kliber

    Łukasz Kliber3 meses atrás

    Nawet w ufc takich wpierdoli nie zgarnial stary northcutta coś ty odjebal

  44. Escape Pod

    Escape Pod3 meses atrás


  45. Sedrettin Celik

    Sedrettin Celik3 meses atrás

    Sage Nortchut 👑👑👑👌❤

  46. padster 82

    padster 823 meses atrás

    Good sportsmanship Sage

  47. Hudson Jackson

    Hudson Jackson3 meses atrás

    He almost got the blonde punch out

  48. ThunderLips

    ThunderLips3 meses atrás

    Team Alpha Male is garbage

  49. A Dubbss

    A Dubbss3 meses atrás

    Sage should have jabbed and angled

  50. Carl Christian Lindalen

    Carl Christian Lindalen3 meses atrás

    Face broken in 8 places. Still goes for the cornercrew hugs, and "goodfights". Beast!

  51. Recon

    Recon3 meses atrás

    Promote an older fighter while destroying your young up and coming talent, because he comes from a competing organization?

  52. jay groon

    jay groon3 meses atrás

    Maybe the single hardest right hook I've ever seen and heard. Ouch.

  53. Marat V

    Marat V3 meses atrás

    he went for the single leg, ref stopped it too early

  54. Anna Mozatee

    Anna Mozatee3 meses atrás

    Pretty boy sage ain't gunna be so pretty now, is he?

  55. Noname 1st

    Noname 1st3 meses atrás

    17 fractures in his face after that 😱👊💣

  56. Nunya

    Nunya3 meses atrás

    Even in a heated fight you should have realized he was out, why would you from a standing position punch him while face down in the back of the head?

  57. Dom Wings

    Dom Wings3 meses atrás

    How was he standing there with his face basically shattered

  58. Reagan Flint

    Reagan Flint3 meses atrás

    By showing a video of Sage getting KOed from Every angle/multiple times, it makes me as a MMA fan think it is for showing people that UFC fighters arent as tough as ONE Championship fighters, though I think otherwise...

  59. Jax Wins

    Jax Wins3 meses atrás


  60. Jax Wins

    Jax Wins3 meses atrás


  61. Jax Wins

    Jax Wins3 meses atrás


  62. Jax Wins

    Jax Wins3 meses atrás