1. ddak- 44

    ddak- 444 dias atrás

    X gonna run it back in the next life

  2. 47 fps

    47 fps4 dias atrás

    доступ по ссылке =)

  3. zajenc

    zajenc9 dias atrás

    whoo still there???

  4. samurai hyper

    samurai hyper11 dias atrás

    Why does sad have like 900 million views but this one has 8million

  5. ben Higgins

    ben Higgins17 dias atrás

    Good god this feels forced for some reason

  6. Niklas

    Niklas18 dias atrás

    Who’s here with the link? LLJ

  7. majkelson

    majkelson18 dias atrás


  8. christai lynch

    christai lynch19 dias atrás

    China: sends goods to USA Trump: RUN IT BACK!!

  9. shadow 31122

    shadow 3112219 dias atrás

    unlisted squad where u at

  10. Stinvk

    Stinvk18 dias atrás


  11. Itz Shields

    Itz Shields25 dias atrás

    Pause at 0:03 it said rip x

  12. Ortam Müzik Kanka

    Ortam Müzik Kanka25 dias atrás


  13. Rahiemgotjuice

    Rahiemgotjuice29 dias atrás

    Unlisted squad

  14. thaakee タケ05

    thaakee タケ0520 dias atrás


  15. Paco Penguin

    Paco PenguinMês atrás

    Anyone here when its on unlisted?

  16. anonymous

    anonymousMês atrás

    Who's here now his video is un listed?

  17. LEGIT TV

    LEGIT TVMês atrás

    My friends: X's die Me: Run it back

  18. Tashea Smalls

    Tashea SmallsMês atrás

    I love how dat beat go in and tints, black cars, posted in the back👌💯

  19. GlockWork

    GlockWorkMês atrás

    Why the hell is the video unlisted

  20. Amphium

    AmphiumMês atrás

    cause the music video is out

  21. Galaxy Playz Gacha

    Galaxy Playz GachaMês atrás

    I thought he was.....Nvm ;w;

  22. AlSyafiq

    AlSyafiqMês atrás


  23. Shehzad Shadow

    Shehzad ShadowMês atrás

    Yes I’m still here

  24. ComiliPurpp

    ComiliPurppMês atrás

    Who's still here after the video dropped?

  25. Infinity W

    Infinity WMês atrás

    why is it unlisted

  26. BeyondTwoWorlds

    BeyondTwoWorldsMês atrás

    Cause his label wants you to watch the music video of it.

  27. Rat Boi

    Rat BoiMês atrás

    X releasing more music than uzi

  28. Jahseh Onfroy

    Jahseh OnfroyMês atrás

    This is how many years we will continue to remember I am X 👇❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟


    EMOKYLEMês atrás



    LAMENTARMês atrás

    is it me or is the hand moving tf


    EXPLODYZMês atrás

    It is moving

  32. Maniboy32

    Maniboy32Mês atrás

    Run it back

  33. Rayv Kanehailua

    Rayv KanehailuaMês atrás

    Listening to X music in 2016: Eh Listening to every single song: RUN IT BACK

  34. I fucking shidded

    I fucking shiddedMês atrás

    Ooooold vibes 🔥

  35. XxDeadInsidexX 7

    XxDeadInsidexX 7Mês atrás

    This is unlisted so who ever has a link to this song will be able to view it.

  36. hiki

    hikiMês atrás


  37. DSXD3 - Topic

    DSXD3 - TopicMês atrás

    My Song infinity is about heartbreak and anxiety. If you are feeling down please check it out❤️

  38. Jennifer Davila

    Jennifer DavilaMês atrás

    Well I saw this coming a legend always releases music from the dead

  39. drippin. nino

    drippin. ninoMês atrás

    Me: Turns off song X: RUN IT BACK!

  40. Byron The Gamer

    Byron The GamerMês atrás

    A dude told me on insta that its not x singing

  41. Byron The Gamer

    Byron The GamerMês atrás

    @Shehzad Shadow ik

  42. Shehzad Shadow

    Shehzad ShadowMês atrás

    Byron The Gamer it is x singing he made this before he passed away

  43. SNS_ Rewindz

    SNS_ RewindzMês atrás

    Like to save x from that bullet

  44. not bitch

    not bitchMês atrás


  45. Kaan Kaya

    Kaan KayaMês atrás


  46. Kaan Kaya

    Kaan KayaMês atrás

    pardon #RipX

  47. A_B_N JOKER ابن جوكر

    A_B_N JOKER ابن جوكرMês atrás

    #xxxtentacion 💔😭

  48. A_B_N JOKER ابن جوكر

    A_B_N JOKER ابن جوكرMês atrás

    Wo sind die Ausländer 😂❤️


    TFL ROGUE YTMês atrás

    Pause at 0:02 its a Easter egg(,hidden things) well a second into 0:02 it says rip x

  50. lewis stratton

    lewis strattonMês atrás

    why am i just now listining this

  51. Sean Cortivo

    Sean CortivoMês atrás

    Ma allora xxxtentacion è morto o no?

  52. Qenyv

    QenyvMês atrás

    Turkler sözüm size X ölmemişmiydi?

  53. Ceedays Mom

    Ceedays MomMês atrás

    No u x2627838393

  54. Dark Beats

    Dark BeatsMês atrás

    I think he has more of those shouting / aggressive type songs

  55. Devin Hague

    Devin HagueMês atrás

    Pause at 0:03

  56. Gum Drop

    Gum DropMês atrás

    Who after video?

  57. Anonymously Browsing

    Anonymously BrowsingMês atrás

    New fans: wHy iSnT hE sInGiNg Me: *insert boss music here*

  58. Rainbow ar

    Rainbow arMês atrás

    shiiit Are you crazy, huh?iiiit


    PUBG PLAYERMês atrás

    طنطسيون ايا دزيرين بانو هنا😂

  60. yashenko lera

    yashenko leraMês atrás

    my god

  61. La Casa De Papel Only

    La Casa De Papel OnlyMês atrás

    how many years should X be alive

  62. Mr.Avocado

    Mr.AvocadoMês atrás


  63. Lennert Engelen

    Lennert EngelenMês atrás

    I don't get it he died but still makes music did he like make this before he died and now they release the nummers like avicci

  64. Meliodris

    MeliodrisMês atrás


  65. Rangeail

    RangeailMês atrás

    Who came from watching the official video of RUN IT BACK! Song got me turnt might as well run it back

  66. hailey smith

    hailey smithMês atrás

    shit fye

  67. csplassh23

    csplassh23Mês atrás

    Who’s here after the music video premiere?

  68. Stan

    StanMês atrás

  69. steven wang

    steven wangMês atrás

    i dont even think this is xxxtentacion only if he record this in 4 years ago and release it today lol

  70. legendary gamer

    legendary gamerMês atrás

    Omg 🔥🔥🔥🔥