Crawl (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures


  1. Kalel311 superman

    Kalel311 superman5 horas atrás

    I enjoyed the movie

  2. Jill Landry

    Jill Landry14 horas atrás

    Bro since Alligator’s jaw bones are so weak you could just hold it shut If you could grab it :/.

  3. mark diapolet

    mark diapolet21 hora atrás

    just done watching and its like make my life short by 30yrs

  4. Jean Farrell

    Jean FarrellDia atrás

    Nooooooooo doggy

  5. Chris Hendry

    Chris HendryDia atrás

    Never seen so much crap in all my days!

  6. Brad Bagley

    Brad BagleyDia atrás

    Shoulda made another sharknado...

  7. ILovePizza

    ILovePizzaDia atrás

    movie was gay as hell, very unrealistic and everything just seems to go according to the alligators plans..

  8. Moosa Haider

    Moosa HaiderDia atrás

    Sooooooooooo gooooooooooood.luved it.

  9. Boba Lyssa

    Boba LyssaDia atrás

    Tbh this movie doesnt make any sense but okay i guess

  10. angelx 1992

    angelx 19922 dias atrás

    I loved this movie. I would watch it again. That dog had me worried too much though and her dad can sure take a licking and keep on ticking. Pft.


    CAK ALLIASAK3 dias atrás

    bullshit movie

  12. Billy Russo

    Billy Russo4 dias atrás

    Sam Raimi ? So İt’s Dr Connors stand alone movie

  13. Trin Law

    Trin Law4 dias atrás

    Effy what are doing in a hurricane

  14. Bored Eats

    Bored Eats4 dias atrás

    it was terrible. another film not worth waiting for. paramount how about you making leading roles that are not white! not old blacks! teens! other than weird will smiths kids

  15. martha lim

    martha lim4 dias atrás

    sumpah ini film keren banget

  16. Taz Gaming

    Taz Gaming4 dias atrás

    This looks like its gonna be litt🔥🔥

  17. Isaiah

    Isaiah5 dias atrás

    Gomovies here i come.

  18. Shawn Miles

    Shawn Miles5 dias atrás

    So glad I looked at the trailer before renting- hahahaha

  19. Radhe Radhe Shyam

    Radhe Radhe Shyam5 dias atrás

    Just finished watching the movie.Yes the trailer shows it all.

  20. Eric White

    Eric White5 dias atrás

    She pissed me off so bad

  21. Salisha Deonarine

    Salisha Deonarine6 dias atrás

    Best movie ever💁

  22. nittoburn4

    nittoburn46 dias atrás

    Me: *with this look on my face.* Also me, but sees a puppy/dog swimming in the water: *awwww, its a puppy. :(((*

  23. Kamil M

    Kamil M6 dias atrás

    So did I just watch the whole movie in 2min 13sec or is it still worth it to see it?

  24. Dawn Wiseman

    Dawn Wiseman6 dias atrás

    This is the best movie I've seen in like 3 years! Definitely reccomend seeing! 👍👍👍

  25. M F

    M F6 dias atrás

    Crocodiles lay eggs on land because baby crocodiles inside will drown underwater. Do you not know that or do you think I m stupid?! You stupid!

  26. M F

    M F6 dias atrás

    Humans cannot see things underwater without goggles! Do you not know that or do you think we are stupid?! You are stupid!

  27. شيماء الحربي

    شيماء الحربي6 dias atrás

    وش ذا وت 😂

  28. sav

    sav7 dias atrás

    this movie was horrible tbh😂

  29. Vision Boi

    Vision Boi7 dias atrás

    This movie actually surprised me. Definitely better than most existing shark movies. It was suspenseful, scary, and the storytelling is unbelievably good. Definite recommend

  30. Seth Kube

    Seth Kube7 dias atrás

    How many times does she get eaten

  31. UCE KATT

    UCE KATT7 dias atrás

    That dog better not be John Wicks.. Gator- Eats Dog John Wick-Im about to end these Gators lives..

  32. Mohammed Rasul

    Mohammed Rasul8 dias atrás

    there is some mistakes in the film...wen girl back home at min ( 5:17) the speed meter had stopped at the zero km speed that mean the car topped while recording film.


    DA POTATO PLEBS8 dias atrás

    1:41 Me: *360 no scope-*

  34. Sam Khaled

    Sam Khaled8 dias atrás

    Thank god I watched this movie without watching the trailer

  35. Rob Scott

    Rob Scott9 dias atrás

    This looks as bad as piranha 3D or Sharknado....

  36. Irfan R.

    Irfan R.9 dias atrás

    This is RARE!

  37. Rahul Gill

    Rahul Gill9 dias atrás

    Kaya Scodelario did a great job ❤💯 who is agree??

  38. RustySolo

    RustySolo9 dias atrás

    wow what a great movie, just saved $15

  39. Ernesto Bueno

    Ernesto Bueno9 dias atrás

    This movie was so stupid and boring!...The man had a broken leg and chewed by 3 gators but still he had the strength to walk and carry the dog on his arms? The daughter also should have died 10 times but didn't. The gators looked like CGI crap, anyone that seriously liked this film needs to reevaluate their taste in good quality films.

  40. Noel Billiara

    Noel Billiara8 dias atrás

    sometimes you became stronger because you are scared and wants to survive, your body has the ability to do that,, Adrenaline Rush

  41. Moenator X

    Moenator X9 dias atrás

    Umm i think movie is ver inaccurate... i mean florida can eat the croc whole

  42. ArtisticPixie

    ArtisticPixie10 dias atrás

    For reference, this trailer with the fast paced editing and creative use of the score + sound effects is 100x better than the full length movie.

  43. drew ster

    drew ster10 dias atrás

    Alligator must have no teeth...her limbs are still

  44. Otar

    Otar10 dias atrás

    What was such a cliche about this movie is when she started to become the alligator. Her head and eyes stuck out of the water just like gators do. That was a bit corny. But the production/cg was top notch! Good acting as well. Sorry if I spoiled it?

  45. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley10 dias atrás

    Great cast, good movie! Wishing it had more blood, gore, and gator kills though. Could have ran another 15-20 minutes easy. Loved it.

  46. Gerardo

    Gerardo10 dias atrás

    Movie was trash

  47. DonCramon

    DonCramon10 dias atrás

    Looks like any other animal disaster movie, like The Meg, Jaws, Piranha... But if Quentin Tarantino says that it's his favorite movie of 2019, then I have got to see what's so special about it..

  48. Darkside Worldwide

    Darkside Worldwide10 dias atrás

    This filmed in Serbia?

  49. D F.

    D F.11 dias atrás

    The dad goes into a crawl space during a hurricane 5 ok

  50. D F.

    D F.11 dias atrás

    If a croc bites you your limb will rip right off yet the girl got bit 3 times but her limbs are intact

  51. Netwalker - 1

    Netwalker - 111 dias atrás

    I like the suspense of: How long will take you to quit this movie and press Ctrl + Shift + Supr...?

  52. Netwalker - 1

    Netwalker - 111 dias atrás

    Anaconda: We could do that in a flooded basement... if we wanted to. Crocodile: Hold my swimmer

  53. A pratama

    A pratama11 dias atrás

    i suggest don't watch the movie. i hate so much fucking stupid director

  54. Gerardo

    Gerardo10 dias atrás

    Ikr it was so boring

  55. ang Dalubhasa

    ang Dalubhasa11 dias atrás

    her dad didnt use the shovel to punch through that rotting floor

  56. Sofia Martin

    Sofia Martin12 dias atrás

    For anyone wondering The dog does survive

  57. Jeff P

    Jeff P12 dias atrás

    STUDIO: Can you throw in a riff on the Psycho shower bit? DIRECTOR: Check

  58. Paranoia Is A Bitch 1978

    Paranoia Is A Bitch 197812 dias atrás

    Just watched this here in Australia on DVD, it's very good not bad for a small budget film hopefully they'll film Crawl 2 in the future

  59. MLG

    MLG12 dias atrás

    First the great white shark now a crocodile, that blondie girl is a fucking badass


    EL BANDITO13 dias atrás

    Awesome! And.... closer to truth than you can imagine......

  61. patrick yorty

    patrick yorty13 dias atrás

    I had to watch to make sure the dog didn’t die

  62. Rubin4749

    Rubin474913 dias atrás

    OK, I *LOVE* this film, , and would go to a sequel if it had a good script, but there is ONE thing I hate about it. When she saves her father from the basement, after she pulls him up from the floorboard, she does "CPR" right?? Can we assume as a swimmer she knows how to do CPR properly?? When you perform CPR on someone coming out of the water, their lungs are usually packed with, guess what??-~~~ *WATER* ~~~so you put them on their stomach and get the water OUT of the lungs *BEFORE* you try to put air into the lungs---"Haley" NEVER does that~~~-bad job by director.