CRAZIEST Coincidences You Wont Believe


  1. Nana Adwoa Obuo

    Nana Adwoa Obuo5 horas atrás

    2:50 that billboard is in my country Geez now I'm HUMILIATED

  2. Korea Boo

    Korea Boo11 horas atrás

    Am I the only person who sees that they just listed the same amount of money but in different currencies at 5:45?

  3. kaylah chung

    kaylah chungDia atrás

    i would not kill it or let i go i would capture it and save it

  4. Beverly  Santillano

    Beverly Santillano3 dias atrás

    I would keep the fly and be in the records book

  5. Marcin Kolaczek

    Marcin Kolaczek3 dias atrás

    Lia: Just got my hair done... Smells burnt Me: i feel you

  6. Britanny marie

    Britanny marie7 dias atrás

    SSSniperwolf... you are wearing a green shirt too!! Edit: Who just noticed?

  7. MiaMyla Gacha

    MiaMyla Gacha6 dias atrás

    @Britanny marie no, you edited it😂😂

  8. Britanny marie

    Britanny marie6 dias atrás

    @MiaMyla Gacha That is what I have...

  9. MiaMyla Gacha

    MiaMyla Gacha7 dias atrás


  10. Rehab Rehan

    Rehab Rehan7 dias atrás

    I have brown eyes does that means that I actually have blue eyes?

  11. Brianna Pleitez

    Brianna Pleitez11 dias atrás


  12. Ada Walker-Hynes

    Ada Walker-Hynes14 dias atrás

    I can smell your hair through the screen 😂

  13. Just Amer

    Just Amer15 dias atrás

    I would see if there was a reward

  14. WeatherRadiosAndSirens01 1

    WeatherRadiosAndSirens01 117 dias atrás

    0:40 I would snitch

  15. LuigiChamp Number 1

    LuigiChamp Number 119 dias atrás

    I wish that could happen to me my mom and I will flip we would higher we go drop it in our checking and savings accounts and do some online shopping a lot

  16. #kittycatsrule 2.0

    #kittycatsrule 2.019 dias atrás

    I saw a tv episode where someone won 180 million

  17. Daria Stokuca

    Daria Stokuca21 dia atrás

    I would kill the fly

  18. Grace O'Dell

    Grace O'Dell23 dias atrás

    My friend has two puples It is weird


    MIKO CHAN27 dias atrás

    god and jesus is not real

  20. Kaylee Gacha

    Kaylee Gacha28 dias atrás

    That's Ken in the 1900's lol😂


    BLAZE MAN29 dias atrás

    My teachers two brothers both won the lottery twice in a row and she won absolutely nothing

  22. Kristine Hegarty

    Kristine Hegarty29 dias atrás

    7:57 me brooo that’s digital nex

  23. Alex GACHA

    Alex GACHAMês atrás

    The amber alert sound edit made me run for my life 😂, i thought it was real

  24. Melody M.

    Melody M.Mês atrás

    At 5:40 or something.. wasn't it how much it is in Us$ and pounds and not what they won too?

  25. Jodie Bates

    Jodie BatesMês atrás

    She fr didn’t read the lottery article correctly.

  26. Sheila Lazaro

    Sheila LazaroMês atrás

    yeah, wa

  27. Kylie Wilson

    Kylie WilsonMês atrás

    I would trap the fly and save it

  28. Doman Doman

    Doman DomanMês atrás

    My friend is 2 hours older than me, we have the same eye color, both of us have brown hair 🤔

  29. Valon Kumnova

    Valon KumnovaMês atrás

    cool sssniperwolf cool ♥️🌋

  30. Hannah Wacker

    Hannah WackerMês atrás

    The bigger dude looks like digitalnex

  31. Ellena Isabel Ayala

    Ellena Isabel AyalaMês atrás

    I just got my hair diiiiid

  32. Haylee Gonzalez

    Haylee GonzalezMês atrás

    Why do you gotta think dirty minded like come on 😐 that was just cereal

  33. Justice_ Mimi

    Justice_ MimiMês atrás

    My cousin and I were wearing the same thing and same socks and same hair style it was funny and weird

  34. Deepshikha Sharma

    Deepshikha SharmaMês atrás

    Barbie fashionista is a line of barbie’s in different skin colours....

  35. Hella Mega

    Hella MegaMês atrás

    I have a very unique look. I never ever seen anyone ever who looks anything like me.

  36. Soft_Box

    Soft_BoxMês atrás

    I would catch the albino fly in a bottle and let it free outside

  37. Adriana Biados

    Adriana BiadosMês atrás

    When my grandma was smaller, she had the EXACT details I have now!!!👧👧-👵👧

  38. Katie Webber

    Katie WebberMês atrás

    Why would you not "Snitch" that's literally a missing child....

  39. Yasar Hawkins

    Yasar HawkinsMês atrás


  40. Fantasy Gacha 91

    Fantasy Gacha 912 meses atrás

    I have a friend named Emma we LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME and all my teachers at school call me Emma and call Emma abi and when I walk around the store with my mom I will see kids with the same clothes

  41. Bella Hendrix

    Bella Hendrix2 meses atrás

    My gir Just introduced me to you far as video's go and you are so funny. I am a department manager at McDonald's And you make a good point about the ice cream machine and we have done it that way during the day but it takes 4 hours to get it completely clean it.

  42. Alora Russell

    Alora Russell2 meses atrás

    I have brown eyes comment if you have brown eyes And make this blue if you have different colored eyes 👇🏿

  43. The Boss

    The Boss2 meses atrás

    Got my hair done yesterday

  44. The Boss

    The Boss2 meses atrás

    My brother eats Coco Puffs

  45. spill the tea sis

    spill the tea sis2 meses atrás

    0:11 tho her face 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Marvel Fanatic

    Marvel Fanatic2 meses atrás

    The amber alert. I would have just held down the horn and be like POLICE! THERE BE A PERSON HERE!

  47. Fun Furniture and ideas

    Fun Furniture and ideas2 meses atrás

    Kill it

  48. Preethi Preethi

    Preethi Preethi2 meses atrás

    Someone got 21 4 leaf clovers in their backyard . LUCKY

  49. Maria Kokosoulis

    Maria Kokosoulis2 meses atrás

    I once met a girl with the same name as me and we both have the same birthday.year day and month,wtfffffff

  50. P W

    P W2 meses atrás

    3:45 Why that man look like Gabrielle Agrest from miraculous ladybug

  51. dabbing hippos

    dabbing hippos2 meses atrás

    When I was 7 a tree actually hit my car one like ecuals one prayer for my mom😗😗😗

  52. Joe YTP

    Joe YTP2 meses atrás

    I'd destroy the Nissan

  53. Rozen

    Rozen2 meses atrás

    Oo la la mah names there at the first one COOL

  54. Galia Tsabary

    Galia Tsabary2 meses atrás

    I wouldn't spare a fly just because it's albino. We shouldn't kill any insects unless we really have too. If your having too much insects in your house it makes sense to spray it but when it's not necessary please don't kill a bug that did nothing but exist. So what if a fly buzzes in your ear and annoys you? How would you like it if someone squished YOU?

  55. groovyidragon

    groovyidragon2 meses atrás

    2:29 i'm not eating that cereal ever again. thanks sssniperwolf. you really had to.

  56. Moonlight silk Star Singers first step

    Moonlight silk Star Singers first step2 meses atrás

    Kill it

  57. Callum Morgan

    Callum Morgan2 meses atrás

    8:20 onetime at band camp Like if yall get it

  58. Ivona Marincic

    Ivona Marincic2 meses atrás

    my sis did

  59. Orbee Butterfly Girl

    Orbee Butterfly Girl2 meses atrás

    SSSniperwolt you like my hair Me yes I do SSSniperwolt gee thanks just bought it Me you have to sing Ariana grunge SSSniperwolt hahahahaha

  60. Cayla Marshall

    Cayla Marshall2 meses atrás


  61. Sandy Murshed Redwan

    Sandy Murshed Redwan2 meses atrás

    One time I called my friend and asked her what she ate and she was eating the exact same thing I was

  62. Emma Roberts

    Emma Roberts2 meses atrás


  63. Cookies with a side Of Gacha

    Cookies with a side Of Gacha2 meses atrás

    A friend of my uncle was almost squished in between two trucks and was severely injured and then sent to the hospital...Don't drive between trucks is the lesson of that picture(AKA don't listen to the whipped cream truck