Crazy Ten Minute Sale 💸 | Full Episode | Wizards of Waverly Place | Disney Channel


  1. I don't think that's legal

    I don't think that's legal5 horas atrás

    Ugh... I miss my childhood

  2. Daniel Lansiquot

    Daniel Lansiquot15 horas atrás

    𝓨𝓪𝔂 𝓸𝓵𝓭 𝓭𝓲𝓼𝓷𝓮𝔂 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓮𝓵

  3. Fog Hat

    Fog HatDia atrás

    Don't buy wizards of Waverly DVDs because it's free to watch on BRreporter ! If you want.

  4. Cam

    Cam5 dias atrás

    I miss the old Disney

  5. Fran

    Fran8 dias atrás

    I’m mad that Alex could have just asked her mom to buy the jacket for her 🙄😂

  6. Rouge

    Rouge9 dias atrás

    I never realized how distracting the laugh track was.

  7. Mina Diallo

    Mina Diallo10 dias atrás

    Alex Russo Justin Russo max Russo Jerry Russo

  8. Thalia Perales

    Thalia Perales11 dias atrás

    Guys I just realize Max said an innuendo. "Just wait five minutes and they'll duplicated by themselves" Me: 😮😮😮

  9. Gabby Lopez

    Gabby Lopez13 dias atrás

    “give them 5 mins and they will duplicate themselves”

  10. Shanice Ricketts

    Shanice Ricketts14 dias atrás


  11. California Girl

    California Girl14 dias atrás

    Gigi & her lapdogs entrance @3:47 lol that’s how I come in college

  12. Kvng Vuggotta

    Kvng Vuggotta14 dias atrás

    I miss staying up late watching reruns of this 💗

  13. kodra :D

    kodra :D17 dias atrás

    So Wizard Of Waverly Place was like a parody of Harry Potter right?

  14. kodra :D

    kodra :D17 dias atrás

    So Wizard Of Waverly Place was like a parody of Harry Potter right?

  15. BASMLove

    BASMLove19 dias atrás

    This show was my whole getting old(im a teen)😭

  16. Jasmine Payne1

    Jasmine Payne119 dias atrás

    They don't make shows like this anymore.😭😭

  17. skit

    skit21 dia atrás

    can they put this back on netflix

  18. President Trump With A Small Loan of A Million Subs

    President Trump With A Small Loan of A Million Subs25 dias atrás

    Never realized how selfish and manipulative Alex was.

  19. Jane monroe

    Jane monroe26 dias atrás


  20. YT Focus

    YT Focus29 dias atrás

    Only og's remember

  21. Grammar Police

    Grammar Police25 dias atrás

    YT Focus Only people who don’t Call everything ogs would understand! But yes this was my childhoof

  22. Green Potential

    Green Potential29 dias atrás

    Sonny With a Chance High School

  23. Colored Flames

    Colored FlamesMês atrás

    I miss this show SO much? Is there a spell to legally upload them ALL into BRreporter ? 😂💕

  24. It's LaaJae Brignac

    It's LaaJae BrignacMês atrás

    This show need to come back to Disney channel and that's facts

  25. SweetSourSarah axb

    SweetSourSarah axbMês atrás

    Actually Gigi backwards is Igig

  26. Mobile Gamer 1223

    Mobile Gamer 1223Mês atrás

    I love this show

  27. Rayvonne Evans

    Rayvonne EvansMês atrás

    I just want a sidekick again

  28. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Kiana Perry-WilsonMês atrás

    Gigi's real name is Gertrude!

  29. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Kiana Perry-WilsonMês atrás

    Alex made a duplicate of herself so she could go to the Crazy Ten Minute Sale!

  30. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Kiana Perry-WilsonMês atrás

    I love Gigi's pink shirt!

  31. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Kiana Perry-WilsonMês atrás

    Gigi's wearing a pink shirt!

  32. Kiana Perry-Wilson

    Kiana Perry-WilsonMês atrás

    I watched the Wizards of Waverly Place movie but not the show!

  33. Tori Spera

    Tori SperaMês atrás

    I miss this show so much...

  34. 4KTREY freeddawg Kyles

    4KTREY freeddawg KylesMês atrás

    If u didn’t grow up watching this I feel sorry for u

  35. callista sm

    callista smMês atrás

    I can't believe how much I laughed at this, especially at the end. "Gah! Do you use magic to break my drill?" "" "Gah! You're clear, go!"

  36. callista sm

    callista smMês atrás

    Bruh,this gives me such nostalgia. Used to watch this every morning before school and after I got home then more after I finished homework

  37. Emma Gerety

    Emma GeretyMês atrás

    I never knew she said suburban outfitters 😂😂

  38. Hannah Mae

    Hannah MaeMês atrás

    i’m almost 18 years old & im watching these again because i grew up watching this show.😫i love it

  39. Levi Agbon

    Levi AgbonMês atrás


  40. Santeria-Marie

    Santeria-MarieMês atrás

    You know whats crazy. It's been 12 years since the first episode aired

  41. Ashley Powell

    Ashley PowellMês atrás

    steamed milk and tap water 😂

  42. Sanity! At The Library

    Sanity! At The LibraryMês atrás

    This premiered after twitches too and I remember going to a Halloween party at school and then going home to watch this

  43. yeaa itz c'aunii

    yeaa itz c'auniiMês atrás

    Y'all remember when Max was Maxine


    TIMDAMANMês atrás


  45. Jonathan Goetz

    Jonathan GoetzMês atrás

    No it's eedge eedjh

  46. Sakinah Glenn

    Sakinah GlennMês atrás

    "Wait 5 mins they'll duplicate by themselves"

  47. julia vitale

    julia vitale20 dias atrás

    Sakinah Glenn not wrong 😂😂😂

  48. Giselle M

    Giselle MMês atrás

    when i first watched this show: 5th grade, no worries, chasing the ice cream truck, rushing outside after school looking for a pile of bikes to know where everyone was Now: junior in nursing school drowning in reading assignments procrastinating by watching this. sinking. dying.

  49. Lord Gremlin

    Lord GremlinMês atrás

    Disney!!! bring the old shows back😩😩

  50. James McCabe

    James McCabeMês atrás


  51. Marvel Fanatic

    Marvel FanaticMês atrás

    ... if it's gigi then it's igig. (E-j-e-j)

  52. Aaron-Tin Vien

    Aaron-Tin VienMês atrás

    Gigi backwards is igig

  53. T B

    T BMês atrás

    Rabbits duplicate themselves Suburban outfitters I was too young to get those jokes.

  54. James Brockington Jr.

    James Brockington Jr.Mês atrás

    This And the suite life of Zack and Cody that I watched earlier ate bringing back so much memories of my childhood

  55. missy gonzales

    missy gonzalesMês atrás

    omg the laugh track is so weird now i feel like the show is fake

  56. Katelyn Beatty

    Katelyn BeattyMês atrás

    i still say disney can't get any better than the early 2000s to 2011 and earlyer from the 1990s

  57. Theemikebell

    TheemikebellMês atrás

    I miss this show so much.

  58. Mariangel Martinez

    Mariangel MartinezMês atrás

    When you’re finally old enough to understand the joke “they’re rabbits, wait 5 minutes and they’ll duplicate by themselves”, that Max said

  59. JaCorey Robinson

    JaCorey RobinsonMês atrás

    Wizards of Waverley place Family game night

  60. Julia Walker

    Julia WalkerMês atrás

    Never realized all these years that the store was “suburban outfitters” 💀💀😩

  61. Nevaeh Gonzalez

    Nevaeh GonzalezMês atrás

    gigi backwards is not gigi its igig😂

  62. Emily Fox

    Emily Fox2 meses atrás

    Plz post more episodes😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩