1. Cheese_on_Rice_45

    Cheese_on_Rice_452 dias atrás

    I remember this one time I got a text from someone in Japanese. When I translated it i thought it might’ve been my uncle so I google translated and sent the message: “Hi uncle, the chops are in the oven”

  2. Raphael Carmelo Jimenez

    Raphael Carmelo Jimenez2 dias atrás

    James from the od 1s out copy this video

  3. Norah Levin

    Norah Levin2 dias atrás

    Someone texted me, this is how it played out: Man: Hey I got a long day at work looks like I'm going to be here at least another hour so I'm not sure you'll get any clearer pictures but I definitely will try to take some in the morning or tomorrow and get to you I'm sorry about that my job is if some days I'm out someday the mirror 13 or 14 hours thanks sir Me: * Wtf ( Frick ), why is this dude writing a paragraph to 'sir'? * Sorry, I think you have the wrong number. Man: - Sends picture of valley- I apologize this contractor gave me his personal number I must have wrote it down wrong I really do apologize I'm sorry Me: * Wow, he is REALLY sorry, okay then * It's fine! It happens to the best of us. Man: Thank you Me: M h m . . . Moral: Don't get a phone number, kids.

  4. Pastel Edits

    Pastel Edits2 dias atrás

    Rebecca! I think I found Chris! Here’s the channel (It’s probably wrong tho ;~;)

  5. ThatOneGamer285

    ThatOneGamer2853 dias atrás

    "Velma dinkley" that got me soo hard :)

  6. Bobby W.

    Bobby W.3 dias atrás

    Hey! My wrong number story was where some weirdo from NY called and I said , Hey, its Q-ball from McDonalds, what's your order? They said excuse me , so I went, Ah, yes I'll get you a large fries but the ice cream machine is broken. This was w/ my grandpa, but Some telemarketer said Is this Bob W.? Then my grandpa said , I quote,"Bob W is at a crime scene investigating a murder,And hung up .( Both numbers were blocked )

  7. Luna Animation

    Luna Animation3 dias atrás

    What I would have said if I got called instead Lady: Why are you with my guy? Me: wrong number bruh Lady: I don’t believe you Me: ok than Lady: so who are you and why are you hooking up with my guy Me: I am akdjdmxidpdosannasdidpposjssizjsnzkzinsjndoaandjoaanspppjsnsaiaanzxnsiaa and Chris is yours not mine

  8. Jose Arias

    Jose Arias3 dias atrás

    The only number i need to check is how many times im gonna kick your- (Hangs up) Good luck chris.

  9. Madison Jack

    Madison Jack4 dias atrás

    Actually one time I just got my new phone and this like 16 year old just starts texting me like do u remember me b I'm like BRO I'm 7 he's like oh and still didn't delete my phone number

  10. Revealing Numbers

    Revealing Numbers5 dias atrás

    *who are you again* ? ....... *belmadincly*

  11. Enrique Lopez

    Enrique Lopez5 dias atrás

    Me, hi Person, hi,you won 1k $ Me,Iron man dies in end ga- Beep

  12. N Ofum

    N Ofum5 dias atrás

    this video made my night/day

  13. altan sali

    altan sali6 dias atrás

    Chris is R.I.P

  14. E M

    E M6 dias atrás

    Soooo *clap* *clap* That’s it??

  15. Galactic Of le YEET

    Galactic Of le YEET6 dias atrás

    This is my wrong number experience with me *hey I’m at xxxx xx I think we could have fun* I go f#*~€~ off she goes * ...* and then my dad found that text and then showed it to his friend just so you know I’m nine... luckily I didn’t get grounded but it’s just...oh jeeze

  16. Thomas Stohler

    Thomas Stohler6 dias atrás


  17. Chrisogaga plays

    Chrisogaga plays6 dias atrás

    Rebecca: good luck chris ur screwed, don’t matter what you say. Me: my name is Chris, well I’m screwed.

  18. Alex Cambridge

    Alex Cambridge7 dias atrás

    Fook uff Velma

  19. Jaime Hall

    Jaime Hall7 dias atrás

    Girl:what your name was? Becca:velma dinkly

  20. Kevin Animations

    Kevin Animations8 dias atrás

    Lol the end was funny

  21. It’s JJG Studios

    It’s JJG Studios8 dias atrás

    Period Pooh

  22. wilson 3 is lucky

    wilson 3 is lucky8 dias atrás

    Love the velma dinkley joke

  23. Kisai Yuki

    Kisai Yuki8 dias atrás

    For like three years I kept getting text messages addressed to someone who isn't me. I generally ignored them, as my number is an easy one to mis-type on a T9 phone. However, one day I had enough when they sent me one of their clients contacts and sent them a text message back warning them about how this violates their client's privacy and finally have this person update their contact information.

  24. Jack Bisker

    Jack Bisker8 dias atrás

    Please just spam oof because it we’ll be funny

  25. Toon Town Films

    Toon Town Films8 dias atrás

    OMG i love the outro music😍❤ I love the old town jazz Tunes. Thats kinda were i got my yt name too. Anyways great video :3 btw... Whats the nane of the song you used for the outro :,)

  26. Wolfie And Foox

    Wolfie And Foox9 dias atrás

    Everyone in comments laughing about Velma Dinkley Me: *Names sounds familiar so searches her up on BRreporter* hmm... *Shows a picture of Velma from Scooby Doo*.... Also Me:ScOoBy DoObY dOo WhErE aRe YoU Good going Btw😂👍🏾 Edit:I dare one of you guys to call the phone number in the video and see who it is

  27. mad hatter Wolfie

    mad hatter Wolfie9 dias atrás

    Ok so last weekend my friend got a random text from someone we didn't know. But at the same time we got a text from her mom. So she told me to just text her mom back, because she just asked what we were doing so I accidentally told THE WRONG NUMBER that we were watching tv giving each other makeovers. But of course I went to go say something else.....and then I noticed I DIDN'T TEXT THE RIGHT NUMBER

  28. velvet

    velvet9 dias atrás

    “Who did you say you were again?” “...” *”Velma Dinkley.”*

  29. тυllιρ тσρια

    тυllιρ тσρια9 dias atrás

    *Velma Dinkly*

  30. Selemia Mendoza

    Selemia Mendoza9 dias atrás

    This never happens to me but I feel like it is😕😕

  31. Rosellooo_Blue!

    Rosellooo_Blue!10 dias atrás

    the best part is if that girl ever sees this video. I wish I could see her reaction ;-;

  32. Saim Qureshi

    Saim Qureshi10 dias atrás

    One story ......Is that it

  33. Todd Larson

    Todd Larson11 dias atrás


  34. The real Daniel Alarcon

    The real Daniel Alarcon11 dias atrás

    You should have said,"How do you know I'm not Chris's cousin?"

  35. Skatergamer1202 Trevino

    Skatergamer1202 Trevino11 dias atrás

    If I had a random number I would say hi then say I didn’t here you I’m gone boiiii

  36. Jennifer Hadad

    Jennifer Hadad12 dias atrás

    Mine: Person: WHY. ARE. YOU. CHEATING. ON. ME. Me: Ummm Person: SHUT UP. I’M BREAKING UP WITH YOU! Me: Ummm, sir. You have the wrong number. Person: I’M A GIRL YOU MORON. YOUR MY BOYFRIENDS BOOTY CALL. Me: *I’M ASEXUAL YOU MOTHER F-*

  37. AGEY YEN

    AGEY YEN12 dias atrás


  38. •Bear gacha•

    •Bear gacha•12 dias atrás



    NETHER DRAGON12 dias atrás

    Can this comment get 666 likes and stay there its my lucky number i need some luck

  40. YaMumsRolling Pin

    YaMumsRolling Pin13 dias atrás

    *Harda harda harda hardadada hardaddadada lance!*