CREED II | Official Trailer | MGM


  1. Sugar Dumpling

    Sugar Dumpling43 minutos atrás

    drago???! oh shiiiiiieeeett

  2. ziljin

    ziljin44 minutos atrás

    Loving the Rocky Balboa Cinematic Universe!

  3. lance awesomeness

    lance awesomeness44 minutos atrás

    im so hyped but i didnt like the first creed movie so much but i love rocky and rocky 4

  4. GamingFanForever

    GamingFanForever44 minutos atrás

    This is how you use a Kendrick Lamar song in a trailer. Didn't even know you could go wrong with one until I saw the Equalizer 2 trailer...

  5. Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Irving44 minutos atrás

    People mentioning Black Panther more then the first Creed and Rocky movie 🤦‍♂️

  6. Average Joe

    Average Joe44 minutos atrás

    Should have made the film about Drago, and called the film Drago.

  7. lance awesomeness

    lance awesomeness45 minutos atrás

    what song is this


    JIM SNOW47 minutos atrás

    another recycled movie

  9. Leon Davis

    Leon Davis49 minutos atrás

    If Michael B Jordan keeps this up. He's going to replace Samuel L Jackson as my favorite actor.

  10. thekingjonny100

    thekingjonny10049 minutos atrás


  11. Matthieu S. Davis

    Matthieu S. Davis50 minutos atrás

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  12. Matthew Martinez

    Matthew Martinez50 minutos atrás

    *insert black panther reference*

  13. 2cents

    2cents51 minuto atrás

    mmmm more kendrick

  14. JumperWC

    JumperWC52 minutos atrás

    Wow everything out of hollywood is so great

  15. GHZoner

    GHZoner53 minutos atrás

    ...can't we come up with something different? Are movies going to just run in cycles now, like the weather? Drago lost the match to Rocky, and now he son is going to lose to Creed's son--doesn't that bother anyone that for Creed to succeed another family has to endure a losing legacy WORSE than his?

  16. Silvio G

    Silvio G56 minutos atrás

    "if he dies, he dies"

  17. Luke Playz

    Luke Playz56 minutos atrás

    That’s my Favorite song DNA is the best

  18. arKicks

    arKicks57 minutos atrás

    I have chills

  19. Dawson Breek

    Dawson Breek58 minutos atrás

    There af

  20. Binhguin YT

    Binhguin YT58 minutos atrás

    Wakanda forever

  21. Epic

    Epic59 minutos atrás

    Hello yeah

  22. TheDragonKing

    TheDragonKingHora atrás

    came here because this was #1 on trending,not really gonna watch it

  23. Alessia Lowe

    Alessia LoweHora atrás

    Who else is revisiting the rocky series after seeing this?


    I LOVE MOVIESHora atrás

    I AM! In fact I'm going to be uploading Rocky movie clips to my channel soon. Right now I'm working on AVATAR though, LOL. I just started though so...

  25. Dankbledore VanDanken

    Dankbledore VanDankenHora atrás


  26. Marialuisa Ruiz prado

    Marialuisa Ruiz pradoHora atrás

    No sé cómo cambiarlo a español favor ayúdame.

  27. Finally Rice

    Finally RiceHora atrás

    Killmonger and valkerie

  28. Chris Neves

    Chris NevesHora atrás

    At the end of the movie your gona see carl weathers ghost in the sky like in happy gilmore.

  29. Heidi Siazon

    Heidi SiazonHora atrás

    Blacks are cool

  30. Stephen Jennings

    Stephen JenningsHora atrás

    Rocky just won't die will he lol

  31. Stephen Jennings

    Stephen JenningsHora atrás

    Different writer and director so I'm a little iffy

  32. Mr. YouTuber

    Mr. YouTuberHora atrás

    Yes!!!! They went for the dragon son sequel idea that’s badass son!!! Go creed!!! The dad killed your dad so get it son



  34. mkellsoo24

    mkellsoo24Hora atrás

    Let's Go!

  35. my channel

    my channelHora atrás

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  36. Johan Salvador

    Johan SalvadorHora atrás

    Looks wack.

  37. behind you

    behind youHora atrás

    can anybody tell me whether I can or can not watch creed 1&2 without watching rocky?

  38. MasterMike 000

    MasterMike 00059 minutos atrás

    behind you I mean, you should if I'm being honest. Because then you will fully understand how important Rocky is in these two movies and why Adonis really wants to fight this guy. But it's not just the first Rocky movie, you also need to watch Rocky 2, 3, 4 and the 2006 movie (you can skip 5).

  39. Jdor D

    Jdor DHora atrás

    Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way

  40. Eye of Ra Bastet

    Eye of Ra BastetHora atrás


  41. CC Paul

    CC PaulHora atrás

    CAN. NOT. WAIT 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

  42. Mohd Riyaz

    Mohd RiyazHora atrás

    background score of tralier...awesome hope creed ll is too awesome

  43. Markus Haapala

    Markus HaapalaHora atrás

    nice to see killmonger get right back up after the stab



    who was waiting on this //....//....

  45. zane

    zaneHora atrás

    The Kendrick in this trailer

  46. baronsnearls

    baronsnearlsHora atrás

    Where is Carl weathers ? They said there would be flashbacks like Godfather part 2.. its not how i expect..

  47. Our Founding Liars

    Our Founding LiarsHora atrás


  48. Zachary Sims

    Zachary SimsHora atrás

    Unsure how I feel about this. The first film set itself apart from the Rocky films by making this about conquering your own personal demons instead of conquering poverty. This movies seems to attempt a sequel to that same idea, fighting the demon that took his father from him. But I also feel like it might grasp too hard at nostalgia for the old films and lose what made Creed a great film.

  49. nihar shetty

    nihar shettyHora atrás

    Dream match

  50. Thomas E Dawson

    Thomas E DawsonHora atrás

    RIP X 😭

  51. Adam Nelson

    Adam NelsonHora atrás

    I predict he loses and sets up an epic Creed 3 rematch.

  52. Stephen Hooks

    Stephen HooksHora atrás

    The goosebumps I just got watching this trailer 😱

  53. Gaunzoe On The Beats

    Gaunzoe On The BeatsHora atrás

    Can't Wait For This!!!!

  54. Dragon Stream

    Dragon StreamHora atrás

    Ivan drago and his wife are both blond

  55. Jace•

    Jace•Hora atrás

    Ksi vs Logan Paul.

  56. shadownine94

    shadownine94Hora atrás

    Claire Huxtable still looking good

  57. IsaacDDestroy

    IsaacDDestroyHora atrás

    So I guess now we're getting 6 or 7 of these too huh?

  58. Mel Simmons Baby

    Mel Simmons BabyHora atrás

  59. A Penandroll

    A PenandrollHora atrás

    Well...if he dies...he dies

  60. You Tube

    You TubeHora atrás

    When will Valley Girl come out on theatres

  61. TheMorphNix

    TheMorphNixHora atrás

    I always knew Killmonger and Valkyrie were went to be together.

  62. ThatOneMovieGuy

    ThatOneMovieGuyHora atrás

    This is one of the worst edited trailers I’ve seen after the Suicide Squad trailers.


    DON TWIZZLEHora atrás


  64. mark hastings

    mark hastingsHora atrás

    If he beats Drago, he better not make a cringy speech.

  65. Mr Critical

    Mr Critical43 minutos atrás

    No instead the ghost of James Brown shows up to sing living in America

  66. mango mia

    mango miaHora atrás

    valkyrie and killmonger?

  67. Fernando Vila

    Fernando VilaHora atrás

    This is Just Insane!

  68. King Dice

    King DiceHora atrás


  69. King SN

    King SNHora atrás

    So this is Drake's son huh

  70. Kiev Lo

    Kiev LoHora atrás

    Suscribe in my channel

  71. Kiev Lo

    Kiev LoHora atrás

    Suscribe in my channel

  72. Lucas McKee

    Lucas McKeeHora atrás

    They filmed a part at my house

  73. kamille seven

    kamille sevenHora atrás

    Song used : DNA by Kendrick Lamar.



    This version of DNA is lit

  75. Omar Rahimi

    Omar RahimiHora atrás

    I wonder what Michael b jordan is on? Must be trenabolic, anabolic, sarms, or clenbutarol.

  76. Ricardo Echavarria

    Ricardo EchavarriaHora atrás

    I see its better than Creed I

  77. Alberto aka Turtleman

    Alberto aka TurtlemanHora atrás


  78. Maiya Jones

    Maiya JonesHora atrás

    I need November to hurry up just so I can see this!!

  79. Mashach Zakah ZA

    Mashach Zakah ZAHora atrás

    Adonis Creed is going to win I believe

  80. jakhari brown

    jakhari brownHora atrás

    1:15 pause and u will see upside down cross behind him

  81. Ryan Khairul

    Ryan KhairulHora atrás

    Yo who else hasn't seen the first film

  82. TomatoesTV

    TomatoesTVHora atrás

    Please whats song in 1:07?

  83. Jadon King

    Jadon KingHora atrás

    Who else hear joyner lucas - dna

  84. Shreyas shintre

    Shreyas shintreHora atrás

    Erik Killmonger training to fight Black Panther. And He is going out with Valkyrie from Thor Ragnorak

  85. the Greatjon

    the GreatjonHora atrás

    *_Killmonger and Valkyrie_* , talk about your *_power couples_*

  86. thefuture ofcoal

    thefuture ofcoalHora atrás

    Fyi there are white communities on youtube stating that blacks are inferior in intelligence. BRreporter does nothing to sensor this type of hate speech. Please, type in your youtube search box "blacks and lower IQ's". This new type of racism is very covert and they are trying to trick whites into believing this dogma. Blacks everywhere need to band together and push back!

  87. Cristian Villacres

    Cristian VillacresHora atrás


  88. Scooter7799

    Scooter7799Hora atrás

    Kendrick 🔥

  89. BrainWave Vision

    BrainWave VisionHora atrás

    best boxing ever seen in this world

  90. Tazmanian Devil

    Tazmanian DevilHora atrás

    I wonder where I've seen the word Drago before. Sure, in the og beyblade like 10 years ago, but somewhere else too...

  91. virtual hardisk

    virtual hardiskHora atrás

    Rocky iv for me anytime and any day the best movie in the franchise

  92. Typical Abdullah

    Typical AbdullahHora atrás

    Rip appolo creed rip X

  93. Typical Abdullah

    Typical AbdullahHora atrás

    Soooooo hype for this movie

  94. MTMJR TV

    MTMJR TVHora atrás

    All the Black Panther comments are just aids, including this one but still

  95. Dwight Shrute

    Dwight ShruteHora atrás

    Creed? Don’t I know a Creed? **The Office Theme plays**

  96. Daftworld

    DaftworldHora atrás

    Adonis venge Papa !!!

  97. Daniel Cook

    Daniel CookHora atrás

    So...Creed was killed by Drago. Rocky avenged him. Now, Creed, Jr will fight Drago, Jr. If Creed, Jr loses, who avenged him? Rocky comes out of retirement at 74 years old??? Or does Clubber Lang, Jr come outta nowhere?

  98. Jordan Cadwell

    Jordan CadwellHora atrás

    More like Michael BAE Jordan, amirite.

  99. Mister Natural

    Mister NaturalHora atrás

    Apollo died on dimly lit street corner?

  100. TheBoyThatDid

    TheBoyThatDidHora atrás

    look at that weak chin, ugh.

  101. HamzaB2K

    HamzaB2KHora atrás


  102. JJMax 2.0

    JJMax 2.0Hora atrás

    I was so upset about X's death but this just brings a little bit of joy