1. deez nutz

    deez nutzHora atrás

    This is cute bit where is the no Russian collusion news???

  2. Josh

    JoshHora atrás

    I wonder if he tells everyone he has a monster truck with that G wagon lmao

  3. Tyller H.

    Tyller H.Hora atrás

    Really BRreporter? This is what is trending? Sad...

  4. Jake Waite

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  5. Alishba Nathani

    Alishba NathaniHora atrás

    Congrats on #1 on trending!

  6. I am Chappy

    I am ChappyHora atrás

    Ya know its a lie, thats not satisfying, you watch the video and your still unsatisfied, Welp on to the next unsatisfying random video to drown out the fact that you are not satisfied, and you must never remember that fact or else you will remember you have no joy or happiness and will then be depressed. Quick drown it out with another video!! your remembering!!

  7. Kid Fury

    Kid FuryHora atrás

    Can you crush things with your porshe

  8. king27th

    king27thHora atrás

    Their are actual people here in the U.S and all over the world suffering from hunger and you are just destroying stuff that people are dying from not having, like in Venezuela people are literally eating food from a garbage can and you are a douchebag for destroying things people in other countries need to survive and are killing each other for a juice box or some gelatin and you my friend are destroying their life when you destroy food like that please repent my friend and ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness and be a reborn Christian so may god bless you and please PLEASE STOP destroying food my friend

  9. Nairit Dewanjee

    Nairit DewanjeeHora atrás

    Congrats 3Million subs

  10. Harvey Camia

    Harvey CamiaHora atrás

    The final one

  11. Eden Lissell

    Eden LissellHora atrás

    He’s so excited about his “monster truck”😅 it’s a JEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP

  12. Hien Nguyen

    Hien NguyenHora atrás

    Trending boyz

  13. ꧁ ꧂

    ꧁ ꧂Hora atrás

    It's not a monster truck

  14. Low-Profit Gaming

    Low-Profit GamingHora atrás

    The fact that this was recorded in my home state makes me wanna die

  15. Justin Pegues

    Justin PeguesHora atrás

    Lol this is def for my 3 year old to watch...she would think this is a monster truck ...your an idiot


    KIDD SOULHora atrás

    Next time u should try corpses that will be satisfying

  17. Marc Villamar

    Marc VillamarHora atrás

    I got so much anxiety when he went under the car for the watermelon.

  18. Winter Post

    Winter PostHora atrás

    Uhhhhhhhhhh excuse me where is the tide pods

  19. Athena0 Arrow

    Athena0 ArrowHora atrás

    You know if he bought the TV from Costco he probably could have return it.

  20. Burningfox -

    Burningfox -Hora atrás

    Was he high when he made this video?

  21. Samuel Jones

    Samuel JonesHora atrás

    This is so amazing 😉

  22. Kelsey Rue

    Kelsey RueHora atrás

    “ Monster truck “ has left the chat.

  23. Charlotte Scrafton

    Charlotte ScraftonHora atrás

    My favourite was the lemonade and the bath bombs! They were so satisfying

  24. james cannon

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  25. Winabie Paguila

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  26. Alina Hernandez

    Alina HernandezHora atrás

    I live in Texas

  27. Random Entertainment820

    Random Entertainment820Hora atrás

    Definitly the painballs


    GENKUNGHora atrás

    1:49 รถvsแตงโม 5555

  29. Im_A B0T

    Im_A B0THora atrás

    Im proud this is #1 and Dora the Movie is #2

  30. Kellan Neill

    Kellan NeillHora atrás

    G wagon... but ok

  31. Saleem Farwana

    Saleem FarwanaHora atrás

    I was hoping the truck would crush him, woulda made the video 10x better

  32. cool girls

    cool girlsHora atrás

    Unspeakable is currently right behind Dora on trending.

  33. Nova Savary

    Nova SavaryHora atrás

    Pant balls and bath bomb

  34. Sunil Agarwal

    Sunil AgarwalHora atrás

    Congratulation for 3 M

  35. Mali Frazer

    Mali FrazerHora atrás

    Your videos are better with Kayla like if agree

  36. Charlotte_ Playz3549

    Charlotte_ Playz3549Hora atrás

    My fav was the paintballs

  37. Loodey Moose

    Loodey MooseHora atrás

    wait did u end up buying the g wagon?

  38. Stephanie 420

    Stephanie 420Hora atrás

    How is this #1 on trending 🙄

  39. uzhair air atmosphere

    uzhair air atmosphereHora atrás

    Wow , u made it to #1 trending

  40. Alexandra Jeffery

    Alexandra JefferyHora atrás

    Who just crushes a tv like he must be rich

  41. euphemist

    euphemistHora atrás

    Your parents had not given you enough nourishment for your brain development 🤣

  42. Graceful Blessed

    Graceful BlessedHora atrás

    How many of y'all are thinking what a waste of money

  43. Left Jpcool

    Left JpcoolHora atrás

    That not a monster truck it’s a g wagon

  44. A C

    A CHora atrás

    That's not a monster truck. If you seriously think it is then you're as retarded as this video 👎

  45. Mon Mi

    Mon MiHora atrás

    I am pretty sure this redneck did not picked up all the trash he made.

  46. Joseph Alexander Aguilar

    Joseph Alexander AguilarHora atrás

    Ccccllllluuuuuuccccccchhhhhhhh iiiiiiiiiiiitttttttg

  47. Angie Divine

    Angie DivineHora atrás

    Welp he tried ok

  48. Sadbean ;-;

    Sadbean ;-;Hora atrás

    I don’t care about the vid but what I’m wondering is how did this surpass DORA for #1 on trending?!?!?

  49. Family Samsung

    Family SamsungHora atrás

    3 mil subs OMG

  50. Frankie Gonzales

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    Leave a like on the video if you left like on the video leave a like on this comment

  51. Sehtaj Chahal

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    I hope you cleaned up after yourself

  52. Miller Blaylock

    Miller BlaylockHora atrás

    title: *MONSTER TRUCK* video: sHiNy FaNsY jEeP

  53. Julia Lowman

    Julia LowmanHora atrás

    My favorite was the bath bombs but I think it was a total waste!

  54. Jean Paul Seif

    Jean Paul SeifHora atrás

    May you please stream a mm2 or bedwars with moose and shark

  55. Alexia Caldarella

    Alexia CaldarellaHora atrás

    #1 on trending congratss

  56. Jelai Calo

    Jelai CaloHora atrás

    Is that monster truck is the G wagon that Kayco wants. right?

  57. Star Notin

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    Coolio It’s number one on trending

  58. Catshat123

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    #1 on Trending Congrats!

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    Sub 2 pewd

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    Sub 2 pewd

  61. Mon Mi

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    The original redneck

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    Sub 2 pewd

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    Sub 2 pewd

  66. Frankie Gonzales

    Frankie GonzalesHora atrás

    Do a pumpkin in your next video

  67. Granola Bar

    Granola BarHora atrás

    Why didnt you do the Tide Pods

  68. Samuel Depp

    Samuel DeppHora atrás

    Now that’s a Truck That I wish I could afford 😩

  69. Michael Gonzales

    Michael GonzalesHora atrás

    2:11 kushpapi's worst nightmare

  70. Flora Chingliak

    Flora ChingliakHora atrás


  71. Morkie Lover

    Morkie LoverHora atrás

    I love how excited he is

  72. Øcean Pråcticęs

    Øcean PråcticęsHora atrás


  73. Lucas Entertainment

    Lucas EntertainmentHora atrás

    Woahhh that’s a insane monster truck that is toataly not a random car

  74. fortnitebeast 032

    fortnitebeast 032Hora atrás

    All the dislikes are the people working at the job he got the TV from because he didn't get a warranty

  75. alli Morales

    alli MoralesHora atrás

    y is this on trending-

  76. Sean Rooney

    Sean RooneyHora atrás

    7,000 pounds thats 3.5 tons a MONSTER TRUCK weighs about 10,000 pounds which is 5 tons..your 2.5 tons light bud

  77. Carti Benz

    Carti BenzHora atrás

    What an idiot lol. When he had the g wagon on the curb and crawled under it smh. What if it rolled back on top of him lol

  78. Noi Ecleo

    Noi EcleoHora atrás

    I'm still upset BC you didn't really buy kayco the monster truck

  79. Noi Ecleo

    Noi EcleoHora atrás

    I mean g wagon

  80. Jym E. Changa

    Jym E. ChangaHora atrás

    should've put Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson down

  81. Lulu souls Man

    Lulu souls ManHora atrás

    My favorite part was the lago

  82. Aiden Sarhangpour

    Aiden SarhangpourHora atrás

    That’s not a monster truck that’s you just using a wide angle lens to make it look bigger and that car is a way overpriced SUV

  83. Reiko Hiraga

    Reiko HiragaHora atrás

    Trending for what?

  84. Love for life

    Love for lifeHora atrás

    Wish you would have ruined the tires so Kayla could keep it after your cruel prank on her

  85. Its Echo Red

    Its Echo RedHora atrás

    You did keep the car lolol

  86. prettyham 18

    prettyham 18Hora atrás

    I know a prank u can do i just found out about it but go find andrew or George or anyone with an apple phone and tell them to swip up then left then click on serie then just say hifin hifin hifin 3 or 5 times and their phone will reset like this comment if u want nathan to do it plz i really want to see it happen

  87. KT_Tina

    KT_Tina2 horas atrás

    Legit why i don’t understand. All these perfectly good stuff going to waste

  88. Element Pixles

    Element Pixles2 horas atrás

    How is this on trending? I’ve never even herd of this guy

  89. Shanon

    Shanon2 horas atrás

    I loved the paint one.

  90. Aye Efudawg

    Aye Efudawg2 horas atrás

    He’s so excited

  91. fortnitebeast 032

    fortnitebeast 0322 horas atrás

    U retards watch his previous video then you will see why he calls it a monster truck

  92. Void Monkey

    Void Monkey2 horas atrás

    Still waiting for the monster truck part

  93. adam chaplin

    adam chaplin2 horas atrás


  94. Sales Replika

    Sales Replika2 horas atrás

    Wait what about the tide pods

  95. Mango Byrd

    Mango Byrd2 horas atrás

    That tv tho

  96. Mireille Chango

    Mireille Chango2 horas atrás

    Must be cool to be rich 🙂

  97. Riley Wilson

    Riley Wilson2 horas atrás

    Hahahahaha "Monster Truck" Bruh ive seen bigger lifted trucks at my local mud bog races

  98. veehur FIN

    veehur FIN2 horas atrás

    Monster truck my ASS

  99. Almighty god

    Almighty god2 horas atrás

    So apparently a G-Wagon is a "Monster Truck" now lol

  100. kookoonam

    kookoonam2 horas atrás

    False advertising thats not a monster truck

  101. Fine Family

    Fine Family2 horas atrás

    The 2.3k people who disliked thought the TV was flexing even though it was just a 19 inch and cheap