1. Anna John

    Anna John7 meses atrás

    Что потом делать с этими блестками ??

  2. Deb S

    Deb S9 meses atrás

    Should be mulched up in hand at the end. Pointless otherwise🙄

  3. Marissa Rojas

    Marissa Rojas10 meses atrás


  4. sham شام

    sham شام10 meses atrás


  5. TJTurbo06 Fast

    TJTurbo06 FastAnos atrás

    Ok I’m gonna give that dry one a pass at 1 min and 32 seconds

  6. {;Mianng;} KeelCalmStay Smile

    {;Mianng;} KeelCalmStay SmileAnos atrás

    I don't like dry 😕 it didn't satisfy me every time I watch it while they crushing the dry floral foam..

  7. Paris Teco

    Paris TecoAnos atrás

    1:40 No los metio al agua 😅

  8. Lisda Khai

    Lisda KhaiAnos atrás

    The thing should be wet not dry!

  9. Natalya and juana Ibrahim

    Natalya and juana IbrahimAnos atrás

    voll cool

  10. Battery Low 1

    Battery Low 1Anos atrás


  11. Tariq Mehmood

    Tariq MehmoodAnos atrás

    I love it

  12. Cringy Tik Toks

    Cringy Tik ToksAnos atrás

    My favorite part was the watermelons

  13. Cringy Tik Toks

    Cringy Tik ToksAnos atrás

    I love this vid

  14. •Fluffy Shadow•

    •Fluffy Shadow•Anos atrás

    WOAH SO MUCH GLITTER YASSSS... But.....The watermelon part kinda made me mad

  15. Jacqueline Strohl

    Jacqueline StrohlAnos atrás

    I prefer non-soaked floral foam, but still, its pretty satisfying!

  16. Satisfying Videos

    Satisfying VideosAnos atrás


  17. Anime geek88 :P

    Anime geek88 :PAnos atrás


  18. غدير SAMSUNG

    غدير SAMSUNGAnos atrás

    {"conn":3,"csdk":"17","fmt":"136 video\/mp4 1280x720@30","cos":"Android","":"1524115900","timestamp":"2018-04-20T18:53:39.942Z","df":"33\/1398","drm":"SD,L0","":"3170552309ab7399f2e37a5fa94c3914","bh":127020,"cmodel":"SM-T110","cbrand":"samsung","cpn":"oxhQdo9lHkVYDSs2","e":"11202927,11205992,23701349,23707874,23708904,23708906,23708910,23710476,23712544,23716256,23719242,23721513,23721898,23722425,23723208,23723590,23723618,23726562,23728271,23731309,23732745,23733116,23733751,23734107,23734654,23735347,23735672,23735871,23736796,23737607,9406115,9422596,9439823,9449243,9456940,9474461,9476972,9480495,9484342,9485000,9488572","":"youtube.ytfe.jserv_20180418_7_RC0","cbr":"","c":"android","":"193458977","cplatform":"tablet","":"193465042","cbrver":"13.11.59","bwe":6191705,"cplayer":"ANDROID_EXOPLAYER","logged_in":"1","cver":"13.11.59","bat":"0.320:0","cosver":"4.2.2","glrenderingmode":"RECTANGULAR_2D","afmt":"139 audio\/mp4","videoid":"0To90gluFpA"}

  19. Gustavo augusto

    Gustavo augustoAnos atrás

    1;37 estava seco

  20. Hi Hi

    Hi HiAnos atrás

    é suposto estar seco

  21. Tania McTaggart

    Tania McTaggartAnos atrás

    I love this but the downfall is I HATE GLITTER ON PPLS HANDS! like if you agree (I feel like I said the glitter thing to aggressively oh well 😅😉)

  22. Df Df

    Df DfAnos atrás

    ممكن الفلين امين جبتي ممكن وسليم امين اشلون اسوي

  23. عراقيٰه واسہٰميٰ يٰهزالہٰگاعŁöŁøÕ.

    عراقيٰه واسہٰميٰ يٰهزالہٰگاعŁöŁøÕ.Anos atrás

    Df Df هذوله اجانب عيني

  24. Awa Dao

    Awa DaoAnos atrás


  25. Daniyah Hall

    Daniyah HallAnos atrás

    How yall make those

  26. Sevde nur Arslankaya

    Sevde nur ArslankayaAnos atrás

    o ne lan ?

  27. Desi ana

    Desi anaAnos atrás

    Any one noticed how the like button says 666

  28. Horsie horse

    Horsie horseAnos atrás

    Does it annoy anyone else when the foam isn’t wet enough and it snaps a bit? Luv the vid tho

  29. •bėvėîî•

    •bėvėîî•Anos atrás

    Omg so cringe stop filling it all the way with glitter glitter makes it SO FRICKIN CRINGE it gets stuck everywhere and explodes cringe so hard I hate it with glitter but a lil bit of glitters ok like the watermelons it had a lil glitter on top not like cringe parts like at 2:22 smh STOP IT GET SOME HELP

  30. The Doggie Six - Official Channel

    The Doggie Six - Official Channel11 meses atrás

    Idk what’s telling me this, but I think it’s making you cringe. Just a hunch, ya know?

  31. Dat Lemon Boi

    Dat Lemon BoiAnos atrás

    Fat Bear i like it

  32. Emira Orelus

    Emira OrelusAnos atrás


  33. Emira Orelus

    Emira OrelusAnos atrás

    Eat it

  34. Stacey Taylor

    Stacey TaylorAnos atrás

    They cause cancer

  35. José Castro

    José CastroAnos atrás

    estay gueando

  36. Mihaela Petrova

    Mihaela PetrovaAnos atrás


  37. Rainbow Unicorn Videos

    Rainbow Unicorn VideosAnos atrás


  38. KikiWaterMelon_Studioz

    KikiWaterMelon_StudiozAnos atrás

    Good luck with their cancer. It’s very toxic

  39. froggy plays games

    froggy plays gamesAnos atrás

    0:15 thumbnail

  40. Eagle Eye For Christ

    Eagle Eye For ChristAnos atrás

    Awesome vid, I enjoyed! Jesus is your friend and He loves you. If anyone need prayer or need assistance back to the cross, email us at and check out our channel on how to walk with Jesus. God bless you!

  41. eheh yeye

    eheh yeyeAnos atrás

    Quality only 240p?

  42. Adien smith

    Adien smithAnos atrás

    Why the glitter gets everywhere just why it's cringe


    KEDİLERİM ve BENAnos atrás

    So beautiful

  44. BowtieWasHere YT

    BowtieWasHere YTAnos atrás

    Dang floral foam must be pretty expensive

  45. Shine Bish

    Shine BishAnos atrás

    I watch a video of this before sleeping everyday

  46. Pink Cream Sky

    Pink Cream SkyAnos atrás

    Satisfying sime compilation :

  47. 848 Studio

    848 StudioAnos atrás

    R.I.P FOAM

  48. yaa

    yaaAnos atrás

    848 Studio lol😂

  49. Mia Hill

    Mia HillAnos atrás

    This looks cool and all but if you think of it there actually wasting money on all of that glitter goat is going to be drained down the drain

  50. gay trash uwu

    gay trash uwuAnos atrás


  51. Rosa_ Msp

    Rosa_ MspAnos atrás

    thumb nail at :27

  52. Fun Mix

    Fun MixAnos atrás

    kawaii potato Hello 🙌💓

  53. Rosa_ Msp

    Rosa_ MspAnos atrás

    1:55 :((*

  54. Rosa_ Msp

    Rosa_ MspAnos atrás

    one person crushed it with no water like wth

  55. Rosa_ Msp

    Rosa_ MspAnos atrás

    slime is way better

  56. Michael Smith

    Michael SmithAnos atrás

    0:17 thumbnail

  57. n i n t e n d o b o y 任天堂少年

    n i n t e n d o b o y 任天堂少年Anos atrás

    So pretty!

  58. Litria Hosang

    Litria HosangAnos atrás


  59. Bevwonder

    BevwonderAnos atrás

    Everyone's saying "you're wasting glitter!" but actually you're wasting water.

  60. {;Mianng;} KeelCalmStay Smile

    {;Mianng;} KeelCalmStay SmileAnos atrás

    I agree 😊 but they both wasting😠 water and glitter but its their😅 money it's on their choice if they want to buy glitter and water for this 😄

  61. Hannah Barnes

    Hannah BarnesAnos atrás

    Bevwonder actually it’s ur wasting floral foam and my time lol


    ALLAH HU AKBARAnos atrás

    I am also agree with u actually they are waisting beauty😥😥

  63. durr.i.samin tirmizi

    durr.i.samin tirmiziAnos atrás

    ScarletWitch275 I agree🙁😤

  64. zoyy Gonzalez Facio

    zoyy Gonzalez FacioAnos atrás

    Love Glitter 😍😍😍😍

  65. Corinne Morman

    Corinne MormanAnos atrás

    Fourteenth comment yay

  66. faria khan

    faria khanAnos atrás

    wasting glitter....

  67. Avalynn Gatcha :3

    Avalynn Gatcha :3Anos atrás

    faria khan more like wasting water that you can drink

  68. I støle Jimin's jams.

    I støle Jimin's jams.Anos atrás

    faria khan Glitter always stays. It's never gonna leave. Therefore they aren't wasting.

  69. هيزعه الجودي

    هيزعه الجوديAnos atrás

    R.l.P GLITTER. 😣😂


    VOLTA & PRIV4TEAnos atrás


  71. Summer Headrick

    Summer HeadrickAnos atrás

    194th like

  72. Unicorn Tingles

    Unicorn TinglesAnos atrás


  73. Rainbow Unicorn Videos

    Rainbow Unicorn VideosAnos atrás