Custom VANS!! 🎨👟for FaZe Rug! (SatiSfying)


  1. Son Yeager

    Son YeagerHora atrás

    can you customize a janoski

  2. Si BamBang

    Si BamBang18 horas atrás

    Give Me:)

  3. Raffii 123

    Raffii 12320 horas atrás

    Hello, I'M made in indonesia. I love VANS This is a mazing brooo.

  4. Gunnar Frisch

    Gunnar FrischDia atrás

    it could bei cool if you make a black shoe with white colors

  5. Akil Qayem

    Akil QayemDia atrás

    Get confused cuz when he shows a color he mentions another color

  6. pankaj saini

    pankaj sainiDia atrás

    i m from india and i want to..

  7. Uyên Lê

    Uyên LêDia atrás

    Wow you have many hat


    HUNTER PH2 dias atrás

    marko can you give me some of your custom vanss

  9. Ari Frankel

    Ari Frankel2 dias atrás

    You know nobody knows what a car is great job explaining lol

  10. Trev Dawg

    Trev Dawg2 dias atrás

    Shoes are gasss

  11. Okky DMS

    Okky DMS2 dias atrás


  12. mariavilhosa

    mariavilhosa3 dias atrás

    omg you're so annoying but u do do really nice paintings

  13. Delute Majin

    Delute Majin3 dias atrás

    Hilarious 2.yeah I would differently rock dat shit.

  14. Delute Majin

    Delute Majin3 dias atrás


  15. Delute Majin

    Delute Majin3 dias atrás

    I draw out da gate 2

  16. Delute Majin

    Delute Majin3 dias atrás

    You run da shoe game bruh.

  17. Dre Stuver

    Dre Stuver3 dias atrás

    That looks like an official color way vans would release

  18. Groth Gang

    Groth Gang3 dias atrás

    Nice shoes

  19. Catzack87 Yet

    Catzack87 Yet4 dias atrás

    You have dedicated me to make art

  20. bobo ose

    bobo ose4 dias atrás

    I love ur channel ur so creative and imaginative with the designs u do love u soooooo much. Btw u inspired me to do drawing and share my drawings with everyone so much love

  21. Vanessa Natal

    Vanessa Natal4 dias atrás

    what tape do you use!????

  22. Aditya Rana

    Aditya Rana4 dias atrás

    Hi what kind of paint you use for this purpose.

  23. Meirzhan Omirzak

    Meirzhan Omirzak4 dias atrás


  24. Liah Taylor

    Liah Taylor5 dias atrás

    I would so wear those they look absolutely great!!!!!!

  25. Jonathan’s Fishing

    Jonathan’s Fishing5 dias atrás

    Why is there no faze logo 😂

  26. Ayban Barcela

    Ayban Barcela5 dias atrás

    Do you use water repellent for this?

  27. Joseph Hosteny

    Joseph Hosteny6 dias atrás

    I need those

  28. Pravih Khutale

    Pravih Khutale6 dias atrás

    Coullor caps

  29. Seline Miali

    Seline Miali6 dias atrás

    I like it

  30. Krava

    Krava6 dias atrás

    можно заказать ?

  31. matul07

    matul076 dias atrás

    Fake vans

  32. rikki valez

    rikki valez7 dias atrás

    If a jacket came with it hell yea I’d rock em

  33. Jake Kozlowski

    Jake Kozlowski7 dias atrás

    what paint does he use?

  34. JajaLiz Vlogs

    JajaLiz Vlogs7 dias atrás

    He looks like bieber

  35. Emine Saka

    Emine Saka7 dias atrás


  36. Anahi Hernandez

    Anahi Hernandez7 dias atrás

    This is so amazing i loveee it

  37. Candy_Gangster

    Candy_Gangster7 dias atrás

    they are really cute. anybody els get Emma chamberlain vibes from him???

  38. EL_BLANCO 5151

    EL_BLANCO 51518 dias atrás

    Marko Is Justin bieber

  39. Nafi Ahsan

    Nafi Ahsan8 dias atrás

    Be honest U didn't search this

  40. Danielle Dowling

    Danielle Dowling8 dias atrás

    how do you make both shoes look identical?? I'm so confused loll

  41. Danielle Dowling

    Danielle Dowling8 dias atrás

    omg u posted this on my birthdayyy

  42. 김태현

    김태현8 dias atrás

    Can you tell me the color of the paint you used on these shoes?

  43. Donut Gamer

    Donut Gamer9 dias atrás

    I would totally wear those

  44. Donut Gamer

    Donut Gamer9 dias atrás

    Those shoes are lowkey 🔥


    JESSE XZN9 dias atrás

    what app did you use to put that moving kinda glowing effect on the shoe

  46. CrackedInHalf

    CrackedInHalf9 dias atrás

    Can't even tell how good faze rug thinks it is because he reacts to everything the same, lol

  47. diannvs []

    diannvs []9 dias atrás

    I am very envious of those who have the soul of art.

  48. cloudie thoughts

    cloudie thoughts9 dias atrás

    i really want you to partner up with vans or a some shoe brand to make a style cause i wanna buy some of you ur shoes sometimes i swear

  49. wng girl

    wng girl9 dias atrás

    Omg I want them Too ❤

  50. Soumik Banerjee

    Soumik Banerjee9 dias atrás

    Can anyone please tell me the colours that he used?

  51. jullian crader

    jullian crader9 dias atrás

    202o and yeah i would rock them

  52. pierre gillis

    pierre gillis10 dias atrás

    Are you eating watermelon because I love watermelon

  53. Please Don't I'm 8

    Please Don't I'm 810 dias atrás

    is it best to do these with the leather or clothes versions of the shoes

  54. Christian Ramirez

    Christian Ramirez10 dias atrás

    Shoes were lacking my a** , faze rugs shoes were pretty good no cap 4:20

  55. THeNeCtAr 006

    THeNeCtAr 00610 dias atrás

    Marko looks gay

  56. Tommy Vitols

    Tommy Vitols10 dias atrás


  57. noob ;-;

    noob ;-;11 dias atrás

    I have question what are u going to put to make the paint stay on the shoe

  58. chicho yi

    chicho yi11 dias atrás


  59. Avacados & Pirates

    Avacados & Pirates11 dias atrás

    Omg these are beautiful, i want them so much

  60. Black Kat

    Black Kat11 dias atrás

    Ok if y'all think Marco should do his favorite tv show or series when he was younger on something he likes very much if you think yes put a like on this if don't des like and tell me why...!!