Da Baby Suing Promoter For Lack of Security


  1. Joseph Maitre

    Joseph Maitre12 dias atrás

    Yo Yee, religion ain't ya thing.. U should leave that alone.. You don't want to become a liability .. Aight Yee?

  2. Ana Tejada

    Ana Tejada15 dias atrás

    Unfortunately, a lot of Hispanics/Latinos use the Nword in NY...no one ever checks you for it..we all grew up together and that’s how everyone spoke...and it’s mainly when you refer to guys...I hear guys arguing between themselves using it like crazy and aren’t even black

  3. Jose Palomo

    Jose Palomo15 dias atrás

    Uuuuhh that was wrong envy! Gucci got you acting crazy like that. Poor guy. Those ppl are annoying but you just tell’em you a Jew or Muslim... but envy what goes around come around now

  4. A 77

    A 7722 dias atrás

    Envy is just a fucking coward


    SRT HEMI25 dias atrás

    Not the gangster da baby

  6. Rio C

    Rio C25 dias atrás

    It don’t matter if you from NY or Minnesota it’s not like we going to do anything for ppl saying the N word sad but true.... George Zimmerman out here living his best life 🤷🏾‍♂️ FOH

  7. Breya Jonee’

    Breya Jonee’26 dias atrás

    Man, Envy and these random ass stories be killing me 😩😂

  8. Steven Johnson

    Steven JohnsonMês atrás

    ..Thats an untold story of DJ Khalid not hip hop wtf lol


    I'M A UGLY HEADMês atrás

    This is the TRUMP ERA where prejudiced is being called out, skin differences are being realized, and racism is at its utmost HIGH...with that point stated, no one that is not of African descent, primarily anyone that is not African, Jamaican, African-American, Afro-Latina in the likes of Amara La Negra, Haitian, etc. should be using the 'N'word.

  10. mmaya772

    mmaya772Mês atrás

    Everybody wanna be black till its time to be black as the saying goes.*

  11. Gerald Wilkison

    Gerald WilkisonMês atrás

    He acts so tough how come him and his boys didnt handle there own shit he acts like he dont need security so wtf

  12. jcozy23 point god

    jcozy23 point godMês atrás

    I fw baby,, but dats sum real pussy shiii🤔🤔 "lack of security"😹😹🤔

  13. Z

    ZMês atrás

    Colin Kaepernick is bigger than football facts 💯

  14. no yeah totally

    no yeah totallyMês atrás

    Char: "Collin Kaepernick is bigger than football." Angela: "......Mk"

  15. Juice Karter

    Juice KarterMês atrás

    DaBaby starts at 5:31 🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. Benjamin Bloomfield

    Benjamin BloomfieldMês atrás

    Da baby at 5:33! 🤫

  17. 33 Thousand

    33 ThousandMês atrás

    5:33 da baby

  18. M Dizzle

    M DizzleMês atrás

    Whats going on with these jerry curl afro beards in the states right now?

  19. Apollo Fontane

    Apollo FontaneMês atrás

    That Jehovah's Witness side story had me rollin lmfaooooo

  20. Lola Acosta

    Lola AcostaMês atrás

    Thats all the breakfast club got to say about that evelyn and what the BBW franchise tried to do

  21. Jay Incognito

    Jay IncognitoMês atrás

    I'm from Charlotte. You'd want security too while your performing. We can't expect this nigga to perform and squeeze the trigger at the same time.

  22. Jay Incognito

    Jay IncognitoMês atrás


  23. Mac 504

    Mac 504Mês atrás

    Colin Kaepernick is not playing because he’s fucking trash no other reason

  24. Young Jersey

    Young JerseyMês atrás

    You should get banned from being black.

  25. A S

    A SMês atrás

    Don’t you have to snitch to sue ? 😅

  26. 11thWoods

    11thWoodsMês atrás

    Evelyn so ugly on the inside that she not even fine no more... So you know she ugly af!!!

  27. KingXDragoon

    KingXDragoonMês atrás

    Khalid always look like he took a hefty shit in your toilet before you walked in and is waiting for your reaction...

  28. KingXDragoon

    KingXDragoonMês atrás

    What he left in your toilet is a new song from him, btw

  29. Really Cool Introvert

    Really Cool IntrovertMês atrás

    Hopefully they throw all of the cast members away except Jennifer, Jackie, OG, and Cece and add some fresh faces. Bring OG on the Breakfast Club.

  30. WOLF Pack

    WOLF PackMês atrás

    I’m calling ochocinco

  31. Journal Wright

    Journal WrightMês atrás

    Kaepernick should've played for the AAF or the CFL.

  32. Jay Small

    Jay SmallMês atrás

    Envy mad funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Courtney Young

    Courtney YoungMês atrás

    Oh my god evelyns forehead is huge.

  34. BiShop Nxvarro

    BiShop NxvarroMês atrás

    I wanna lick her forehead 🤣

  35. Alex Pelzer

    Alex PelzerMês atrás

    envy def gotta be gay he aint get his money from his intellect "he didnt talk about a robbery"

  36. Jalen Sterling

    Jalen SterlingMês atrás

    Stay safe my g 🙏 don't let them etc.....



    dababy is gonna do a song with 69 the snitch 4x lolol

  38. Supreme 704

    Supreme 704Mês atrás

    How long you gonna be da baby negro

  39. Chuck-300 Da Realest

    Chuck-300 Da RealestMês atrás

    Dababy is the hottest in the game, he damn sure needs security at all times.

  40. Dj Hughes

    Dj HughesMês atrás

    Um didn't Colin Kaepernick sue the NFL🤔 Why would they hire him after they paid him out 🤨

  41. Anton Holmes

    Anton HolmesMês atrás

    Soooo the same kap that allowed his girl to sabotage his deal with the ravens? Turned down the broncos QB job? I don't take dude serious.

  42. Anton Holmes

    Anton HolmesMês atrás

    Wtf is afro Latina? I swear people just make shit up and trying to sell it these days. Sorry not buying it. If you're brown colored and your grandparentS (plural) didn't come from "slave states" or you can actually trace your linage, you ain't no afro nothing! Let alone black. Foh. Blaming 50 for letting the Takashi 69s and fat joes say that word without question.

  43. New Ish

    New IshMês atrás

    Khalids beard is screaming Magic Marker

  44. Kelvin Stevenson

    Kelvin StevensonMês atrás

    So is his bank account

  45. marquis international

    marquis internationalMês atrás

    A Puerto Rican person racist against black people is no news. Puerto Ricans hate black people more than white people hate us.

  46. Cody Miller

    Cody MillerMês atrás

    Maybe he wouldn't need better security if he didn't go around fighting people and claiming he the toughest baddest rapper in the game,,,all you got to do is make good music and you'll be good,you don't have to be gangsta to sell albums

  47. Mr. Kidd II

    Mr. Kidd IIMês atrás

    Khalid lying

  48. Stunting on a Richards

    Stunting on a RichardsMês atrás

    Dj Khaled should eat a Dj salad

  49. Daniel Quijada

    Daniel QuijadaMês atrás

    To be fair Colin kinda sucked and his stats were trash. Politics aside

  50. Kiki Eaddy

    Kiki EaddyMês atrás

    But, EVEYLN PARENTS AREN’t black not one black persons in her family.

  51. West Mill

    West MillMês atrás

    Stop letting the culture vultures in. Its funny when hispanic or bi racial ppl are only black when its convenient.

  52. antronnette coruthers

    antronnette coruthersMês atrás

    Who cares about BBW, after Tammi off the show ratings are really going to go down..

  53. Kevin G22

    Kevin G22Mês atrás

    Do an interview on ksi👀

  54. gwenstacy 22

    gwenstacy 22Mês atrás

    The Watchtower and awake is free

  55. Keepit Real

    Keepit RealMês atrás

    Dj kaled. Shut up dude..

  56. E B

    E BMês atrás

    She’s nothing but a thot/ hoe.

  57. Mr. O

    Mr. OMês atrás

    Envy is hilarious 😂

  58. SeanTia3332 Robinson

    SeanTia3332 RobinsonMês atrás

    F*** NFL that rigged azz white man ran bs!!

  59. SeanTia3332 Robinson

    SeanTia3332 RobinsonMês atrás

    Mane that ugly bitty lyin she a damn racist weeve wearing s**c a** n**** bit** that's why her fat azz foreh ead is half the length of her long short face azz mf

  60. Brigader General leather Daddy Shitler

    Brigader General leather Daddy ShitlerMês atrás


  61. Dont Talk To Me

    Dont Talk To MeMês atrás

    Nah bruh she googled "laughing monkey gif" because when i google laughing gif, there are no apes or monkeys at all.

  62. Labid Haidari

    Labid HaidariMês atrás

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  63. Cap God

    Cap GodMês atrás

    I thought mans was the biggest gangsta in the game? LMAO so tough but can’t perform alone 🤣🤣