Dave Chappelle Pulls Off An Impossible Punchline | Netflix Is A Joke


  1. Lando R

    Lando R2 horas atrás

    the whole joke is actually really crappy, but the story and delivery keep you interested.

  2. Lillie Holmes

    Lillie Holmes8 horas atrás

    Love Dave,,, Hollywood couldn't make Dave wear a dress, No he did sell out his man hood

  3. Allen Lanham

    Allen Lanham10 horas atrás

    I could listen to this guy all fucking day, brilliant!

  4. Alex Gutierrez

    Alex Gutierrez10 horas atrás

    #banbuzzfeed #protestbuzzfeed #protestrottentomatoes #rottentomatoes

  5. XavierKatzone

    XavierKatzone11 horas atrás

    Where was the funny part?

  6. Chrizzey C

    Chrizzey C14 horas atrás

    Man that was some weak ass shit dude...Dave lost it completely what a shame

  7. Mike Latta

    Mike Latta14 horas atrás

    Damn. Now I got a jones for some Stove Top Stuffing.

  8. don do

    don do16 horas atrás

    Dont compare David and Kevin...... like yall dumb bith of em are best... yea I know Dave is better

  9. Brad Dillon

    Brad Dillon18 horas atrás

    “Nigga it felt like it was only happening to you” easily the most underrated part of this

  10. Graceful Glory

    Graceful Glory20 horas atrás

    The GOAT


    FLA-TEXAN21 hora atrás

    We know your not really calling your mom when we invite you to stay over for dinner we just don’t want to make you feel bad so we play along


    CAI JASON21 hora atrás

    My family made enough for me to be poor around any people ......

  13. Kitkupar Shabong

    Kitkupar Shabong21 hora atrás

    4:45 now we know why he kicked😂

  14. K D

    K D22 horas atrás

    Ya'll need to step ya game up😂

  15. jaochaigob

    jaochaigob23 horas atrás

    Chappelle > All Other Comedians

  16. Manny Ribera

    Manny RiberaDia atrás

    Shit joke.

  17. zio z

    zio zDia atrás

    "suddenly, one of his mothers came into the door" IM FUCKING DEAD HAHAHAHA

  18. Cody Cee

    Cody CeeDia atrás

    Levels on levels to this shit.

  19. Clout Gang

    Clout GangDia atrás

    “One of his mother’s came to the door”

  20. Saurabh Kumar

    Saurabh KumarDia atrás

    So disrespectful, and people are laughing, what's wrong with this world, this wasn't even a joke

  21. Javi del Val

    Javi del ValDia atrás

    Dude I literally forgot about the punchline thing throughout the story this man is a genius

  22. huggieboii

    huggieboiiDia atrás


  23. Alonzo Garza

    Alonzo GarzaDia atrás


  24. Jasmine Payne1

    Jasmine Payne1Dia atrás

    Everything in timmy's house works😂

  25. PLPLPL

    PLPLPLDia atrás

    Why is wanting to "turn literally anything into a joke" a thing comics strive for? Yeah great YOU succeeded, trans people are still getting murdered en masse worldwide, you fucking morons.

  26. Millytoofunny

    MillytoofunnyDia atrás

    On who Dave not the goat 🤦🏾‍♂️🙏🏾

  27. Kahdijah Holder

    Kahdijah HolderDia atrás

    He ain't got no behaviour 😂😂😂😂 I love Dave

  28. Ann Yes

    Ann YesDia atrás

    I had forgotten all about the damn punchline. Dave is the greatest... a master.

  29. Sewer Dragon

    Sewer DragonDia atrás

    He is almost as good as Brendan Schaub.

  30. Doyinsola A

    Doyinsola A2 dias atrás

    I thought feminist would bombard the comment section

  31. 3MMAR HD

    3MMAR HD2 dias atrás

    Men when he said I kicked her in the pussy i had that moment from Brooklyn 99 when he goes I totally forgot about that part

  32. Humble Rumble

    Humble Rumble2 dias atrás

    This dude hitting a juul on stage lmaooo

  33. Zoltan Gyongyossy

    Zoltan Gyongyossy2 dias atrás

    I really thought the punchline would of been "It tasted like shit" for the stovetop stuffing

  34. Jasmine Bailey

    Jasmine Bailey2 dias atrás

    See, he knew that if she cared she would’ve sacrificed her stovetop stuffing for her guest. I bet she will next time

  35. Mugilicious

    Mugilicious2 dias atrás

    That wasn't just the punchline. That was the setup. The joke only works BECAUSE you're constantly waiting for something that gets him mad enough to "kick her in the pussy"

  36. Esther Gash

    Esther Gash2 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who thinks the girl in black and white (2:41) looks like ‘’rice’’ Glory from the BRreporter couple slice and rice?

  37. Andrew Wilson

    Andrew Wilson2 dias atrás

    Lmao shout out silver spring born n raised !! I may be white but what he said is deff true lol !!

  38. _ regional_at_worst _

    _ regional_at_worst _2 dias atrás

    Damn. He hit it on the nose with this one 👌

  39. Michael Tracy

    Michael Tracy2 dias atrás


  40. Aylin Yilmaz

    Aylin Yilmaz2 dias atrás

    Ya’ll need to step your game up! 😂😂

  41. workingmom NC27

    workingmom NC272 dias atrás


  42. Taylor St. John

    Taylor St. John2 dias atrás

    Chappelle is truly one of the kings of "on the spot" comedy. As mentioned in the video description, he really can turn anything into a joke...even a rogue cell phone ringing in one particular show. Omg...love it. He and George Carlin are my all time favorites!!!

  43. Paul Bialozor

    Paul Bialozor2 dias atrás

    I see, so it's OK for Dave Chappelle to KICK a woman in the Pussy but oh NO, Trump is the bad guy for ONLY Grabbing at one.... Wow, there's no divide in America... Chappelle you have NOT been funny for decades, so just do what other old performers are doing and just quietly withdraw from sight. You are so believable with your "grew up Poor is Silver Springs Maryland" BS, fun fact almost no one POOR can afford to live in Silver Spring Maryland so how is it you claim to hail from there? Your OLD and out of touch with reality so just stop before you really embarrass yourself Dave...

  44. Adam Borseti

    Adam Borseti2 dias atrás

    Man, you know how eventually, every comic starts to sound like they're playing off each other's material? Not here. These are some of the freshest, and most honest jokes I've heard since I first heard Louis CK on his original HBO show. I remember thinking "Wow. This is some next-level shit! " when I was first getting into Louie, and also (big fucking also) Patrice O'Neal! Patrice's comedy was so ahead of its time that it's still fresh today! I think Dave Chappelle's set here is another one of those moments I just described. Sorry for rambling, but I'm high as fuck and this shit just hit me. Dave Chappelle has taken his audience so far across "the line" that you couldn't even see the thing when you looked back! About the honesty, it's one thing to be brutally honest with your audience, as comics so often do; but what separates a good comic and a great comic is the ability to be honest with YOURSELF. Dave has never held back or anything, but this set was just amazing! Sometimes, I find a lot of black comics lose me when the entire essence of their comedy is centered around being black. To me, that not really as funny in large doses, not because "I'm racist, blah, blah" but simply because I can't relate as much. Dave did a really amazing job..... this is the type of comedy that brings us all closer, but only those individuals who are as honest as the comedy itself. SJWs and other forms of cancer didn't find this set very funny at all, and this is because not only are they outwardly full of shit, but inwardly too!

  45. latt.qcd92

    latt.qcd922 dias atrás

    I'm white and grew up on fried bologna. At least, when we actually had any bologna in the house and I didn't have to resort to peanut butter & jelly or tuna fish sandwiches.

  46. LarDiaTor lars

    LarDiaTor lars2 dias atrás

    Quit that vaper you pussy

  47. William Bradford Bishop

    William Bradford Bishop2 dias atrás

    Master story teller

  48. CyberTiger 45

    CyberTiger 452 dias atrás

    Who’s here before Amy Schumer

  49. Dan Zalisnock

    Dan Zalisnock2 dias atrás

    Clone Dave creeps me out

  50. Hussain Al masbhi

    Hussain Al masbhi2 dias atrás

    That show you how good he is

  51. Derek Owen

    Derek Owen2 dias atrás

    Still getting by saying nigga in front non black people. SMH!! and before anyone says something stupid....The GOAT, Richard Pryor, said it wasn't right,

  52. Naquonn Harvey

    Naquonn Harvey2 dias atrás

    DMV stand up

  53. Graham Hart

    Graham Hart2 dias atrás

    Yo, this shit is funny as fuck...🤣🤣🤣

  54. C. O. F Ent.

    C. O. F Ent.2 dias atrás

    "Y'all need to step y'all game up. " Ouch😂

  55. Blacc Feather

    Blacc Feather3 dias atrás


  56. mike jones

    mike jones3 dias atrás

    Smoking dabs on stage my guy 👋 goat

  57. Aram The Kidd

    Aram The Kidd3 dias atrás

    This storty happened to me too many times 😂😂😂😂😂(without kicking someone in the p***y)

  58. Steven Ponte

    Steven Ponte3 dias atrás

    i never get sick of watching this joke!!!

  59. Kaoru Pangilan

    Kaoru Pangilan3 dias atrás

    after he said he had a fishbowl full of punchlines that he takes in as he shakes it, in typical chapelle fashion i honestly was expecting hed say something like "the fish didnt like it though'"

  60. dan coolinism

    dan coolinism3 dias atrás

    The funniest man alive