David Dobrik Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


  1. Mario Valles

    Mario Valles22 horas atrás

    Really great production

  2. Mario Valles

    Mario Valles22 horas atrás

    I'm also 99% high

  3. Kathryn Lawrence

    Kathryn LawrenceDia atrás

    "okay," "stems gone?" "stems gone" *stem is not gone*

  4. Beverly Gil

    Beverly GilDia atrás

    Davids cooking station looked like armageddon

  5. sophia lam

    sophia lamDia atrás

    very different than traditional ones

  6. Taamz Heart

    Taamz Heart2 dias atrás

    One is allergic and the other hates seafood

  7. Evin Drews

    Evin Drews2 dias atrás

    man child lol

  8. Abdulrhman Elnaas

    Abdulrhman Elnaas2 dias atrás


  9. Pierce Weber

    Pierce Weber2 dias atrás

    Clicked on this video because I thought this girl was Liza

  10. adela mae

    adela mae2 dias atrás

    carla that was fricking DELICIOUS

  11. just tryna be relatable haha

    just tryna be relatable haha2 dias atrás

    I hate seafood too! the texture and smell.. uuhhhsskaijw

  12. Zercon

    Zercon2 dias atrás

    Am i the only who read that as keeping in up with kardashians? 😅

  13. Shaylene Gilkison

    Shaylene Gilkison3 dias atrás

    David just killing the cucumber 🤣🤣

  14. bumblebee

    bumblebee3 dias atrás

    This is the last thing I ever expected to see on this channel but I love it

  15. Allie Libeer

    Allie Libeer4 dias atrás

    Oh my god my two most watched channels in one duo. What a great day

  16. Broken Rose

    Broken Rose5 dias atrás

    Did anyone know the guy in the corner started recording and 1:39 when the girl passes he immediately hid😂

  17. gsef

    gsef5 dias atrás

    david looks severely distressed when he's eating the roll xD

  18. Blossom Butt

    Blossom Butt5 dias atrás

    God, please bring on Julien Solomita!

  19. Satisfying asmr

    Satisfying asmr7 dias atrás

    "I'm allergic to kitchen now" -David 2019

  20. Dante Ferrise

    Dante Ferrise7 dias atrás

    I’m not a seafood person so I truly understand...Though David is a child in most ways

  21. Sir Alucard 66

    Sir Alucard 668 dias atrás

    Didn't she say she was allergic to seafood? Then she ate it?!?! Wtf...

  22. zhudm

    zhudm8 dias atrás

    Very funny! David , u will absolutely starve to death in a post apocalyptic future even if u were alone in a fully stocked kitchen.


    CAMIILLE HOOANG8 dias atrás

    the noise he made at 1:56 sENDS ME

  24. John Payne

    John Payne9 dias atrás

    Watching David dobrek interviews make me realize how little he know

  25. __LP__

    __LP__9 dias atrás

    I already disliked him before this video... now I sorta hate him. He’s so rude. And gross.

  26. Victoria Barrio

    Victoria Barrio9 dias atrás

    We need a redo! I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard with any other video. Please bring him back!?

  27. Matt Boselli

    Matt Boselli9 dias atrás

    Dude needs to focus and listen. Not need to eat the product. Dude knows nothing!!! But I will give him a nod for trying

  28. iveac

    iveac9 dias atrás

    The first bon Appétit video I hated. Don’t have guest like him who act like children on. He is rude and obnoxious. He is ugly and not funny at all.

  29. Pexify

    Pexify10 dias atrás

    By the flower xD

  30. lil potato

    lil potato11 dias atrás

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  31. Lauren Dziwulski

    Lauren Dziwulski11 dias atrás

    He’s so cute

  32. Nineveh Sawa

    Nineveh Sawa12 dias atrás


  33. Julien Pouliot

    Julien Pouliot12 dias atrás


  34. Jeremy Blanco

    Jeremy Blanco13 dias atrás

    I would love to watch brad n david

  35. Erika Whitfield

    Erika Whitfield14 dias atrás

    *water is visibly boiling* "Should I make sure it's hot?"

  36. araich

    araich14 dias atrás

    Oh, I genuinely expected him to make chicken sandwich 😂

  37. Cassandra Powell

    Cassandra Powell15 dias atrás

    I can she eat this meal if she is allergic to shrimp

  38. Roblox Player

    Roblox Player15 dias atrás

    See this is way better then Gordon Ramsey she’s way nicer no offense Gordon I love your show and your food I’m sorry

  39. Cervantes

    Cervantes15 dias atrás

    i would love to see Chris Colfer in one of this, it would be so charming. PLEASE, make it happen!!

  40. Earthnutzz

    Earthnutzz15 dias atrás

    lmfaoo i died when he used his whole leg to cut the mango

  41. Andre K.

    Andre K.16 dias atrás

    No more lame BRreporter children

  42. JP

    JP16 dias atrás

    Lol at the BA paparazzi snapping David @ 1:40

  43. oofer68

    oofer6816 dias atrás

    All these youtubers can’t cook because all they do is order UberEats

  44. lauchzwiebel

    lauchzwiebel16 dias atrás

    He is an idiot and not a comedian

  45. wearethegaygods

    wearethegaygods16 dias atrás

    david’s knife skills are giving me anxiety and he needs to not

  46. Dakota Jade

    Dakota Jade17 dias atrás

    Never realized how much he looks like Paul Rudd.

  47. Brennan F

    Brennan F18 dias atrás

    Hes 23 and he’s balding lmfao

  48. *enter a good name here *

    *enter a good name here *19 dias atrás

    David “ I’m acTuALy allergic time mango“. *eats the dish*

  49. *enter a good name here *

    *enter a good name here *19 dias atrás

    I love how he was eating the cucumber

  50. Snake Jackson

    Snake Jackson19 dias atrás

    It’s a god darn freaking PRAWN

  51. FlyingBoo Fatumi

    FlyingBoo Fatumi21 dia atrás

    Okay but who says cuke?

  52. abby zimmermann

    abby zimmermann21 dia atrás

    Please invite julien solomita onto here!! It would be so funny!

  53. Crazy misticalbeast

    Crazy misticalbeast21 dia atrás

    I would done the same thing as he did at the end...

  54. Taylor H

    Taylor H22 dias atrás

    this is HILARIOUS hahaha

  55. Quentin Ventura

    Quentin Ventura24 dias atrás

    I think you should give knife using classes before to give real beginners a knife :s I'm impressed by the fact that this guy still have 10 finger tips

  56. Aymun Ahmed

    Aymun Ahmed25 dias atrás

    i dont know why but "by the flower" absolutely killed me

  57. Bella Cortez

    Bella Cortez25 dias atrás


  58. ok yanna

    ok yanna25 dias atrás

    natalie portman did this segment before and shes davids ultimate girl crush i think this is the closest common ground he can have with her

  59. Steve H

    Steve H25 dias atrás

    Fun fact: David dobrik is not circumcised... He's uncut. I guess that medical procedure is uncommon in Slovakia.

  60. Jonas

    Jonas25 dias atrás

    At the end I got an awesome laughing applicable. Thank you for that. XD :D

  61. Karan Parikh

    Karan Parikh25 dias atrás

    A food channel that isn't scared to post a video with this ending doesn't gear anything.