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  1. Petra Catogge

    Petra Catogge13 dias atrás

    Get" feline pine" it clumps for easy cleaning and never smells

  2. afortunatefool777

    afortunatefool777Mês atrás

    would love to bring my minivan camper to Hawaii! 🙏✨🌈🤸🌞

  3. Misa Misa

    Misa MisaMês atrás

    geez your boyfriend realky sells you

  4. Chris Palaniuk

    Chris Palaniuk2 meses atrás

    6:40 - Do you see what I see? Hehehehe

  5. KJames Jr

    KJames Jr2 meses atrás

    It happens to the best of us.

  6. DJ Ness

    DJ Ness2 meses atrás


  7. Tito0422

    Tito04222 meses atrás

    Its beautiful what u guys are doin..👍👍

  8. XxPasteldogxX

    XxPasteldogxX3 meses atrás

    I have dreaming to live in a van since 6. I'm 10 now. Should I start saving up money now so for later I can buy a van!

  9. Kaylee Goodpaster

    Kaylee Goodpaster25 dias atrás

    You can start saving now. But when you’re 15 or 16 you’ll be able to get a job and it will be much more achievable.

  10. love yourself

    love yourself27 dias atrás

    I think that it’s great you kids want to live such a freeing and sustainable life! I say if your heart is set on it then of course, save your money in a safe place and live your dream when you’re older. Stay in school and do your best so that you may be able to support yourself when you’re older. The sky is the limit! You can be and do whatever you dream of.

  11. iiHunted

    iiHunted2 meses atrás

    Rosay’s Gaming I am also ten and looking for when I’m older

  12. •xRachell Starrx·

    •xRachell Starrx·2 meses atrás

    XxPasteldogxX I am also 10 and I have saved 40 dollars so far. I know it’s small, but I don’t get allowance like a spoiled kid in my class.

  13. C.L Strife

    C.L Strife3 meses atrás

    I am a native Oahuan (native hawaiian who lives on Oahu) and i wasn't surprised to see how far you had to drive to Costco since its the same for me as well. Lol anyways I hope you guys stay safe and sending Aloha to you lot.

  14. Ravi Tyagi

    Ravi Tyagi4 meses atrás

    Y does nerdy guys get sexy girls

  15. Ana

    Ana5 meses atrás

    How do you find spots to park? or how does that work?

  16. jun dela cruz

    jun dela cruz5 meses atrás

    Kudos to both of u for living the life you love! Such a lifestyle may entail much compromise on material stuff and comfort but hey its just all in the mind. Enjoy living guys!

  17. Edsel Atienza

    Edsel Atienza6 meses atrás

    Can you all do vanlife here in Philippines?

  18. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEAL6 meses atrás

    I'm not sure! You should find out and let us know :)

  19. tube of life

    tube of life7 meses atrás

    Who want to live in a van?

  20. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEAL7 meses atrás

    .....ummmm a lot of people....

  21. Guy

    Guy9 meses atrás

    Nice lifestyle. How do you get money though?

  22. randy hines

    randy hines11 meses atrás

    stay out of the left lane

  23. Aarshi Dikshit

    Aarshi Dikshit11 meses atrás

    Can u please do a tattoo video.. I am kinda in love with your tattoos

  24. Tech Connect

    Tech Connect11 meses atrás

    I love this video. I like that you show the good and the bad. That makes it more even more real. I'd love to see a van tour but you may have done one already . This is the first video I"ve watched from your channel. Also I'd love to see you visit Hana and stay for a few days and explore some of the hikes and beaches along the way. i love Maui. Great video you guys.

  25. robert craig

    robert craigAnos atrás


  26. Brian Clarke

    Brian ClarkeAnos atrás

    If your looking for new ways to make hits then try the provocative route , your click bait butt shot seemed to rocket your views but dont over use it . We love the nature , the chats , the whole mobile life and especially the eye candy ! just keep it real !!!

  27. Jamey Zell

    Jamey ZellAnos atrás

    Might want to say... Like, share, subscribe and click the little bell to be notified... ;-)

  28. Jamey Zell

    Jamey ZellAnos atrás

    @Living ZEAL You two are quite welcome... Just trying to help and I'm enjoying your video's. ;-)

  29. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Thanks, Jamey :)

  30. Linda Tolliver

    Linda TolliverAnos atrás

    I'm new to your channel and was wondering what keeps your cats from running out an open door or window. I have a cat I hope to take with me on my next trip in my vintage Airstream and I'm terrified she might get out and run off and hide (she gets scared in new places and if strangers come up. You guys are so brave to try new things and new and far away places.

  31. David harrell

    David harrellAnos atrás

    10k, great!!!👍 I just subscribed & started watching- you 2 are cool👍🙌😎

  32. The VanJoy

    The VanJoyAnos atrás

    I love it when men pimp their girlfriends half naked bodies for money! Yay go girl

  33. American Writer

    American Writer4 meses atrás

    @Living ZEAL You're fantastic and I love your videos and how you dress/look. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the human body. Vanjoy is just trying to control what you do by shaming you. You haven't done a thing wrong so don't worry about it. She's being envious and controlling.

  34. The VanJoy

    The VanJoyAnos atrás

    I am just tired of woman using their half naked bodies to get views. It has nothing to do with you being comfortable with your body. Im glad you like yourself and take care of your health. Thats awesome i just think there could be some humble less sexualized way to show it. If you dont understand what im saying im sorry.

  35. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Men pimping? What are you even talking about?! We live in Hawaii, we always wear our swim suits, we were at the beach lol. this thumbnail was entirely my creation (Zaynah) I’m comfortable with my body and don’t understand where you are coming from. Please don’t assume, Please.

  36. Brenson John

    Brenson JohnAnos atrás

    Wow just passed West Virginia this morning keep up the great post from South Carolina

  37. stella butler

    stella butlerAnos atrás

    How u guys charge your gadgets

  38. Jim Willson

    Jim WillsonAnos atrás

    Holy cat shits...don't you clean it?.

  39. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Wait.... you’re suppose to cleans those things?! Jk of course we do but she dropped a fresh one while we were in Walmart, no amount of cleaning would have saved us from that......

  40. Nick Stark

    Nick StarkAnos atrás

    Chad, can I please send you a razor?

  41. JKPinPDX

    JKPinPDXAnos atrás

    So are you shooting at 60fps? What camera gear are you CURRENTLY using now, Your videos are CRISPY'r than usual.

  42. Mile High Marketing Guy

    Mile High Marketing GuyAnos atrás

    Sweeeeeeet! Do you by chance recommend any good LUTS for editing in post production? I just got the Mavic Pro 2 and I'm excited to see how the footage turns out! I'm trying to find some great LUTS for the drone footage. 😀

  43. RJB

    RJBAnos atrás

    Did you folks buy your bus in Maui or transport it there from elsewhere? What is its history?

  44. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    We did buy it in Maui 😊

  45. Don Brackenreg

    Don BrackenregAnos atrás

    Hey girl, I noticed you not wearing you seat belt. It has been compulsory in Australia since the 1960s so it's good to be grounded. If an idiot runs head on into your bus, you would be through the windscreen in a flash. If there is an air bag in front of you, with your feet up on the seat, your legs would be pulverized when the air bag goes off. PLEASE PLEASE - take care so you can do something like becoming a mommy.

  46. Joshua Willis

    Joshua WillisAnos atrás

    Congrats on the 10K subs

  47. Simple life

    Simple lifeAnos atrás

    Keep it up you guys and a baby will just add more light

  48. Robin Lawson

    Robin LawsonAnos atrás


  49. hdjohnk

    hdjohnkAnos atrás


  50. shabbir dana

    shabbir danaAnos atrás

    Having a baby in a van would be most graceful thing

  51. shabbir dana

    shabbir danaAnos atrás

    I mean love to

  52. shabbir dana

    shabbir danaAnos atrás

    I would live to see the baby born in the van

  53. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    graceful or disgraceful?? haha either way, to each their own friend!

  54. LeAnna Estep

    LeAnna EstepAnos atrás

    You know, we've had a similar experience in that we get along much better in our 25' RV than we ever did in a 3 bedroom house. And, while we aren't quite throwing in the traveling towel just yet, after 15 years we are having to take time to stay in one place and deal with some health issues. But we've discussed it, and we both agree that we've been happy in our home for a long time. So, while the wheels on our bus might not be going round and round right now, it's still our home and we love it. And P.S. (I say this to EVERYONE considering having children) feel free to name that sweet baby after me. I won't mind one little bit. lol

  55. LeAnna Estep

    LeAnna EstepAnos atrás

    @Living ZEAL, thank you, I appreciate that. <3

  56. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    I read your Facebook post, LeAnna -- sorry I didn't comment. I'm sorry to hear about your husbands health situation, but I'm sending lots of love your way ~ and buslife is #buslife regardless if your wheels are moving or not :)

  57. Beth Breck

    Beth BreckAnos atrás

    Thanks for the weather/ seasonal information.. Loved that you parked and slept at the beach..

  58. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Thanks for watching, Sarah :) sending lots of love your way ~

  59. Velvet sky

    Velvet skyAnos atrás

    Congrats I’m so happy for you guys!!! 🎉🍾 can’t wait for more videos from you guys!!!

  60. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Thanks so much!!! Your comments are so lovely always, we really appreciate your kindness and support :)

  61. Josie Richardson

    Josie RichardsonAnos atrás

    i love you guys. but I honestly almost didn't click on this video because of the thumbnails. the actual footage of you doing yoga was much more artistic and beautiful. but Chad did make me laugh about 6:47 talking about not being glamorous with his zipper down :P you guys are real, and that's what resonates. sending love

  62. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Thanks for your input, Josie! Sending love your way too :)

  63. Johnny Mullet

    Johnny MulletAnos atrás

    Love the Red Green duct tape fix! You guys make my day!

  64. Sabrina Barnett

    Sabrina BarnettAnos atrás

    Same 😂

  65. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Haha it truly does fix everything :) thanks for watching, Johnny!

  66. Skye Quast

    Skye QuastAnos atrás


  67. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Thanks for watching and commenting, Skye :) sending lots of love to TN!

  68. rustytr

    rustytrAnos atrás

    I have 4 kids but I'd never do it again knowing what I know about the world and the psychopaths running it and listening to podcasts with former education secretarys and what the real reason for school is. No way, good luck to you all though! 😁

  69. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Haha we're going to risk it, but there are a lot of scary and lost individuals running around out there... so we feel you on that!

  70. Maddy Maddox

    Maddy MaddoxAnos atrás

    What was your most subs ever?

  71. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    I think we're currently at 10,130 and that's the most we've ever had haha we're super grateful to everyone participating in our journey :) thanks for watching, Maddy!

  72. free tob

    free tobAnos atrás

    Zippers Down HA !!!

  73. ken j

    ken jAnos atrás

    Maybe they were having fun, before they filmed. Hahaha. Cheers.

  74. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    oooooh you caught that.. whoops... lol....**walk of shame**

  75. KrisH

    KrisHAnos atrás

    Great vid kids. Your "Compromise" part for me was very real. Bus life to me is what size bus would be the best for what you want to do with it. Travel the world? VW camper van. Live with all the comfort of home? Build a 40ft school bus. Travel North America? a smaller bus. Depends on how much material things you want to get away from. Personally, Im getting old and I am disabled so I would love to spend the rest of my years boondocking in all the places I had to drive by as a truck driver just in this great country alone. And being as I am disabled now, with a lot of creature comforts. If I would have had the guts to do this when I was your age, I would have been in that VW camper van driving the whole world. Its people like you two and others that I follow on BRreporter that lets me live vicariously through you all, and in each style of "Size & Comfort" you can imagine. Fair seas and following winds to you both! Kris.

  76. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Kris! Chad & I just read this comment hear together, your words & perspective are so lovely. It confirms to us what we have always felt - that doing this while we're young is the time to do it. So many near your age have told us the same thing... to enjoy our youth, to see this beautiful planet in whatever capacity mama earth wants to share with us. it's so beautiful. and we're SO grateful to be living the life we are living. thank you for helping to help us remain mindful and present during this time. you sound like you have one heck of a story, even passing through those towns as a trucker. we would love to hear more about your story, Kris. Thank you for sharing, watching and commenting :) sending you all our love ~ currently from maui

  77. Jessie Aucoin

    Jessie AucoinAnos atrás

    Love ya guys. so glad to see yall are getting to travel in the bus ! 🏝️🏞️🌋🚌

  78. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    we're soooo happy about it!! Thanks for watching, Jessie :)

  79. Jessie Aucoin

    Jessie AucoinAnos atrás

    Lmfao Chad Face 😂

  80. I AM A Freelander

    I AM A FreelanderAnos atrás

    Lesson no. 1 always find camp site while you have day light.

  81. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    yeeeeah, we haven't been on the road for a few months.. lesson learned!!

  82. Ronald Sauber

    Ronald SauberAnos atrás

    Never go shopping on an empty stomach, when I do I get home with 10lbs of snack food and no meals

  83. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Hahahahahaha so true! 🤭 and we did lol

  84. Bus Life Possible

    Bus Life PossibleAnos atrás

    What is our cell phone carrier and do you pay additional for the hotspotting ability? PS The Office is the best show ever.

  85. beach Life

    beach LifeAnos atrás

    Night video too

  86. beach Life

    beach LifeAnos atrás

    Thanks you 2 , love both of you

  87. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    You got it, you were the second request for that so we’re going to do it next. Look for a nightly routine video this sat 😊🤙🏼

  88. Amy Hatfield

    Amy HatfieldAnos atrás

    I so appreciate you answering me back not many people I’m subscribed to answer so thank u !! Also I want to do the patron and support you guys because you are the best !! So I can listen to pod casts so do I go to “about” on your channel and use my debit card ? Please help 🙃

  89. Olga  Silva

    Olga SilvaAnos atrás

    Congrats on the 10k subs. Can't wait for more videos!

  90. Gail

    GailAnos atrás

    I'd like to see a night video of you guys hanging out in the bus. Just to get an idea of the lighting when it's pitch black out...

  91. Sala_13

    Sala_13Anos atrás

    You can find back up sensor kits for about $20 that would help prevent future mishaps. A back up camera and sensors make backing my heavy duty pickup into a parking space effortless.

  92. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Almost hate to admit that we already have a backup camera..... ahem....

  93. vantastic voyage

    vantastic voyageAnos atrás

    Millennials? Lol🤣 when I was a kid, back in 1862, we lived in a converted school bus, a box truck, and an old Lincoln limo.

  94. vantastic voyage

    vantastic voyageAnos atrás

    @Living ZEAL 😂not that old but close 🤣

  95. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Woah 1862 you’re ancient lol I know, that’s why I quickly also added the demographic of older people who want to release themselves from the burden of a mortgage. ;) thanks for the comment “old friend” 😊🤙🏼

  96. Jynxie Wavemaiden

    Jynxie WavemaidenAnos atrás

    Get some Bondo and fiberglass on that bumper asap.

  97. Jynxie Wavemaiden

    Jynxie WavemaidenAnos atrás

    Living ZEAL we're getting by. Let me know if you need advice on using that stuff. I'm old hat at it. I've used it for decades and even used it at a factory I used to work at where we made pumps that moved the water for the resort Atlantis.

  98. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    thanks for the suggestion, Jynxie! I hope you and your family are all well :)

  99. Irene Burke

    Irene BurkeAnos atrás

    I know you promote patreon alot but doesn't it bother you that they take 10 percent of your donations? If your patrons would just deposit the money into your paypal account, you would recieve 100 percent. I understand you want to give the patrons extra. However seems to me you have great content in your vids. Just a thought. I'm not trying to be mean or rude.

  100. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    They actually only take 5%, but yes I see what you're saying. I guess we hate people saying that we're e-beggers so we wanted a way to offer value in exchange for contributions, rather than just seeking out donations. The back end of patreon is really incredible, I know their team puts in a lot of work to be able to host creators, so that 5% cut is a way for us to be able to pay it forward and ensure their team gets paid for the work they do too. I appreciate your input, Irene! We know you're always well intentioned:)

  101. Aloha Andy

    Aloha AndyAnos atrás

    I usually try not to read the comment section ! Good videos I have subscribed. Have you guys had any problems with overnight parking on Maui?

  102. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    We actually live in upcountry Kula most of the time doing a work exchange to be able to park here, so we haven't tried street camping overnight many times... usually we go to the national parks or camping areas. It's definitely not super easy camping here though... thanks for the sub & thanks for enjoying our videos!

  103. dugc

    dugcAnos atrás

    Great video. You asked for suggestions on future content. Just keep doing what got you to 10K. Just set up the go pro, be yourselves, do what you do in a day, minimal editing, both in sound a video. Just go with the flow. Keep it real, keep it raw. Keep the outtakes. We are all human and most of us screw things up many times a day. Nice that you got to travel. Beautiful spot to spend the night (tree and all). Chad USE that backup camera, they really work, once you get used to them. Love your vids, love your bus, love your cats, love your flurps, love you guys. Congrats on 10k. Beautiful people. Live zealously! 💖☮😍🚐🌴🥑💖

  104. dugc

    dugcAnos atrás

    You are sooooooo welcome!💖😍@Living ZEAL

  105. Living ZEAL

    Living ZEALAnos atrás

    Love all of this. Consider it heard, heard and heard! :) love ya, Dug. Thank you for your new patreon support as well :)