Dead by Daylight | Cursed Legacy | Trailer


  1. Jaden Quest

    Jaden QuestDia atrás

    This Oni will make the Spirit his bish

  2. Orlando Ramos

    Orlando Ramos2 dias atrás

    We want more characters in dead by daylight like pennywise or Jason voorhees and the ring.

  3. Ekwarin Techapongkul

    Ekwarin Techapongkul5 dias atrás

    Mature 17+ Blood and Gore Intense Violence "Strong Language" In the lore text I guess.

  4. Patrick Nii Yang

    Patrick Nii Yang6 dias atrás

    Please Add Sidney Prescott in game ♥

  5. Elijah Silver

    Elijah Silver6 dias atrás

    I have a good idea for a game mode, make the map 2 times bigger 2 times the pallets 2 killers 8 survivors 10 generators. That would be so much fun

  6. Nexel Ray

    Nexel Ray6 dias atrás

    So she’s from the distant future, and the oni is from the distant past? Pretty cool.

  7. Jeffy

    Jeffy6 dias atrás

    The oni is almost just a male version of The spirit

  8. Rosamon M

    Rosamon M7 dias atrás

    Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! Dead by Daylight | Cursed Legacy | Trailer every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,“ every “supreme leader,“ every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of

  9. bam offset21

    bam offset217 dias atrás

    yo does anybody know if it's dropping today cause it is dec 3rd i need to what time cause i'm in the central time zone?

  10. who?

    who?8 dias atrás

    "you can't hide Jason! COME OUT!"

  11. Lakatoš

    Lakatoš8 dias atrás

    with every update this game is just more unplayeable

  12. Damian Garcia

    Damian Garcia8 dias atrás

    Fix the hit boxes instead

  13. Richard Watterson

    Richard Watterson8 dias atrás

    0:35 Why is Yui’s hair black in this picture?

  14. Barna Szabó

    Barna Szabó8 dias atrás

    Exact date???

  15. GizmoMaster 82

    GizmoMaster 828 dias atrás

    Anyone help? I’m an Aussie and I am playing DBD on Xbox and it it’s currently 2nd of December for me and the churned legacy isn’t out for me but is for many others, please help me on comments.

  16. GizmoMaster 82

    GizmoMaster 828 dias atrás

    Ooooooo ok

  17. p h a n t o m t h i e f

    p h a n t o m t h i e f8 dias atrás

    The reason that other people can play it is because of the Public Test Build on the PC

  18. CasualNickツ

    CasualNickツ9 dias atrás

    When does dis come out??

  19. i have to wait 90 days to change my name

    i have to wait 90 days to change my name9 dias atrás

    *_i n e e d h e a l i n g_*

  20. D3v14nTW4RH34RT

    D3v14nTW4RH34RT10 dias atrás


  21. Joseph Castillo

    Joseph Castillo10 dias atrás

    Wait! So this survivor had the fearlessness to stand up to a man WITH FULL SAMURAI ARMOR + KATANA!? I WOULD OF DIED OF A HEART ATTACK!

  22. Cart00nz 71

    Cart00nz 7111 dias atrás

    Now can they start working on the hit boxes

  23. LegendaryG mode

    LegendaryG mode11 dias atrás

    Wait huh? Why would the entity pick a random motorcycle chick what does she have to do with the oni? And did it pull her out of the blue in a city dont they have to be alone close to death or in some kinda danger/high stress situation

  24. Inoke Tekanene

    Inoke Tekanene11 dias atrás

    I hope mr. O i is in love with mrs. spirite

  25. Fabián Saldes

    Fabián Saldes12 dias atrás

    An actual Oni, with white hair and a katana as his weapon. Kinda reminded me of Onimusha lol

  26. F4ADE

    F4ADE12 dias atrás

    When you go on a ride in the woods and u have to do gens get chased by a killer and rescue people from hooks

  27. Mr Okto Gaming

    Mr Okto Gaming12 dias atrás

    Can you guys add Jack Torrance to the game, I think he would be a awesome killer to DBD. I have ideas. New Killer: The Caretaker New Survivor: Wendy Torrance New Map: The Overlook Hotel

  28. Jeremy Thanaparamy

    Jeremy Thanaparamy12 dias atrás

    This game is definitely could be free to play because everything now he don't need to pay they didn't do that well for this game now everything you get to play for free for all no need to pay🤗

  29. Jaroly Lengendary

    Jaroly Lengendary12 dias atrás

    When is this shit gone be on console ?

  30. Ханибек Норимкулов

    Ханибек Норимкулов12 dias atrás

    Add the killer from the movie Collector to the game

  31. Dwight Fairfield

    Dwight Fairfield12 dias atrás

    When is my spotlight coming reee

  32. pilot naaazya

    pilot naaazya12 dias atrás

    This is just a suggestion you should add the plague doctor

  33. Witchygaming

    Witchygaming12 dias atrás

    Y’all should make a battle pass

  34. MarkZombie 2.0

    MarkZombie 2.013 dias atrás

    PLS rework borrowed fucking time to be Whenever the equipped survivor of borrowed time is unhooked they negate the first hit...the fact that you have to rely on other to have the fucking perk is annoying as fuck!!!

  35. Nightmare Shadow Foxy

    Nightmare Shadow Foxy13 dias atrás


  36. JuJu6260

    JuJu626013 dias atrás

    Me kok is so hard right row

  37. Cíao

    Cíao13 dias atrás

    Well that came outta nowhere

  38. E man

    E man14 dias atrás

    Wow shes brave,didnt even flinch

  39. David Remillard

    David Remillard14 dias atrás

    Random opinion: should we give the pig a new more for when a survivor has a RBT on their head?

  40. Austin Hinkley

    Austin Hinkley14 dias atrás

    Yui and David V every killer

  41. Amanda Bunnyforce

    Amanda Bunnyforce14 dias atrás

    Dead by daylight staff. I think in the nearby future u should add these killers. Annabelle (ability) Haunt people through fake hallucinations or change morphs. either the doll or the human and use these subjects against survivors. It (ability) he is a blood thirsty killer that will do anything to get his hands on someone. his ability could be manipulation and luring. such as using something fake to lure a survivor into his hands. Lastly- Vampire (not specific) ability he could strike people quickly and bite into there necks. his ability could be turning into a bat of some kind and flying faster with a dark mist cloud following for a few seconds. he could teleport invisibly and kill survivors. his Maury could feature him biting into a survivors neck and snapping there neck after. I was just thinking how cool these characters would be into this game. I love this game a lot and im exited to try the oni! Please read this suggestion, I look forward to future killers!! -Amanda

  42. {DeDox}

    {DeDox}14 dias atrás

    I like how Yui just looks at him like: “bITCH, wHo the FUCK aRe you?!”