Death Investigations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Lenny the burger

    Lenny the burger4 horas atrás

    being angry at Donald trump saying things in a truck is like being angry that the popcorn doesn't taste good from the dumpster fire behind the grocery store

  2. FO Biggles

    FO Biggles6 horas atrás

    Good Ol' Boys. Eeewwwwww! At least they don't talk much, or at all.

  3. Prasanna Surange

    Prasanna Surange19 horas atrás

    Glenn Close killed it.... Spleeen

  4. Idontknow WhoIam

    Idontknow WhoIam20 horas atrás

    The fuck is wrong with the USA. In Greece to become a coroner you have to finish med school and then have 3 years of "residency" on being a coroner. And then you become one, and you get paid more than doctors, who have been residents for more years (4-6 unlike coroners)

  5. gemcitygirl05

    gemcitygirl05Dia atrás

    Forever was an amazing show!

  6. Chien Yang

    Chien Yang2 dias atrás

    "A death certificate isn't like a degree from USC. It actually means something." OUCH.

  7. MartinkaMich

    MartinkaMich2 dias atrás

    The more I watch these, the more I realize that EVERYTHING is f@#$%

  8. WeirdWild Weed

    WeirdWild Weed3 dias atrás

    NRA should pay for all autopsy' in the hole country. If We believe in the blasferml of saying " trusting in God", when it is guns and killings and preachers, who makes God's seeds for sale in a greedy capitalism, that is destroying, my sweet America. .Thank you for Your enlightening & amusing show. May our Lord bless you & yours ;)

  9. Martha H

    Martha H4 dias atrás

    Terrifying episode. Almost unbelievable. I was born in a third world country, and the way this is handled there is different. In natural deaths medical doctors sign the death certificate after external examination of the body and medical records, if there is indication of violence involved (homicide, suicide, car accident, poisoning, unknown origin) there is a report filed by authorities and autopsy is mandated before the family can get the body for burial or cremation. In big cities the autopsy is performed in by pathologists, and in rural areas it is performed in a section of the public cementery, by one of the medical doctors in town who works for the public hospital. Usually that responsibility is rotated or assigned to the newest one in the mandatory Social Service Year. And because it is expected from them all the MD's, they had spent at least six months from the whole career devoted to what is called Medicina Legal, learning the procedures and skills to determine how a person died.

  10. Bella’s Mom

    Bella’s Mom4 dias atrás

    First rule of working in a lab, no food or drink.


    TEAM BENTLEY5 dias atrás

    Ok men, forward to 14:28 and tell me that isn’t the best ass you’ve seen in your life holy shit does ANYONE know this woman’s name,?

  12. JeevesReturns

    JeevesReturns6 dias atrás

    I imagine that a good many felons might be more than qualified for the job. They’d know the ins and outs... and Ins again of... oh, now I’m getting nauseous, but you get the point.

  13. koila maoh

    koila maoh7 dias atrás

    Oh come on, its the bible belt... Low standards of education... Thats too easy of a job for you to poke fun at... do something harder.. Moral of the story. Avoid those states like the plague. If you enjoy low cost of living, its a easy place to retire in; and if you wonder why it has low cost of living...

  14. Tucker Bowen

    Tucker Bowen7 dias atrás

    i swear to god real life is just a motherfucking cartoon with shit writing

  15. nogosnoqt

    nogosnoqt7 dias atrás

    I live in Georgia and can confirm the coroner is elected. I was shocked when I first learned this. I was far more shocked when I learned that a close family member had actually been a coroner in the past, despite a complete lack of medical training. They're family, but... they really shouldn't have been doing something like that. They've portrayed it as not much more than being someone who had to declare a person dead and what was to be done. Granted, they also had to follow rules about what happened to the body, especially concerning when an autopsy must be performed. They say that they'd been hounded by families wanting the remains of a loved one returned immediately that were enraged when told that the situation required, by nature of the scenario, an autopsy. I'd like to think they did well in the position, but you can't substitute proper training...

  16. Zach Goff

    Zach Goff7 dias atrás

    18:31 Still better than GOT’s actual ending.

  17. Živa Smodiš

    Živa Smodiš7 dias atrás

    I am sorry, but how is USA such a cesspool and yet it's people continually claim that it's the best country in the world?

  18. dusttracks

    dusttracks7 dias atrás

    Yes, the subject matter is serious and often appalling, but this is one of LWT's funniest segments, along with Alex Jones and Brexit II. "It. Will be. A Shitshow."

  19. DAK TOE

    DAK TOE7 dias atrás

    Only in the south.

  20. Starscribe

    Starscribe9 dias atrás

    America, the richest country in africa.

  21. Spencer Dickson

    Spencer Dickson9 dias atrás

    The main take away I took from This is small town southerners are crooked and borderline retarded

  22. Ricky Boii

    Ricky Boii9 dias atrás

    The US is transforming into a third world country

  23. Willy Beamish

    Willy Beamish9 dias atrás

    #godisgood LOL

  24. Andrew Gelman

    Andrew Gelman10 dias atrás

    anyone else notice the guy at 4:00 and 11:18 are the same, despite listing two different positions in two different states?

  25. The Crafty Cyborg

    The Crafty Cyborg10 dias atrás

    When my little brother died, we knew why- he died in the throes of a status grande mal seizure. But as he was on several experimental meds and his brain damage was the result of a malpractice, he had to have a full autopsy. We got his remains less than 2 weeks later, in time for the funeral, but it was *18 MONTHS* before the autopsy results were released. After hearing the woman’s story of struggling due to not getting life insurance funds in a timely fashion, I wonder if my parents also had to wait and thus pay for those massive hospital bills on their own- I’m betting they did.

  26. Nathan Matusek

    Nathan Matusek10 dias atrás

    "#godisgood" BURN!

  27. sistakia33

    sistakia3311 dias atrás

    You should probably feed your dog better dog food or at least "some" dog food so he doesn't eat the organs of people like Hannibal Lecter! Next your dog will demand fava beans!

  28. Allan Stokes

    Allan Stokes11 dias atrás

    Disappointing economics. Life expectancy is 70+ years. We're looking at $200-$300 per capita over a normal lifetime, to investigate a small fractions of deaths. Not huge, but not insignificant, either.

  29. Gnome de Plume

    Gnome de Plume10 dias atrás

    Govt spends trillions on making people dead, least they could do is set a bit more aside for peeps after they dead

  30. Allan Stokes

    Allan Stokes11 dias atrás

    I thought he was going to say "moist" not "molest" and it would have been so much better. "Yay! Daddy brought home a new moist!"

  31. MegumiMary

    MegumiMary11 dias atrás

    As a fan of the show Forever that joke is one I've made myself :p

  32. LB2007

    LB200711 dias atrás

    Hugh Mungo Grant! lol The other person who should definitely publicize his middle name is former special counsel Robert Mueller

  33. Jeff Bristow

    Jeff Bristow12 dias atrás

    In our county the coroner is one of the local undertakers. He actually does a surprisingly good job at it.

  34. SystemsOverSymptoms VisionWithVenture

    SystemsOverSymptoms VisionWithVenture13 dias atrás

    That ending, though. Brilliant.

  35. Jess C.

    Jess C.13 dias atrás

    Parcels is clearly mentally challenged. Doesn't excuse anything he's done but that guy is straight-up retarded.

  36. Jadzia Lightowler

    Jadzia Lightowler13 dias atrás

    Just bring in Olivia Moore am I right?

  37. Annie Johnson

    Annie Johnson13 dias atrás

    Wow. This guy is in Johnson County, KS? And they call us in Wyandotte ghetto?!? I call bullshit...

  38. guthax30

    guthax3013 dias atrás

    i think in the American south the system is basically a trailer with a floor-drain in it. Whenever they get a body the Sherif/mayor/treasurer/beet farmer/coroner just goes in there and pins a post-it note to the body that says "some nigger did it".

  39. A

    A14 dias atrás

    remember how the sheriffs in Making a Murderer blocked the coroner from looking at Theresa Halbach's remains? And they threatened her when she told them it was law to let the coroner see any body found by the police.

  40. Alex

    Alex14 dias atrás

    You listen here, Squirt is fucking delicious!

  41. Omri D

    Omri D16 dias atrás

    21:17 you sure about that Tracy, Walmart been kinda hot lately

  42. EverettBurger

    EverettBurger16 dias atrás

    In high school, I had a classmate whose dad was the state medical examiner (New Hampshire). He mentioned that people were upset that he was the highest paid state employee (as opposed to a college football coach, I guess). His reply was that in his role, he was a medical doctor, lawyer, and expert witness rolled into one.

  43. Alex Spevak

    Alex Spevak17 dias atrás

    Mungo. Confirmed. Just checked 😏

  44. kangaxx

    kangaxx17 dias atrás

    5:36 Pigdemont!

  45. CLP

    CLP17 dias atrás

    Quincy, M.E. used to be my favorite show. I;m glad to know he wasn't just a god damn moonlighting hairdresser.

  46. likira111

    likira11117 dias atrás

    "Smart is always better when it's coupled with..." ohh "sexy" GROAN

  47. Dee Cross

    Dee Cross17 dias atrás

    Get it? 'Cause they're _women_ !

  48. MrShelbyGTman

    MrShelbyGTman18 dias atrás

    He's dead apparently. Also, despite his license being revoked he is still listed as being a doctor:

  49. Christopher Builder

    Christopher Builder18 dias atrás

    What an amazing country. 🇺🇸

  50. Bob l'éponge

    Bob l'éponge18 dias atrás

    Shady Shawn must be the guy from this story "A girl's unusual medical condition led to the discovery that the boy she'd been intimate with had been having sex with (or eating) corpses. "

  51. Maxinator Prime

    Maxinator Prime19 dias atrás

    9:28 2020?

  52. Bmac1968 Ireland68

    Bmac1968 Ireland6819 dias atrás

    This is @#$% unbelievable, will this country every come out of the dark ages wtf

  53. Hibou Owll

    Hibou Owll20 dias atrás

    So, now we know wht the Lockness Monster asked for Tree Fitty.

  54. vladimir cruz

    vladimir cruz20 dias atrás

    That's sick.

  55. frank doster

    frank doster20 dias atrás

    Americans are too busy killing people in wars to bother with autopsy.

  56. kamenkewl

    kamenkewl20 dias atrás

    as a well timed related story, apparently a coroners office was shut down after the workers there were found to be using the bodies for arts and crafts ala human centipede or dr. frankenstein. they described finding things like "a metal bucket filled with male genitals" or "multiple women's faces sewn onto one head" so yeah, if your coroners office seems too cheap to be true, it probably is.

  57. ankhi3

    ankhi321 dia atrás

    The most dangerous part for those institutions is probably the vicious cycle that can occu: they are underfunded so they perform worse therefore they get a bad image which results in them getting less funding.

  58. Gio Lag

    Gio Lag21 dia atrás

    Whenever outsourcing and private contractors are involved quality and results go downhill

  59. TheMrsar28

    TheMrsar2821 dia atrás

    In the UK, you have to be a qualified lawyer to be able to become a coroner.

  60. Tiaan Strauss

    Tiaan Strauss22 dias atrás

    Founding fathers warned about govt tyranny. 2A is there for a reason....shoot the cops! 🤘

  61. Kaneda Shotaro

    Kaneda Shotaro22 dias atrás

    That is really a HUUUUUGE problem

  62. joel dawson

    joel dawson22 dias atrás

    Yeh yeah... do rape kits next. Thousands and thousands unprocessed.

  63. Shayla McGrady

    Shayla McGrady22 dias atrás

    And NOW you have your answer to how people "accidentally" die in small town, police dept jail cells.

  64. caro vogel

    caro vogel23 dias atrás

    Should not have been eating watching this

  65. informitas 0

    informitas 023 dias atrás

    This is just sad. Glad it's not like that here in Scandinavia.

  66. DJDevon3

    DJDevon324 dias atrás

    21:00 cue the Idiocracy voice. Welcome to the 21st century. :/

  67. TheHeroOfTomorrow

    TheHeroOfTomorrow24 dias atrás

    "Humungo" Grant.

  68. Rob Bradley

    Rob Bradley24 dias atrás

    Does anyone else find John Oliver painfully unfunny and self congratulatory? I put up with him in these videos because the subject matter is always so interesting. But they would actually be better without the awkward jokes and forced banter, and just delivered as straight editorial pieces. I respect his work ethic and hustle to get his own mainstream US talk show but he really reminds me of someone who got there on grit and determination and not comedic talent. He is very cringe worthy. Just wondered how everyone else feels about him. Plus, I am british if that counts for anything, haha

  69. Mikhael37

    Mikhael3725 dias atrás

    The United States has become a country of knaves who simply don't give two shits about the common good...

  70. tompraeger

    tompraeger25 dias atrás

    A Dr. Shelly who mistreats organs and no Frankenstein joke?

  71. lhia0416

    lhia041628 dias atrás

    1:25 as a Bruin, I approve this message.

  72. Eric Hanson

    Eric Hanson28 dias atrás

    I have decided that I don't want to ever die, and now that that's settled, I won't need to deal with the ridiculously fucked up system of medical examinations/coronations.

  73. Rusty Patch

    Rusty Patch28 dias atrás

    This Georgia coroner has a side job of paranormal investigator. She wrongly blamed a death on natural causes when there was blood found everywhere in the apartment of a dead man. The funeral home employee found the stab wounds in the neck of the dead man.

  74. Stop the madness Please

    Stop the madness PleaseMês atrás

    What the actual fuck America?!

  75. just1desi

    just1desiMês atrás

    Heeeyyy I loved forever. It was really good

  76. SUPERchakalaka1

    SUPERchakalaka1Mês atrás

    To be fair that guy's mouth looks like a partly healed wound. No wonder he didn't answer.

  77. Andrew Benestante

    Andrew BenestanteMês atrás

    Since when does Tracy Morgan have a Oscar?

  78. Kevin G Conroy

    Kevin G ConroyMês atrás

    How did this system start

  79. Kevin G Conroy

    Kevin G ConroyMês atrás

    The best medical examiner programme was Quincy.

  80. Mather Focker

    Mather FockerMês atrás

    Parcells’ drunk. Drinking piss, squirt, and vodka in that cup.

  81. Mather Focker

    Mather FockerMês atrás

    ‘Tis the reason why so many cases are unsolved. Well, at least we have GEDMatch to compensate for incompetence.

  82. Mather Focker

    Mather FockerMês atrás

    9:42 Nobody better lay a finger on my better butterfinger.