Death Stranding (dunkview)


  1. stevie bops

    stevie bops2 horas atrás

    Kojima keeps making third person games, and never spends any time fixing the controls. It's like he thinks shitty slippery movement is "skill based". The story is the usual fake-deep Kojima crap. Lads lets be honest now, the only good game he's done in years is PP and it took Konami locking him in a basement to get him to produce actual gameplay there.

  2. Orlando murillo

    Orlando murillo2 horas atrás

    Damn godio gojira... damn

  3. paco ramon

    paco ramon2 horas atrás

    Kojima has invented the 3rd Person Walking Simulator. Kojima is a genius.

  4. Miescko

    Miescko2 horas atrás

    I've watched a lot of playthroughs and I looked fine, at this point I just think his computer is trolling him

  5. Deutschehordenelite

    Deutschehordenelite2 horas atrás

    the game is questioning the human existince, you guys just don't understand

  6. hellatze

    hellatze2 horas atrás

    look at 15k dislike. that show how many cult out there.

  7. UcheKk

    UcheKk2 horas atrás

    I was already going to wait til it's on sale or something because I felt like I would regret paying 60 bucks for this. After this I might not even get it

  8. Muirkat

    Muirkat2 horas atrás

    I don’t disagree with any point that Dunkey is making. What I will say is that I can appreciate that Death Stranding does try to do something different. I hope they update the game and fix bugs to make it more appealing and fun.

  9. Stephan Ennen

    Stephan Ennen2 horas atrás

    Getting hyped for games just leads to disappointment nowadays... So I try not to.

  10. sina841922817028990

    sina8419228170289903 horas atrás

    9/10 it does a little something for everyone

  11. ayaya

    ayaya3 horas atrás

    Song at the end?

  12. MrQenawi

    MrQenawi3 horas atrás

    I am fragile but not too fragile

  13. Deutschehordenelite

    Deutschehordenelite3 horas atrás

    this is one where tomorrow we get a video praising the game?

  14. Josh Ramsay

    Josh Ramsay3 horas atrás

    And here I am 104 hours in and having a great time experiencing almost none of the problems dunkey has had that being said I'm glad he was honest about his opinions on the game its my game of the year but I completely get why others don't like it at all it's almost like it's a kojima game or something lol.

  15. Pavel Tikhonov

    Pavel Tikhonov3 horas atrás

    Vehicle physics in this game are atrocious

  16. Abi Nubli

    Abi Nubli3 horas atrás

    Kojima should be supervised again. His game were better back then

  17. Sleepy Justin

    Sleepy Justin3 horas atrás

    Thank the heavens for you Dunkey for not pulling any punches on this one.

  18. Lyrdi

    Lyrdi3 horas atrás

    Yume Nikki is a better death stranding than death stranding

  19. I have no brakes, and I must stop

    I have no brakes, and I must stop3 horas atrás

    build roads

  20. Walther Nevermind

    Walther Nevermind3 horas atrás

    Remember when dunkey made good videos and reviews?

  21. Don Cheeto

    Don Cheeto2 horas atrás

    Not hard when he just made one.

  22. H P Alpha

    H P Alpha3 horas atrás

    the classic strand game, Ivy the Kiwi

  23. DinkyDilan

    DinkyDilan3 horas atrás

    10/10 makes you feel just like Daryl Dixon.

  24. Álvaro G.D.

    Álvaro G.D.3 horas atrás

    Kojima, you were cool before, dude

  25. ZyxthePest

    ZyxthePest3 horas atrás

    Courier Crisis is my favorite game.

  26. Alex Watson

    Alex Watson3 horas atrás

    Hmm you know Dunkey is always a mystery; I can never tell how he really feels about a game. It wasn’t very clear to me at the end of the video whether he liked Death Stranding or not

  27. Rodion Borovyk

    Rodion Borovyk3 horas atrás

    5:16 Didn't expect a Preston Garvey reference here

  28. Derrick Montanez

    Derrick Montanez3 horas atrás

    The game is one big ad for monster energy drink

  29. 4000Wiggins

    4000Wiggins3 horas atrás

    I feel like people are actually forcing themselves to believe they actually like this game.

  30. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee3 horas atrás


  31. Mohammad Ali

    Mohammad Ali3 horas atrás

    Finally, a review that doesn't mince words, thanks, dunkey.

  32. Nijda

    Nijda3 horas atrás

    Game so boring I fell asleep watching Dunkey talk about how boring it is.

  33. Ronin Tetsuro

    Ronin Tetsuro3 horas atrás

    Absolutely undeniably shrekt. I feel like I just witnessed street justice.

  34. Viktor Hjorth

    Viktor Hjorth3 horas atrás

    strand actually means beach in swedish so i guess its good name for the game

  35. 808_GTI

    808_GTI3 horas atrás

    I can't believe this guy exists with millions of views. Playing like a retard then blames the game for being retarded. What a joke.

  36. The Real Mlg

    The Real Mlg3 horas atrás

    How the fuck can you enjoy a game where you just walk? I really wanna know.

  37. iDoujin

    iDoujin3 horas atrás

    Gonna have to disagree with you on this one dunko.

  38. Asger HB

    Asger HB3 horas atrás

    If it's really that bad and dumb then that's a shame. If it's just not dunk's thing then I think I might enjoy it. I'm the kind of guy who always walk everywhere instead of running in Dark Souls because I like to take in the scenery

  39. z

    z3 horas atrás

    Completely lost all respect for your videos . You're trying to do a serious review type video while also doing your goofy type videos but you are purposely Mis portraying this game and you know what you're doing and it's really sad because you know that your audience won't question you about it and accept it as face value... just be better. You're wasting your platform creating bullshit for profit

  40. Ammaristan

    Ammaristan3 horas atrás

    you're biased and nitpicking

  41. vytah

    vytah3 horas atrás

    6:43 that's an alligator, not a snake

  42. Shaza Trim

    Shaza Trim3 horas atrás

    Still don’t know if dunked genuinely doesn’t like this game or if he’s joking...

  43. Faqih Juantomo

    Faqih Juantomo3 horas atrás

    because that, this is the best review he ever made.

  44. Ryan Saunders

    Ryan Saunders3 horas atrás

    These are the only video game reviews we can trust.

  45. Jacob Willis

    Jacob Willis3 horas atrás

    Ryan Saunders not really this was pretty bad.

  46. Cpt. Creepy

    Cpt. Creepy3 horas atrás

    Funny how Kojima shits on american gamers when one of the main character's name is *Die-hardman*

  47. Tomasz KŁĘBECKI

    Tomasz KŁĘBECKI3 horas atrás

    Why wonder... a Nintendo fun boy. Sorry yet after you said Zelda it was clear, that there is no objective value in this "review". It's better than Zelda, that is just sad... Not to comment Pokémon...

  48. Random Hajile

    Random Hajile3 horas atrás

    I don't need an influencer to *tell me whether or not to like something.* *I'll judge for myself.*

  49. Ryoshikari

    Ryoshikari3 horas atrás

    I respect that thought

  50. Panthers

    Panthers3 horas atrás

    You played the game wrong

  51. Turbo Egg Salad

    Turbo Egg Salad3 horas atrás

    You suck at it.

  52. Notorious Schwartz

    Notorious Schwartz3 horas atrás

    Go back to reviewing call of duty mate

  53. Wubcake

    Wubcake3 horas atrás

    Does this video contain spoilers about the story?

  54. Jacob Willis

    Jacob Willis3 horas atrás

    Wubcake kinda. Tbh it’s not a great review in general. Go play it

  55. Faqih Juantomo

    Faqih Juantomo3 horas atrás

    the best review ever i see.

  56. serialkiller77

    serialkiller773 horas atrás

    The fact that this game is from the guy who gave us Snake Eater is the part that honestly breaks my heart....DS just isn't a good game

  57. Jacob Willis

    Jacob Willis3 horas atrás

    serialkiller77 you’re right it’s not a good game it a GREAT game.

  58. All Ripe

    All Ripe3 horas atrás

    ok dunk

  59. Brad SD

    Brad SD3 horas atrás

    I normally like dunkey but this just shows how big of an ego hes got

  60. Jacob Willis

    Jacob Willis3 horas atrás

    Brad SD seriously man, been a dunkey fan for like 7 years but this review is straight up terrible, he complains about the climbing being broken while he’s trying to scale a mountain with a motorcycle. He plays the game like an idiot and complains when he does.

  61. Ya Boi Danny Devito

    Ya Boi Danny Devito3 horas atrás

    Thanks dunk

  62. Novi

    Novi3 horas atrás

    I don’t think insulting your American fans is a good idea

  63. Ryoshikari

    Ryoshikari3 horas atrás

    ya they tend to get triggered

  64. Mall3hh

    Mall3hh3 horas atrás

    "Really makes you feel dead and stranded" -IGN

  65. Shadow Stephen

    Shadow Stephen3 horas atrás

    I thought Death Stranding was going to be the replacement for PT which was a Silent Hills Game?

  66. Fact Core

    Fact Core3 horas atrás

    Ok dunk

  67. Fact Core

    Fact Core3 horas atrás

    @All Ripe ok all ripe

  68. All Ripe

    All Ripe3 horas atrás

    ok Fact Core

  69. Karl Marxs' Goldfish

    Karl Marxs' Goldfish3 horas atrás

    Ha ha funi he say nad gam not realy thouh

  70. Pirate Tim

    Pirate Tim3 horas atrás

    I like it...

  71. ErikDerp

    ErikDerp3 horas atrás

    Playstation can keep their exclusives 😂

  72. Hazel Light

    Hazel Light3 horas atrás

    Not a first party exclusive, and I know after this your gonna say “what about days gone” Sony bend hasn’t made a console game in forever and they were always a “ok “ studio in the first place. So try again

  73. flaps

    flaps3 horas atrás

    I aggree with all the issue you pointed but i fucking loved playing this game and i have no regret buying it, idk maybe i liked walking all around a world that look like midi pyrénée over and over. I do not pretend to have reached another level of astral mind power because i liked the game tho.

  74. Jacob Willis

    Jacob Willis3 horas atrás

    flaps I mean, he’s complaining about the climbing being broken, as he’s trying to scale mountains in a motorcycle. It’s obvious the game wasn’t for him, but he def wasn’t playing it right.

  75. flaps

    flaps3 horas atrás

    @Jacob Willis i don't think he played it wrong i just think the game is not made for everyone, pretty much all AAA games are specially made to be appreciated by everyone with almost everytime the same recipe. I guess the intention here was not to make a game that a maximum amount of people will enjoy. It's rare to see a game made intentionnaly boring and slow, and it's not wrong to hate it, or like it i think.

  76. Jacob Willis

    Jacob Willis3 horas atrás

    flaps same I love this game. Dunkey is playing it wrong.