Deeply Troubling WikiHow Articles (w/ Ryan Trahan)


  1. Ashley D

    Ashley DHora atrás

    That second one is just psychological abuse

  2. Draco Malfoy

    Draco Malfoy4 horas atrás

    Ryan is Drew and Danny's son from the fanfiction.

  3. olivia miles

    olivia miles5 horas atrás

    when they were talking about fainting the ad had a guy fainting at a lemonaid stand

  4. scuffed gaming

    scuffed gaming8 horas atrás

    Plz do more colabes because you are both my favorite youtubers

  5. Stop commenting ARMY on everything

    Stop commenting ARMY on everything19 horas atrás

    Do these people know that after you faint you are probably not gonna feel well so if you have a test or smth they’re probably gonna ask you if you think you can still do it. You can just reply no and there ya go! Don’t make the people around you panic by fainting for an hour

  6. ballerzwag

    ballerzwag23 horas atrás

    I already do everything in the possessed thing OOF

  7. GamerGirlMaria1

    GamerGirlMaria123 horas atrás

    I’m gonna do this with the little girl I babysit.

  8. _its_sachi_

    _its_sachi_23 horas atrás


  9. Matt Docken

    Matt DockenDia atrás

    You should Look at “How to spook your unborn child”

  10. FBM Robes

    FBM RobesDia atrás

    My poor circulation is giving me the ice cold hands I need 🙏

  11. Chicken Man

    Chicken ManDia atrás

    Next time on WikiHow... *how to breathe*

  12. Local Harmacist

    Local HarmacistDia atrás

    I mean I personally wake up screaming at 5 am every night, but I always assumed that was the night terrors

  13. TheBrickBoyo

    TheBrickBoyoDia atrás

    I want to have someone in my life that looks at me like Ryan looks at danny

  14. The Mayor

    The MayorDia atrás

    The cat P does glow

  15. Molly Mayes

    Molly MayesDia atrás

    5.36 I swear Ryan said winkie how 😂

  16. mcr your memory will carry on

    mcr your memory will carry onDia atrás

    The how to act possessed steps are basically the symptoms of depression.

  17. mcr your memory will carry on

    mcr your memory will carry onDia atrás

    Danny's nose. *That's it, that's the comment.*

  18. the iron doors open

    the iron doors openDia atrás

    I walched this vidio after I subbed to bolf you

  19. Lauren Campbell

    Lauren Campbell2 dias atrás

    Ryan looks like he just walked outta 1995 And I love it.

  20. Slater B.

    Slater B.2 dias atrás

    uhhhhh Harriet the spy !? HELLO

  21. GingerBoi

    GingerBoi3 dias atrás

    Me and my iron deficiency gang don't need to pretend to faint

  22. Olia Persik

    Olia Persik3 dias atrás

    3:15 why was I thinking he was gonna say "the hulk" AND THEN HE DID

  23. Brenden Goodman

    Brenden Goodman3 dias atrás

    Ryan really staring at Danny though

  24. Sheppy :D

    Sheppy :D4 dias atrás

    the cat pee does glow

  25. ANaiya King

    ANaiya King4 dias atrás

    Lol fainting doesn't always help, because I genuinely started to faint as I was taking an order once for a table and no one cared or noticed. They just kept giving me their order 🤦🏽‍♀️

  26. anger krab

    anger krab5 dias atrás

    n-nani? how much did you see senpai? please dont mention me practising my *i c e p o w e r s* to anybody.. *super sonic speed outta the country*

  27. Galaxy Angel

    Galaxy Angel5 dias atrás

    According to the “how to make people think your possessed” I must be possessed cause all of them are moods, except the leaving weird books around on purpose, I don’t have weird books but someone I know found a pretty disturbing note that I wrote Lol

  28. Koala CjGIRL

    Koala CjGIRL5 dias atrás

    The ice queen is is the original frozen

  29. Billy Swift

    Billy Swift5 dias atrás

    Danny you need to do more videos with Ryan!

  30. C U later753

    C U later7536 dias atrás

    How does this have dislikes

  31. pink seashell ヅ

    pink seashell ヅ6 dias atrás

    Lmao rn haha

  32. aestheticallymusic

    aestheticallymusic6 dias atrás


  33. Sydney Scipioni

    Sydney Scipioni6 dias atrás

    When frozen came out, I was like 7, and I would stick my hand in the snow for a really long time, and every time I’d get upset because I didn’t get ice powers. 😶 share in the comments funny stories from when u were a kid.

  34. Will Smith

    Will Smith6 dias atrás

    Is it just me or does the quest look like Peeta from the hunger games

  35. Daddy Jungkook

    Daddy Jungkook6 dias atrás

    Ryan reminds me of a combination of Taron Egerton and Tom Holland. Love him!

  36. Captain Controller

    Captain Controller7 dias atrás

    Signs that your friend is fucking insane 1:there in a bath of water 2:they stare at you for like 5 hours 3:they scream SNOW at you 4:they say “shut the fuck up” and sink into the water 5:they get up and say “let’s watch frozen” 6:you say you don’t want to watch frozen and they fake faint for the 527th time today

  37. Audree Williams

    Audree Williams7 dias atrás

    Who’s reading these?!? Says while he’s reading them 🤣🤣🤣

  38. RespectPvP

    RespectPvP7 dias atrás

    why are dannys cheeks like tomatos

  39. Zainab Soofi

    Zainab Soofi7 dias atrás

    ryan: if your cold and your at work, your gonna get fired. me: wait wh-


    RADYO PATATES7 dias atrás

    me:ok also me:NOOOOOOO danny:"back out of things" Ryan:* breathes * me:ok ummm also me:commits suicide

  41. Oprah's Gran

    Oprah's Gran7 dias atrás

    Why did he have blush on

  42. KmZz OvO

    KmZz OvO7 dias atrás

    Ya'll know Frozen was based on the Snow Queen right

  43. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido8 dias atrás

    let’s be real we all remember that one girl in primary school where she thought she was a vampire or magical or even a demon or some shit like that and would try way too hard to make people see her act all closed in and mysterious that girl for me in my primary school was my cousin.... i never let her live that down now and it’s so hilarious to us

  44. Lemon Mage

    Lemon Mage8 dias atrás

    Y'all should do more videos together

  45. Maishah Ramiah

    Maishah Ramiah8 dias atrás

    haha classic Danny intro

  46. Ruth Oboros

    Ruth Oboros9 dias atrás

    PLEASE make a video following all the ice power wiki steps to the tee.

  47. Sheep ._.

    Sheep ._.9 dias atrás

    Why they pink

  48. ashlynn Thomas

    ashlynn Thomas9 dias atrás

    how’ve i never seen this!!!!!!!!!! my 2 favs

  49. Invisible Bulldog

    Invisible Bulldog10 dias atrás

    10:43 i laughed so hard wtf

  50. Hi How ya doin ?

    Hi How ya doin ?10 dias atrás

    I think my mom is possessed 😳

  51. John Cody

    John Cody10 dias atrás

    my two favorite youtubers in one video!!

  52. Zainab Osman

    Zainab Osman10 dias atrás


  53. Collin Wade

    Collin Wade10 dias atrás

    I’ve acted possessed to scare my cousin

  54. Marjolein Padt

    Marjolein Padt10 dias atrás

    Van you plzzzzzz make more video’s with Ryan trahan??? Plzzzzzzz. Ive laughed soo hard😂😂

  55. Unicorn , Piglet and Steve

    Unicorn , Piglet and Steve10 dias atrás

    Hey does anyone know how to Google search something? Never mind I'll just Google it

  56. Supergirly Sofia

    Supergirly Sofia11 dias atrás

    17:43 bitch look like she got broccoli in her hair XD

  57. FandomPerson 64

    FandomPerson 6411 dias atrás

    Ryan be looking like young Rick Astley on steroids.

  58. Second account

    Second account12 dias atrás

    I was doing a religion project and I saw an article on WikiHow titled: HOW TO ACCEPT CHRIST AS YOUR SAVIOR

  59. toasty tv

    toasty tv12 dias atrás

    When I was in 5th grade I tricked people into thinking I was actually a werewolf, and I made a friend who said she was too and then I started to believe I actually was one and I have no idea if my friend is still playing along because anytime somebody makes a werewolf joke or even a wolf joke, she like stiffens up and stuff, I mean I’m confused. Am I a werewolf? I think I need help

  60. toasty tv

    toasty tv12 dias atrás

    “watching the Avengers is not going to make you the hulk” me, in a demonic voice: *you mean to tell me I’ve waisted all these tears for nothing?*