Deeply Troubling WikiHow Articles (w/ Ryan Trahan)


  1. chelsea ward

    chelsea ward4 horas atrás

    Where Drew

  2. Grace Doe

    Grace Doe12 horas atrás

    Okay I watched this when it came out and recently could not stop thinking about it, so i looked it up to watch it. And am I hallucinating? Because I’ve been thinking he did this video with Drew. Guys. Wtf.

  3. Dallas Ritchie

    Dallas Ritchie16 horas atrás

    No one: Danny’s cheeks 🔥

  4. Abi Colavita

    Abi Colavita17 horas atrás

    U have a strange about of statues

  5. i ate all your pancakes and i waddled away

    i ate all your pancakes and i waddled away19 horas atrás

    9:57 you’ll be too cold to get fired

  6. i ate all your pancakes and i waddled away

    i ate all your pancakes and i waddled away19 horas atrás

    the cat pee does glow

  7. Lily Emerson

    Lily Emerson23 horas atrás

    the cat pee does glow

  8. Cringe Bucket

    Cringe BucketDia atrás

    Man oh man thanks WikiHow! I've always wanted to know how to pretend I'm fainting due to the overwhelming ice power I've been given by the demon possessing me! :D

  9. Linkle Tinkle

    Linkle Tinkle3 dias atrás

    *Wide eyes* "GARLIC DAY!?" *Shoots Garlic can*

  10. VeloScizor

    VeloScizor3 dias atrás

    wait. this isn’t drew gooden

  11. Mae

    Mae3 dias atrás

    These articles are the literal definition of chuunibyou, this is hilarious

  12. Mae

    Mae3 dias atrás

    I actually read the faint article and tried it a long time ago... 😔 I just wanted to skip school okay?

  13. therachelsam

    therachelsam4 dias atrás

    throw back to middle school after twilight came out and people tried to act like vampires

  14. Volsfan6

    Volsfan64 dias atrás

    You can’t tell a living soul, but ghosts are fine

  15. gum gun

    gum gun5 dias atrás

    9:10 for every 50 likes i will do this in the family dinner table.

  16. Sophie Luvs Books

    Sophie Luvs Books5 dias atrás

    I have a feeling that the question for the “How to Pretend to Faint” was probably written by a student who hadn’t studied for a test that day or maybe they were like in desperation at night bc they knew they were gonna fail. And honestly, I feel them on this.

  17. Devin20896

    Devin208966 dias atrás

    Drew gooden looks kinda different in this video

  18. Slime For life

    Slime For life6 dias atrás

    Ryan trahan fan girling over Danny Gonzales for 18 minutes straight

  19. Floobflufs 789

    Floobflufs 7896 dias atrás

    Takes major in ice studies Dresses in Elsa gown Read all movies and watch all tv shows Dye hair Becomes Pokémon trainer NOOOOO

  20. Skeleton3713

    Skeleton37137 dias atrás

    Gosh Danny is attractive

  21. Skeleton3713

    Skeleton37137 dias atrás

    Is it just me or is anyone else wondering why Danny’s cheek is a bit red?

  22. Benny

    Benny7 dias atrás

    One time in high school I pretended to faint because I wanted a teacher to notice and send me home, but a student noticed and started calling 911 and I was like "oh fuck please don't do that" and she was like "YOU! NEED! MEDICAL! ATTENTION!" and I just begged her not to call until a teacher found me and carried me to the office lol

  23. Rose Arrow

    Rose Arrow7 dias atrás

    *to look possessed you have to start like flying n shiz no demon reads books on how to notice a demon*

  24. Jasnoby Guacamole

    Jasnoby Guacamole8 dias atrás

    the cat pee does glow.

  25. Faiz Toxic

    Faiz Toxic8 dias atrás

    lol I saw one on how to pet a cat

  26. Mackenzie Hoogenboom

    Mackenzie Hoogenboom8 dias atrás

    I have type 2 diabetes, I can faint for everything and no one would question it :)

  27. Eiddam Dyoll

    Eiddam Dyoll9 dias atrás

    he is so cute he loves you so much danny

  28. AndreiPOKE

    AndreiPOKE9 dias atrás

    Cat pee may does glow

  29. Anna & Deggy

    Anna & Deggy9 dias atrás

    *elsa left the chat*

  30. Anna & Deggy

    Anna & Deggy9 dias atrás

    The cat pee *does* glow

  31. TSG

    TSG9 dias atrás

    Ha, it looks like they've changed the article title to - "How to Pretend You Have Ice Powers", and uhh for some reason there's a totally separate one titled - "How to Pretend You Have Ice Powers *(For Girls)* " ...

  32. I Am Ze Mouette

    I Am Ze Mouette9 dias atrás

    They are missing only jarvis johnson to be perfect

  33. Camryn Russell

    Camryn Russell9 dias atrás

    The cat pee does glow

  34. bubblegum-badwolf l-/

    bubblegum-badwolf l-/9 dias atrás

    What if I'm already quiet, withdrawn, negative, and hostile????

  35. kj

    kj10 dias atrás

    when this came out id never heard of Ryan so i only watched like a minute so i watched some of ryans videos but then forgot this so now IM BACK

  36. Rabbit

    Rabbit10 dias atrás

    Act like a moody and antisocial teenager and you will be possessed. Edit: this won't work after step five.

  37. Delilah Kambourakis

    Delilah Kambourakis10 dias atrás

    the funny thing about them telling you to read the snow queen is that the only thing i can remember her doing in the story is kidnapping a child

  38. Spoon the

    Spoon the10 dias atrás

    Why does Ryan look like Rick Astley in this video

  39. Devon Murfitt

    Devon Murfitt10 dias atrás

    My name is Devon. Went to an exorcist after this video

  40. cutie pie

    cutie pie10 dias atrás

    What if 5-minute crafts or troom troom made wikiHow

  41. Yasmin Seah

    Yasmin Seah11 dias atrás

    Pneumonia? That's having water in your lungs. You mean hypothermia?

  42. Yasmin Seah

    Yasmin Seah8 dias atrás

    @nora 노라 I remember it by looking at the word hypoTHERMia, as in thermal/thermo which means temperature

  43. nora 노라

    nora 노라8 dias atrás

    I WAS LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO SAY THIS, i always get pneumonia and hypothermia mixed up BUT I SOMEHOW NOTICED HIM MESS UP LMAO 🙈😂

  44. annie yes i am

    annie yes i am11 dias atrás

    ryan is super cute 😍

  45. Sienna Ellis

    Sienna Ellis11 dias atrás

    they look like two different cartoon characters in a crossover

  46. Anonymous s

    Anonymous s11 dias atrás


  47. Brit Ann

    Brit Ann11 dias atrás

    LOL I want to know who wrote this

  48. Ezra Vall

    Ezra Vall12 dias atrás

    I think before the video, Ryan slapped Danny in the face

  49. Kayla Plasch

    Kayla Plasch12 dias atrás

    *tried to act like I’m possessed* *Family thinks I’m on crack*

  50. Noah Michael

    Noah Michael12 dias atrás

    That "How to pretend to faint" article brought me back to being a middle schooler with undiagnosed anxiety/depression trying to figure out how to avoid school I definitely read it more than once lmao

  51. Brooklyn Hanninton

    Brooklyn Hanninton12 dias atrás

    After this I want to go on Wikihow and troll people, but I know that won’t go well.

  52. Maya B

    Maya B13 dias atrás

    Danny looks slapped

  53. Caitlin Costigan

    Caitlin Costigan13 dias atrás


  54. Esther Macky

    Esther Macky13 dias atrás

    3:19 love it how the first super power Ryan goes for is spidermans powers, he truly is Tom Holland 😲😮😯

  55. Ella Thatcher

    Ella Thatcher13 dias atrás

    Theory: theres another step that they didnt show us that says to make a video watching the wikihow article. THis will make the watchers wonder if you actually do have ice powers while at the same time making them second guess themselves because theres no way that you would make a video about pretending to have ice powers if you actually did have them.

  56. larry stylinson

    larry stylinson13 dias atrás

    Why does it look like Danny got slapped right before this video

  57. Danut Busuioc

    Danut Busuioc14 dias atrás

    Yes u guys finally did a video together u are both my fav you tubers and drew and Ryan yerrow (But mainly u guys) can’t believe you did a colab 😂😂😂😂 yayyyyy

  58. angry chicken

    angry chicken15 dias atrás

    2027 anyone?

  59. Devon Stephens

    Devon Stephens15 dias atrás

    11:03 (☉_☉) How did he know?

  60. seesaw dipity

    seesaw dipity16 dias atrás

    I want a person that looks at me the way Ryan looks at Danny

  61. martina grech

    martina grech17 dias atrás

    My hands are always really cold Am i an ice witch or do i just have really bad circulation of blood to my fingers?

  62. Mikayla Crossett

    Mikayla Crossett17 dias atrás

    Well the fainting to get out of a test is actually not a bad idea cuz if U do and it looks real (which it probably won't) U would most likely be sent to the nurse