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Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me (Lyrics Video)


  1. Aerial Brannon

    Aerial Brannon10 meses atrás

    DUDEEE Demi is SLAYYYYYYY,, She is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!! her songs are absolutely PERFECT just like her!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  2. Arianna Shaffer

    Arianna Shaffer6 dias atrás

    That is so true

  3. Lee Griffith

    Lee Griffith23 dias atrás


  4. Arianna Shaffer

    Arianna ShafferMês atrás

    +Willow's Game Plays if people want to say something let them it doesnt matter what someone else thinks about another person stay out of other peoples business

  5. Arianna Shaffer

    Arianna ShafferMês atrás

    Its true all of her songs absulutley the best of all of them ive heard

  6. will nill

    will nillMês atrás

    Yeah maybe if you consider a cleft chin and a square jaw perfect on a woman. :\

  7. ga by

    ga by5 horas atrás


  8. Vergil

    Vergil21 hora atrás

    i wish we could do something for her but since we arent famous we cant do shit and our words matters not to her i wish we vould give her a hug

  9. rayne colwell

    rayne colwell21 hora atrás

    This girl needs self love.

  10. Aubrie Shaak

    Aubrie ShaakDia atrás

    Demi that is a good some and it's sad and sweet too 😔 I am a fan of your and I hope you' doing better since everything happened

  11. Markco Chattman

    Markco Chattman3 dias atrás

    She have a little soul in go...

  12. Swani M-W

    Swani M-W3 dias atrás

    I love this song it's so catchy I love u demi Lovato

  13. Tiffany Mitchell

    Tiffany Mitchell3 dias atrás

    I'm 9 years old and I had a boyfriend once until I cought him talking to a another girl.

  14. Leeneh 1989

    Leeneh 19893 dias atrás

    I love this song 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  15. Mariah Simmons

    Mariah Simmons5 dias atrás

    This deserves a Grammy!!!!!!!!

  16. AshLove GachaGirl

    AshLove GachaGirl6 dias atrás

    It’s sad to ever be in this state of relationship. But there is always a possibility of finding love again ❤️

  17. Amber Latoszkiewicz

    Amber Latoszkiewicz6 dias atrás

    Like this

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    Ищу девушку для отношений и любви6 dias atrás

    I want to construct the relations with provided the adequate lonely girl I am a virgin in 30 years. I have honest and serious intentions

  19. vivian Nascimento

    vivian Nascimento7 dias atrás

    Cadê os brasileiros nessa bagaceira!?🙆🙆🙋

  20. Martha Bustos

    Martha Bustos7 dias atrás

    Best song🤩🤩🤩

  21. miles christie

    miles christie8 dias atrás

    Is this song about drugs or relationships?

  22. samar adel

    samar adel10 dias atrás

    I need someone on days like this😭😭

  23. Megan Keogh

    Megan Keogh11 dias atrás

    Simon is shook ❤️😂

  24. Bailey Wilmeth

    Bailey Wilmeth11 dias atrás

    thats good

  25. animal lover

    animal lover12 dias atrás

    she fucken rocks it!!!! here!!!!!

  26. shell willy

    shell willy14 dias atrás

    I love love love this song ..on days like this i just need jesus to remind me he loves me ..i know i love hearing it over again..on days like this i do..and ill be alright..❤

  27. Gabriele Escobar

    Gabriele Escobar15 dias atrás

    Chega me dá um arrepio a voz dessa mulher

  28. Brandon Davies

    Brandon Davies15 dias atrás

    she's tuff

  29. Srasri Kritkrathok

    Srasri Kritkrathok16 dias atrás

    So Good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  30. carpenterselenator carsonator

    carpenterselenator carsonator17 dias atrás

  31. alp evci

    alp evci18 dias atrás

    dangerous woman vs this?

  32. Trinity Macdinald

    Trinity Macdinald18 dias atrás


  33. Quita Lewis

    Quita Lewis18 dias atrás

    🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.for. Demi

  34. Lee Crabtree

    Lee Crabtree18 dias atrás

    I love the songs 😂 😍 😘😘😘

  35. Saniece Robinson

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  36. Ashley Robinson

    Ashley Robinson20 dias atrás

    I lovvveeeee her

  37. Spicy Myrical

    Spicy Myrical20 dias atrás

    I want to a cover on this song

  38. Nikolina

    Nikolina dia atrás


  39. Elijah hansen

    Elijah hansen23 dias atrás


  40. Sara Field

    Sara Field24 dias atrás

    My queen 😛 I love u Demi!!! Stay strong

  41. moon light

    moon light24 dias atrás

    احلى اغنيه❤

  42. Alanna Andrews

    Alanna Andrews25 dias atrás


  43. Leona Lohmeyer

    Leona Lohmeyer25 dias atrás

    This song reaches my soul...I swear!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Kimberly Nicole

    Kimberly Nicole26 dias atrás

    Her line here we go again like her old Disney music is just right ❤️👌

  45. Tashoya Walford

    Tashoya Walford27 dias atrás

    this song is absolutely perfect

  46. Eric Clark

    Eric Clark27 dias atrás

    Who else had this song sent to them by someone they love?? ♥️♥️♥️

  47. Babycupid123

    Babycupid12327 dias atrás


  48. Kayla Mcdaniel

    Kayla Mcdaniel28 dias atrás

    I love this song

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  50. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor Brian28 dias atrás

    Cool song

  51. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith29 dias atrás


  52. Michael Smith

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  53. Jailma Gomes Da Silva

    Jailma Gomes Da Silva29 dias atrás

    2019?🇧🇷 eis que vc está sofrendo por amor é como se fosse ela escrevendo essas musicas para mim akhsisndndn

  54. Brittany Stewart

    Brittany Stewart29 dias atrás

    A goddess God himself took his time on Demi is higher than the angels in the sky

  55. Greeb

    GreebMês atrás

    2019? :D

  56. Abbegail Vazquez

    Abbegail VazquezMês atrás

    Yes boo she killed this one like Every other one tht she sings!!And if she don’t get Grammy I’m going to kill somebody💖💖😭😭😂😂

  57. Andrea Suarez

    Andrea SuarezMês atrás

    whos in school screaming? bc i am

  58. Lee Crabtree

    Lee CrabtreeMês atrás

    I love the songs 😂 😍 😂 😍

  59. tony williams

    tony williamsMês atrás

    Yes God is standing right in front of you 😏 your okay and will make it

  60. chastity freeman

    chastity freemanMês atrás

    Bye i was too crazy for this world

  61. Fabiana Pereira

    Fabiana PereiraMês atrás

    A melhor!!

  62. Inès

    InèsMês atrás

    who dislike's a song like this one?

  63. La'Riah Fayson

    La'Riah FaysonMês atrás

    i looooove her!!!!!

  64. come on life daily

    come on life dailyMês atrás

    2019 ?

  65. alyshia brewer

    alyshia brewerMês atrás

    this is alyshiabrewer and her boyfriend song

  66. Jill durham

    Jill durhamMês atrás

    Don't do anymore drugs please. We're rooting for you. Stay strong and stay away from eating disorders and drugs please. There are far better things to do with your life. Instead of drugs there's cats and dogs you could be having. They can be your drugs. Also potato chips. Those are my drugs from time to time so is peanut butter which is probably why I am so fat.

  67. Emily Roberts

    Emily RobertsMês atrás


  68. Gabrielle Jones

    Gabrielle JonesMês atrás

    This song makes me really emotional. It sucks when you’re not loved unconditionally

  69. Suzette Slinkard

    Suzette SlinkardMês atrás

    Really do love this song it's like she's inside my head

  70. Quanteria Wilson

    Quanteria WilsonMês atrás


  71. Marine Lange

    Marine LangeMês atrás

    Song Perfect

  72. LilMeho

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  73. Jonathon Douglas

    Jonathon DouglasMês atrás

    I got bad, I got bad for Demi!!!!!! Growing up seeing her evolution into who she is now is just amazing!!!! #AnotherBop

  74. dana gordon

    dana gordonMês atrás

    my favorite female artist!

  75. jen d

    jen dMês atrás


  76. 감자 찬•}X X•{ÏtzMïfî

    감자 찬•}X X•{ÏtzMïfîMês atrás

    This song reminds me of all the bad times and some are good may demi keep making great music!

  77. Brianna Marie

    Brianna MarieMês atrás

    I've been obessed with this song while my boyfriend and I have been arguing. I love this song and have always loved Demi 😍😍

  78. Jasmine Higgins

    Jasmine HigginsMês atrás

    "you ain't nobody till you somebody" favorite line🖤🖤

  79. Brandon Ftacnik

    Brandon FtacnikMês atrás

    Such a beautiful and strong women singing a strong and beautiful song.

  80. Itsjplays

    ItsjplaysMês atrás

    I freaking love demi sooo much


    BFF STUDIOSMês atrás


  82. Aaliyah Mangueira

    Aaliyah MangueiraMês atrás

    Broken and this song hits haaarrrrrd😤😭💔💔

  83. Chasitie Sawyers

    Chasitie SawyersMês atrás

    I was at her consert

  84. Chasitie Sawyers

    Chasitie SawyersMês atrás


  85. Brittanie Zwierzynski

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  86. Kathy Murphy

    Kathy MurphyMês atrás

    I needed to hear her song on days like this⚘❤🌻

  87. mimig Mariana

    mimig MarianaMês atrás

    I love her,♡♡💖💖💖💖

  88. Kalpana Mishra

    Kalpana MishraMês atrás

    I got chills while listening this song

  89. JN Durante

    JN DuranteMês atrás

    I wrote it don't lie. You lie you commit a crime called embezzlement and forgery xoxoooo Jessica Nicole Durante via(Dutra)

  90. Kaliyah Hart

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  91. Tr0ll

    Tr0llMês atrás


  92. Lovatic Wold

    Lovatic WoldMês atrás

    LOVE FROM GREECE DEMI!!!!!!💕💕💕💕💕

  93. jalei mannis

    jalei mannisMês atrás

    I am so glad that you are doing well and good

  94. pearl siwela

    pearl siwelaMês atrás


  95. Vergil

    VergilMês atrás

    her voice in this song is ♥️♥️♥️♥️ that graspy vocal is so fucki g goood

  96. CherryBombBuzz

    CherryBombBuzzMês atrás

    You ain't nobody till you got somebody is a very unhealthy state of mind. Don't be like Bella Swan.

  97. Lis ah

    Lis ahMês atrás

    i noticed that demi sings every song with soul. it sounds so emotional

  98. ass butt

    ass buttMês atrás

    Lis ah yeah it almost sounds like gospel music

  99. Mariah Chavera

    Mariah ChaveraMês atrás

    Girl slayyyy that my girlfriend Demi !!!

  100. Aziza Kahey

    Aziza KaheyMês atrás

    OVERVIEW LYRICS LISTEN OTHER RECORDINGS SIMILAR SONGS 1 of 5  Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me6:48 · BRreporter Lyrics Oh, tell me you love me I need someone on days like this, I do On days like this Oh, tell me you love me… Full lyrics Listen  Play Music  Spotify  Deezer  iHeartRadio About Tell Me You Love Me Artist: Demi Lovato Album: Tell Me You Love Me Released: 2017 Genre: Pop Top results Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me (Lyrics Video) - BRreporter › watch  3:58 UPLOADED BY: AbdullRahman Mohd POSTED: Aug 24, 2017 Similar songs Other Recordings Tell Me You Love Me Alexander Stewart · 2017  Tell Me You Love Me - BRreporter › watch  3:58 UPLOADED BY: Demi Lovato - Topic POSTED: Jul 1, 2018 Tell Me You Love Me (song) - Wikipedia Wikipedia › wiki › Tell_Me_You_Love_... "Tell Me You Love Me" is a song by American singer and songwriter Demi Lovato. It was written by Kirby Lauryen, ... Songwriter(s): Kirby Lauryen; Ajay Bhattacharya; John Hill Released: November 14, 2017 Producer(s): Stint; John Hill; Mitch Allan(vocals); Scott Robinson (add. vocals) Recorded: 2017 Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me Lyrics | Genius Lyrics Genius › D › Demi Lovato Aug 25, 2017 · Tell Me You Love Me Lyrics: Oh no, here we go again / Fighting over what I said / I'm sorry ... See Demi Lovato's Heartbreaking 'Tell Me You Love Me' Video - Rolling Stone Rolling Stone › music-news › se... Dec 1, 2017 · Demi Lovato's wedding day turns into a nightmare in the singer's new video for “Tell Me You Love Me,” co-starring Grey's Anatomy ... Demi Lovato: Tell Me You Love Me (Video 2017 ... IMDb › title Demi Lovato and Jonny Davila in Demi Lovato: Tell Me You Love Me (2017 Jesse Williams and Demi Lovato in Demi Lovato: Tell Me You Love Me (2017 ... Rating 7.3/10 (86) Tell Me You Love Me - Demi Lovato - LETRAS ... Letras › br › ... › Tell Me You Love Me Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me ( Letra e música para ouvir) - Oh, tell me you love me / I need someone / On days ... Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me Lyrics | ... AZLyrics › D › Demi Lovato Lyrics Lyrics to "Tell Me You Love Me" song by Demi Lovato: Oh no, here we go again Fighting over what I said I'm sorry, ... Tell Me You Love Me World Tour | Demi Lovato Demi Lovato › news › tell-me-you-love-... Demi just announced the 'Tell Me You Love Me World Tour'! See below for all ticket on sale dates and times: Demi Lovato songs  Stone Cold  Give Your Heart a Break  Skyscraper  Confident  Cool for the Summer  Body Say  Neon Lights  Let It Go View all  Pop songs RELATED SEARCHES demi lovato tell me you love me songs tell me you love me audio demi lovato tell me you love me album demi lovato tell me you love me music video demi lovato tell me you love me lyrics

  101. Chloe Seaberry

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    I'm like that

  102. Trintyverese Verese

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    Lee CrabtreeMês atrás

    I love the songs everybody 💘 💘 💘 💘 💘 💘 💘 loves

  104. Elizabeth Lopez

    Elizabeth LopezMês atrás

    It is good

  105. Valerie Rodriguez

    Valerie Rodriguez2 meses atrás

    No matter what u call her u ain't nothing compared to her j/s

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    WOW that's a great song