Democrat Wins After President Donald Trump Begs Voters To Send Message | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Casey Foster

    Casey Foster13 dias atrás


  2. David Mayer de Rothschild

    David Mayer de Rothschild15 dias atrás

    In 2020 save America vote blue

  3. Emerald Archer

    Emerald Archer15 dias atrás

    Trump, you have failed this nation.

  4. Randy R

    Randy R15 dias atrás

    Better check to make sure his EGO is okay.

  5. xXGoLDMoNeY

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  6. xXGoLDMoNeY

    xXGoLDMoNeY15 dias atrás

    FAKE NEWS. next

  7. Varissa Varissa

    Varissa Varissa15 dias atrás

    It’s funny to see always the maga background 😂 his company who pay paleros lol

  8. John Chunga

    John Chunga16 dias atrás

    The real rally

  9. John Chunga

    John Chunga16 dias atrás

  10. John Chunga

    John Chunga16 dias atrás

    Yall gonna be cry so loud when trump gets elected. I can smell your fear

  11. newmove

    newmove15 dias atrás

    We're crying now at the thought he might get elected. Hilarious, just hilarious.

  12. Dale Cox

    Dale Cox16 dias atrás

    Donald knew; that's why he had to go to the hospital to treat his panic attack.

  13. Michael

    Michael16 dias atrás

    Never believe the DemonRats party. Showing time & time again how delusional they are in trying to find some way, some how, some where or something to bring down the President. First it was Trumps a Russian Bot(later found that was a LIE), Second it was Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 Election(later found that was a LIE), Third it was Trump in involved in obstruction of justice(later found that was a LIE), Fourth it was Trump bribed the President of Ukraine to get info on Joe Biden(later found that was a LIE). All I ask for those with a higher attention span of a nat, ask yourselves...what’s it going to be this time? What else will the DemonRats LIE about to the American People to shift their opinions about this Great President? What more lies do you have to hear in order for you to see that this President has been blatantly attached for the past 3 years? Why do you constantly believe in these lies Democratic Supporters? Why do you believe in CNN, NBC, MSNBC, VOX, BUZZFEED & so many more that constantly lie to the people, yet they call it “honest news?” Ask yourselves...throughout the 3 years have you not seen that the Democrats will stop at nothing when it comes to LYING to the American People & attack this Great President. A President who’s administration single handedly made the US Economy to be more prosperous than ever, unemployment at an all time low(historic low), DowJones having record highs, companies coming back to the USA, taxes becoming fair so companies can prosper & not want to move anywhere else & so much more. Don’t let the Democratic Party subvert you from learning about real logic. The Democratic Party CAN NO LONGER BE TRUSTED. If it were up to me? I’d label them a HATE GROUP & treat the party as such(not it’s supporters). All I ask is, please don’t automatically believe your party anymore, don’t automatically believe CNN, don’t automatically believe the media. All the information is out for the people to see, including the “Transcripts” President Trump was involved in when talking to the Ukrainian President. Again, it came out to show there was No Bribery, Quick Pro Quo etc...look at the facts, please. I beg of you...with the Damage This Corrupt Party has done to America, we’re closer than ever to another Civil War if anything & I MEAN ANYTHING happened to POTUS. TRUMP 2020...the one president who’s actually done what he’s promised he’d do for the people.

  14. Corn Pop

    Corn Pop16 dias atrás

    Trump is the biggest loser on earth...

  15. William Soles

    William Soles16 dias atrás


  16. Elizabeth Farmer

    Elizabeth Farmer16 dias atrás


  17. Charles Rhodes

    Charles Rhodes16 dias atrás

    Hamma toes captain ✌

  18. news now philly

    news now philly16 dias atrás

    """WHY ARE POS COPS SO AFRAID OF A CAMERA , BECAUSE THE CAMERA DON'T LIE AND THEY DO ............. FTP""""REPUBLIKKKANS , TRAITORS TO AMERICA ..... PARTY B4 COUNTRY .... FDT POS Trump's Doctor Holds Press Conference After Mysterious Hospital Visit >

  19. Alcagaur1

    Alcagaur116 dias atrás

    Goebbelsina "I voz only followink orders" Grisham is going to be a constant part of the post-Trump parade of clowns scrabbling for the shreds of their dignity, reputation and honor.

  20. Jesse J

    Jesse J17 dias atrás

    Trumps candidates are getting slaughtered and so is trumps coronary artery.

  21. Uranium Rabbit

    Uranium Rabbit17 dias atrás

    You guys are hilarious. Your oligarchs are a corrupt grabby white guy, a lying racist and a 700 year old socialist. An autistic swede that looks like Putin and a congresswoman terrified of her garbage disposal are great runners up...good luck! You kept one seat and barely got two others and the VA governor dresses in KKK, you racist pervs.


    WINGGAM17 dias atrás

    Fakkkkeeyyyyy fakeyyy news

  23. Lois Reed

    Lois Reed17 dias atrás

    He’s so whinny it’s disturbing and it must be how he got his DaDa to do what he wanted but the American people had their big boy pants on and told him loudly no no baby 🍼 Trump.

  24. Jarod76

    Jarod7615 dias atrás

    You're fat.

  25. Troy Muonio

    Troy Muonio17 dias atrás

    No one told him a thing and if you are so blind to all the good he has done for this country, I feel sorry for you! You must secretly love him and the way he tells you women to zip it and get back to the bedroom where you belong!

  26. Rey Fer

    Rey Fer17 dias atrás

    United States has the wrong idea the whole world belongs to them. USA is responsible for poverty, hunger and third world in which Central and South America has been submerged , countries that United States has been using as a backyard since history, paying miseries for its resources, invading every single one of those sovereign countries and stealing their oil and resources If they try to brake free. Another reason why Latin America is in ruins, is because of loans granted by the US, are unpayable loans, with interest so high, so US have them as slaves and blackmailing them. Another way in which the United States usually operates in Central and South America is imposing sanctions so those countries are afraid and continue to give away their resources for peanuts. USA wants the whole world to be like them, bunch of ignorants who aren't able to understand that our world is rich in cultures and languages, rich in diversity and their wrong idea of one world order will only create more war and chaos than the one USA has been creating since its existence. China and Russia and (USA non-allies countries), are the Hope of the poor and for under development nations as well, that the North America's mafia has been subjecting, using and scamming for centuries. Our world doesn't need the USA. Our world doesn't need more wars, chaos and misery.

  27. Sharon Davis

    Sharon Davis17 dias atrás

    I hope they come out when Lindsey graham try to get re-elected !

  28. Kerry Rice

    Kerry Rice17 dias atrás

    Funny that they are already finding people who died in 1948 vote democrat.... hmmmmm seems legit

  29. 505 Guy

    505 Guy17 dias atrás

    If you think for 1 second that the Kentucky governor was down by 19 points you are way Trump goes and visit/campaign for someone down by that much...the guy was up by 5 points and lost and now in Louisiana the GOP guy was up and a visit by Trump cost him to lose.....Keep coming Trump

  30. Eugene russ

    Eugene russ17 dias atrás

    You Idiots do realize Republicans won 5 out of 6 in Louisiana ?! Lol ! TRUMP 2020

  31. Lemonie Lala

    Lemonie Lala17 dias atrás

    So what was done to Trump in thas hospital was a lobotomy? About bloody time...

  32. James Lade

    James Lade17 dias atrás

    Keep on campaigning Twump! It’s good for the Democrats! Ditch Moscow Mitch and Kremlin Donovitch and Leningrad Lindsay

  33. James Lade

    James Lade17 dias atrás

    Good to see Obama’s campaign manager is not in prison. Unlike Twump’s


    XXXAMSTERDAMXXX HD17 dias atrás

    He always talks in this typical manner when he is talking to his supporters. Weird, always weird. Can’t wait to never hear anything about or from him.

  35. Bill Christian

    Bill Christian17 dias atrás

    Trump also lost the Louisiana election. No news here. Every state has Independent voters that refuse to support a candidate with a low IQ and weak character. Trump will lose an election to a blind three legged dog with mange. He is sending a very bad message at his KKK rallies with hate speech and name calling. Its the same Nazi message used to drive away voters that do not support him.

  36. Eagle Eyes

    Eagle Eyes17 dias atrás

    Okay Okay?

  37. bsantos381ej

    bsantos381ej17 dias atrás

    I hate Donald Trump but my kid has a big heart and this is the reason why she likes the color brown she siad I like brown because I dont like brown people Being Bully only because there color so I dont want them get bully STOP THE BULLING

  38. bsantos381ej

    bsantos381ej17 dias atrás

    She dint know how to talk very well so I could'n write the rest

  39. Francoise Loffler

    Francoise Loffler17 dias atrás

    He was so boring that even this little girl at the back standing behind him was yawning !!

  40. michael barnett

    michael barnett17 dias atrás

    Former vice president Joe Biden Threatened to withhold $1 billion of U.S. aid unless Ukraine's leaders fired the prosecutor in order to save his son from justice is certainly Bribery, and a criminal act and cannot be ignored. Joe Biden son got 1.5 billion from china without accountability. Action must be taken against him and justice must be served. Many have ignored the fact that President Trump has a solemnly sworn duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  41. Salnsd

    Salnsd17 dias atrás

    ha ha laff naw you libral elleestsist , but Tromp well win next Novvembir cos hees a reel muricn paytreeiat

  42. Lea Byers

    Lea Byers17 dias atrás

    Stress is taking its toll. Take him down!

  43. Baleed Ali

    Baleed Ali18 dias atrás

    Call me trump

  44. Sharon Davis

    Sharon Davis17 dias atrás

    you mean dump lmaooooooooooooo


    SCORPION KING18 dias atrás

    fake news" president🤣🤣