Democratic candidates threaten to boycott next debate


  1. Robert Mize

    Robert Mize8 dias atrás


  2. Gayla Pawloski

    Gayla PawloskiMês atrás

    They don’t have anything else to say! Losers!

  3. Houston Scott

    Houston ScottMês atrás

    Trump 2020 democrats are evil

  4. GoBackToAfrica AsscheesePicker64

    GoBackToAfrica AsscheesePicker64Mês atrás

    Obama's already laid the foundation of mistakes, we have another chance to not follow again. Shapes of bad directions, African't zoo immoralities, worsening racial-tensions, misuse of taxes and resources, and tank the DJI stock-market numbers.

  5. GoBackToAfrica AsscheesePicker64

    GoBackToAfrica AsscheesePicker64Mês atrás

    Down to 7 already? The dropouts must be coming to their right minds, how treacherous the roads ahead look for them.

  6. Mikey Moe

    Mikey MoeMês atrás

    Is this the Barney show.

  7. Mikey Moe

    Mikey MoeMês atrás

    Impeach them all.

  8. HawaiianOdysseus

    HawaiianOdysseusMês atrás

    So did they cross picket lines?

  9. Green Man

    Green ManMês atrás

    If they asked relevant questions like I don't know, how we're gonna make sure doesn't overtake us in 15 years, I would actually kinda care.

  10. Darin Johnson

    Darin JohnsonMês atrás

    All their debates have just looked like an auctions with the taxpayers money anyway. I'll give you this....and it's free. Oh yeah? Well I'll give them this!

  11. Wayne Shilcock

    Wayne ShilcockMês atrás

    Poll from South Carolina Host says: "Actually has Biden's lead down, H-h-he's Still Leading, by 7 points in that state.". CBSN Host still hopeful about Biden's chances, by reassuring everyone that 'H-h-he's Still Leading though!!!!', 'By 7 points!!!!'. So don't panic everyone, because Joe's Still leading!!!!! DON"T PANIC!!!!!!!! Everything is OK!!!!

  12. pika productions XD

    pika productions XDMês atrás

    If yang quit nothing would change except maybe one scetance on free stuff

  13. Richard Rockie

    Richard RockieMês atrás

    So what!

  14. Ken Switzer

    Ken SwitzerMês atrás

    And she says they have to wok the wok. They need to cancel all debates because all they do is spout crap.

  15. ?:?

    ?:?Mês atrás

    #MATH we need real well thought out and well researched solutions to combat real issues of the 21st century. YANG has no baggage and no negative ties to corporate Washington lobbyist money . We need a person with no baggage and real solutions.

  16. Kurt Bromschwig

    Kurt BromschwigMês atrás

    Problem is, Fox News should run the democratic debates, and cnn should run the republican debates, if any.

  17. Miriam Angelacos

    Miriam AngelacosMês atrás

    Its a show.

  18. Mr Magoo

    Mr MagooMês atrás

    Dems can't even stage a debate and they want to run the country?


    GTW THREEMês atrás

    I would elect any of the food workers over anyone on that stage

  20. John Bailey

    John BaileyMês atrás

    Sander's folded to some peer pressure how does anyone believe he will stand up to fellow socialist China, Russia, etc.???

  21. John Bailey

    John BaileyMês atrás

    Every last one of them the Democrats are liars and fakes. If they want to show support they would have been doing their jobs. All of them want to tax that working class and take their freedoms, rights to choose and put through big government Socialism. Not good for any workers.

  22. John Bailey

    John BaileyMês atrás

    The Dem's are not doing it to show solidarity, wake up! The best way to show they were there for the people is to show up, show what work was done for them and how the policies put in have had positive effects for the people they have said they would represent. But since the Dem's have done nothing for their constitutes, (or anyone other then their own self serving interest), and the only policies they have is impeachment, division, and trying to derail anything the current administration puts forth, no matter who it would help, they would be destroyed just showing up. Anyone who has seen the Democrat debate among themselves show what an utter disaster and disappointment the whole traitorous party has become. Can they claim to be liberal anymore, not many if any. Sad very sad.

  23. Keith R

    Keith RMês atrás

    The food service workers on strike can't get benefits because so many illegal immigrants are willing to work for low wages under the table. This is the world the democrats are creating.

  24. Jordan Diehl

    Jordan DiehlMês atrás

    Lol the party is crumbling

  25. Lucia C

    Lucia CMês atrás

    Hahaha! Once again Tulsi was way ahead of the curve. The DNC really needs to wake up. Why do you show pictures of Liz when you're talking about disingenuous Pete?

  26. Aullark Star

    Aullark StarMês atrás

    This makes them look incompetent just like Trump. Almost like they want Trump to win.

  27. kstock

    kstockMês atrás

    Stark Raving Mad is not a policy platform.

  28. kstock

    kstockMês atrás

    The should add Corn Pop to the line up. And Klobs should stroked Biden's leg hairs. Then people might watch.

  29. The Real YahNation

    The Real YahNationMês atrás

    Why are these guys protesting the debate??? This makes no sense.

  30. Jared Rice

    Jared RiceMês atrás


  31. spanz d0cter

    spanz d0cterMês atrás

    *Ricardo milos*

  32. Shoeless b

    Shoeless bMês atrás

    What will the networks do ? Nothing to spin ! Next thing you know they'll be making stuff up !

  33. Dmk Pit

    Dmk PitMês atrás

    Real dumb for politicians to get involved, so any time left has dispute on topic the protestors will picket any political venue

  34. montielh

    montielhMês atrás

    It’s crazy! Why we should support just few union workers instead all the country for a better health system? This is populism!

  35. Bher Rabbit

    Bher RabbitMês atrás

    Probably save the candidates from more self-embarrassment anyway.

  36. Rob Bird

    Rob BirdMês atrás

    These huge group debates are pathetic anyway. Cut the field down to something reasonable and people might watch.

  37. David Wilson

    David WilsonMês atrás

    why was this situation not foreseen and avoided? what is the difference between a fat donkey and an elephant? edicate!

  38. Unappreciated Treehouse

    Unappreciated TreehouseMês atrás

    Trump could be beaten in 2020 but not by any of the Democratic candidates. Impeachment looks really flimsy. Democrats aren't attracting any swing voters. Swing voters decide elections. The base is not enough. We're heading for four more years.

  39. Tom Jones

    Tom JonesMês atrás

    LMAO...somebody put a curse on the left...👍

  40. Dick Gardner

    Dick GardnerMês atrás


  41. Steven Chennault

    Steven ChennaultMês atrás

    CBS News -- "How can we take this good story, and spin outrage from it? Let's omit details from the headline!"

  42. Richard P

    Richard PMês atrás

    First report on this that I saw was Yang saying 'not crossing picket' = Who's on First?

  43. Eddie Eda

    Eddie EdaMês atrás

    This is a religious private university. people are becoming greedy. How come the gov is not involved? who elected those people. its corruption period.

  44. Petri Nampajärvi

    Petri NampajärviMês atrás

    Cenk Uygur seemed willing to take one for the team, respect

  45. Terence Mckinley

    Terence MckinleyMês atrás

    Not looking good

  46. bella roja

    bella rojaMês atrás

    BS cover story to keep crazy creepy senile ole Joe and the radical rest of the bunch out of the heat and line of fire for as long as possible.

  47. Greg

    GregMês atrás

    Hahaha they are such a joke about a joke

  48. anoniem always

    anoniem alwaysMês atrás

    Do you think anyOne care about the Democratic candidates. They are all clueless they have No plan, what are they Run for. For socialism.. Fake news dont waste the Peoples time. People have already made up their minds who"s gonna be the President in 2020.

  49. Seth H.

    Seth H.Mês atrás

  50. Carl A

    Carl AMês atrás

    Fight the power: Nothings changed in America. Greedy people still want the biggest slice if not all the American pie.

  51. Joyce Ben-Israel

    Joyce Ben-IsraelMês atrás

    Just an excuse to not debate. Smelly demorats

  52. Evan Lindgren

    Evan LindgrenMês atrás

    It would be awesome if the Democrats boycotted more debates and if they boycotted the 2020 election that would be great too

  53. Suzanna Chong

    Suzanna ChongMês atrás

    Please Vote Andrew Yang for 2020 President! He plans to make large Corporations such as Amazon (who makes over billions in profit) pay taxes since they paid $0. Companies like Amazon puts markets out of business, increases unemployment, and leaves the middle class to pay the taxes for the country.

  54. manoman0

    manoman0Mês atrás

    CBS, so diverse! Still Fake News

  55. camaro rider

    camaro riderMês atrás

    they might have a better chance if they don't keep opening their mouths with their BS lmao

  56. bgoodfella7413

    bgoodfella7413Mês atrás

    Watch Joe Biden show up on the debate stage by himself and forget where he is.

  57. Electoral College Enslaved Alumni

    Electoral College Enslaved AlumniMês atrás

    They need a break anyway.

  58. Anita Smith

    Anita SmithMês atrás

    Why not just cancel the Dem "debates" altogether? They are a disaster.

  59. Toto Mango

    Toto MangoMês atrás

    Yawn. These losers will do anything to get votes.

  60. curteyethecat700

    curteyethecat700Mês atrás

    Democratic candidates blame Russia hackers and President Trump for interfering with Labor Dispute for next DEM debate in Las Angeles!!!