Devour - On A Mission [Official Music Video]


  1. Victor Alfonso Gonzales

    Victor Alfonso Gonzales20 horas atrás



    RIVERA MX13 dias atrás

    Represent homie s/o 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 saludos desde JERSEY

  3. TCG cards 22

    TCG cards 2214 dias atrás

    I showed this to my cat now his my my dog

  4. Jose Jimenez

    Jose Jimenez14 dias atrás

    Good thing you free he coming with heat this year like always 🔥💯

  5. M.A G-A

    M.A G-A18 dias atrás

    slappppperrrr yeee

  6. gimme that

    gimme that23 dias atrás

    What the fuck she do to piss you off exactly? I’m sorry you feel this way. She is a very nice person who doesn’t mean no harm to anyone. Hence the peace sign.

  7. 0rignal username

    0rignal usernameMês atrás

    He copied dps reaper with set trip wtf

  8. Nevin Crowchief

    Nevin CrowchiefMês atrás

    From Canada and this is sounds fucking good💯💯💯

  9. maribel aguayo

    maribel aguayoMês atrás

    You are the best devour up

  10. maribel aguayo

    maribel aguayoMês atrás

    Hi devour up I am a big fan of your BRreporter videos and you devour up

  11. Young scope

    Young scopeMês atrás

    Devour is a blood he is about that life he always been

  12. Raquel Tooley

    Raquel TooleyMês atrás

    Banger 💀

  13. Melisa Smith

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  14. Isaac Pineda

    Isaac PinedaMês atrás

    What he bang?

  15. Mikey Rosales

    Mikey RosalesMês atrás

    I got guns but I got hands too if I don’t feel like fighting boy ima blast you 🎶 ayyyyyyye straight fire my boy @DEVOUR

  16. Abel Ortiz

    Abel OrtizMês atrás

    Devour is tight

  17. MariaGpe Castro

    MariaGpe CastroMês atrás

    My man

  18. Leila Alvarez

    Leila AlvarezMês atrás

    No lie support n love from a cham girl 💙🤘💯- leila

  19. BbRA Cordingley

    BbRA CordingleyMês atrás

    I'll take it down when yin's hmu

  20. BbRA Cordingley

    BbRA CordingleyMês atrás

    I know it's public but I can't get ahold of y'all any other way

  21. BbRA Cordingley

    BbRA CordingleyMês atrás

    209-233-5528 PrincesaNarcedalia

  22. BbRA Cordingley

    BbRA CordingleyMês atrás

    HMU All y'all fah reals I need some FreshFaces

  23. Lil Tony

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  24. Jerry Cruz

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  25. maribel aguayo

    maribel aguayo2 meses atrás

    Hi devour up

  26. maribel aguayo

    maribel aguayo2 meses atrás

    I am a big fan of your BRreporter videos and you devour up

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    ༒꧁MUSICAS TRAP꧂༒2 meses atrás

    If you are mexican or guatemala guatemala is the best cklick on the like button

  28. Sandro Barrera

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  29. Monica Camacho

    Monica Camacho2 meses atrás

    Devour ain't no murder of course people are going to go based on on the internet he wouldn't throw all his life away and career over a piece of s***

  30. Daddy Gutierrez

    Daddy Gutierrez2 meses atrás

    Slapper bl88d

  31. maribel aguayo

    maribel aguayo2 meses atrás

    Hi devour up

  32. Jojo X3

    Jojo X32 meses atrás

    How tf did this lame ass foo steal Teapers set trip hood song ur a lame ass foo on the crown ese CVLSX3

  33. Crystal Garcia

    Crystal Garcia2 meses atrás

    Devour make a now song

  34. Crystal Garcia

    Crystal Garcia2 meses atrás

    How got you alt of jel

  35. Crystal Garcia

    Crystal Garcia2 meses atrás


  36. GetRek7Kid777

    GetRek7Kid7772 meses atrás


  37. GetRek7Kid777

    GetRek7Kid7772 meses atrás


  38. Tee Jay

    Tee Jay2 meses atrás

    I need this beat

  39. MrHonoredtobe

    MrHonoredtobe2 meses atrás

    Damn they really disappeared this foo off the grid for what he did

  40. Jared Mendez

    Jared Mendez2 meses atrás

  41. Marinez Esquibel

    Marinez Esquibel2 meses atrás

    I like you and I love it songs 😍❤️😘💙

  42. Jesse

    Jesse2 meses atrás Keep it real 💯

  43. Chucky Rodriguez

    Chucky Rodriguez3 meses atrás

    free DEVOUR

  44. Hèçtør

    Hèçtør3 meses atrás

    "If ion feel like fighting imma blast you" that line got me ❕😈

  45. jimmy tenorio

    jimmy tenorio3 meses atrás

    this right here hard asf who else love southern cali music ??!

  46. MrHonoredtobe

    MrHonoredtobe3 meses atrás

    Naw something hella wrong this a horrible set up Google tf

  47. Adam Denesovics

    Adam Denesovics3 meses atrás


  48. kayla rivera

    kayla rivera3 meses atrás

    Best guy out here

  49. Marie Antoine

    Marie Antoine3 meses atrás

    He killed his manager crazy seeing this

  50. Marie Antoine

    Marie Antoine2 meses atrás

    @Vee Nessa I heard no but I don't believe it lol not judging tho

  51. Vee Nessa

    Vee Nessa2 meses atrás

    He really did ??

  52. AK47 BOY13

    AK47 BOY133 meses atrás

    Quit tryna be like King lil G

  53. Neiritaink77 Sanchez

    Neiritaink77 Sanchez3 meses atrás

    Devour Got bars for days! ♨️🎯 #realonesrealize #couldnevertrustasoul #numberoneaboutmeaintfaking 💯🔥

  54. Monica Camacho

    Monica Camacho3 meses atrás

    Devour up baby dumping ur Rolas all day .fuck the rest.

  55. caution Morrison

    caution Morrison3 meses atrás


  56. q isaac

    q isaac3 meses atrás

    devour x fenix x sherm

  57. Richard Legarreta

    Richard Legarreta3 meses atrás

    Were u from devour

  58. Los Angeles The Scandalous

    Los Angeles The Scandalous3 meses atrás

    Glad Mexicans rappers are evolving! that ese shit played out King lil G, Devour, Kurk One the only Mexican rappers I listen to

  59. Erly Abrigo-Arredondo

    Erly Abrigo-Arredondo3 meses atrás

    I'm feeling this

  60. Maria Dias

    Maria Dias3 meses atrás

    Idk how shooting someone make you hard? Takes a real man to fight and take them licks. Proves he shootss when hes scared.


    LUIS CRUZ3 meses atrás

    Thank god they freed devour he my nigga

  62. Maria Mendez

    Maria Mendez3 meses atrás

    I like this video


    MIGUEL BASTIDA4 meses atrás


  64. Private Beckham

    Private Beckham4 meses atrás

    Check Out "On A Mission"