1. CarlosStory

    CarlosStoryMês atrás

    Diamond Steph Curry gameplay in nba 2k20 myteam! He's a GREEN machine and CRAZY game winner... Pack opening with Cury/Ai : brreporter.com/v/video-FaB4e6cvfjM.html Pink Diamond Harden gameplay : brreporter.com/v/video-B9pZN4DyPog.html New No Money Spent : brreporter.com/v/video-B9pZN4DyPog.html

  2. Christian Shepard

    Christian ShepardMês atrás

    For all of you who is trying to guess when that game was it was October 28, 2016 when curry decided to shoot the game winning three with a remainder of 0.6 seconds left from 2/3 of the court

  3. Ignas Pukelevičius

    Ignas PukelevičiusMês atrás

    Uhhh 1.Curry 2.Klay 3.Allen

  4. Ignas Pukelevičius

    Ignas PukelevičiusMês atrás

    Pretty sure 2017 i dont know the exact date but i know it was GSW VS OKC they get a rebound curry is like on the wing 1 or 2 meters off the line pullip over thabo sefolosha or something like dat and he hits and and theres only 0.6 sec left on shot clock after the shot

  5. Captain _Carl30

    Captain _Carl306 dias atrás

    That was from the 0.6 seconds left from OKC hit a half court to win it by three. I know my stuff

  6. Melty Upgrade213

    Melty Upgrade21310 dias atrás

    Steph is the bet shooter of all time and the 3rd best pg of all time with magic and rose

  7. Johan Engvall

    Johan Engvall18 dias atrás

    It was 85% contested

  8. Adam Skeen

    Adam Skeen27 dias atrás

    What was he doing on the free throw

  9. Tyler Pappas

    Tyler PappasMês atrás

    the thunder

  10. Joshua Jackson

    Joshua JacksonMês atrás

    The game was from okc and warriors game when curry made the clutch game winner

  11. Niko

    NikoMês atrás

    i scored 61 points with amethyst curry

  12. Rodolfo Garcia

    Rodolfo GarciaMês atrás

    6:27 😂🤣

  13. Lesu Uluibau

    Lesu UluibauMês atrás

    Warriors vs okc

  14. Harrison Boyd

    Harrison BoydMês atrás

    Warriors vs OKC curry dropped 44 and pulled from logo

  15. Andrew Guerra

    Andrew GuerraMês atrás


  16. Arturo Amezquita

    Arturo AmezquitaMês atrás

    OKC vs Golden State 2017 i think it is, the game is tied 118-118 and curry gets the ball with one timeout left and shoots it from the left side of the halfcourt

  17. Chong Xin Yong

    Chong Xin YongMês atrás

    Thunders game in OT

  18. justin grace

    justin graceMês atrás

    Carlos should i be selling all my cards my friends are telling me this

  19. Julian Ramirez

    Julian RamirezMês atrás

    That game was vs the thunder the game we're he became a awsome Shooter

  20. Flex_ Fortnite

    Flex_ FortniteMês atrás

    6:25 Those must taste good!😂🤣😅

  21. OfficiallyGood

    OfficiallyGoodMês atrás

    OKC Thunder vs Warriors Game (he hit a half court shot to win the game)

  22. Ryder Sibly

    Ryder SiblyMês atrás

    Warriors vs okc in 2016

  23. The2k GOAT

    The2k GOATMês atrás

    Shot's from the game he hit his 12th 3 pointer on Robertson from deep with .6 seconds left. Curry the best shooter.

  24. IsoCat-_-

    IsoCat-_-Mês atrás

    It’s from the okc game when he pulled from the hash mark with 4 seconds left

  25. Noah Goodson

    Noah GoodsonMês atrás

    I pulled diamond Steph and pink diamond a i in one standard ten pack box

  26. Noah Goodson

    Noah GoodsonMês atrás

    Should I sell diamond Steph Curry and get the better diamond Giannis or sell pink diamond Allen iverson for the better diamond Giannis or keep both

  27. Brodie Evans

    Brodie EvansMês atrás

    The commentary from the start was from the warriors thunder 3-1 lead comeback. Game 7 or 6

  28. Jason Alba

    Jason AlbaMês atrás


  29. keyboard warrior

    keyboard warriorMês atrás

    Curry Ray Reggie

  30. Wave YT

    Wave YTMês atrás

    At 5:17 he says curry from bang

  31. Wave YT

    Wave YTMês atrás

    It was from the game when they played against the thunder in 2015 and went to triple overtime and hit a game winner from the hash mark and no I did not copy anyone else

  32. řïp ýœü

    řïp ýœüMês atrás

    Audios from OKC versus Warriors in 2016 with 4/10 of a second left

  33. Ethan Thai

    Ethan ThaiMês atrás

    Warriors vs thunder at okc

  34. Sorax 2.5

    Sorax 2.5Mês atrás

    Klay Thomson

  35. WantSomeSalt

    WantSomeSaltMês atrás


  36. Jasper Flanders

    Jasper FlandersMês atrás

    Larry bird is the best 3 point shooter ever.

  37. Jose Rivera

    Jose RiveraMês atrás

    That happens to me 2

  38. dragon jerry

    dragon jerryMês atrás

    Against OKC pull of from half court with and hits it and leaves.6 seconds on the clock

  39. IP Cyclone

    IP CycloneMês atrás

    Game 7 vs okc

  40. George Tarasidis

    George TarasidisMês atrás

    2K = cheese

  41. George Tarasidis

    George TarasidisMês atrás

    0:06 Warriors vs Thunder comeback Steph Curry 12 threes. This commentary was his last three they were tied 118-118 and curry pulled almost from the logo (stop and pop) and made it with 0.6 seconds remaining (February 26 2016)

  42. Hi I’m a cat

    Hi I’m a catMês atrás

    I stopped shooting uncontested 3s because unless it was green it doesn’t make it.

  43. Jose Rivera

    Jose RiveraMês atrás

    Stephen currrrrry ballin like currrrry

  44. Meee

    MeeeMês atrás

    The commentary is from the 2016 western conference finals against okc, and curry hit a shot from just in front of half court to force ot

  45. Little boy need some Friends

    Little boy need some FriendsMês atrás


  46. Harrison Brooks

    Harrison BrooksMês atrás

    Best shooter .... LeBron

  47. Lilx G.O.A.T

    Lilx G.O.A.TMês atrás

    When you get almost all the warriors players do ALL-TIME-WARRIORS

  48. ryan hedge

    ryan hedgeMês atrás


  49. Mohakm Singh

    Mohakm SinghMês atrás

    We don't talk about that game when curry made that shot against thunder

  50. Veljko Arsić

    Veljko ArsićMês atrás

    Okc vs War game winner from Curry near logo

  51. Nate Coburn

    Nate CoburnMês atrás

    Stephen Curry is the best shooter of the all time and it's not even close

  52. Nate Coburn

    Nate CoburnMês atrás

    Easy the date was February 27th 2016 it was GSW @ OKC Russell missed an easy shot for him and the rebound was taken by iguodala gives it to curry from 35 ft out tied him with the most threes made in a regular season game at that point in time

  53. Brawl cu Andrei

    Brawl cu AndreiMês atrás

    0:06 vs the okc but im not sure

  54. Sammy Caro

    Sammy CaroMês atrás

    It was against the thunder in over time when he pulled from near half court

  55. Young Boodi B

    Young Boodi BMês atrás

    James Harden is the best shooter of all time

  56. Young Boodi B

    Young Boodi BMês atrás

    Anno Younan it’s proven so idgaf

  57. Anno Younan

    Anno YounanMês atrás

    KBK cap

  58. Thomas Cosentino

    Thomas CosentinoMês atrás

    Saturday prime time okc vs warriors

  59. Noel Diaz

    Noel DiazMês atrás

    Most definitely. I lost my 11-0 streak for missing a shot with the diamond trae young wide open full bar slightly early. Lost by 2

  60. Da Town

    Da TownMês atrás


  61. Jill Hill Jill Hill

    Jill Hill Jill HillMês atrás

    The shot that sent KD to the warriors

  62. Benjamin Lilly

    Benjamin LillyMês atrás

    I meet Reggie Miller this week...1 of the greats...

  63. Chris don’t miss P

    Chris don’t miss PMês atrás

    2k = cheese

  64. Ashton Chrosniak

    Ashton ChrosniakMês atrás

    Western conference game against the thunder in 2015

  65. Chris don’t miss P

    Chris don’t miss PMês atrás

    Curry vs thunder from near half court on the side a little

  66. Reign Curiel

    Reign CurielMês atrás

    Playoff game vs the thunder

  67. Derrick Han

    Derrick HanMês atrás

    This is from the game he got named the best shooter in history aka the OKC game which has the score of 121:118