Did I Just Find The Perfect Laptop? (2019)


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox TherapyMês atrás

    Lew Later - brreporter.com/title-lewlater

  2. Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin

    Guilherme Taffarel BergaminMês atrás

    Next video in the autoplay is legit "Is There A New Best Laptop 2019?" from you

  3. Bryan Flores

    Bryan FloresMês atrás

    Unbox Therapy could you sent me a link to this laptop please?

  4. Rupam Kumari

    Rupam KumariMês atrás

    Hi indian viewer you givway any winning prizes

  5. Lo Po

    Lo PoMês atrás

    Sorry i very" need some help to pay my surgery on my head ... It's $600 and I'm sorry again to asking some help in this post 🙏😖

  6. FranticOdd ball

    FranticOdd ballDia atrás

    this laptop made for programmers.

  7. LightSkinIverson

    LightSkinIversonDia atrás

    Just bought this cause I watched it built it on cyber week saved 3k

  8. Zhe Ying Chin

    Zhe Ying Chin3 dias atrás

    You should look at Predator Triton 500

  9. Astrohunter100 *

    Astrohunter100 *5 dias atrás

    You know what you can do with that will?? Will: Games? Scene gets cut

  10. Tim Ivanitskiy

    Tim Ivanitskiy7 dias atrás

    Lew you are not paying attention to keyboards. There is a big lack of full size keyboards on Ultrabooks. The keypad on the left not being there is pretty bad. Especially when you are in accounting or insurance, or surveying on the go number inputs.

  11. Santiago Golding

    Santiago Golding9 dias atrás

    so black Friday is days away, and im having a hard time choosing between this Extreme Gen 2 or X1 Carbon 7th Gen, anyone would like to share their thoughts?(:

  12. Santiago Golding

    Santiago Golding9 dias atrás

    @Rayyan thank you! I've been going back and fourth trying to match the differences and keeping the specs the same to match and ended going with the X1 Carbon (: My old laptop I've been using is an Asus that has lasted me 7 years now, so hopefully this one will last me another 10 years!! haha

  13. Rayyan

    Rayyan9 dias atrás

    depends, if you just wanna do "normal stuff" like writing code compiling code, 1080p editing, photoshop, then carbon cuz its light AF and battery is sexy, if u want a laptop which doesn't make u feel restricted in terms of GPU horsepower then x1 extreme or p1 is the better buy but battery in light use is about 6-7 hrs so think about that too. I would personally buy the p1 or x1 extreme, cause I need GPU for deep learning and game dev so that's the choice for me. The x1 extreme is only 3.6 lb which is less compared to dell XPS which is 4.5 lb + so its light aswell in its league.

  14. manny bernard

    manny bernard12 dias atrás

    Im enjoying the jazz

  15. Mustaqim Mutalid

    Mustaqim Mutalid15 dias atrás

    I was wonder, what laptop that have battery life about 12 hours while using for document and play music?


    SHAEKH ZAHIR16 dias atrás

    Please give me

  17. RawBin kells

    RawBin kells16 dias atrás

    I want this soo bad and i cant afford

  18. txgirl3

    txgirl318 dias atrás

    had to rewind the first minute because of me falling in love with the dude with the dog

  19. Alisha D.

    Alisha D.20 dias atrás

    he didn't even use the damn pen..

  20. tg deen

    tg deen21 dia atrás

    Try apple 16" macbook pro

  21. steven G

    steven G22 dias atrás

    screen is terrible . has a mesh like grain shows up really clearly on the white background. battery last less than 4 hours, extremely loud fan and some coil whine which kicks in even with web browsing and gets hot. biggest finger print magnet ive ever seen and constantly crashing. But yeah the screen kills it for me.

  22. Andrew Lin

    Andrew Lin23 dias atrás

    I don't trust any Chinese made tech.

  23. 8strings

    8strings23 dias atrás

    Could you please compare the OLED and the 500 nits version of this laptop? And which one would you choose for your personal use? Thank you very much for all of the time that you and your team are investing in these videos.

  24. AtomicGiraffe

    AtomicGiraffe23 dias atrás

    lul @ lenovo still using 16:9 screens

  25. Muhammad Hassan Ali

    Muhammad Hassan Ali24 dias atrás

    Best laptop ever

  26. Cheekymonkey

    Cheekymonkey24 dias atrás

    I sure hope y'all DERRH FEASTING ya eyeballs on this here 4k Oled panel...

  27. 888 WERKES

    888 WERKES24 dias atrás

    Does it have a one hand open hinge like the X1 G7? Or do you need to use both hands to open the screen?

  28. 3DFX

    3DFX25 dias atrás

    Its a McFEAST to low & behold! 😄 👍

  29. Stephane Bertrand-Pellisson Orcieres-Merlette

    Stephane Bertrand-Pellisson Orcieres-Merlette26 dias atrás

    Well ok therev s a nice screen and then... ?

  30. tarakdungdes

    tarakdungdes26 dias atrás

    watching on an X1 Extreme Gen 1 ^^

  31. Steve Kong

    Steve Kong28 dias atrás

    Wait, why does the OLED model have 400 nits, but with Dolby Vision 500, the IPS models have 500 nits, but got Dolby Vision 400???

  32. Johann Peña

    Johann Peña29 dias atrás

    Willy du is unbelievable calm.

  33. denvera1g1

    denvera1g129 dias atrás

    Its a shame the active pen is not internally stowed and charged like on the L380 yoga, but i'd happily trade that away for more IO, and a full sized SD slot instead of JUST A freaking micro SD, would be sweet if it was SDXC UHS-ii, because you know, 300MB/s

  34. TheTrueLu

    TheTrueLu29 dias atrás

    Having tried almost all of the window's PC brands (HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, etc.), I've got to say nothing beats a MacBook. IMO, if you are within the Apple ecosystem, don't even consider a windows PC. I regret buying PCs/Laptops that run on Windows, but never once regret getting a Macbook.

  35. GeeDeeBird

    GeeDeeBirdMês atrás

    How many people are watching this on their 4K monitor thinking, "Dang! That looks so much better than my display!" ? ;)

  36. CK

    CKMês atrás

    Did y'all realise how all his thumbnails are him holding a laptop in the same way

  37. MrCody_

    MrCody_Mês atrás

    Had this laptop for about 2-3 months now and love it! Currently on it :)

  38. MrCody_

    MrCody_27 dias atrás

    @Fabrizio Sestito same model I got!

  39. Fabrizio Sestito

    Fabrizio Sestito27 dias atrás

    @MrCody_ thx! bought it with november sales, fhd 500 nit version 32gb 1 tera

  40. MrCody_

    MrCody_28 dias atrás

    @Fabrizio Sestito not that I have seen so far...it's a very durable laptop.

  41. Fabrizio Sestito

    Fabrizio Sestito28 dias atrás

    hey looking to buy the same laptop- does the finish get easily scratched?

  42. Black cat photography

    Black cat photographyMês atrás

    If it uses windows 10 it's then it is not possible

  43. Michael Mallory

    Michael MalloryMês atrás

    I wish I was able to afford any of the laptops - well anything other then Apple laptops, you showcase here. Sadly, I know I can not. I get less than $875 per month because of being on SSI.

  44. Jordan Ebacher

    Jordan EbacherMês atrás

    No ten-key?? I'm out

  45. Vincent Nguyen

    Vincent NguyenMês atrás

    They should name it LEWnovo lol

  46. Donatas Petrauskas

    Donatas PetrauskasMês atrás

    Unfortunately I have sented my Extreme Gen 2 back after 1 week of use, amazing OLED screen but battery life was only 2 hours long and super hot bottom of unit with very noisy fans. Also surface of device scratched in multiple places and were very visible. Totally unhappy with Lenovo.

  47. Jiajian Hou

    Jiajian HouMês atrás

    I still Don’t like how laptop’s logo are printed on the back of the screen. When the laptop is open, of course the logo is right side up when others see the laptop. But the person OWNS the laptop USING the laptop, will NOT see the logo. However, when the OWNER takes out the laptop, while it’s closed, the OWNER sees the logo UPSIDE DOWN!! And that is annoying. The manufacturer will not miss a single chance to advertise their products, instead of doing what’s right: making the logo right side up for the person buying your product.

  48. Whayne Padden

    Whayne PaddenMês atrás

    Thinkpad still using appalling 16:9 aspect ratio. Make it 3:2 or at least 16:10 and I'll buy it tomorrow. 3:2 with 3000 x 2000 OLED would be perfect. No need for 4K at this size.

  49. Lasse G.

    Lasse G.Mês atrás

    Does it come as a yoga model?

  50. Chang Horn Boe

    Chang Horn BoeMês atrás

    dude the keypad design like the 90s