Did Saudi Arabia Hack Jeff Bezos' Phone? | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah


  1. Comedy Central UK

    Comedy Central UKMês atrás

    Where are you guys fleeing to when this virus takes over?

  2. Indigo

    Indigo7 dias atrás

    The underworld obviously

  3. Kashif Malik Awan

    Kashif Malik Awan25 dias atrás

    To the moon! Just waiting for a whatsapp reply from Elon Musk! I can see the blue ticks!

  4. Frans Heuvelmans

    Frans Heuvelmans25 dias atrás


  5. Kashif Malik Awan

    Kashif Malik Awan29 dias atrás

    Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan! The US has been establishing Freedon there for 19 years, so should be safe 👀

  6. S Venter

    S VenterMês atrás

    The Besos virus or Corona?

  7. CFTV Data

    CFTV Data4 dias atrás

    The "no way José" thing was pretty funny, but you seem to be forgetting that Trump literally has no sense of humour

  8. Sahid Mohamed

    Sahid Mohamed12 dias atrás

    Looks like the Chinese drank to much Corona lmao 🤣

  9. Mohammed Alakhdari

    Mohammed Alakhdari15 dias atrás

    Oh Trevor. You are always good for a laugh. Now that the truth is known and we all know that the man lied and his mistress's brother who sold his pictures. Can you bring yourself to appologise to MBS? I guess not. What's so funny about that right? Keep clowning

  10. F M

    F M16 dias atrás

    Hacked him lmao


    MONSTER _G4MER23 dias atrás

    Lie lie lie lie

  12. m-17

    m-1724 dias atrás

    That’s not funny ಠ_ಠ !

  13. Ghafar Te

    Ghafar Te24 dias atrás

    Even a kindergarten student knows that some companies sell untrusted spyware! It is not a news headline that follows a technical framing campaign!

  14. Ghafar Te

    Ghafar Te24 dias atrás

    It is a shame that you have steered the media against Saudi Arabia for almost a year for a statement like this!

  15. Ghafar Te

    Ghafar Te24 dias atrás

    He was not targeted, then? You are saying that his phone was affected by malware that affects everyone?! So, why making a fuss framing the Saudi crown prince for it for over a year?

  16. goldensilverstar

    goldensilverstar27 dias atrás

    How the fuck are zombies the same as a person infected with a virus . A coronavirus doesn't turn you into a zombie

  17. محمد القحطاني

    محمد القحطاني28 dias atrás

    That's not funny

  18. m-17

    m-1724 dias atrás

    محمد القحطاني اتفق

  19. daCOLDness

    daCOLDness28 dias atrás


  20. Mr Unkown

    Mr Unkown29 dias atrás

    The crown prince has nothing to do but to hack other people phones. This is insane how come any one believe this bullshit. Claim from british newspaper WTF !!! The process is repetitive to so many silly topics around the world

  21. Dr F

    Dr F29 dias atrás

    BLEDY crown prince of Saudi MBS killed the journalist Kashogjji......solve that first.....that idiot will do anything and get away with it with the help of Orange POTUS & his assholic family JARED

  22. Adnan Khojah

    Adnan Khojah29 dias atrás

    Blame it on Al-Sauds Got your pants on the lose Blame it on Trump Got you in the dump Blame it on the e e e e e e enquirer Blame it on the e e e e e e enquirer

  23. SonicSpritesMovie

    SonicSpritesMovie29 dias atrás

    كفوو يابو سلمان احنا صرنا اكثر دوله ينابح عليها العاجزين المكسورين بعد امريكا والصين زيد كمخ على اليساريين خرفان ايران والعبد اوباما

  24. Wild Vegan Child

    Wild Vegan Child29 dias atrás

    trump's rollbacks of water protections may benefit real estate agents...initially, however it will ultimately backfire on them when the land and the water surrounding it is destroyed/polluted and no longer suitable for habitation.

  25. Hassanain Bangash

    Hassanain Bangash29 dias atrás

    The Trump roast show with Travor

  26. alhumaidy alenzi

    alhumaidy alenzi29 dias atrás

    The English accent he try to make is not correct,

  27. Steven K

    Steven KMês atrás

    That's what you get, when you are friends with one of the biggest assholes in the world.

  28. hero ksa

    hero ksaMês atrás

    Trump. S part killed me 🤣🤣

  29. Ahmed Almutairi

    Ahmed AlmutairiMês atrás

    The funny thing, I have been in Saudi Arabia for 26 years and Haven’t seen beheadings or stonings. I dont know from where you got this info!

  30. Ahmed Almutairi

    Ahmed Almutairi28 dias atrás

    Simon Nielsen I said I’d not seen it that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist! Same with US and UK, they prefer the electric chair or the bullet in the head style!

  31. Simon Nielsen

    Simon Nielsen28 dias atrás


  32. Sidney Robinson

    Sidney RobinsonMês atrás

    No suprise EVERY killer Virus comes out of China. Little bitch prince jealous of Jeff sad little man.

  33. Javeria Jav

    Javeria JavMês atrás

    😂 Meanwhile the Saudi Prince panicking over who hacked his phone with that link and auto sent the links to his contacts. 😂 Me: That's why I never open the links before knowing and being sure about them. Again me to me: Why am I so careful with literally nothing in my name not even an empty bank account, when these rich people are so careless. 😂

  34. Caŷve M

    Caŷve MMês atrás

    "the stones havent arrived yet" LOOL i was floored !

  35. ayan Nuur

    ayan NuurMês atrás

    All diseases come from China 😩🤦‍♀️

  36. T Chowdhury

    T ChowdhuryMês atrás

    Waiting for hand wash and sanitizer companies to cash in on this virus issue

  37. ray lancaster

    ray lancasterMês atrás

    Biological mugshot :-D

  38. •MY_video丂

    •MY_video丂Mês atrás

    That's the most stupid claim ever there is no one single benefit for Saudi Arabia to hack Jeff's phone Even Facebook confirmed that there's no way to get hacked by exchanging numbers

  39. Goukes

    Goukes27 dias atrás

    Not saying you are wrong, but being a doubter and at the same time taking something Facebook confirms or denies at face value is insanity.

  40. CʀᴀғᴛAᴇʀᴏ

    CʀᴀғᴛAᴇʀᴏMês atrás

    Guess Prince MBS left his bone-saw at home. Had to opt for a less-lethal "hack" this time.

  41. Ditas Duque

    Ditas DuqueMês atrás

    Jared kushner help to hacked Bezo in the agreement with MBS Prince of Saudi and Trump the clown.

  42. Dark Madder

    Dark MadderMês atrás

    But yet Bezos wants an eyeball through every doorbell. Well, "if you aren't doing anything wrong..." right Jeff!?

  43. Big Baba

    Big BabaMês atrás

    Dude this just do stupid why will MBS do that from his phone !!! He can just pay other to do it !

  44. N M

    N MMês atrás

    Trevor, Bezos is not the only tech guy, he is a business guy now. For tech lookup to OpenBSD team, or any of the BSDs and GNU/Linux community.

  45. Ian Patrick

    Ian PatrickMês atrás

    When I hear that Saudis hacked someone, I picture body parts going missing. Can't figure out why!

  46. Ahmed Almutairi

    Ahmed AlmutairiMês atrás

    I’ll tell you why! Because of some western media shows us like that! Ask people who visited Saudi whether it’s that bad!!

  47. Nini Gom

    Nini GomMês atrás

    I can't stand trevor 😭

  48. Hanas

    HanasMês atrás

    Yeahh.. but basic hygiene habits are really helpful to prevent diseases


    ACK_MINDSEYEMês atrás

    Amazon drone strikes coming soon. Free two day delivery with Prime! Why wait? You get Amazon Music included while the world burns! Honestly, drone strikes have never been more convenient or groovy!

  50. abdullah salah

    abdullah salahMês atrás

    Public stoning no noah we dont do that u guys just have a stupid image of saudi arabia for centuries and about the crown prince hacked jeff bezos phone i mean come on have a life please, who hacked jeff phone is his brother in law and took 200 hounderd thousends dolars for publishing it in media becouse of the affer that he was having , i bet you still thinking we riding camels to work, you need to open your eyes american people saudi arabia has been trying to be a good ally for yeara but media trying to wash your brains,we have more than 500 houndred thousends students in the us we love the us , stop this crazy hate open your eyes and stop watching these stupid media , and about china virus you shouldnt lough and joke about it alot of people died

  51. george otieno

    george otienoMês atrás


  52. Fajar Normansyah

    Fajar NormansyahMês atrás

    Please don't downplay the importance of handwashing.

  53. taiwandaze

    taiwandazeMês atrás

    It's bothersome that they're only screening flights from Wuhan. China has known about this for a lot longer than they're letting on, the numbers are underreported, and it's gone waaaaay beyond Wuhan now. Good luck after Lunar New Year. That's when it's going to get really bad. (I really hope I'm wrong about this...) :(

  54. فتاة السعوديه

    فتاة السعوديهMês atrás

    Wow good joke 😂😂😂

  55. DeadSubject

    DeadSubjectMês atrás

    My g said he's the number 1 tech guy in the world 😂

  56. Rocky Lion

    Rocky LionMês atrás

    Who ever the writers are on this show should be stoned to death. These jokes are awful!!! Just awful and not funny at all.

  57. BintAlZahraa91

    BintAlZahraa91Mês atrás

    If only Amazon was that active in the arab world. I hoped we have the actual thing but instead they just took over some other website no one uses anyway called sooq.com.

  58. barcaman101

    barcaman101Mês atrás

    Jeff a simp who deserve to get played. Why a rich fuk getting married let alone to a old hag SMH 😑

  59. AbuAdam

    AbuAdamMês atrás

    Saudi idiot

  60. Anis Rahman

    Anis RahmanMês atrás

    Not impossible for a notorious guy like him

  61. Six Figure

    Six FigureMês atrás

    Jeff bazos is a pussy

  62. Six Figure

    Six FigureMês atrás

    He’s making fun and laugh at people dying . I hate this dude

  63. Morningrays2040@gmail.com

    Morningrays2040@gmail.comMês atrás

    Let's not forget more important than spying on Bezos or the killing of Khashoggi is 911 funded by Saudi's money and carried out by Saudi's, but other nations got attacked, destroyed to be looted.

  64. Current Af

    Current AfMês atrás


  65. Invesigator 2

    Invesigator 2Mês atrás

    Only the Chinese can produce new diseases thanks to their unrestricted diets.

  66. Mag W

    Mag WMês atrás

    no government can do better than Chinese government when they face the deadly and highly infected disease. right now, you guys need to support Chinese government, otherwise, we will see a totally different world.

  67. OBITO Uchiiha

    OBITO UchiihaMês atrás

    Zombie apocalypse emerges Me : aight amma wash 🧼 my hands real quick

  68. Mohamad Amri

    Mohamad AmriMês atrás

    😎💚🤠 jon kindi🧐🇺🇸🙋‍♂️🙍‍♂️ تم إسقاط الأبراج الأمريكية الجميع كان يتوقع أن أمريكا تم ضربها فى العمق الجميع كان مستغرب أين الاستخبارات الأمريكية الجميع تم الضحك عليهم نعم الاستخبارات الأمريكية هيه من اسقطة الأبراج هيه من قتلت الرائيس الأمريكي جون كندي من أجل ذلك نعم الاستخبارات الأمريكية هيه من اخترقة الجوال مثل قصة العراق الذي بعد قتل الملايين من أبناء الشعب العراقي تم الإعلان أن أمريكا فعلت الكذبة بكل وقاحة

  69. DW.Harry

    DW.HarryMês atrás

    they wear face masks for nothing then lol

  70. LA

    LAMês atrás

    I'm Saudi Arabian and I was laughing along until 3:52 and also 2:52 sooo stereotypical as expected from Americans.

  71. Wejdan Consicence

    Wejdan Consicence27 dias atrás

    Exactly -_-"