Did The Golden State Warriors & Lakers GET EXPOSED By Pelicans & Rockets?!?!


  1. JethroBodine33

    JethroBodine335 meses atrás

    Send them out to Albuquerque that haul be a great start to a franchise we would take that here in Albuquerque


    DJ THE SHOOTER5 meses atrás

    The Warriors are defending back to back champions. So no, they didn't get exposed. What Houston did will not happen again this season. What did they do? PJ Tucker, Kenneth Faried and Nene Hilario scored 46 points, shot 54% from the field and 42% from 3. In PJ Tuckers previous 5 games he averaged 3 points per game. He averages 7.7 ppg for the season. So against GS, he more than doubled his average. Nene averages 4 points per game He doubled his season average too. Kenneth Faried, who is a wonderful pick up for Houston, also exceeded his season average. Their production coupled with the Warriors slow start is why Houston won. Conversely, these three guys didn't play so well when the lost to the Lakers squandering a 19 point lead. The NBA is made up of players who were typically the best on their teams from elementary school through college. So any day in any game, they're capable of scoring and playing great. That's why no team goes 82-0 because people are human. Some days you have it, some days you don't. The great teams and players usually have it more often than not.

  3. Plata o Plomo

    Plata o Plomo5 meses atrás

    i dont think lakers will make it to the playoffs

  4. AnthonyKingJames

    AnthonyKingJames5 meses atrás

    It was a great win for Houston. They proved that they can still compete with the BEST team in the NBA without their best player (who is one of the best in the league). Despite Milwaukee and Toronto having a better record, GS is the best team in the NBA right now

  5. Iso Joe

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    Y'all gotta like the vids man rb deserves it

  6. Anthony Turner

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    4 sho

  7. Ben G

    Ben G5 meses atrás

    Not sure how I exactly found this show but I'm happy I did. Rockets aren't better without Harden. Rockets played a great game Saturday night but they can't beat the warriors 4 out of 7 times without him. It's interesting knowing they beat them with both in the lineup and with each one missing the game.. Rockets just match up well with the dubs. Thanks for a great show!!

  8. RL Greenleaf

    RL Greenleaf5 meses atrás

    Faried huge pick up! Facts💯

  9. RL Greenleaf

    RL Greenleaf5 meses atrás

    Yes Sir!!!

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    RAM MAHARI5 meses atrás

    What's going on

  12. grimreeper

    grimreeper5 meses atrás

    CP3 always was a great pg. High IQ and can dictate the pace of the game. Knows who's in foul trouble and go after them like a player should...

  13. Day Dooms

    Day Dooms5 meses atrás

    Sorry RB! I'm usually here watching your live stream and calls but last night I was out with friends comforting our friend who just lost her son due to cancer. Never missed your vids and one day you will be up there. Thanks for speaking facts!

  14. Brush Religiously Using Steady Hands

    Brush Religiously Using Steady Hands5 meses atrás

    Day Dooms my condolences to you and the immediate friends that is affected from his passing.

  15. TyHybrid

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    Monarch merch! We all should invest looks like a fitted well made hoodie.

  16. Nolan Grenville

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    What time u going live tonight 592

  17. Nathan Lightfoot

    Nathan Lightfoot5 meses atrás

    Rockets run deep now.

  18. O2Hyii

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    Side question "is it illegal to throw an alley to a player that has jumped towards the basket before the ball is in the air"?

  19. Ms. Perfectly Imperfect

    Ms. Perfectly Imperfect5 meses atrás

    I couldn't watch the live stream after the game. De'aaron Fox was right when he said, any team can be beaten. The Warriors are a different beast during the Playoffs, but the road to the Finals aren't going to be so smooth this season.

  20. 20trillion

    20trillion5 meses atrás

    I been in the comments before the season started saying the rockets going to the finals

  21. Iso Joe

    Iso Joe5 meses atrás

    Good for u buddy I been a fan since harden joined

  22. corey goree

    corey goree5 meses atrás

    214... Dallas Tx

  23. corey goree

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    Yeah steph curry is really a shooting guard at avg 25 plus per game

  24. corey goree

    corey goree5 meses atrás

    Str8 grinding..... I love it BLACK MAN....make tht ish happen dawg Yep i can hear ya

  25. corey goree

    corey goree5 meses atrás

    Damn you up early bid dawg

  26. Nico The Bay Clout Champion

    Nico The Bay Clout Champion5 meses atrás

    Ray Charles can see the Lakers have no defensive back bones 🍖. You can’t get caught up if you don’t wanna work harder than what put you behind in the first place.

  27. Jaimecasas1

    Jaimecasas15 meses atrás

    That James sounded like he had a chemistry issue. Lol

  28. Durden and Aria's World

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  29. Shamario Patterson

    Shamario Patterson5 meses atrás

    Chris Paul is a beast Houston is better without Harden. I dont care what anyone says!!!!

  30. Shamario Patterson

    Shamario Patterson5 meses atrás

    Manimal is a Beast!!!!!!

  31. Gregory Williams

    Gregory Williams5 meses atrás

    I agree the biggest mistake the Lakers made is not developing their young players

  32. Randall Dickinson

    Randall Dickinson5 meses atrás

    Which players are u talking about?

  33. Gregory Williams

    Gregory Williams5 meses atrás

    The question is, Is LBJ the best player? I say no, let’s be honest when you watch KG or Giannis, do you think he is the best player

  34. Angeluz Mayhem

    Angeluz Mayhem5 meses atrás

    RB > ESPN

  35. B skrillz

    B skrillz5 meses atrás

    oh yeah Brad Stevens got outcoached by Sergeant Carter in Chicago last night I don't know what's up with the Celtics but they need to get it together but they'll be all right though. Zach LaVine showed out last night 42 points

  36. Black Order

    Black Order5 meses atrás

    Im pissed to the max, I been waiting to speak on the Pelicans!!!! I was at the parade after I left the Pels vs Lakers game!!!!

  37. mike bryant

    mike bryant5 meses atrás

    Did the warriors get exposed, I honestly dont know. But think about this the rockets have beat golden state 4 times in a row(Regular season). To the people who said james harden got exposed, was he exposed when he lead that big OT against golden state earlier this year? People change up base off of narratives

  38. grimreeper

    grimreeper5 meses atrás

    @mike bryant true but it's shown through history that in order to get that chip teams had at least 2 all stars on them

  39. mike bryant

    mike bryant5 meses atrás

    @grimreeper pistons wasn't a proven team that the rockets are. two completely different circumstances. The rockets had a series lead on golden state, Lost in the end of course but you can tell they figured something out.

  40. grimreeper

    grimreeper5 meses atrás

    Not really because Detroit had beat the Cavs a couple of years ago in the regular season. When the playoffs started the Cavs swept them...

  41. B skrillz

    B skrillz5 meses atrás

    I'm rolling with the Houston Rockets I guarantee next year we will not be seeing Luke Walton as a Lakers coach

  42. Christine Edwards

    Christine Edwards5 meses atrás

    I wish I could of been able to call in, unfortunately I work heavy.. next time RB.

  43. Micah Hill

    Micah Hill5 meses atrás

    James Harden was exposed Tucker Killing Durant with the defense and shooting the lights out Chris Paul passing that ball to the open man and making the clutch plays the whole team just looks a lot more comfortable out there

  44. Micah Hill

    Micah Hill5 meses atrás

    Bernard Akwar me too me too

  45. It’s Day

    It’s Day5 meses atrás

    Micah Hill with proper shot selection harden can be 50/40/90 and the rockets will be unstoppable, I hope James hardhead figures it out

  46. jonz23m

    jonz23m5 meses atrás

    The new 14sec rule will still be affect in the playoffs, so the lane will still be a red carpet for Giannis.

  47. Terry Wilson

    Terry Wilson5 meses atrás

    I like to start off by saying wow!! You've showed amazing growth that isnt forced on us subs. and viewers. The live feed is dope king..lakers are tripping! Straight up..im a laker fan through and through, but the lakers hurt the hearts of the young guys...period. Great show and way to listen to callers. R&B!!!!!!

  48. N.M Wilkinson aka DJ HaiL-Nazareth

    N.M Wilkinson aka DJ HaiL-Nazareth5 meses atrás

    RB, I mean, the NBA Guru , good stuff holla @ your girl. Flatbush USA.

  49. john williams

    john williams5 meses atrás

    What about celtics?

  50. Kazeshi

    Kazeshi5 meses atrás

    When are we going to get our "Javale vs MJ" for the GOAT discussion live stream? That's what your fans are actually looking for.

  51. RBTheBreakThrough

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  52. Cindy Atho

    Cindy Atho5 meses atrás

    Hey fam nice new profile pic. Keep it up!

  53. Sabir Hersi

    Sabir Hersi5 meses atrás

    Fire vid keep it up

  54. Stan Jeezy

    Stan Jeezy5 meses atrás

    Rockets in a 7 game series put fear in the warriors..chris Paul is a POINT GOD

  55. dave benz

    dave benz5 meses atrás

    Lakers yes ... Warriors ? Come on are u kidding me ... Look at my face ... Grrr

  56. I Like Sports

    I Like Sports5 meses atrás

    1:56:48. Respect your opinion but Kyrie is playing his best brand of basketball this year. He is showing that he is more than just a scorer which is what People where saying

  57. john williams

    john williams5 meses atrás

    Yea and they lost to bulls...lol

  58. Moe Mohamed

    Moe Mohamed5 meses atrás

    When kobe, Mj Duncan were the best in da world, they were locked in 82 games, didn't have to announce it like a freaking Anime character.. BTW I'm a die hard laker fan

  59. XYZTommas1 yeah

    XYZTommas1 yeah5 meses atrás

    Hey rb , great vid. Keep up the good work bro.

  60. jujurawks

    jujurawks5 meses atrás

    Scott Foster rigged the 2016 NBA Finals in Game 6. Look at the last 3 calls on Curry.

  61. jdp 90five

    jdp 90five6 meses atrás

    Warriors needed those Scott foster calls hahah

  62. alaskanasassin1

    alaskanasassin16 meses atrás

    Robert Kraft only getting a slap on the wrist.

  63. MidWest Ent.

    MidWest Ent.6 meses atrás

    Who beating the warriors in a 7 games series tho 🤔

  64. Tye Harris

    Tye Harris5 meses atrás

    Nav Mittal only time will tell rockets are fifth right now so they won’t play them unless they make it to the western conference finals I just think the warriors have a few distractions as you said but if they can get that together I dont see them losing

  65. Nav Mittal

    Nav Mittal5 meses atrás

    @Tye Harris I have to agree that playoffs...they are different. However, given the history between the two clubs and the personnel including D'Antoni, strategy in playoff scenario could easily work for Rockets. They got kryptonite and it's designed to destroy the Warriors...is all I'm saying. I know it's not going to be easy for the Houston club, but it will come down to a desire to win, and not saying the Warriors don't have it, but they have quenched that thirst to some degree. Contract problems on the horizon...I'm not so sure they are going to lock in this time around as well as years past. Let it be seen in a just a short couple months now. Respect.

  66. Drizze Johnson

    Drizze Johnson5 meses atrás

    Are you serious??? The Rockets would’ve won last playoffs if CP3 didn’t get hurt. Rockets beat GS 3 times out of 3 this season. Once without CP3 & once without Harden

  67. Tye Harris

    Tye Harris5 meses atrás

    Nav Mittal I don’t see them beating them in a playoff series tho the playoffs just different think about it okc hasn’t beat the kings who more then likely won’t make the playoffs

  68. nellymacc91

    nellymacc916 meses atrás

    I think that warriors loss is overblown. They’re coasting

  69. nellymacc91

    nellymacc915 meses atrás

    Nav Mittal true but I think y’all all overblowing it because it’s plenty teams that lost yesterday that should have won. I get that y’all want the season to be exciting and have mystery but let’s not act like this warriors team doesn’t get up when playoff time comes

  70. nellymacc91

    nellymacc915 meses atrás

    voodoochild346 yea okay bruh....

  71. voodoochild346

    voodoochild3465 meses atrás

    The Warriors aren't "coasting" against Houston. That's THE team for them to beat and they are getting worked plain and simple. The Rockets destroy every lineup they put out there including the Hamptons 5.

  72. Nav Mittal

    Nav Mittal5 meses atrás

    Well...if they are coasting...they are gonna get passed easily this year. Coasting now is a recipe to lose. They need to speed up. Utah, Houston, or even the Nuggets could get a piece of the Warriors this year depending on how the cards fall.

  73. Tevin 901

    Tevin 9016 meses atrás

    What up rb. Love you Bro