Dimash Kudaibergen - SOS d'un terrien en détresse


  1. Monica Olmos Ortiz

    Monica Olmos OrtizHora atrás

    Jamás podré escapar del hechizo de escucharlo!!!

  2. WiseGoat

    WiseGoat2 horas atrás

    A lot of people in the comments are like “omg hes so gifted” Like yeah his voice is a gift but he also trained it every single fucking day since he was able to speak and thats how he got to this level so if your over two and is thinking “oh i will start singing and maybe ill soon be able to do this” then think again

  3. Матлуба Айтимова

    Матлуба Айтимова4 horas atrás

    День 100 раз слушаю ещё больше хочется слушать

  4. Alessandra Quevedo

    Alessandra Quevedo4 horas atrás

    Cáde os Brasileiros????😘

  5. Матлуба Айтимова

    Матлуба Айтимова4 horas atrás

    I LOVE DIMASH 😘😘😍😍

  6. Elise Elise

    Elise Elise7 horas atrás

    this is why our world is beautiful

  7. Boby Music

    Boby Music7 horas atrás

    I swear i cried😥

  8. Chi Ro

    Chi Ro8 horas atrás

    2:33 and 3:53 *me watching this and trying to pretend i am singing with this voice*

  9. Michel Martin

    Michel Martin9 horas atrás

    He is absolutely magnificent inside and out and most of all vocally which sums it all.

  10. Nathy D

    Nathy D18 horas atrás

    0:59-1:14 this part is life Actually all the song it is

  11. Just want the Best voice

    Just want the Best voice10 horas atrás

    Nathy D This programme in China called ‘singer’ is a singing competition among established professionals Chinese Singers but they also invite Singers from other countries to compete. Each season (so far 7 Seasons) 14 episodes, each episode about 7-8 songs. Hence there are about 700 performances to date, u can choose any performance randomly from any contestant and I can assure u it will live.

  12. Keith Purdue

    Keith Purdue20 horas atrás

    I used to think he was from another universe. But now i realize he created it.

  13. Jahrem Valdes

    Jahrem ValdesDia atrás

    Ohh my god what an amazing talent, thank you Dimash for sharing your sharing your talent with the world!!!

  14. Romain Castella

    Romain CastellaDia atrás

    Bravo c'est très bien chanté !! Et de plus il n'est pas francophone de base, ce qui rend la performance encore plus impressionnant. Félicitations de Suisse 🇨🇭🇨🇭

  15. Danielle Albuquerque

    Danielle AlbuquerqueDia atrás

    Ele é um ET

  16. Orion Harmon

    Orion HarmonDia atrás

    Wow I'm impressed to see him sing like this, he sounds so amazing, he's singing in opera and he's probably singing like a spiritual person so bravo.👏👏👏👏

  17. Johny Leites

    Johny LeitesDia atrás

    A mas de dos mil personas no les gusta, creo que seran sordos

  18. Sergio G

    Sergio GDia atrás

    3:01 that face represents me!

  19. Tilda G.

    Tilda G.Dia atrás

    I can’t believe I’m now discovering him and he’s only 25 years

  20. Just want the Best voice

    Just want the Best voice10 horas atrás

    Tilda G. He was 22 in this video

  21. สุรพงษ์ อยู่คง

    สุรพงษ์ อยู่คงDia atrás


  22. diki wahyudi

    diki wahyudiDia atrás

    Lyodra ayo nyanyi iniiiii

  23. Eileen Chambers

    Eileen ChambersDia atrás

    I have watched this mmmmm maybe 1 billion times. He is crying material. Unbelievable, I didn't understand a word, but who cares, this song is mine , and everytime I hear someone say, omg just heard the best singer In the world, I will tell whoever to watch this on my phone. Yep I have it recorded on my phone. This guy is definitely the best singer in the world, and if you disagree, piss off

  24. Bill Son

    Bill SonDia atrás

    For people who goes into other auditions videos and comment how Dimash's performance is so much better compared to them, Dimash's french was pretty terrible. Other than the voice that was very good, he destroyed the song lyricwise.

  25. William AKA Billie Eilish

    William AKA Billie Eilish2 horas atrás

    @Feel like laughing You are drawing conclusions from your preconceived notions of what you think is happening with your favoured Artist-there will always be trolls just to trigger people like you-DONT let them control you thats what they want much like the Marxists/Socialists.Its a very small minority of people that will say nasty things about Lemarchal or Balavoine and its usually an attack because of their own biases.

  26. Feel like laughing

    Feel like laughing6 horas atrás

    @William AKA Billie Eilish whats called being human? And I dont generalize. It wasnt the only comment that was mean but it was the most unhuman and it stuck with me. I dont waste my time on comments like: Dimash is the best singer ever, Dimash is God, This guy can't get close to Dimash etc. That's the matter of taste and its stupid geting into that. I am talking about being stupid, evil and humiliating others (dead people included).

  27. William AKA Billie Eilish

    William AKA Billie Eilish7 horas atrás

    @Feel like laughing Dont use the exceptions to make the rule-that is a leftist tactic in politics.View each individual as a separate opinion and deal with each on a separate basis not as a collective.

  28. William AKA Billie Eilish

    William AKA Billie Eilish8 horas atrás

    @Adeline koh I didnt like the cuban guy since he was having issues with the high voice and was forcing too much but I didnt comment negative on his video.The only times I will comment is if they have a history of bad comments or if they are cheating to gain money like Piet Arion begging for money on his channel.

  29. William AKA Billie Eilish

    William AKA Billie Eilish8 horas atrás

    @Feel like laughing Its called being human theBTS stans are far worse if you disrespect BTS thats what Marxism failed to realize the inherent flaw of human nature in so-called"fairness"

  30. Jeongho Koh

    Jeongho KohDia atrás

    I would say success if I become even as half as good at Dimash.

  31. mr777

    mr7772 dias atrás

    He has such a huge vocal range that he could sing in circus

  32. lola franco

    lola franco2 dias atrás


  33. Snow White

    Snow White2 dias atrás

    I imagine this is how angels sing in heaven, and hopefully we will all get to sing like that too... but meanwhile on earth, I at least have found Dimash today and I think I won't ever stop listening to him now.

  34. jojo live happy

    jojo live happy2 dias atrás

    how the hell canhe hit the high notes effortlessly ? Just how,he just havin fun with controling his voice 💔 i wish that he's more known than now any way his voice is perfevt at every time,especially when he'singing with his operatic voice

  35. marysia

    marysia2 dias atrás

    i found this man like yesterday and i can't help falling for him

  36. Adeline koh

    Adeline kohDia atrás

    @marysia Dimash fans are mostly very supportive. Would like to recommend you to check out his Arnau concert video, 45k fans from more than 64 countries flew from different parts of the world to watch him live. Hope you enjoy the show brreporter.com/v/video-hKk3QPxzQCE.html

  37. marysia

    marysiaDia atrás

    i am so in love how supportive his fans are

  38. JasminGardenia

    JasminGardeniaDia atrás

    I found this man 2 years ago.and I still can't help falling (even more) for him

  39. Adeline koh

    Adeline koh2 dias atrás

    Dimash has got many other great songs, you may check them out. Meanwhile you may be intersted to learn more about him. Below video has good info about Dimash brreporter.com/v/video-68cD_ZXS3aY.html

  40. Vacilon Memes PR

    Vacilon Memes PR2 dias atrás

    Yo no lo entiendo un carajo pero aún así tiene una voz fuera de este planeta y me saco las lágrimas.. Que increible

  41. guich guichmere

    guich guichmere2 dias atrás

    Sa voix est certes magnifique mais je n'ai tout du long de la chanson, jamais ressenti d'émotions (peut-être parce-qu'il a massacré la langue). Je préfère donc la prestation de Balavoine et encore plus celle de Lemarchal qui donne un réel sens au parole.

  42. Mr.Carmel King

    Mr.Carmel King2 dias atrás

    You came for 3:47

  43. ryan cabalsi

    ryan cabalsi2 dias atrás

    my lungs collapsed while watching this video

  44. Anastasia

    Anastasia2 dias atrás

    я просто в шоке от его ангельского голоса, словно ничего подобного в жизни не слышала! буквально вчера увидела в рекомендациях, жаль прежде не знала о нём. теперь не могу перестать пересматривать это видео, искать его выступления, смотреть реакции других людей.

  45. JD vlogs

    JD vlogs2 dias atrás

    Effortless, amazing!!

  46. Sonia Padilha

    Sonia Padilha2 dias atrás

    Aquele arrepio na alma😍

  47. Henri Varfroy

    Henri Varfroy2 dias atrás

    Mes oreilles saignent.😂

  48. jorge acosta

    jorge acosta2 dias atrás

    The secret to his voice... vocal zone! www.vocalzone.com

  49. William AKA Billie Eilish

    William AKA Billie Eilish7 horas atrás


  50. Flibuste Glande

    Flibuste Glande3 dias atrás

    Music : 10/10 French : 0/10

  51. William AKA Billie Eilish

    William AKA Billie Eilish7 horas atrás

    @Adeline koh I have noticed the stereotype of the French being TOO sensitive when it comes to their language is so true on average.😆

  52. William AKA Billie Eilish

    William AKA Billie Eilish7 horas atrás

    have you listened to 2019 performances?or just want to be a hater and loser in life?

  53. Кунанбай

    Кунанбай3 dias atrás

    Who cares

  54. Adeline koh

    Adeline koh3 dias atrás

    Its ok, music is universal and does not need any language, especially when it comes to good music and good vocal😊

  55. Yulitza Vargas

    Yulitza Vargas3 dias atrás

    Siempre paso a escuchar a mi novio 🤵

  56. Reinel Alvarez

    Reinel Alvarez3 dias atrás

    Watch Cuban Sion version , impressive too

  57. Кунанбай

    Кунанбай3 dias atrás

    Quality of his singing is not good