Disney Channel Famous Girls Stars Real Name and Age 2019


  1. Platinium

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  3. Kendra Certain

    Kendra Certain25 dias atrás

    You are just being mean 😡😠

  4. Kendra Certain

    Kendra Certain25 dias atrás

    My God I don't even know what to say they look so different 😮

  5. Flang 2014

    Flang 20148 horas atrás

    Francesca???!!!?? Omg she is so pretty for fourteen

  6. itzsnowygames xoxo

    itzsnowygames xoxo11 horas atrás

    Wha- Hannah Montana was Miley Cyrus!?🤯🤯🤯😱

  7. Judith Chang

    Judith ChangDia atrás

    Stuart is a girl WOW

  8. Hailah Muhsen

    Hailah MuhsenDia atrás

    Most of the teenage characters either look smaller and or older

  9. Tyler Ryan

    Tyler Ryan2 dias atrás

    Zoey your so cute

  10. Tyler Ryan

    Tyler Ryan2 dias atrás

    Bex you look good

  11. Tyler Ryan

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    The girls are so cute

  12. Tyler Ryan

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    I Love you girls

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    damn 5 years felt like nothing bruh

  15. fluffy cupcakes

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    You forgot "Jay" and sadly "Carlos"

  16. Le Epic Potato

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    "I, Giorno Giovanna, is a girl and now wears green."

  17. Lauren Porter

    Lauren Porter3 dias atrás

    No way Destiny is 14??!!!! Hfwgsvjsvs!!!!

  18. Caleb Hester

    Caleb Hester4 dias atrás

    Caleb 😎🤑🤜😀😋😜

  19. Fatima olaguez

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    You guys did not do school of rock

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    *Tries to translate* America is gay

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    No to breeding.

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    No creo que tengan esa edad

  23. Gloria Deleon

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    2:46 capaldi 8s she Lewis capaldi daughter

  24. emily stevenson

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    bruh bex had a glow down bruh

  25. Eduardo Burghos

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    excelente video

  26. DefeatingGolem

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    Tess is literally 14

  27. Landon Moreira-Rendon

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    0:52 there is no dam way Destiny is 14 She looks like a damn 8 year old

  28. Peyton Lee

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    1:35 she literally has my name 😂 first and last name spelled the same

  29. Fate_Spadez

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    The taylor girl is not 38 dumbass

  30. jordan is cringey

    jordan is cringey5 dias atrás

    I didnt do it is one of those shows that you forget about but as soon as it comes on you get punched in the face by nostalgia

  31. Cinthya Avelar

    Cinthya Avelar5 dias atrás

    Wait a minute Stuart is a GIRL!!!!!

  32. Cinthya Avelar

    Cinthya Avelar5 dias atrás

    Zoey looks cute

  33. jordan is cringey

    jordan is cringey5 dias atrás

    The years these came out being on the bottom and how different they look just makes me feel old

  34. Zombxc : /

    Zombxc : /5 dias atrás

    Who else started guessing there ages😂

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    Who loves Disney Channel

  36. Mariah Schoaf

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    Stuart looked like a girl

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    Is Josie totah transgender

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  39. Z’yion Grear

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    Ravens home haven’t even came out on 2016

  40. Fifi BWoSs

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    Why riley looks so 🤨 she was so pretty

  41. Mia Mccliment

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    Charlie from good luck Charlie is named Mia and my name is Mia and she’s ten and I am ten weird

  42. Luca Cirianni

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    what gang is Daphne apart of 🤣 5:35

  43. Darcy fofa Vite

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    Dove camaron is blonde