Disneyland Secrets Scavenger Hunt!!!


  1. Elena Singer

    Elena Singer5 horas atrás

    Great hat Bobby! Repping the dodgers

  2. Nathan Krough

    Nathan Krough6 horas atrás

    Did anyone else notice he wrote darth daver instead of darth vader

  3. Ella Archer

    Ella ArcherDia atrás

    Even though he didn’t win, Bobby looked like he had the most fun tbh.

  4. Chicken Army

    Chicken ArmyDia atrás

    So while your there can you get me about 1000000000000 churros

  5. Emma Anderson

    Emma AndersonDia atrás

    It’s adorable how Bryan was so embarrassed to say his score 🤣😭

  6. maanix smith

    maanix smith3 dias atrás

    The buzz light year broke down when I was down

  7. ThanosJordanos

    ThanosJordanos3 dias atrás

    do another challenge vid at disney land

  8. Mads K-H

    Mads K-H3 dias atrás

    This video reminds me of Washington almost every day, Pouring Down Rain

  9. Zahira Vlogs

    Zahira Vlogs3 dias atrás

    Me:My little sister wants me to watch this.. 3 minutes later:I hate this Also me:*Watches till end

  10. Gamer Trey 101

    Gamer Trey 1013 dias atrás

    This is my favorite video 👍this comment if you with me

  11. James Wal2008

    James Wal20084 dias atrás

    are they at paris???

  12. Jill Landis

    Jill Landis4 dias atrás

    OMG I live in esthamton and it is thunderstorm ⛈ out

  13. Makeout Hill

    Makeout Hill4 dias atrás

    Lol do more stuff like this

  14. Pugpocalypse 505

    Pugpocalypse 5054 dias atrás

    I liked this just because Bobby said you kids better like this video

  15. Chocotube

    Chocotube4 dias atrás

    18:02 Darth Daver😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. CutePandaXD333

    CutePandaXD3334 dias atrás

    Darth Daver

  17. Brittany Lang

    Brittany Lang5 dias atrás

    I think the next video. You guys should go to universal Hollywood. That would be coool.

  18. Atlas_

    Atlas_5 dias atrás

    12:26 bro I was playing panini while he was dancing Panini by lil nas x I really recommend it

  19. xX Gacha_Galaxy Xx

    xX Gacha_Galaxy Xx5 dias atrás

    Family and I were planning to go to Disneyland but then my mom got sick. Worst part is that we were gonna be there at the time of this video.

  20. Muffin Mandatory

    Muffin Mandatory5 dias atrás

    You should do one in universal

  21. GrizzlyGamingHD

    GrizzlyGamingHD6 dias atrás

    16:05 I LOVE darth daver

  22. Exclusive HQ

    Exclusive HQ6 dias atrás

    16:04 - “meet Darth Daver”

  23. Julia Gee

    Julia Gee6 dias atrás

    My co worker met Joey at red rose tavern and I’m so jelious right now 😭

  24. matthew mondragon

    matthew mondragon6 dias atrás

    I feel like Whitney should be in more videos

  25. Keira Imamovic

    Keira Imamovic6 dias atrás

    One of my favourite moments was when Bobby gave the toy to that kid.It’s nice to see that some people still have a heart cause honestly i wouldn’t have given that toy to anyone.😘😁

  26. Yoshira S L

    Yoshira S L6 dias atrás

    O went the next day it rained a lot

  27. Quang Banh

    Quang Banh6 dias atrás

    Team J-FRED also

  28. Roaring Relic

    Roaring Relic6 dias atrás

    darth daver?

  29. ultra prime

    ultra prime6 dias atrás

    On the cover of the vidio the map j Fred is holding is the fortnite map

  30. Kolin no last name

    Kolin no last name6 dias atrás

    Dual Weird Blasters (bad spelling) 9:14

  31. Quang Banh

    Quang Banh7 dias atrás

    Team BOBBY

  32. Core

    Core7 dias atrás

    16:05 Darth Daver



    Bobby is my favorite

  34. Robin Lee

    Robin Lee7 dias atrás

    LOL I’ve bin on I'ts a small world And I sang it

  35. VioletChan The Hybrid

    VioletChan The Hybrid8 dias atrás

    Wish i could have gone to disney land and meet tean edge BUT I COULDN'T

  36. Juliette Gregath

    Juliette Gregath8 dias atrás

    Bobby: we are going to see VaDeR Vader: ***comes in walking like a teenager boy Bobby: oh hi! 😬

  37. Gabriel Monserrate

    Gabriel Monserrate8 dias atrás

    16:03 I’m meeting Vader walks into Vader oh hi I’m dying 😂😂😂🤣😂

  38. Fire Speedy

    Fire Speedy8 dias atrás

    Do they live In Florida

  39. AnnaMarie

    AnnaMarie8 dias atrás

    im from texas to

  40. AnnaMarie

    AnnaMarie8 dias atrás

    i am going to disneyworld in august 12 through 19

  41. Jason Griffin

    Jason Griffin9 dias atrás

    16:05 did anybody notice it said Daver not Vader

  42. Fernando Gaming

    Fernando Gaming9 dias atrás

    Joey looks dope with that backpack.

  43. cardverse

    cardverse9 dias atrás

    I love churrers

  44. myka sharp

    myka sharp9 dias atrás

    wtf i was there the same day and i never saw you guys :((

  45. 1jmaster

    1jmaster9 dias atrás

    come to Disney world next time if there is a next time

  46. puppy chow rabbits

    puppy chow rabbits9 dias atrás

    I dare ya'll to do in a pool with snakes >:3

  47. Cookie_Girl64

    Cookie_Girl649 dias atrás

    Death Vader be like...... *Hi how are ya!?*

  48. Rae Flores

    Rae Flores10 dias atrás

    I absolutely love Bryan 😭

  49. taylor derosette

    taylor derosette10 dias atrás

    i went to disney world for my first time with a friend o nthe fourth of july it was so much fun and i love you guys so much 💖💖💖❤❤💕

  50. Gaming And Friends Bulldog Lover

    Gaming And Friends Bulldog Lover10 dias atrás

    17:30 Me when I realised J-Fred won YESSSS!!! My fav is J-Fred BTW so that's why