Disneyland Secrets Scavenger Hunt!!!


  1. Gacha Gaming :D

    Gacha Gaming :D11 horas atrás

    When i went to disney land i went all to the rides that you all went

  2. Puz _Zle

    Puz _Zle2 dias atrás

    6:01 I'm also from Texas!! And I hardly see rain and I love rain so this video makes me happy

  3. Chris Bratten

    Chris Bratten2 dias atrás

    Cool j Fred good gay you mt wins 🎧🎧 🎧 🦂🦂 🦂 🎃🎃 🎃 🌩🌩 🌩⭐⭐ ⭐ 🦄🦄 🦄 🕰🕰🕰🔥🔥🔥

  4. Connstar13

    Connstar132 dias atrás

    It said “Meet darth daver” 😂

  5. Charles Fisher

    Charles Fisher3 dias atrás

    They should do this again.

  6. Nuggitz

    Nuggitz4 dias atrás

    Joey won by basically eating

  7. Neko Chan

    Neko Chan5 dias atrás

    Strategies: Joey: going big to score bigger points. Difficult but worthy (I say he's the smartest one in racking up points) Bobby: doing small challenges. Slowly but surely increasing points. Bryan: WHO CARES IMMA EAT THIS CHURRO NOMMMM + selfies


    CHAOSDC MEMBER Eduarte6 dias atrás

    is that jaket is glow in the dark

  9. JustGamingForLife

    JustGamingForLife7 dias atrás

    Even though this was a while ago before this video came out, I could have sworn I saw Amanda and Bryan’s wife (sorry I suck at spelling)

  10. Mackenzie Barnes

    Mackenzie Barnes8 dias atrás

    Can we get more hunts plz

  11. Abegail Blake

    Abegail Blake10 dias atrás

    At 12:27 VSCO boy

  12. Abegail Blake

    Abegail Blake10 dias atrás

    At 2:27 VSCO boy

  13. MLBMixes

    MLBMixes10 dias atrás


  14. Neelam Singh

    Neelam Singh11 dias atrás

    video on Haunted House

  15. Christopher Arias

    Christopher Arias11 dias atrás

    16:04 meet Darth daver

  16. Lorraine Stockman

    Lorraine Stockman12 dias atrás

    They should do a part two with the challenges they didn’t do. Or go to universal studios and do a scavenger hunt!

  17. Samuel playz Lara

    Samuel playz Lara12 dias atrás

    Me when I past a test 12:26

  18. Acelybbn Goehring

    Acelybbn Goehring12 dias atrás

    I saw some one with a team edge shirt

  19. Skycraft 5

    Skycraft 512 dias atrás

    You should do the same but at universal studios

  20. Seth Joseph man

    Seth Joseph man13 dias atrás

    YOU GOOD god disney

  21. John Luick

    John Luick14 dias atrás

    What is a cashier cat

  22. Lauren Martin

    Lauren Martin14 dias atrás

    I knew J-Fred would win! He is a DISNEY BEAST!

  23. Kartika Atara Ridwan

    Kartika Atara Ridwan15 dias atrás

    This vid reminds me of going to hong kong with my parents and little bro thats so memorable..I LOVE THIS VID

  24. Lee35

    Lee3515 dias atrás

    Does someone notice darth daver 16:04

  25. Kenneth Lopex 7 clash of clans

    Kenneth Lopex 7 clash of clans16 dias atrás

    Like win bayan

  26. Jasmine Playz

    Jasmine Playz16 dias atrás

    Whitney and j-fred would be cute together

  27. Mr. Thunder

    Mr. Thunder17 dias atrás

    I love how when Bobby met Darth Vader it said “+10 Meet Darth Daver” lol

  28. Jared Flores

    Jared Flores18 dias atrás

    Bryan I live in El Paso, Texas

  29. NatAndSash LGNS

    NatAndSash LGNS19 dias atrás

    Jealous of Bryan. Jungle Cruise is the best!

  30. Charles Fisher

    Charles Fisher19 dias atrás

    16:05 Meet Darth Daver

  31. amalia moumneh

    amalia moumneh19 dias atrás

    I loved it👍👍👍

  32. Owen Kirby

    Owen Kirby20 dias atrás

    12:20 girl straight up put a plastic bag on here head

  33. Destroyer AEA

    Destroyer AEA20 dias atrás

    This video makes me jealous with all those people taking selfies with my favorite channel... I want in on that too!

  34. Aimee Kintzele

    Aimee Kintzele21 dia atrás

    now thats what i call a meat lover 5:45

  35. Madeleine Carlaw

    Madeleine Carlaw21 dia atrás

    No one: Literally no one: Joey: Goes straight to the food

  36. im a lamma

    im a lamma22 dias atrás

    I'm 7 years old and I'm watching yooooooooour video AAAAAAAAHHH

  37. crazy fire

    crazy fire20 dias atrás


  38. dinoman and icey

    dinoman and icey23 dias atrás

    Amazing dance dude

  39. Ikea Robinson

    Ikea Robinson25 dias atrás

    how is j-fred not full by eating so much meat?

  40. Sandra vestol

    Sandra vestol26 dias atrás

    Can you post the list of things and the points? I would love to do this with my friends ❤️

  41. Fernando Cota

    Fernando Cota29 dias atrás

    Can you do universal estudios scavenger hunt

  42. Ella_PJ_ 36

    Ella_PJ_ 36Mês atrás

    Bobby "Picture with a team edge fan, You" Also bobby " did you recognize me?" Random person "Ya" Again bobby "can you take a picture with me?" This is how many people recognized bobby (Like)

  43. Andrew Westerman

    Andrew WestermanMês atrás

    When we went we broke Pooh and buzz


    GAMING WITH JTMês atrás

    I remember when I watched this the day it came out aka summer but it is now school 😭

  45. isaacbatman844 batman

    isaacbatman844 batmanMês atrás

    What kind of backpack does joey have

  46. Jenna Brown

    Jenna BrownMês atrás

    It’s barely raining... Bobby it’s pouring down we’re gonna did People in Georgia thunder storms no big deal

  47. Jos Cheung

    Jos CheungMês atrás

    They should do it in groups of 2 or more next time

  48. Sshostern

    SshosternMês atrás

    I want to meet Bobby I

  49. Joey Curiel

    Joey CurielMês atrás

    7:19 We’re on our way to the haunted mansion, oh I can’t breathe 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Joey Curiel

    Joey CurielMês atrás

    0:10 today were at, Best Buy?

  51. Dex TheUnicorn

    Dex TheUnicornMês atrás

    4:25 bobby stop getting kids wet

  52. Evan Senfleben

    Evan SenflebenMês atrás

    Do more of these videos

  53. Gustavo Gutierrez

    Gustavo GutierrezMês atrás


  54. Sarah C.

    Sarah C.Mês atrás

    Lol, in all of Bryan's video its pouring, but in J-Fred's its barely sprinkling and the suns out. ; |)

  55. Giphri SutCanKill

    Giphri SutCanKillMês atrás

    Sarah C. Nice catch

  56. Connor Bracken

    Connor BrackenMês atrás

    I'm from huston Texas

  57. CarsonPlayz517

    CarsonPlayz517Mês atrás

    Kid: dO yOu kNoW wHo tHiS iS!? Other Kid: nO?…

  58. Giphri SutCanKill

    Giphri SutCanKillMês atrás

    CarsonPlayz517 😎

  59. Caleb Tyler-Combs

    Caleb Tyler-CombsMês atrás

    This video is awesome.

  60. R.E.A.L Studios

    R.E.A.L StudiosMês atrás

    I’m watching this again and man J-Fred smoked them

  61. Memelord YT

    Memelord YTMês atrás

    Why is there a fortnite map in the thumbnail?

  62. Imelda Noval

    Imelda NovalMês atrás

    It's a goddamn fortnite map

  63. Imelda Noval

    Imelda NovalMês atrás

    Yeah it's a fortnite goddamn knife

  64. Jt_Pokefan

    Jt_PokefanMês atrás

    Wish they left a link to download the document for the scavenger hunt list in the description

  65. Hernandez Mateo

    Hernandez MateoMês atrás