Disturbing Movies You Won't Be Able To Sit Through


  1. Victoria Trambley

    Victoria Trambley8 horas atrás

    Jan 28, 2020: For God did not send his Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ to condemn the world but to save it. John 3:17

  2. Nature's Finest

    Nature's FinestDia atrás

    How about "Xtro" from 1982? Real sick flick.

  3. wenesdae

    wenesdaeDia atrás

    ive fallen asleep through most of them bc they were so boring

  4. I AM EVIL! !!!!!!!!

    I AM EVIL! !!!!!!!!Dia atrás

    People are to weak

  5. Muku Bora

    Muku BoraDia atrás

    Lilya 4 ever ....and Requiem for dream .....very though moves

  6. Naiyo

    Naiyo2 dias atrás

    Pink Flamingo Serbian Film 12 Days ( Italian ( The amazon cannibal movie This list is nothing

  7. Chara Dreemurr

    Chara Dreemurr2 dias atrás

    Happy Tree Friends

  8. trinny memes

    trinny memes2 dias atrás

    I watch greenn inferno without knowing😢I watch it all

  9. Monty the Python

    Monty the Python3 dias atrás

    Have you ever seen green day play live...??? That is the most horrifying thing ever presented

  10. ffejpsycho

    ffejpsycho3 dias atrás

    Green Inferno was ruined by the ants scene... the CG was so bad, that it pulls the whole film down. It should have excised from the film entirely.

  11. yung plague

    yung plague4 dias atrás

    Green inferno is ass. Poorly made movie

  12. Tiffany Clark- Grove

    Tiffany Clark- Grove5 dias atrás

    The woman. I WAS shocked by that film. Lol

  13. lexi wilson

    lexi wilson6 dias atrás

    what about the saw movies-

  14. Maggotbaby

    MaggotbabyDia atrás

    lexi wilson Those aren’t bad

  15. Whatisthisshit

    Whatisthisshit6 dias atrás

    Human centipede. Ps: dont watch or search for this movie

  16. Maggotbaby

    MaggotbabyDia atrás

    Seen it lol

  17. Kiki Terhune

    Kiki Terhune6 dias atrás

    Bite wasn't so much running out of the theater but more like squirming in my seat hoping with fingers crossed spiders didn't come into play..

  18. Kai Rodger

    Kai Rodger7 dias atrás

    Any movie that makes spooky rices list is the most disturbing

  19. Yngwie VanWinger

    Yngwie VanWinger8 dias atrás

    What about Almodovar's The Skin I Live In? The people at Cannes literally got up and left during the movie. Or Cannibal Ferox? Gualtiero Jacopetti's Mondo films are pretty unsettling.

  20. Gumbo Clay

    Gumbo Clay9 dias atrás

    I can't believe people find "cultural appropriation" more offensive than graphic torture.

  21. lea smith

    lea smith10 dias atrás

    i saw the green inferno tonight and i sat through it. i’m a master.

  22. 43nostromo

    43nostromo10 dias atrás

    I laughed through the entire movie "When The Woman". It is now being my favorite sex comedy.

  23. vendetta president mvp

    vendetta president mvp11 dias atrás

    The green inferno that's a creepy ass movie

  24. Jadyn A. B.

    Jadyn A. B.11 dias atrás

    I don’t know, have y’all seen the perfection...

  25. Angelic Sameera

    Angelic Sameera11 dias atrás

    5 million please 🤗

  26. Juliette Dawn

    Juliette Dawn11 dias atrás

    The way this video is edited is extremely confusing, I literally could not tell when you went from one movie to the next...

  27. Chad Hilton

    Chad Hilton11 dias atrás

    8 mm. not a gore flick, but the story.

  28. Josias Portillo

    Josias Portillo12 dias atrás

    Trust me I don’t need to watch a movie to watch to get anxiety and depression

  29. patrick booten

    patrick bootenDia atrás

    Best answer i read . 💜👍👍👍

  30. Jason Legacy

    Jason Legacy12 dias atrás

    You think those movies are scary you probably should watch a movie called Child’s Play with this killer doll named Chucky now that’s scary, I had to watch some Tom and Jerry cartoons afterwards before I could go to sleep lol 😂 but all kidding aside that movie called Martyrs Now that is definitely a movie you will lose some sleep over, not for the faint of heart watch at your own risk, you’ve been warned.

  31. Ibrahim Shaikh

    Ibrahim Shaikh13 dias atrás

    Has any1 searched for best gore, Will give nightmares every alternate days!!! Stay the fuck out of the site!!!

  32. kWoN oUjO

    kWoN oUjO13 dias atrás

    A Serbian Film is the most disturbing of all....... i read somewhere that a teacher was fired for showing it in class... Parents filed lawsuits.... They children are never the same again.... just thinking about it makes me feel like vomiting...

  33. Morgellonsassimilation Tohumanborg

    Morgellonsassimilation Tohumanborg14 dias atrás

    That Movie was so real, those Body's how they ate it gross...

  34. Sullivan Knoth

    Sullivan Knoth14 dias atrás

    This list: Exists BestGore: Am I a joke to you?

  35. Yo

    Yo15 dias atrás

    The woman sucks.

  36. GrumpyCatKing

    GrumpyCatKing15 dias atrás

    "Disturbing Movies You Won't Be Able To Sit Through" Hold my beer!

  37. halfxbreed23

    halfxbreed2315 dias atrás

    Im watching all of these

  38. Mind Mesh

    Mind Mesh16 dias atrás

    OMG most of these movies are just plain boring and insipid. Hollywood doesn’t get how to make real indie cinema. Watch Peter Jackson’s earlier indie efforts Bad Taste And Dead Alive kiddies and pass on the wanna he’s with clean looking model’s from MTV who are too old to play teenagers. Keepers Creepers part one did do a good job at creating the indie horror edge, though, I must say. Roth’s cinematic tantrums do nothing for me - and I speak only for myself. Irreversible came out a while ago and seemingly was part of a wave of extreme Euro/world cinema showing either extreme violence or hardcore sex or both ( a la “Basie-moi” ). These days I can barely stomach reading the movies playing at theaters. And the “Cannibal Holocaust” clones juuuuuuusssstttt keep on coming!

  39. T M

    T M16 dias atrás

    I didn't see 'A Serbian Film' anywhere 🤷🏻‍♂️

  40. Travionna Antoinette

    Travionna Antoinette16 dias atrás

    The green inferno was good

  41. 2coool Foskool

    2coool Foskool16 dias atrás

    He’s right these are cracra, but someone like me who’s been through it all makes it much more easier to tolerate

  42. Dashiell Haggerty

    Dashiell Haggerty16 dias atrás

    Good list watch mojo I mean looper

  43. Park ChimChim

    Park ChimChim17 dias atrás

    I watched the green inferno and I paused it like half way through and finishes it like 2 days later and I didn't even know about this video until like 5 minutes ago

  44. Tony Williams

    Tony Williams18 dias atrás

    I’ve seen them all their movies not real life. Life is much worse at times.

  45. Red Hawk

    Red Hawk18 dias atrás

    What about hereditary, is made my head roll ( pun intended a little) but seriously though it was just scary from start to finish and it’s one of the reasons I’m scared of the dark

  46. David H.

    David H.18 dias atrás

    You left out 'Come and See', 'A Serbian Film', and 'The Human Centipede'. Out of these three movies, 'Come and See' (8.3/10 IMDB) is very much worth the view if you can stomach it.

  47. mahou shoujo

    mahou shoujo18 dias atrás

    Green Inferno grossed me totally grossed me out

  48. Steve Meek

    Steve Meek19 dias atrás


  49. MadCarrot

    MadCarrot20 dias atrás

    Matt Dillon gets no props. He made The house

  50. MadCarrot

    MadCarrot20 dias atrás

    Martyrs at #8... idiot...beyond "#1...nothing has fucked me up like this film

  51. Pills Wills

    Pills Wills20 dias atrás

    Nick cages Mandy. Hobo with a shotgun

  52. Wugsayshi

    Wugsayshi21 dia atrás

    The Strange Thing About the Johnsons....

  53. Evan Chen

    Evan Chen21 dia atrás

    Many people think this is hard to watch but yet they watch shit like the Ace Family, Jeffrey Star, etc. Now that's truly disgusting fake shit.

  54. quavo sister

    quavo sister22 dias atrás

    jo prestia is a rapist and should be in jail

  55. Alastair Archibald

    Alastair Archibald22 dias atrás

    I think the whole idea of "cultural appropriation" is vacuous. The idea that if I adopt some cultural aspect of another culture, I'm taking it away from them.

  56. Teresa bonita

    Teresa bonita23 dias atrás

    Hello why did you guys kill that man?? I do not get it

  57. Eric Owens

    Eric Owens23 dias atrás

    There is not one single film on Earth that is hard to sit through, except 1 - Passion of the Christ.

  58. Clockwork Hermit

    Clockwork Hermit27 dias atrás

    "What Dreams May Come" (1998) is the most frightening movie I've ever seen.

  59. bhpinball

    bhpinball27 dias atrás

    No mention of Takashi Miike? awww...

  60. Table Flip

    Table Flip27 dias atrás

    I'm so glad he pointed out these movies are misogynistic. Now when I see things that are misogynistic I can avoid things that are misogynistic.

  61. Joe Bryant

    Joe Bryant28 dias atrás

    Anything starring Adam Sandler.

  62. Blahblah Think

    Blahblah Think29 dias atrás

    I stood through these movies my cinema is very small. 5 stars.

  63. Darrell Fine

    Darrell Fine29 dias atrás

    August Underground's Mordum, Salo: 120 Days of Sodom (which was fucking awesome), Srpski FIlm (which was disturbing, but, meh.), Begotten, etc. Most of these flicks listed in this video aren't even disturbing or hard to watch. ANTICHRIST with the clit cutting scene was fucked up. THAT movie is definitely up there with the fuckedupedness. I'm not sure of my top pick. I seek out disturbing shit. 2guys1hammer fucked me up for life. I hope those fuckers rape each other to death with rusty rail road spikes. I'm fucked up though, so yea.