DJ D-Wrek Goes In On Wild ‘N Out Cast w/ the Buzzer 🚨 Wild 'N Out Reacts | MTV


  1. Dear

    DearDia atrás

    Why tf is he talking like he knows everything about dj and other things

  2. Dnyelle Baldwin

    Dnyelle Baldwin2 dias atrás

    “ I Kinda look at it like I’m Judge Mathis” Ummm Chico Bean says your “ Dj Muh back” ...and I agree

  3. DiDi Nwabude

    DiDi Nwabude7 dias atrás

    Intro: "I'm never going to give that joke a bell" Me: it has to be Eman's dime joke 😂😂😂 Edit: I was mfkn right

  4. I got It

    I got It9 dias atrás

    The 1st two jokes, I always laugh, and the mirror is clever.

  5. Tatenda Mhindurwa

    Tatenda Mhindurwa13 dias atrás

    I love his dry humor.

  6. Smile Big

    Smile Big17 dias atrás

    I love the dime joke

  7. Tink3rbella100

    Tink3rbella10017 dias atrás

    "ya mama gonna be mad that you buzzed that" 😂😂😂

  8. The

    The18 dias atrás

    did this nigga just compare himself to Judge Mathis?

  9. Demon Ghost

    Demon Ghost20 dias atrás

    When nick said yo mama gonna be mad cuz u buzzed the button 😝😆🤣😂

  10. Precious Edits

    Precious Edits21 dia atrás

    Dj d wrek got to much ego its really annoying

  11. Novah Brown The Superstar

    Novah Brown The Superstar21 dia atrás


  12. Valray Johnson

    Valray Johnson23 dias atrás

    Do you get butt hurt when somebody’s Saying something about you

  13. Big Big Kyla

    Big Big Kyla23 dias atrás

    Man, the stuff that be going on in DJ D Wreks big head.

  14. Big Big Kyla

    Big Big Kyla23 dias atrás

    “My mom said I don’t have a big head” idk why but that cracked me up

  15. Ms Moore Squad

    Ms Moore Squad23 dias atrás

    Why is Dj D-Wreck so fine too mee 😂😂😂

  16. Jayden Chambers

    Jayden Chambers23 dias atrás

    “Dj auhhhh” 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Gwendolyn

    Gwendolyn27 dias atrás

    He should lowkey be fired🥶🥶

  18. dabmaster420 puff puff pass

    dabmaster420 puff puff passMês atrás

    0:43 you should have told Nick that about his music aloooooooooooooong time ago!

  19. Jessica Rose Thomas

    Jessica Rose ThomasMês atrás

    DONT YOU DARE MAKE FUN OF MY DUKE BLUE DEVILS WE ARE THE G.O.A.T!!!!! #Salty #jealous #DukeNation hehe I know it’s all a joke ;)

  20. Benjamin Leon

    Benjamin LeonMês atrás

    D Wreck be hatin on certain cast members if u ask my opinion "I'm givin it regardless"!!!

  21. baddragonfire

    baddragonfireMês atrás

    He hates on Eman because he wants his hair.

  22. Igneel

    IgneelMês atrás

    I fuckz wit dj d rek

  23. debra johnson

    debra johnsonMês atrás

    Was that zais at 2:40

  24. Jay Em

    Jay EmMês atrás

    Dj d rek should've just said what he wanted to say, not hold back on that episode

  25. Tha Taurus

    Tha TaurusMês atrás

    I never knew he could grow hair

  26. D-money Parker

    D-money ParkerMês atrás

    Emmanuel gonna watch this shit and be real pissed 🤣🤣

  27. Jayy Rodriguez

    Jayy RodriguezMês atrás

    Nobody wants to be u dj dwreck no one does

  28. Jamius Smith

    Jamius SmithMês atrás

    I know white people get mad when they see black people saying nigga on tv

  29. Jamius Smith

    Jamius SmithMês atrás

    What you mean u don't care about what the audience think ?? U there cuz of the audience dummy

  30. Chell 4ever

    Chell 4everMês atrás

    I wonder what would happen if dj d- wrek was on a team and eman got to hit the buzzer

  31. poke digger 1

    poke digger 1Mês atrás


  32. Naija Calhoun

    Naija Calhoun2 meses atrás

    my said i don't have a big head!!!!! LAMO!

  33. Jimmy Hopkins IS DA BOMB

    Jimmy Hopkins IS DA BOMB2 meses atrás

    DJ d-wrek presents wild n out

  34. Nigel McKenzie

    Nigel McKenzie2 meses atrás

    This gotta be staged... he talking like this jeopardy XD

  35. nyah g

    nyah g2 meses atrás

    “I don’t care what the crowd says” When the crowd is how he gets paid😐

  36. Jasmine Taylor

    Jasmine Taylor18 dias atrás


  37. Tha Taurus

    Tha TaurusMês atrás

    He was joking

  38. Mashed Potatos

    Mashed Potatos2 meses atrás

    It's weird to see that this man has a personality

  39. Un1234l

    Un1234l2 meses atrás

    D-Wreck like Drew Carey with that buzzer.

  40. RexJr Basilio

    RexJr Basilio2 meses atrás

    He did the danny phantom theme song

  41. Young Drippy

    Young Drippy2 meses atrás

    Who's here after Finding out he the one who rapped Danny Phantoms Theme song

  42. ritaxx babes

    ritaxx babes2 meses atrás

    Who told this trophy head ninja he can judge lmao