DOBRE TWINS: Exploiting the children (Lucas and Marcus)


  1. Enderx YT

    Enderx YT3 dias atrás

    I want pretzels

  2. Antonio Snyder

    Antonio Snyder3 dias atrás

    you guys are ass holes because you are making fun of the dobre twins and stop making fun of them

  3. Maria’s Art Corner

    Maria’s Art Corner4 dias atrás

    Someone come get this officer 👮 🤣

  4. Mariah Howard

    Mariah Howard6 dias atrás

    Your just jealous

  5. Mariah Howard

    Mariah Howard6 dias atrás

    Your just

  6. snowleppy gaming

    snowleppy gaming6 dias atrás

    i know trahan is not gay but HOOOLLLYYY they will make a great pair ;))))

  7. baby shibbles

    baby shibbles7 dias atrás

    two Ryans madly in love. beautiful sight

  8. lia emerald

    lia emerald7 dias atrás

    Stop talking shit about the dobre brothers your a asshole fuck you bitch👹👹👹👹👹👹

  9. Jacob Jonson

    Jacob Jonson7 dias atrás

    Scary monsters be like bald dobre twins

  10. Moo moos

    Moo moos8 dias atrás

    “Oh it’s just a sign” *sent me to Saturn*

  11. Summer Webb

    Summer Webb9 dias atrás

    iced sparkling water

  12. Bianca Khoshcar

    Bianca Khoshcar12 dias atrás

    I was laughing so hard at 3:30 am that my parents got up and told me to shut the fuck up

  13. Peyton Vaal

    Peyton Vaal13 dias atrás

    911 What's your emergency. BRreporterr: Ya we just saw a SCARY MONSTER outside.

  14. Peyton Vaal

    Peyton Vaal13 dias atrás


  15. Madeline Damyan

    Madeline Damyan14 dias atrás

    I could be 5 years old and I wouldn’t believe there vids

  16. PNH Nightmare

    PNH Nightmare14 dias atrás

    Ryan was funnier than Ryan and it wasn't even in his video lol sorry Ryan

  17. Katie Burnett

    Katie Burnett15 dias atrás

    Explains why they have way more subscribers then you ( hater )

  18. Robert van Rijen

    Robert van Rijen10 dias atrás

    Katie Burnett I think you should Katie Burn in hell you little debris lover

  19. x yzszn x

    x yzszn x15 dias atrás

    i gotta admit, both are funnier together.

  20. Angelina Dodge

    Angelina Dodge17 dias atrás

    yes. i’m just now watching this and i cried of how much i laughed 😂

  21. Ruby Dunn

    Ruby Dunn18 dias atrás

    There probably drinking lemonade 😂

  22. Amanda Kernan

    Amanda Kernan18 dias atrás

    Voldemort wants them to be death eaters. They are 5.

  23. Amanda Kernan

    Amanda Kernan18 dias atrás

    The officer is probably like “Not these two again.” Why are you describing half the population, and motioning to half the forest.

  24. Amanda Kernan

    Amanda Kernan18 dias atrás

    “Think were smart?” “Stop that.”

  25. _ adventures ヾヾ IsH Sara’s

    _ adventures ヾヾ IsH Sara’s19 dias atrás

    Ryan looks like ally law 😂😂

  26. Millie.x

    Millie.x20 dias atrás

    STop ThAt

  27. 49x

    49x23 dias atrás

    Totally a fake cop lmao when he spoke into his radio he’s like “yeah gimme a dfdhnfdjfnjdfjd”

  28. Bennet Roske

    Bennet Roske23 dias atrás


  29. Carlo loke lim

    Carlo loke lim23 dias atrás

    other ryan is just an asian trying to say yellow

  30. CyberPikachu1

    CyberPikachu124 dias atrás

    9 year olds watch PewDiePie

  31. Karen Craddock

    Karen Craddock24 dias atrás

    Lemon ade

  32. Jose Ramirez

    Jose Ramirez24 dias atrás

    Why are you making fun of them you should make fun of yourself rude people and I’m pretty sure you’re teaching kids to say bad words😡 I hate your channel

  33. Thisis Patrick

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  34. Kinley Grace

    Kinley Grace26 dias atrás

    He cussed more in 2018🤔

  35. Alexis Rendon

    Alexis Rendon27 dias atrás

    Is that grape juice?

  36. Katerina Gienger

    Katerina Gienger27 dias atrás

    Water bro😲😉😝😁❤❤❤

  37. Crackit

    Crackit28 dias atrás

    they're drinking vinegar

  38. yoboi dawolf

    yoboi dawolf28 dias atrás

    Coconut water

  39. ML ZodiacHunter

    ML ZodiacHunter28 dias atrás

    6-10 im 11 bish hahaha,BTW Love Your Vid Ryan...And Ryan Too

  40. Alysa cardoso

    Alysa cardoso29 dias atrás


  41. morgan brooks

    morgan brooks29 dias atrás

    “I sAw ThE sCaRy MoNsTeR” A scary. Monster. SCARY MONSTER. “HE JUST HAD LIKE EYES”

  42. Silly Biscuit

    Silly BiscuitMês atrás

    R u drinking milk

  43. Christopher Depalo

    Christopher DepaloMês atrás


  44. Emil Ehlers

    Emil EhlersMês atrás

    when the cop i entering the house at the "locked" door then you can see that there are even no magazine in the gun

  45. Brendon Henley

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  46. Anthony Garza

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  47. Reece Erickson

    Reece EricksonMês atrás

    Scary monsters crime?

  48. blue panda

    blue pandaMês atrás

    Wild guess water

  49. Makayla McDonnell Motes

    Makayla McDonnell MotesMês atrás

    the only reason they have that many subscribers is because every FUCKING girl in FUCKING ARMY OR WHATEREVER is in love with dairus ( HINT HINT HE FUCKING UGLY)

  50. Sawyer the Dog

    Sawyer the DogMês atrás

    Is anyone else binge watching him rn? No? Just me?

  51. Ethan Johnston

    Ethan JohnstonMês atrás

    I laughed so hard I pooped my self

  52. Owen Ziebro

    Owen ZiebroMês atrás

    water? or sprite. Sparkling water. Thats what they're drinking.

  53. Electrified !

    Electrified !Mês atrás

    react to the dolan twins

  54. Electrified !

    Electrified !Mês atrás

    i think your drinking water... holy water

  55. Delaney Hansen

    Delaney HansenMês atrás

    “Oh it’s just a sign.”

  56. Kellan Neill

    Kellan NeillMês atrás

    This is the funniest video I’ve ever watched on BRreporter.

  57. DJ_ Was_here

    DJ_ Was_hereMês atrás

    i can’t stress this enough i was CRYING at 13:37

  58. Aksel O

    Aksel OMês atrás

    11:22 the real scary monter

  59. Robodog ,

    Robodog ,Mês atrás

    Today is the one year anniversary of this video

  60. Ella

    EllaMês atrás

    I expected them to make an Area 51 joke but then I realized this video came out a year ago

  61. Aleah sanchez

    Aleah sanchezMês atrás

    “Just for shit and gigs “😂

  62. Jellyfish productions

    Jellyfish productionsMês atrás

    Every outro is on his laptop or phone. Pay ur energy bills 🤣

  63. Dariela Rodriguez

    Dariela RodriguezMês atrás

    I think Ryan is the best BRreporter his jokes actually make me laugh out loud 😂

  64. Leyton Bartley Beal

    Leyton Bartley BealMês atrás

    Straight vodka to drink the scary monster away.

  65. Tim Teachey

    Tim TeacheyMês atrás

    I like the dorbre brothers so dont talk shit

  66. Hattie DAVIS

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  67. T Zschusschen

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  68. Judy Stokes

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  69. Jacob Zimmer

    Jacob ZimmerMês atrás

    I literally laughed more in this one video than I prolly would in all of their videos

  70. Terrence Loughran

    Terrence LoughranMês atrás

    I saw my 6 year old cousin watching them I was about to just die laughing because the video was so loud

  71. Neve Walker

    Neve WalkerMês atrás

    This is how much times they said scary monster ⬇

  72. Gabby Utt

    Gabby UttMês atrás

    One like is from me 😜

  73. Gabby Utt

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  74. Matt Ooof idk

    Matt Ooof idkMês atrás

    The cop didn’t even have a utility belt,taser,pepper spray,ect

  75. thicc boi

    thicc boiMês atrás

    glacier freeze gatorade

  76. Andre Latulippe

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  77. e l e a n o r s

    e l e a n o r sMês atrás

    the dobre brothers sound like children, like their voice and what comes out w it ‘scary monster’ this ‘scary monster’ that, do u need to put scary in front of it all the time?!

  78. Evelyn Neill

    Evelyn NeillMês atrás


  79. ducky ducky

    ducky duckyMês atrás

    I love this video to much man 😂

  80. Maddie Nolan

    Maddie NolanMês atrás

    When the bald man isn't actually bald

  81. Why dont we Fan 101

    Why dont we Fan 101Mês atrás

    Im 11 and i knew they were fake at 8

  82. Brocks Gaming

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  83. TheOfficialReid

    TheOfficialReidMês atrás

    Ur drinking water

  84. faith

    faithMês atrás

    it’s literally 5am and i’m laughing so hard oh my goddddddd