Doctor Reviews Meatless Burgers | Impossible, Beyond & More!


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    I have those same plates!!! Lol ( the one thing she notices )

  3. Bonnie Scott

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    I’m curious as to why so many vegans/vegetarians want something that tastes and feels like meat. I’m not trying to offend anyone, I’m trying to educate myself so I would be grateful for any replies.

  4. John Powell

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    Personally, I don't see a problem enjoying traditional (beef) burgers within a reasonable margin of consumption. Proteins aside, how do the vege burgers compare in amino acids? Are they adequate? Should someone supplement? Thanks.

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    My guy talk tooo fucking much

  6. Megan Harrell

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    Vegetarianism, as long as it’s processed food free, is where it’s at for me! That along with going gluten free for allergy reasons have allowed me to lose 65 pounds so far this year.

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    Had cheese lol went veggie burgers supposed to be for vegans lol why's there cheese lol

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    Can we talk about his girlfriend as the food deliverer? He’s lucky she’s really pretty.

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    Every woman watching this video wanting to blind fold you 😂😂❤️!That beef burger looked a little raw,to whoever cooked that please don't kill our Dr.Mike!

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    wtf was that intro

  11. Margaret Behre

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    Vegetarian burgers are really good when you don't compare it solely on whether it tastes like meat or not, promise!

  12. Jeff Jeff

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    In India there are tons of different burgers which are vegetarian and very delicious

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    “enjoy your burgers” You mean your burgers?

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    That sht pink 🤢

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    I love how cool he is sometimes and how equally dorky and how he randomly geeks out ! Also, very educational :)

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    man that girl was smokin.

  17. BaseballEBM European Baseball & Softball Magazine

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    Great call looking at those all important nutrition facts! Too few people do. Just like they fail to twist the wrist and read the ingredients. If they did comparisons they'd see how often chemicals are substituted for foods that would harm us less (dextrose causes migraines and is used to substitute for sugar as an example). Too many times people read the advertising, "Same recipe since 1892" and believe it. They never bother to turn the bar/jar or can over and see that something like malodextrin or soy lecithin wasn't around back in the day. Eating vegan or bio or anything else they want to label it to sound up-and-coming only works well if you stop trying to make things taste like what they aren't. Food chemistry is an interesting hobby but it is not a healthy lifestyle choice.

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    Mans really out here studying burgers beewhoop head ass 😂

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    What about making your own patties? Taste test video on Homemade meat & meatless patties? Pls😊

  20. Marc Arndt

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    I tried "ground" Beyond Meat this week. Made 3 burgers. I thought they were pretty good. Not quality beef good, but passable. Given the calories, sodium, and even saturated fat compare to beef, and excluding possible environmental benefits, does Beyond (or Impossible) offer any benefits over beef? In other words, is beef still worse for you than Beyond?

  21. Marc Arndt

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    Oh, I read some comments. Cholesterol! Good to know.

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    Tiddy twitch when grrrr

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    Is everyone just gonna ignore the intro?

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    “this could be” sniffs burger “This could be” Sniffs burger “this could be.....this could be BEEF?”😂

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    Loved the whip movement on learning you got it right lol

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    I love impossible burgers ☹️

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    Honestly I prefer black bean burgers to regular hamburgers, wish I knew how to make them

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    I haven't had burgers in so long 😭. I rarely eat meat, but now I'm craving it. Some other day though.

  30. Rainy Day Reviews

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    It's like getting vegan ice cream and saying it's healthier.

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    Burgers are part of my regular diet!! Fight me😂😂

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    This motherfucjer Christan who 2:09

  33. TAK

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    Why would it have to taste like meat in order to taste good? That is one thing I don't get about meat eaters. Food can taste good and not taste like meat.

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    I love when you speak Spanish. 😍

  35. M Law

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    Did the nutrition facts at the beginning include the whole burger, or just the patty? Two had sauces, which may explain the unexpectedly worse nutritional values of some of the meat replacements. Just a thought.

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    Who else has headphones and just hearing doctor mike chewing😂🤦🏾‍♀️

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    I don’t think vegan burgers are ‘health’ foods, regular burgers are also not healthy and both should very much be treated like an indulgence. I do think choosing a vegan burger over a regular burger is so much better for the environment and it prevents animal suffering. Even if the taste might not completely be there, I still think it’s worth it to chose the vegan one over the regular burger. Because why are your taste buds worth more than the environment and therefore more worth than the life of humans in the future? If we keep on going like this, there will be serious consequences and a lot of people will die.

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    I wish that I could make a burger that looked as good as even the worst of those

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    Are you trying to flex on us about your new girl come on bruh that's not cool because I am lonely

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    You should try guessing cake flavors with out thinking healthy

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    What I got out of this vid: The quinoa burger is a better choice than Impossible or Beyond. Get the 3 star close-to-burger-ish experience, much better macronutrient profile. Guess I'll be seeing if we can find some quinoa patties at the local store.

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    If we had chest compressions, I think we should also have "mouthiness"

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    Doctor Mike Im going to date you

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    Why aren't more people talking about the mouthfeel??

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    Can u beat the shit out of me , thanks

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    I thought the impossible burger used Heme to make it "bleed" and give it that iron taste. Did you sense any of those elements?

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    U dont like them yet u ate almost half of each! Hahaha

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    It’s all over your nose!!! #nosefeel

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    Been vegan for 2 and a half years and was veggie a year before that I agree some burgers which try to taste like meat are minging 😂 I would rather just have a veggie burgers 💕

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    is no one going to talk about the intro.... HAHA

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    Why don’t you actually try a whole food plant based (WFPB) diet. It’s much healthier than that fake “vegan” processed shit.