Doctor Reviews Meatless Burgers | Impossible, Beyond & More!


  1. Tabby Anne

    Tabby Anne7 horas atrás

    Do Dr. Mike tries Chick-fil-A food!!!! Amd maybe review the nutrition vs taste.

  2. Elaine Lichtenberg

    Elaine Lichtenberg13 horas atrás

    I love your arms 😍

  3. J rocs

    J rocs15 horas atrás

    Her boobs couldn't go any higher could they. Lol.

  4. AMysticSeer

    AMysticSeerDia atrás

    The only good vegan burgers are Simple Truth Meatless Patties and Morning Star Meat Lovers Vegan Burgers

  5. O Ressler

    O ResslerDia atrás

    4:58 That doesn't look cooked enough to eat it

  6. Evelyn Joy

    Evelyn JoyDia atrás

    Super interesting. What is quinoa and where did you order it?

  7. Dwink23 Vintage Love

    Dwink23 Vintage LoveDia atrás

    I love the impossible burger its my favorite. But many think its healthy and its not.

  8. E Chan

    E ChanDia atrás

    Mike touches the burger with his nose then bites it Me: wth unhygienic

  9. Heba Arabiyat

    Heba ArabiyatDia atrás

    I'm grateful to you for these helpful and precious information

  10. Luci Fer

    Luci Fer2 dias atrás

    It's not good for your health. It's good for the animals that do not want to have their throats cut.

  11. Michael Vezie

    Michael Vezie2 dias atrás

    Why did all the nutrition facts show the same thing?

  12. Khoaeash Dhawan

    Khoaeash Dhawan2 dias atrás

    Come to India for real vegan burgers and more.

  13. Samuel Lams

    Samuel Lams2 dias atrás

    now i want a burger

  14. Kyle Trebble

    Kyle Trebble3 dias atrás

    So basically the closer they get the replicating meet the closer they get to the unhealthiness of meat 😂 Well, yea 😂

  15. Kyle Trebble

    Kyle Trebble3 dias atrás

    Eat meat, the protein sensors on my tongue are firing up Eats impossible burger ( which has more protein) doesn't say anything

  16. lina gesile

    lina gesile3 dias atrás

    BIG QUESTION DOC !!?? are you a fan of wings ? HOT WINGS

  17. Eric Thomas

    Eric Thomas3 dias atrás

    Ight I'll give you love, but if you want me to sub, you have to make the best you tube video ever.

  18. Relyt

    Relyt3 dias atrás

    0:13 are you trying to make me fail no nut nocember

  19. Peonixx Warriors

    Peonixx Warriors4 dias atrás

    Dr mike suffers from... Super sexy iris An inflammation of his sexyness Can be super sexy If you experience signs of sexyness Be sexy ;)

  20. ivonna.tinkle

    ivonna.tinkle4 dias atrás

    The veggie burgers aren't healthier but they are better for the environment.

  21. Sohela g

    Sohela g4 dias atrás

    Hate vegan burgers. They try too hard to be good but fail miserably 🤣 meat is meat

  22. saultube44

    saultube445 dias atrás

    Margarine, Eggs, Cheese friend components, BS, that's why the calorie count is so high, bread, sugar. Vegan food should be balanced, boiled or raw fruits and vegetables, but whatever, people will make this needless and mediocre approximations to Veganism until the Science is so clear they can't do anything else, people are so childish, but whatever I lost hope for people doing the right thing long ago. And the beef is not well friend, raw inside, many diseases come from not frying or cooking well the meat. Yes you said that in your "Vegan" for 30 days video, out of ignorance about latest scientific knowledge on Vegan/Plant-based food

  23. Samone- Checkout my channel

    Samone- Checkout my channel5 dias atrás

    Wow I really want to try a quinoa burger now lol

  24. Vincent Esposito, MS, DC

    Vincent Esposito, MS, DC5 dias atrás

    I appreciate someone taking the time to compare the different options! It's actually done in a pretty hilarious way!

  25. Sunshine Creations and Crafts

    Sunshine Creations and Crafts5 dias atrás

    Hmm. Let's think logic here. Make a beef 90/10 burger and add those things that make it higher in protein and salt. Just sayin'

  26. Raman Tiwari

    Raman Tiwari5 dias atrás

    Eat Maharaja Mac

  27. Wake up Style

    Wake up Style6 dias atrás

    Thanks, I had to run and buy a burger because of this video 🤓

  28. Navin Davoodi

    Navin Davoodi6 dias atrás

    No one: Doctor Mike: thIS haS GoT sOmE wEiGHt tO iT

  29. Wake up Style

    Wake up Style6 dias atrás

    “I’m trying to be a muscular person grrrrrr “... 😂😂😂😂😂

  30. J W

    J W6 dias atrás

    Beyond Burger nutrition is pretty close to a beef burger. Calories: 270. Fat: 20 g (6 g sat fat) Sodium: 380 mg. Carbohydrates: 5 grams. Fiber: 3 grams. Sugars: 0 grams. Protein: 20 grams

  31. Jo Ana

    Jo Ana6 dias atrás


  32. Psycho Genesis

    Psycho Genesis7 dias atrás

    The quinoa has the healthies macros and it tastes really gooood

  33. Dj Wiersma

    Dj Wiersma8 dias atrás

    Your skin looks amazing after your vegan diet. Meatless burgers need more spices.

  34. Ethan Christensen

    Ethan Christensen8 dias atrás

    You didn’t mention how all the plant based options have 0 cholesterol and aren’t on the American cancer societies grade A carcinogen list👀👀

  35. vledermau5

    vledermau58 dias atrás

    Why am I doing this to myself, now I'm hungry :(

  36. Eddie Portillo

    Eddie Portillo9 dias atrás

    "Impossible burgers aren't healthy" Yeah, and? Who eats a burger when they want something healthy???

  37. Leastmachine

    Leastmachine12 horas atrás

    What's unhealthy about a burger?

  38. Kyle Trebble

    Kyle Trebble3 dias atrás

    Lol 😂


    BROTHER TN5 dias atrás

    Eddie Portillo 😹😹😹

  40. Eva Rana

    Eva Rana5 dias atrás

    Eddie Portillo truee🤣🤣🤣 it’s all about the taste 😋

  41. Dino Rossi

    Dino Rossi10 dias atrás

    Can I use your video on my Blog?

  42. Jeffrey Cox

    Jeffrey Cox10 dias atrás

    I like beef i eat 🍔 hamburgers. 2 to 3 times a week. I should cut back. To 2 times a week. I like burgers. So its sort of good for you. B vitamins and protein. So dr mike might be too. Leary

  43. Holly’s Vlogs

    Holly’s Vlogs10 dias atrás

    I have a lot of questions for the intro

  44. Snake Killergirl

    Snake Killergirl10 dias atrás

    Plenty of people a year die from Protein deficiency, and a lot are vegan.

  45. RyleeB

    RyleeB8 dias atrás

    Snake Killergirl what is your source please 😂

  46. katrina foxworthy

    katrina foxworthy10 dias atrás

    omg finish cooking that beef.

  47. K Dilli

    K Dilli10 dias atrás

    I don't think the point of meatless burgers is to be more nutritious than a regular burger. It's about cutting down on the consumption of animal products while minimizing the taste difference.

  48. Getmypastamasta

    Getmypastamasta11 dias atrás

    Grey what? Christian who?

  49. Emlah9081

    Emlah908111 dias atrás

    He said the 2nd burger was the impossible burger

  50. Altair

    Altair11 dias atrás

    "The consistency is consistent with me"

  51. Tarra Birdsell

    Tarra Birdsell11 dias atrás

    You really need to learn about nutrition.

  52. cruel cruel

    cruel cruel12 dias atrás

    i'm not sure what's funnier, doctor mike's out of character intro with no further explanation from him as to why he chose to do his intro in that style, or all his younger adolescent fans overly hating on the intro showing their insecurities and crushes they have on lover-boy mike.

  53. Emora Mystic

    Emora Mystic12 dias atrás

    what was the point on the hot girl LMAOOOOO

  54. alondra andrade andrade

    alondra andrade andrade12 dias atrás

    i imagine eating that sweet potatoe burger as a treat, jajajajajajaja NEIN.

  55. Carina Teutsch

    Carina Teutsch12 dias atrás

    Vegetarian here.I adore the Beyond burger. It's sooooo delicious, I just love it! In Germany we have a vegan burger called "the incredible burger" from a vegetarian/vegan brand called Garden Gourmet. I buy them pretty often 😉 Even McDonald's uses their patty to make their vegan burger and it's delicious, too. I tried a few different vegan burger patties, but the Beyond burger is my favorite! I'm vegetarian for the animals, not for health reasons 😊

  56. Carina Teutsch

    Carina Teutsch55 minutos atrás

    @Anthony Mercado I agree. Most of the food I eat is vegan, but every now and then I eat a little cheese 😊

  57. Anthony Mercado

    Anthony Mercado5 horas atrás

    Carina Teutsch I’m vegetarian for the animals also but it’s true if you want to help the animals really should be vegan. My issue is going vegan is so much harder then being vegetarian . I’m just gonna stay vegetarian but won’t ever buy leather either least not real leather .

  58. Resting Bitchface

    Resting Bitchface12 dias atrás

    The impossible burger is disease causing garbage: ‭(713) 353-4330‬

  59. Dirk Merle

    Dirk Merle12 dias atrás

    Hey Doc, is your nutritional deck analysis based solely on the burger or on the sandwich, including the bun etc.?

  60. Carmen R

    Carmen R13 dias atrás

    It's hard to take this guy seriously. He's tried them all before, so he knows what they taste like. And anyone could see around that blindfold. But he does give the nutritional specs.

  61. Amy Jones

    Amy Jones13 dias atrás

    What are your thoughts on sparkling water? IS it as hydrating as water? Do you personally like it?

  62. Alexandria Dupuis

    Alexandria Dupuis13 dias atrás

    Idk if it’s just me but I feel like the no meat burgers and just another excuse for major companies to stuff whatever they want into the food and get away with not calling it beef. Maybe I’m too suspicious but I don’t trust big companies

  63. Adam.M M

    Adam.M M13 dias atrás

    I love everything about Impossible Burger except the price. It's supposed to cost less than beef, but not only is it not less, but it is actually more. WTF?

  64. Dark Light Motion

    Dark Light Motion13 dias atrás

    sodium is bad for people with heart disease *animal protein * *looks left* *looks right*

  65. Wendy col

    Wendy col14 dias atrás

    Have you ever read Nina Teicholz: The big Fat Lie? This is one of the reasons I don't eat vegan burgers any more.

  66. Michael Giovinazzi

    Michael Giovinazzi14 dias atrás

    Things I've learned from watching this: The 2 most popular veggieburgers, while higher in protein content than a hamburger, are actually less healthy for us than a hamburger. Now! Why can't I just be left alone to eat a beef hamburger (which, BTW, is already processed with soy) and my side salad?

  67. Føx Diły

    Føx Diły14 dias atrás

    For quinoa he said impossible burger not beef