Dodgeball: 2020 Pro Bowl Skills Showdown


  1. Char Greatestofalltime

    Char Greatestofalltime3 dias atrás

    Jarvis Landry SHOWED UP & OUT

  2. EliteDavid Horne

    EliteDavid Horne7 dias atrás

    Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge.

  3. Bruce A

    Bruce A8 dias atrás

    Finally the Browns won something

  4. BackToBenji

    BackToBenji9 dias atrás

    where is my boy derrick henry

  5. Emoinuyasha

    Emoinuyasha9 dias atrás

    This should be it's own thing. It's own tournament, It's own league, It's own playoffs, and a trophy to go with it too. Not just another NFL thing

  6. Patches O'houlihan

    Patches O'houlihan10 dias atrás

    Gotta show these boys how its done

  7. Carleton Rutherford

    Carleton Rutherford11 dias atrás

    ROFL!! They all turn into a bunch of 8 year olds immediately after the first game starts!! Hahahahaha!!!

  8. Lewis Anker

    Lewis Anker12 dias atrás

    i was just talking about how there should be arcades with dodge ball AND THEN I SEE THIS 2020

  9. Alpha

    Alpha13 dias atrás

    These people suck at dodgeball

  10. Mitch Bloch

    Mitch Bloch14 dias atrás

    They're going to upgrade Jarvis Landry's catching in Madden, even though it's super high

  11. Mitch Bloch

    Mitch Bloch14 dias atrás


  12. Riff

    Riff14 dias atrás

    Cheating in the first 10 seconds of the game and Bill Belichick nowhere to be found. Well.... just because he was not there does not mean he was not cheating. We all know the truth and the NFL covering it up for him.

  13. Kristen Cheney

    Kristen Cheney15 dias atrás

    It was awesome to see nfl football players to play dodgeball and to see Lamar Jackson in action.

  14. ana jesi

    ana jesi16 dias atrás


  15. Tyce Thurman

    Tyce Thurman16 dias atrás


  16. takigan

    takigan17 dias atrás

    Why would grown men who already play such a deep, strategic, highly athletic game waste their time playing such a grade school sport like football?

  17. Bradley Kobren

    Bradley Kobren17 dias atrás

    If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a superbowl

  18. Martin Pohl

    Martin Pohl17 dias atrás


  19. Hestia

    Hestia17 dias atrás

    These must be the cool kids in my school

  20. Trey Haynes

    Trey Haynes18 dias atrás

    I miss Odell in this event❤️

  21. David E Johnson

    David E Johnson18 dias atrás

    This totally different from the dodgeball I played in elementary school years ago!

  22. Jay Stewart

    Jay Stewart18 dias atrás

    Worst game of dodgeball I’ve ever seen. Jarvis Landry was awesome though.

  23. Tyrique Wideman

    Tyrique Wideman18 dias atrás

    “Get dat moneeey,Get dat moneeey”😂

  24. ZRobbie D

    ZRobbie D18 dias atrás

    Lamar, that was a false start my guy

  25. Chris Rides His Bike

    Chris Rides His Bike18 dias atrás

    this is actually the best skills comp event i've ever seen.

  26. Cyan Magneta

    Cyan Magneta19 dias atrás

    Id rather watch dodgeball than american football. Much more fun

  27. Lil ray

    Lil ray19 dias atrás

    Madden??? PUT THIS ON

  28. 1,000 subscribers with 0 videos

    1,000 subscribers with 0 videos19 dias atrás

    LJ#8 gonna leave nfl for professional dodgeball

  29. Elann Suvat

    Elann Suvat19 dias atrás

    Lamar "I came here to play dodgeball" Jackson. Lol.

  30. Kuya Rick Kelley

    Kuya Rick Kelley19 dias atrás

    Im not gonna lie, dodgeball is now my favorite part of the probowl

  31. Beast from the East

    Beast from the East19 dias atrás

    Bunch of professional athletes playing a kids game. Gotta love it

  32. OscaPaul 3

    OscaPaul 319 dias atrás

    It’s like field day I bet the players like this a lot

  33. 8 Ball

    8 Ball20 dias atrás


  34. 8 Ball

    8 Ball20 dias atrás


  35. squ ids

    squ ids20 dias atrás

    Jarvis Landry is extremely talented

  36. Nathan Cook

    Nathan Cook21 dia atrás

    Davante Adams did NOT cross the mid-line... That is some BS

  37. glock guy 87

    glock guy 8721 dia atrás

    I use to bust ass in dogeball my gym teacher called it war ball.

  38. Isaac Robinette

    Isaac Robinette21 dia atrás

    What is with the bucket hats

  39. Maurice Moss

    Maurice Moss21 dia atrás

    Their allowed to wear gloves? really?

  40. Brian Capp

    Brian Capp21 dia atrás

    Anyone else feel like they could have easily competed in this with pro athletes lmao

  41. TheChessPlayer

    TheChessPlayer21 dia atrás


  42. Captain Ginyu

    Captain Ginyu21 dia atrás

    I’m a simple man. I see Lamar Jackson playing dodgeball I watch it.

  43. RICKY B. A.

    RICKY B. A.22 dias atrás

    Wtf am I watching!? Has this always been a thing?

  44. KingNathann

    KingNathann22 dias atrás

    Ah yes, Dodgeball, the sport that can turn forge friendships into a brotherhood or a friendship into an enemy.

  45. Colin Horkan

    Colin Horkan22 dias atrás

    It's cool to see how they are just playing around and having fun

  46. Be Jay

    Be Jay22 dias atrás

    All black people playing and not one white person in the comment complaining. If this were all white players the comment will be filled with black people having a deep cry!

  47. Ewolf5150

    Ewolf515022 dias atrás

    Still the undisputed greatest phys Ed class game ever

  48. ethaniel betancourt

    ethaniel betancourt22 dias atrás

    Bro this person said I’m not out I saw him get hit

  49. HeyGuysIts EnZo

    HeyGuysIts EnZo22 dias atrás

    This is a cool idea

  50. zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsv22 dias atrás

    Totally missed an opportunity to say "bold move, let's see if it pays off."

  51. Sloppy Toppy

    Sloppy Toppy22 dias atrás


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    cryptocurrency bitcoin23 dias atrás

  53. Collie

    Collie23 dias atrás

    Who looked up who has the most rushing TDs in football after watching the ad?

  54. zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsv22 dias atrás

    Can we add this to the super bowl half time show??

  55. woiour loin

    woiour loin23 dias atrás

    They’re lucky no one was throwing wrenches out there...

  56. Brickholas

    Brickholas23 dias atrás

    So, this is better than NHL Shooting Stars? Really?

  57. Paul Abbate

    Paul Abbate23 dias atrás

    I cannot believe the announcers are going so bonkers for an NFL player who can catch a dodgeball

  58. Patriot Nation

    Patriot Nation23 dias atrás

    Landry is a beast

  59. woiour loin

    woiour loin23 dias atrás

    Patches, his balls dropped!

  60. Chris Gasseling

    Chris Gasseling23 dias atrás

    russel got hit off the back.he just kept playing

  61. Bob Jones

    Bob Jones23 dias atrás

    Russell Wilson was out at the start lmao refs can’t even manage this right

  62. Gregory McDonald

    Gregory McDonald23 dias atrás

    If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.