Dog Was SO Proud When Her Human Sister Finally Walked | The Dodo


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    So much Love.

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    Person: Why are you crying so loud Me:

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    Deserved to be #1 on trending man!

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    3:20 that dog is dancin look at him

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    trending is really trash

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    thats why dogs are the best friend of humans because understand and feels just like us

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    This is just the sweetest story ever! Much love to you 💕🙏

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    Oh you too!

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    helper boiye

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    Why is this beating the mirror sailboat on trending

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    This is such a happy video.

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    I hope nothing but the best for maya hope she grows perfectly with her amazing dog :)

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    I cant continue too many tears

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    K verga


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    If your so special give yourself around of applause.

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    Stupid onion ninjas!


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    How beautiful. Abby and her human sister giving each other praise and strength. This is what love truly is. Jesus bless them both. Happy tears in my eyes.

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    pe.sthlm31 minuto atrás was just time to cry a little... so cute and wonderful... much love

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    If that won't touch your heart I don't know what will. God bless this young girl, her doggy sister and her loving family. Thanks for sharing.

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    She’s gonna be heartbroken when her dog dies...

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    Omg! So beautiful & wonderful! Made my day! The best to you little one..keep walking you can do it...!!! You have a great friend in Abby!☺☺☺

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    Maya and Abby 😍 perfect lil angels ❤

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    It's gonna be a huge oof when that dog dies.

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    Two puzzle fit perfectly together with each other Abby and brave maya.

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    Wish they could get a prosthetic paw for Abby🐕

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    DODO you are the best!! This story and video was heart warming. Thank you for sharing Abby.

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    This is incredibly sweet ❤❤❤

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    So Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! You go girls! Be Blessed Always

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    Keep on fighting little girl! ❤️ What a lovely friendship.

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    Both Maya and Abby are so cute May their family have a happy and long life together

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    HEARTWARMING to see this dogs art just a man's best friend there everybody's

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    This grumpy old war veteran is overwhelmed with tears of compassion and cuteness.

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    Awwe this is the cutest thing ever!!

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    God bless you guys

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    This little girl is going to because mess when the dog passes away

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    A match made in heaven❤️ They are true buddies...

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    Human or not, family is family. 😍

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    OMG, there so cute. Doesn't it match? Abby and Maya? Its like they were meant to be together. I swear there so cute. God blessed them.

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    My fiancé and I both have cp and I take care of my girl, so when I see videos like this I can’t help but smile

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    She is a "really good dog"!

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    Bless her heart!!🤗🤗😘

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    This video made me fell 10 ft tall. Thank You and lots of love...

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    Awww she has cp that sucks but she can walk

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    I mix my dogs food with water too👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣🤣

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    Such a great bond there!! Congrats to Maya on WALKING for the first time!!! xo

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    The dog smiles every time she walks. ❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️

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    fuckin onions

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    beautiful beautiful story 💜 .. love conquers all

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    I so love this ,all the love and luck in the world to you all xxxx

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    Dog, human sister...🤔? *ereis fireboi on BRreporter and

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    She's a doll ❤

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    What a beautiful story!!! At the very end of this clip,Abby the dog was moving her leg as if walking with her as the little girl with c.p.standing up &started walking , you could feel the dog's heart / minds concerning & caring for her! Abby is a very sweet & smart intelligent dog!I'm so glad that they both have the beautiful friendships!!!And I'm so glad that she can walk now!

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    😭😢😍❤️I love this channel so much. What a wonderful amazing story! Great family

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    So cute☺️

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    great mommy ❤️

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    Im not crying it’s the onions 😭😭😩😩

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    Just one word : Beautiful 😊

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    Dynamic Duo...these little heroes are awesome ❤️☀️

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    I wish for this girl to be able to grow up to be a vet. Maybe someday science will make that possible. What an incredible bond these two share...

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    Great story

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    What an amazing little girl. Made me wanna cry when she got super excited about taking one step! Bless her little heart and her wonderful family.

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    so sweet, My sister has CP too, this made me cry to see the little girl walking. I know how difficult and tiring it is to learn how to walk for a person with CP. It is so great Abbey noticed how important it was too!

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    So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aw bless their hearts..

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    This warms my heart

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    Would a prosthetic on the front leg work, or just be a hindrance at this point?

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    Beautiful. Thank you

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    1:53 LMAO 😂

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    +lucas De France Thats... Awesome thinking xDD

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    chinese perhaps

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    omg maya and abby, you guys together it's so cute, I crying so much because I love dogs, I dont love anything else besides dogs, i have 3 with i can have billions i was my pleasure..

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    That´s wonderful 😭😘

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    tears of joy ! blessings.

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    I think BRreporter is broken, why does this have dislikes?

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    The dog in the background of the thumbnail tho 😂

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    And I am so proud of you 2 my cute little gels ----> Maya and Abby 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    What a beautiful pair of sweethearts xx

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    I wish to both of them a lot of fun!

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    What a very sweet little girl I am very glad that she's on her feet and walking she has an amazing family and she has the Heart of a Lion

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    57 dislike from who ? who dislike this ? these angels deserve our love and like and pray from our souls . this video made me cry even im 33 years old ... 57 dislike from 57 devils


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    Be sure you like the video

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    Just a beautiful story of a little girl and her dog. How well they complement each other

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    57 dislikes are trump supporters. U know people who dont have a heart

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    i wish good future for both of them...

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    I can’t watch these Dodo vids anymore. I’m tired of crying

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    "Bless Abby's heart, she'll eat it"😂😂😭

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    What a wonderful little girl and her pup! Thank you sweetie much for sharing 👱‍♀️❤️🐶

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    It would be nice if someone would make a prosthetic foot for Abby. They are very cute together, anyway.

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    May the Lord bless you Maya and your beautiful family. Abby is so sweet, with all the crap on BRreporter nowadays this story and beautiful family is a breath of fresh air.💛

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    Bless them both sweet as sugar x

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    Truely awesome!!

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    This is too sweet for words.😭😭