Double CHEESE BALL BARREL Challenge!! (ft. Morgan)


  1. HKelland 11

    HKelland 1158 minutos atrás

    Stop ✋ swearing

  2. Sevinc Sahin

    Sevinc SahinHora atrás

    I a turkis

  3. minişler lps ayçiçeği

    minişler lps ayçiçeği2 horas atrás

    Fırat 😂😂

  4. team rubix

    team rubix4 horas atrás

    Morgan is definitely high

  5. ram mahila

    ram mahila4 horas atrás

    I love morgan

  6. Random Fun

    Random Fun7 horas atrás

    Big fan from palistan

  7. Mikey Soriano

    Mikey Soriano11 horas atrás

    Dude on the right looks stoned out of his mind

  8. fried IT

    fried IT16 horas atrás

    rip gums

  9. Brandon Dunn

    Brandon Dunn16 horas atrás

    You should each do a box of pizza

  10. Laughs

    Laughs17 horas atrás

    Tortoise and heir

  11. Franco

    Franco19 horas atrás


  12. Léo pão ;-; num sei

    Léo pão ;-; num sei19 horas atrás

    3:57 kkkk

  13. laura chavez

    laura chavez19 horas atrás

    How haven’t u had a hard attack???

  14. Radeon

    Radeon20 horas atrás

    Matt Stonie: I eat 70 cheese balls in one bite Other guy:

  15. Mc4wiwy

    Mc4wiwy22 horas atrás

    I love how throughout the whole video matt just stared into the camera through the screen and into my soul There was only 8 times where he didn't make an attempt to posess me And also am i the only one who tried to do an eye ball staring contest with matt?

  16. friday thirteen

    friday thirteen22 horas atrás

    get a whole roast turkey, lets see if you can finish it

  17. Laura Films

    Laura Films23 horas atrás

    The way Matt looked at Morgan tho 4:29

  18. ساره الحربي

    ساره الحربيDia atrás

    والله الدللخه

  19. DjNxnsndj Djdjfjdjdjxj

    DjNxnsndj DjdjfjdjdjxjDia atrás


  20. Sad Vibes

    Sad VibesDia atrás

    I’ve never tried cheese balls

  21. Sad Vibes

    Sad VibesDia atrás


  22. Sad Vibes

    Sad VibesDia atrás

    Quavers are the best cheese snack

  23. Daagii Bataa

    Daagii BataaDia atrás

    hey you are a students

  24. KSTXCKZ Jackson

    KSTXCKZ JacksonDia atrás

    their too cute

  25. MH GAMER

    MH GAMERDia atrás

    You are eating so much food and it is rich in calories but yo didn't get fat that is impossible

  26. Garion Prak

    Garion PrakDia atrás

    I call this Saturday

  27. Kayden Jones

    Kayden JonesDia atrás

    somedays I feel like Matt, other days I feel like Morgan

  28. yeah im riding through the area

    yeah im riding through the areaDia atrás

    My dude high as fuck

  29. Mia Beasley

    Mia BeasleyDia atrás

    Morgan: *eats one cheese ball* "They taste better than they smell." Matt: *shoves huge handfuls in mouth*

  30. Diego Vidal

    Diego VidalDia atrás

    how he didn’t bite his tongue

  31. Sophia Kostanian Urvik

    Sophia Kostanian UrvikDia atrás

    1like =100 prayers for his toilet (edit) don't take beautiful toilets for granted :))

  32. peggy wen

    peggy wenDia atrás

    Matt eats a whole barrier, he’s fine... eats cheese dust, gets kidney stones😂

  33. Marshmallow Ice cream

    Marshmallow Ice creamDia atrás

    But are you still hungry?

  34. Balkan Albin

    Balkan AlbinDia atrás

    Wouldnt it be sick to SEE a colab between matt and mrbeast Like a video each calorie matt consoumes under a day = 1$ MRbeast gives him My english sucks i hope you understand

  35. Pink Poison

    Pink PoisonDia atrás

    they should sponsor you cause I just bought the exact same one from Walmart and my family eating them all in the kitchen now lol

  36. anonymous lol

    anonymous lol2 dias atrás

    "I'll get a kidney stone if I eat that" - Matt stonie *2019*

  37. Ahmed Affiliate

    Ahmed Affiliate2 dias atrás

    He didn’t lick his fingerrrs

  38. ToxicGunblade

    ToxicGunblade2 dias atrás

    4:25 Me looking at my brother defeating the final boss while i enjoy eating my cheese balls behind him

  39. Iulian Giros

    Iulian Giros2 dias atrás

    4:28 matt are o fata gen:fututi mortii eu l-am platit


    HAMZA SAIF2 dias atrás

    I’m hungry right now

  41. DurrMain

    DurrMain2 dias atrás

    I know its Matt Stonie and Morgan but after watching this it looks like Morgan is the stonied one.

  42. misael luna05

    misael luna052 dias atrás

    Morgan is eating the same way he was eating the hot Cheetos challenge one by by one lol 😂

  43. Kee and Cal Entertainment

    Kee and Cal Entertainment2 dias atrás

    Morgan should never be in another video with you

  44. Allen Brown

    Allen Brown2 dias atrás

    Matt's crunches sounds like the Chuck E Cheese ticket chomper😂😂😂

  45. Braelon Smith

    Braelon Smith2 dias atrás

    My sister downs those in her sleep

  46. Powerful Pudding

    Powerful Pudding2 dias atrás

    every time i have something by UTZ i think it probably made in the 90's and they keep changing the label because they made too many "BARRELS" of them

  47. Tomas Roberts

    Tomas Roberts2 dias atrás

    Easy peasy cheeto cheesy.

  48. Zay Min

    Zay Min2 dias atrás

    I love you I wanna make out with you

  49. Wolf 400

    Wolf 4002 dias atrás

    Me: How da hell u still skinny Matt: I exercise every day none stop till the next video Me: oh....


    MEMEZ ARE LIFE2 dias atrás

    Matt:washes hands instead of eating cheese Me: WAIT THAT'S ILLEGAL

  51. Jaglika HD

    Jaglika HD2 dias atrás


  52. Farrari Fan266

    Farrari Fan2662 dias atrás

    RIP cheese balls 1 like = 1 cheese ball 🧀 🎾

  53. Sumpala 666

    Sumpala 6663 dias atrás

    Ведро сырных шариков схавал!

  54. reddemon 945

    reddemon 9453 dias atrás

    Why you not lick your fingers matt

  55. [AFI] ImTooNxsty

    [AFI] ImTooNxsty3 dias atrás

    Imagine spending 1 hour of eating cheese balls

  56. yes i can

    yes i can3 dias atrás

    Matt Stonie: I can finish a small portion of food Adam Richman: that's cute

  57. I Don't Even Know a Good Name

    I Don't Even Know a Good NameDia atrás

    @yes i can Y do u think I watch GTA lmao.

  58. yes i can

    yes i canDia atrás

    @I Don't Even Know a Good Name Goku: this guy will never amount to anything in his life. Still watch GTA? Wow, what a kid.

  59. I Don't Even Know a Good Name

    I Don't Even Know a Good Name2 dias atrás

    Goku: Kids these days.

  60. PROgamer3000

    PROgamer30003 dias atrás

    Am i the only one who watches Matt Stonie and eats the same food he does? 😂

  61. Mia Wasabi

    Mia Wasabi3 dias atrás

    "Bolitas de queso" 😅

  62. A2J

    A2J3 dias atrás

    Matt *Stonie* Morgan *Stoned*

  63. CreeperInATux101

    CreeperInATux1013 dias atrás

    When mother buys cheese balls: