Dr. Phil WRECKS 12-year-old Fortnite Kid


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    Omg ur so funny

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    Honestly dude your bloody hilarious

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    I came back to this videobecause my friend revealed his face to me and this is him. He doesnt get angry that much. The worst he has done was throw his controller.🤣🤣 This was fake

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    I actually asked my mom to get this again it’s really good

  7. Lex Wilson

    Lex Wilson55 minutos atrás

    40 year old mom: Video games cause violence Me: *milking my cows in Minecraft*

  8. potatohead 123

    potatohead 123Hora atrás

    People: VIDEO GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE Me: planting a wheat farm to feed my cows and sheep

  9. Madeline ryleigh King

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    I walk my neighbors FOUR DOGS when they are on vacation and you know I could make a living out of it

  10. Elliot Wilson

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    His mom needs to ground him and make him come to the kitchen

  11. Karen McLaughlin

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    that mom is dumb ass

  12. Sofia S.

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    i think i peed a little bit on how funny this was

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    I already use "HelloFresh" ;-;

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    i think i like food

  15. Buttcheeks On my mind

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    It only white people that are going through this shit because white mom don't do shit and get treated like trash.

  16. NoLimit Monday

    NoLimit Monday12 horas atrás

    when you realize this is FaZe Highsky

  17. NoLimit Monday

    NoLimit Monday12 horas atrás

    Dude i know what you mean when you say try to survive xbox live lobby in 2012, for sure was a thing

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    0:04 *Your Welcome*

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  20. GvV- xX

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    8:44 R.I.P headphone users

  21. Little Green

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    Parent claims violent video games ruined their child, but the parent is the one who bought them not only the gaming platform and the game, and also a gaming headset, gaming chair, and controller. Get a fucking brain seriously

  22. Albert Cheng

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    8:00 that is my P.E/Gym Teacher in a nutshell

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    lol this was posted after my birthday

  24. DogeUnicornBoi Doggo

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    Adults: video games make you violent Me: *building a house for my Minecraft dog* Yea so violent. I’m sorry. I’m not funny.

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    Bowser is bae or else

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    umm i play about 6 hrs and if my mom gets a eye roll than i’m wearing 10 layers of pants

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    Bowser is bae

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    I thought the sponsor was “hella fresh” at first

  29. Felix Brawlhalla

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    Kid : fights another child Parents : Stop playing those violent games, theyre teaching you to be rude! Kid : *Feeds his dog and sheep in Minecraft* Kid : Uhh?

  30. Blight Playz

    Blight PlayzDia atrás

    He’s an Xbox gamer, the violent video games aren’t the reason he’s violent 😂

  31. Emma Semple

    Emma SempleDia atrás

    Like Ryan said, I do agree that these game are violent. But I play GTA and I’m not a violent person. BUT, there is definitely a difference to how I play, I don’t swear or cuss while playing, and I’m not aggressive. But I feel it’s a little much for the kids mother to say he might become another school shooter. But, it really does depend n how you look at the video game. Do you see it as just a game, or do you see it as a persons realistic behaviour

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    100,000 12 year Olds that bite people shooo

  34. Bronte Xanthopoulos

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    My dad played fort nite to beat my brother and show him who was boss

  35. [42] ScoutIsHappy

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    3:45 yes it is violent to my eyes and ears

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    Okay. Wow. You actually make me NOT want to skip the sponsers. Good job on being cool and interesting

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    RIP Headphone Users you will be missed

  38. I'm Board

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    im a gamer like if you get it

  39. Twinclud

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    i see nothing wrong with this kid he seemed so responsible.. *beats dog he's walking with golf club*

  40. Bionic Cornet

    Bionic Cornet2 dias atrás

    His expressions are like when I broke my big toe on a couch after I chased my brother

  41. Bionic Cornet

    Bionic Cornet2 dias atrás

    His expressions are like when I broke my big toe on a couch after I chased my brother

  42. Mason Williams

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    yeah lets roundhouse kick a kid. (works every time).

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    That intro tho 😂

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    Your super funny love your videos I watch the dr phill ones over and over again it’s just that funny

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    *im a gamer*

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    Dr. Ryan vs Dr. Phil

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    5:59 That jiggly jiggly got me good😂

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    I mean my favorite games are shooters and all my friends say I’m the nicest person I know

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    Bubba should play Farming Simulator.

  50. Exotiq

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    The news: VIDEO GAMES COUSES VIOLENCE Me: making a wooden minecraft house

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    this video had me dead omg💀💀💀

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    Bowser is bae ;)

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    Im not a boy but i will like

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    Xbox lobby in 2012 So ryan, u play cod?? 😃

  55. Xd Vipecx

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    Im a csgo player imagamer

  56. Tenor Saxophone

    Tenor Saxophone2 dias atrás

    I’m 12 I’m a girl but i still play games i mean I’m not violent or addicted I don’t play violent games but she probably should look into the games he wants before buying them there is an age limit my uncle plays these games he’s not violent and if your child calls you a peasant change the password to all of his gaming things make him do chores before giving him any of the codes or something else don’t listen to him

  57. Gage Burnaine

    Gage Burnaine2 dias atrás

    If the kid shoots up the school then it’s on his mom for saying he scare her.

  58. Sophie x

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    8:33 I literally choked on my coffee

  59. Illia Lyutenko

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    hwo is this kid i want to 1v1 him in minecraft boo fortnite

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    hey doctor phil do you like fishsticks

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    bowser is bae

  62. Saryah McCord

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    what smacked you in the face last night

  63. Saryah McCord

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    i see the hidden comment

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    We actually get hello fresh twice a month

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    When people are acting stupid i get mad I guess hes always angry with himself

  66. Erik Nissen

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    Why don’t they just turn off his internet

  67. TigerZGaming

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    If that was my son i would’ve drop kick that shit thn rko it and a bonus body slam

  68. TigerZGaming

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    If i call my mom a peasant Yeah....ill be dead

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    I’m Australian so I can’t use the hello fresh

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    Having a life and becoming a gang member can cause people to hurt other people to don't blame my pride and joy

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    Bowser is bae

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  73. GTW_ Marcelo

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    This is him

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  75. Bob Bob

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    I am Ashamed to be a human after seeing this spoiled kid

  76. XplosiveAxe

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    kid: I have cancer Mom: iT’s tHe tV

  77. Дамјан Тρајκов

    Дамјан Тρајκов3 dias atrás

    Why don't you just send him in scared straight it's a living hell 🔥💀

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    Creeper, aw man

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    "PEASANT, bring me a plate!!"

  81. Lucy Evans

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    What twelve yr old has a full tv in his room and I’m sorry but this mom could just take away the games and TV.

  82. Lucy Evans

    Lucy Evans3 dias atrás

    My brother is almost 17 and my dad said that he will never let gta be played in this house, so my brother doesn’t play it, it’s called PARENTING

  83. Lazar Beam

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    Ryan : Smash the like button if your a reckless child who bites people” Me : HELL YEAH” Btw I know I’m not the real lazarbeam but i can’t change my name for another month so plzz don’t dis me

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    @Lazar Beam I actually thought you were the real one. 😂👌🏼

  85. dream u N i t

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    *get really good at fortnite and beat his ass*

  86. hert_man

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    the trick is when the kid lets out his peasant demon screech you muster the power of the antichrist himself and let out the loudest most spine chilling screech that is so demonic and horrible that it will make even herobrine cower in fear. then he stops screeching

  87. _Zero水TACOツ

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    He looks like a 9 year old