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Dua Lipa - One Kiss / Electricity [2018 American Music Awards]


  1. Micha Ghaffar

    Micha Ghaffar5 horas atrás

    That 2:30 turn phewwwwww so effortless

  2. heyitzdee 5

    heyitzdee 59 horas atrás


  3. Ricardo Rodriguez

    Ricardo Rodriguez14 horas atrás

    Astounding performance! Very talented all around and very creative ! Leap of faith 🤩

  4. Jose Rosales

    Jose Rosales14 horas atrás


  5. Camille Andres

    Camille AndresDia atrás

    Au début c'était faux

  6. rully prawitasari

    rully prawitasariDia atrás

    She's more relax with her dance...practice makes perfect👌👌

  7. André Luiz

    André LuizDia atrás

    Ela ta tão linda nessa performance.

  8. Chacha Damita

    Chacha Damita2 dias atrás


  9. Sherry Young

    Sherry Young2 dias atrás

    Love this shhhhh!!!!!

  10. Victor Said Flores Romero

    Victor Said Flores Romero2 dias atrás

    La mejor de todas❤❤😍😍😍

  11. Laura Nathalie Avellaneda

    Laura Nathalie Avellaneda3 dias atrás

    I wanna dance like Dua

  12. Jeremy Anderson

    Jeremy Anderson3 dias atrás

    90's rave inspiration :D

  13. Sangeetha Kalawa

    Sangeetha Kalawa3 dias atrás


  14. Camryn Hood

    Camryn Hood3 dias atrás

    Electricity sounds like ... falling into you -Hillsong Young and free


    TONY ROSΛ3 dias atrás

    Very 90s

  16. sɪᴍᴇᴏɴ

    sɪᴍᴇᴏɴ4 dias atrás

    This bitch is killing the game. PERIODT.

  17. L Meto

    L Meto4 dias atrás

    We can barely hear her voice lol what a garbage performance

  18. L Meto

    L Meto4 dias atrás

    Boring and dull

  19. Cleopatra Doodles

    Cleopatra Doodles4 dias atrás

    Even though the performance wasn't brilliant - she has made huge progress with her stage presence. During her promo for her debut album, her stage presence was awful. She looked bored, awkward and generally didn't move. But now, she's embracing the "performance" aspect of her music.

  20. Matilde Veronese

    Matilde Veronese5 dias atrás

    I love you Dua, you are my idol ❤

  21. Stina1234

    Stina12345 dias atrás

    Oh god no don't try to dance! You can barely walk on beat

  22. Carlos A. Peña O.

    Carlos A. Peña O.5 dias atrás


  23. Martha KAIT

    Martha KAIT5 dias atrás

    After one year of experience I do not see changes. Only that now she is blonde. Mamma miaaaa, what a generous country.

  24. Roger smith

    Roger smith5 dias atrás

    she sound so tired

  25. Oso K

    Oso K6 dias atrás

    Dua 💕 it’s a great feeling when I walk in the mall or shopping centre and every where I go they play your music! A proud 🇽🇰🇦🇱🇨🇦

  26. Ronnie Llasus

    Ronnie Llasus6 dias atrás

    aaaaa that voice thooo💕

  27. Steven  Kane

    Steven Kane6 dias atrás

    That trust fall tho

  28. Triggered

    Triggered6 dias atrás

    She’s so hot

  29. Crystaisunshine MSP

    Crystaisunshine MSP6 dias atrás

    not one clothing store I go into that doesn't play this

  30. Micka Datwist

    Micka Datwist6 dias atrás

    I cant stand contemp trash and these new musical minnows.....but this song is top class

  31. xsahnasenpai

    xsahnasenpai6 dias atrás

    queen of body rolls.

  32. baigalmaa lkhagvasuren

    baigalmaa lkhagvasuren6 dias atrás

    This girl need really need to to dance. Boring

  33. 체리코튼

    체리코튼6 dias atrás

    진짜 장난 없다 ㅠㅠ 개좋아... 진짜 퍼포먼스도 쩔고 노래도 개쩔고 언니 진ㅉㅏ 부족한 게 뭐야 진짜 대박이다 대박 대박 대박 대박 ㅜㅜㅜ

  34. aracely ynga

    aracely ynga7 dias atrás


  35. Neil Nashef

    Neil Nashef7 dias atrás

    3:33 did any body else see the lesbian / bisexual couple kissing on stage? I send you love and wish you the best of respect, and Dua Lipa is so confident on stage!

  36. David Neiderman

    David Neiderman7 dias atrás

    She da bomb

  37. Hector

    Hector7 dias atrás

    Love it

  38. Saieda Qudusi

    Saieda Qudusi7 dias atrás

    CAN YALL JUST STOP COMPARING STARS AND PEOPLE TO ONE ANOTHER! stop being so damn negative too .... Your hate isn't wanted .....and stop comparing two separate 2 complete different artists with different artists

  39. Lucas Santos

    Lucas Santos7 dias atrás

    Very great performance

  40. Lukas Diamant

    Lukas Diamant7 dias atrás

    She Dont need auto-tune




  42. Felipe Dezidério

    Felipe Dezidério8 dias atrás


  43. Abraham

    Abraham8 dias atrás

    Awesome voice...terrible performance

  44. andrzej malinowski

    andrzej malinowski9 dias atrás

    Nice song,good horeografy,so many dancers I cant even counting them...

  45. Sara Humia

    Sara Humia9 dias atrás

    It starts remembering the 90's and ending like the 80's

  46. vinicius eduardo

    vinicius eduardo9 dias atrás

    1:54 ohh

  47. Owunle

    Owunle10 dias atrás

    3:33 somebody tell me why the heck were those two making out???🤔🤷🏼‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  48. NCS Music Nation

    NCS Music Nation10 dias atrás

    Love her music🔥

  49. Raúl's Music Box

    Raúl's Music Box10 dias atrás

    i love electricity's choreography, its so fresh and powerful

  50. smolemin

    smolemin11 dias atrás


  51. Daniel Harthcock

    Daniel Harthcock11 dias atrás

    Go back to paul

  52. Andrea Smith

    Andrea Smith12 dias atrás

    Okay but did anyone else notice the two girls kissing at 3:30 ? We love queer representation 💁🏼‍♀️🌈

  53. Mikey Marynicz

    Mikey Marynicz12 dias atrás

    I love this so damn much great performance dis 😍😍😍😍😍⭐️⭐️⭐️🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  54. galaxy_ boy

    galaxy_ boy12 dias atrás

    Not trying to be mean but she is better with autotune on. She still a good singer without it but still.

  55. Maddie Holling

    Maddie Holling12 dias atrás

    She is amazing omfg

  56. Raquel Rodriguez

    Raquel Rodriguez12 dias atrás

    Stop hating on Dua! You’re here to support her not talk bad about her dance moves or her profile picture! She’s Dua lipa and she is a QUEEN 👑💕💕⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  57. Seb

    Seb12 dias atrás

    Her face is like nah. But ass is like duuuuuuh🤪

  58. Roberta Paiva

    Roberta Paiva12 dias atrás


  59. aru rita

    aru rita13 dias atrás

    esta mujer me preña viva en los 20 primeros segundos miauu

  60. Anna Villela

    Anna Villela13 dias atrás

    All u judgementals motherfucker stfu and put the negative comments up your ass enjoy the fucking performance and stfu period.

  61. HAM ster

    HAM ster13 dias atrás

    1:54 😂😂😂

  62. Zacky Ugsod

    Zacky Ugsod13 dias atrás

    "Falling into you... (Ooh) ~" Can't be unheard now. 😳

  63. Nicholas Esquibal

    Nicholas Esquibal13 dias atrás

    3:36 Look at the left of Dua.....

  64. Gezen Tavuk Chicko

    Gezen Tavuk Chicko13 dias atrás

  65. Pervane Army

    Pervane Army13 dias atrás


  66. Felix Felix

    Felix Felix13 dias atrás

    Si si, eso fue una fiesta!!

  67. Franco

    Franco13 dias atrás

    Pensei que fosse a Pabllo Vittar

  68. In_Blue

    In_Blue13 dias atrás

    I love herㅠㅠㅠ she so gorgeous and attractive

  69. Eduardo B. Martins

    Eduardo B. Martins13 dias atrás

    1:53 😨😱Omg!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  70. Ant Thompson

    Ant Thompson13 dias atrás

    Can't sing or move for shit live. When you compare this to likes of whittney houston it's just sad. Kids lap this shit up though.

  71. Ndy Kasep

    Ndy Kasep13 dias atrás

    I’m shock

  72. camilo casadiegos

    camilo casadiegos13 dias atrás

    Me quiero morir deje de verme los premios 15 minutos y paso esto😱😱😱

  73. dyluuu lovser

    dyluuu lovser13 dias atrás

    la sigo desde su comienzo en el mundo de la música, está llegando muy lejos 🥳💖

  74. Jesa Medallo

    Jesa Medallo13 dias atrás

    One day she will take TS crown.

  75. Leon Peterson

    Leon Peterson13 dias atrás


  76. Raquel Rodriguez

    Raquel Rodriguez14 dias atrás

    Dua lipa inspires me so much she is the reason I want to be a singer one day! Keep chasing your dreams Dua, you’ve got the electricity!💕⚡️⚡️💕

  77. 123 456

    123 45614 dias atrás

    I Love U DUA LIPÁ

  78. Belén Seguel

    Belén Seguel14 dias atrás

    La mejor presentación del mundo 💜

  79. no name the name no

    no name the name no14 dias atrás

    Why they always including niggas

  80. Daniel Aguirre

    Daniel Aguirre14 dias atrás

    TOTAL ARTIST. can't wait for the next album...

  81. Cristina Di Genova

    Cristina Di Genova14 dias atrás


  82. Berat Yiğitoğlu

    Berat Yiğitoğlu14 dias atrás

    everyone is having fun 3:15

  83. matt

    matt14 dias atrás

    did y'all hear her little noise at 1:55, I kinda got scared lmao

  84. Kaleb Whitlow

    Kaleb Whitlow15 dias atrás

    How can you say this performance was not good?!. This was absolutely amazing! The colors, the dance, the ledge drop Dua did!! This performance was the definition of beauty and creativity!!! 💗💖💟DUALIPA

  85. JS 17

    JS 1715 dias atrás

    Every one sing hiphop/black music or pop. Dua slay electro music.

  86. JS 17

    JS 1715 dias atrás

    Good job dua. U have ur own style.

  87. dontcallmeraveen209

    dontcallmeraveen20915 dias atrás


  88. Jasmine Rico

    Jasmine Rico15 dias atrás

    I love Dua and these comments are all about her performance... I mean she doesn’t have to go out full choreography... she just has to enjoy performing and I thought she was enjoying herself and feeling herself in this performance

  89. Gastón Vecchio

    Gastón Vecchio15 dias atrás

    I love Ella's choreography! they seem super different .. less structured .. how more relaxed. I love her voice and her and everything! ❤️

  90. Zachary Benavidez

    Zachary Benavidez15 dias atrás

    Did anyone else notice the back up dancer in the yellow killin it? @2:27

  91. Daniel santiago

    Daniel santiago15 dias atrás

    Am i the only one whos loved this performance??!!! Dude seriouslly, This is soo 90's and Satishfy to Watch!!!

  92. Maja Musioł

    Maja Musioł15 dias atrás

    MY QUEEN ❤👑

  93. Deep  Flow

    Deep Flow15 dias atrás

    01:52 Only if she hadn't tried to sing while she was falling (I will give it to you, AAWWWH, baby)

  94. Deep  Flow

    Deep Flow15 dias atrás

    Best moment 01:22

  95. D0NKEY K0NG

    D0NKEY K0NG15 dias atrás

    Dua Lipa rocks 😍

  96. Jackson Weber

    Jackson Weber16 dias atrás

    This is reminds me Top of The pops dunno

  97. Bao Lg

    Bao Lg16 dias atrás

    1;25 ONE!!! that leave me shoc kk

  98. itslaine nicdao

    itslaine nicdao16 dias atrás

    2:19 dancer

  99. 幹臭肥宅什麼都你婆

    幹臭肥宅什麼都你婆16 dias atrás


  100. Julian Andres Penagos Ramos

    Julian Andres Penagos Ramos16 dias atrás

    I'm in agreement

  101. L'univers Des jumelles

    L'univers Des jumelles16 dias atrás

    3:35 next to Dua Lipa ?????