Eagles' defense did not play up to par against New York Giants - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDMês atrás

    Will the Eagles win the NFC East?

  2. Joe Rivera

    Joe RiveraMês atrás

    Skip is such little joy isn't he😂 idiot!!

  3. Kaye Loresca

    Kaye LorescaMês atrás

    hey 2mk4c

  4. Slim 803

    Slim 803Mês atrás


  5. Aj Brown

    Aj BrownMês atrás


  6. Celyphillyswag Quintana

    Celyphillyswag QuintanaMês atrás

    Walk it to em 😆😆😆

  7. Datnigacyf

    DatnigacyfMês atrás

    skip hates Barkley cause hes quick to down play the horrible job soldier did last night

  8. Mina #9

    Mina #9Mês atrás

    I told Eagle Nation that game was gonna be a cheek clincher. But I didn't even think it was gonna be that bad.

  9. Proud African American

    Proud African AmericanMês atrás

    Mina #9 Same here

  10. Mina #9

    Mina #9Mês atrás

    It was a day-luge Shannon? Awww that was cute

  11. Michael Engelmann

    Michael EngelmannMês atrás

    I thought Mills was our best corner. Wentz made our 2nd & 3rd string look like starters❤

  12. Matt Horenci

    Matt HorenciMês atrás

    they pitched a shutout in the second half...

  13. Morph

    MorphMês atrás

    skip saying he doesnt think it rained in the 4th quarter... Yes it did skip I was there in the endzone section 129. it rained non stop ALL GAME LONG and on the drive home.

  14. Tracy Richardson

    Tracy RichardsonMês atrás

    So skip tried to come at wentz for “playing bad” for the first 3 qrts of tha game until the 4th.... But when Timothy Tebow did that on the regular all he would say Is that he won the game 🙄🙄🙄

  15. Zephan Joseph

    Zephan JosephMês atrás

    Ward isn’t a rookie. He’s been killing it in the preseason for the last three years and finally made the roster

  16. Draon

    DraonMês atrás

    I was there Skip, it did rain on and off in the 4th QRT

  17. jakegetscake

    jakegetscakeMês atrás

    Lol ok skip and the eagles beat the packers bills bears and jets all teams the cowboys lost to lmao

  18. Hubert Mroziński

    Hubert MrozińskiMês atrás

  19. Name Here

    Name HereMês atrás

    Can Eli just play for the rest of the season? Let Danny Dimes get his rest and have Eli have some fun, please?

  20. squirt saso

    squirt sasoMês atrás

    Eagles ravens Super Bowl

  21. Antonio Kim

    Antonio KimMês atrás

    Dang I forgot the Giants do play in NFL

  22. Friedemann Dalquen

    Friedemann DalquenMês atrás

    Does anyone know a PC madden 20 connected Franchise? I would take any team wich is still free

  23. neetrab

    neetrabMês atrás

    It rained in the 4th quarter, Skip. SORRY!! It looked like it let up in OT.

  24. Proud African American

    Proud African AmericanMês atrás

    neetrab Skip knows it did but he doesn’t want to give the eagles any credit.

  25. Donald Grant

    Donald GrantMês atrás

    I guess the cowboys and eagles flipped a coin to see who had to go to the playoffs. The eagles lost, they have to go.

  26. Prophet YouTube

    Prophet YouTubeMês atrás


  27. christopher frey

    christopher freyMês atrás

    Skips turn, time look at another video

  28. Brian Middleton

    Brian MiddletonMês atrás

    Darby has been goving up big plays since he came to philly when he isnt hurt. He has to go

  29. Hazy

    HazyMês atrás

    Whoever wins, is losing first round. Neither team should be happy with where their team is.

  30. BCuda2010

    BCuda2010Mês atrás

    The NFC East for a long time was one of the best all around divisions... they look pathetic this year 😂

  31. Peter Torres

    Peter TorresMês atrás

    A win is a win, regardless of how it comes. As good as Ertz played, let's not discount the difference Boston Scott made on multiple levels. Any team will take a W anyway they can get it. FLY EAGLES FLY

  32. Ali Muhammad

    Ali MuhammadMês atrás

    An im not a cowboy fan buddy dallas jus healthy an not injured philly wont win another game...too hurt

  33. Ali Muhammad

    Ali MuhammadMês atrás

    Dallas own the nfc east so bye philly 6-10 for yall

  34. Jesse Cervantes

    Jesse CervantesMês atrás

    And we beat the bills bears and packers buddy 😂

  35. Mikey Rymer

    Mikey RymerMês atrás

    I know he only had one receiver but Carson still did not play well

  36. David Wight

    David WightMês atrás

    I'm surprised we can understand Shannon with walk-it-to-em wentz's balls in his mouth.

  37. David Wight

    David WightMês atrás

    The NFC east is so funny to watch, one of Philly or Dallas gonna get a home playoff game, probly against Seattle, yikes.

  38. BOOM BRO

    BOOM BROMês atrás

    Haha bro these stupid Giants couldn’t keep the game 😂💀

  39. Caleb Gonzalez

    Caleb GonzalezMês atrás

    Skip “mmm” bayless

  40. Diane Jones

    Diane JonesMês atrás

    Didn't Skip say before the game that he liked the Giants chances with Eli over Jones???? Now, Eli just got "thrown in". Anything to fit his narrative

  41. Proud African American

    Proud African AmericanMês atrás

    Diane Jones Good point 👍🏿

  42. Raabert Ellis

    Raabert EllisMês atrás

    May have been wentz best game.

  43. Nellz O Nellz

    Nellz O NellzMês atrás

    Hahahah Jenny is funny asl. She said i would like a tv too Shannon

  44. Seth Eisenbeis

    Seth EisenbeisMês atrás

    brreporter.com/v/video-aJM3w9-rLag.html wow so damn good wow chronicles!

  45. Seth Eisenbeis

    Seth EisenbeisMês atrás


  46. The Snookman

    The SnookmanMês atrás

    I'm encouraged that Shay is discouraged 'cause the Eagles lack the courage to be encouraged therefore I too am discouraged.;)

  47. Landon Northcut

    Landon NorthcutMês atrás

    😂😂Danny dimes throwing nickels an pennys

  48. Snow man

    Snow manMês atrás

    The moment when I miss click

  49. JudeApostle

    JudeApostleMês atrás

    Good old "Terence Trent" D'Arby

  50. Dbz Lover

    Dbz LoverMês atrás

    I love the Eagles

  51. Aj Brown

    Aj BrownMês atrás


  52. johnson mario

    johnson marioMês atrás

    We're did they get the nicknames from

  53. Young Disciple

    Young DiscipleMês atrás

    If the eagles didn't have to play Dallas then I think that they would barely make the playoffs but I think Dallas has their number for some reason(skill position match ups) and I think Dallas easily beats Washington and those two games will give them confidence. P.s Anyone reading this, go give my record © a listen and tell me what you think!

  54. haze

    hazeMês atrás

    Skip keeps deflecting the fact that the Eagles have NO wide receivers left and Wentz won with what he had left. It was a very unimpressive win but what Wentz did was encouraging.

  55. Phillip Jennings

    Phillip JenningsMês atrás

    Hahaa the Eagles win is impressive but they shitting on the Chiefs beating the Patriots.😂😂😂

  56. Frank Stange

    Frank StangeMês atrás

    Eagles wide receivers suck

  57. John Able

    John AbleMês atrás

    Eagles need Antonio Brown

  58. Tone Desh

    Tone DeshMês atrás

    Bounce it to’em Wince.. 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂

  59. StephenLucey3

    StephenLucey3Mês atrás

    I’d like to see Dak win with only one wide receiver they had from the practice squad the week before, no RT, and at best their fourth running back. He has starters at nearly all positions...

  60. Nick Taylor

    Nick TaylorMês atrás

    "Skip it's my turn to talk, thank you very much..."

  61. Stephen B. Smith

    Stephen B. SmithMês atrás

    Carson Wentz was throwing to people they signed off the streets. I'm pretty sure I could have made that WR core.

  62. Lil kelvin McMurtry

    Lil kelvin McMurtryMês atrás


  63. Seven Mill

    Seven MillMês atrás

    Dude interrupt Shay every time Shay speak....Rude.....

  64. Domo Skywalker

    Domo SkywalkerMês atrás

    So they not gonna talk about how the time ran out at the end of the 4th quarter and they let Eagles get the play off???

  65. Zombie Ape

    Zombie ApeMês atrás

    Please philly 😫 draft corners please ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  66. kou moua

    kou mouaMês atrás

    But skiuup, the cowboys beat them with a healthy squad, the eagles weren't a healthily squad. Fair to say is it not?

  67. Justice Edwards

    Justice EdwardsMês atrás

    I blame the coach of the giants. He ain't have no game plan in dat second half

  68. Nasai Dyer

    Nasai DyerMês atrás

    The Eagles are my favorite team but it's just not our season

  69. matthew burdette

    matthew burdetteMês atrás

    Darby didn’t you mean