Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019


  1. Real Gambino

    Real GambinoDia atrás

    Let's not forget LAMAR JACKSON THE 🐏

  2. Cherry Tolliver

    Cherry Tolliver2 dias atrás

    We destroyed the eagles 🦅

  3. Alexio12 Plays

    Alexio12 Plays3 dias atrás

    Kinda reminds me of the 37-9 beatdown they gave us in 2017...

  4. Jonathan Williams

    Jonathan Williams9 dias atrás

    U can only beat your division opponents but can’t beat the jets cowboys are garbage

  5. priyal patel

    priyal patel11 dias atrás

    What is the score for the patriots and Jets patriots Had 30 and the Jets had zero

  6. Mann Made

    Mann Made13 dias atrás

    That Jaylon Smith roughing the passer was completely ticky-tack BS. The way these damn refs baby these QB is ridiculous.

  7. Princeneyo22

    Princeneyo226 dias atrás

    You cannot hit the qb in the head neck area at all or below the knees he hit him in the head dosen't matter if it was hard or not you can't do it it's in the rules they will call it almost every time.

  8. TheRantingRooster

    TheRantingRooster13 dias atrás

    Good job 'boys, just focus one game, one win at a time. Now repeat this next week.

  9. Steven Matt

    Steven Matt13 dias atrás

    Hey rob parker listen up, put your clueless lips on dak Prescott's ass Tell us again about your elite philly qb Who got smoked by the fradulate one Lololol

  10. Clifford Driver

    Clifford Driver14 dias atrás

    The Cowboys need to run the S out of their running back, that's the only way he develops his quickness and speed, he doesn't get in condition by not utilizing everything to get him there.

  11. Justin Barton

    Justin Barton14 dias atrás

    Prescott 37-21 since 2016, including post season. 35-19 regular season. But he sucks 🤷‍♂️

  12. Cody Minor

    Cody Minor14 dias atrás

    Cowboys are my favorite NFC Team

  13. Van Morrison

    Van Morrison15 dias atrás

    Let's face it,the Cowboys haves no respect for your Eagles either.thatbad!

  14. Mann Made

    Mann Made16 dias atrás

    I swear these Refs are out in force against the Cowboys.

  15. 5StarFilmz

    5StarFilmz16 dias atrás

    Weak NFC east

  16. Matthew W

    Matthew W17 dias atrás

    1:06 sorry

  17. Matthew W

    Matthew W17 dias atrás

    10:06 lol

  18. Mike Tisone

    Mike Tisone17 dias atrás

    Dak Prescott don't give a damn....that's heart ❤!

  19. Chris Sugar

    Chris Sugar18 dias atrás


  20. jonas oberholzer

    jonas oberholzer18 dias atrás


  21. ほるすたいん

    ほるすたいん18 dias atrás

    日本人挙手🙋‍♂️ ⤵︎ ︎⤵︎ ︎

  22. Tyler Carson

    Tyler Carson20 dias atrás

    Where is Michael bennett???

  23. Affordable Sticks

    Affordable Sticks11 dias atrás

    He wasn't a cowboy yet

  24. King Lou's family

    King Lou's family20 dias atrás

    Hello world my mom past away last Thursday in Dallas and I’m asking you for your help please www.gofundme.com/f/1sjec92500?+share-sheet&rcid=971a3a3219ba4afeb556f7f3ff6aa918

  25. Sasha Gonzalez

    Sasha Gonzalez20 dias atrás

    Cowboys lose to jets come back win against this says how much we needed cooper smith Cobb and Collins so all those people who said we were gonna lose y’all were wrong and eagles fans over here sayin oh were missin somebody we were missin are whole line basically and y’all were still talking

  26. camaro rider

    camaro rider21 dia atrás

    0:34 wtf??? lmao


    PEARLDIVER21 dia atrás

    So your a grown man acting like an idiot because you did your job. Let's see your mechanic jump around like a fool after he mounts your tire. You look stupid.

  28. Pancho Pistolas

    Pancho Pistolas22 dias atrás

    Cowboys win Cowboys win on the Bye week. They suck too

  29. مصراوي

    مصراوي22 dias atrás

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  30. مصراوي

    مصراوي22 dias atrás

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  31. Shawn Joyce

    Shawn Joyce22 dias atrás

    Can we finally stop arguing who is the better QB when it comes to Dak and Wentz?

  32. 0-6 GONZA1EZ

    0-6 GONZA1EZ22 dias atrás

    Lmao Orlando

  33. Janet Fleming

    Janet Fleming22 dias atrás

    If we can beat the Eagles we can beat the patriots

  34. Philip Turner

    Philip Turner22 dias atrás

    Cowboys Zeke & Coop had so much Blood on em

  35. Hazy

    Hazy23 dias atrás

    How about them eagles?

  36. Matthew W

    Matthew W23 dias atrás

    Wentz is the man... Cowboys suck. He showed is true talent on Sunday

  37. Donald Floyd

    Donald Floyd23 dias atrás

    That pick was Carson wentz fault fs, stared A J the whole way, wasn't to pressured and into dub coverage, let's go Carson

  38. Kingzach-yt _

    Kingzach-yt _23 dias atrás


  39. jayjaylen75

    jayjaylen7523 dias atrás

    8:20 Jones really tried to ninja kick Woods🤣🤣🤣

  40. jayjaylen75

    jayjaylen7523 dias atrás

    6:08 Maher was like "I know I fugged up a couple of times but gatdamn it I still got IT!"

  41. Randy Talltree

    Randy Talltree23 dias atrás

    I think Zeke has dropped some weight.

  42. Orlando Gonzalez

    Orlando Gonzalez23 dias atrás

    EDP445 is actually mad right now😂

  43. Amanda Jones

    Amanda Jones23 dias atrás

    my favortie team is dallas cowboys so i want you to do a vid that everyone will watch of dallas cowboys#dakhelpuswinsuperbowl

  44. WeakPulloutGame

    WeakPulloutGame23 dias atrás

    8:21 Byron Jones lmao

  45. KSA entertainment shows

    KSA entertainment shows23 dias atrás

    Awesome match

  46. Runs with Bulls

    Runs with Bulls23 dias atrás

    I've watched it so many times and I just don't see how Zeke was ruled down at the 1 yard line. His knee never made contact with the ground. Oh well.

  47. Eddie Edris

    Eddie Edris23 dias atrás

    Don’t blame Wentz blame our defense.

  48. Eddie Edris

    Eddie Edris23 dias atrás

    Exactly “fumble” our team needs to block but I can’t blame ya with INT

  49. Affordable Sticks

    Affordable Sticks23 dias atrás

    Wentz threw INT and fumbled twice

  50. Kory Thorpe

    Kory Thorpe24 dias atrás

    That Zeke move on Brandon Graham was amazing good....omg put him on skates

  51. Randall Crow

    Randall Crow24 dias atrás

    brreporter.com/v/video-xTYhMlmkuiQ.html........meanwhile in Dallas

  52. Adolfo Sevilla

    Adolfo Sevilla24 dias atrás

    Amazing how they started to use deep quarter coverage in the mid 3rd quarter

  53. Elijah Garver

    Elijah Garver24 dias atrás

    COWBOYS are beast #the best team ever

  54. David Banner

    David Banner24 dias atrás

    03:29 Damn TP!!!

  55. Judith Chrisley

    Judith Chrisley24 dias atrás

    com on cow boys

  56. Otto Sizemore

    Otto Sizemore24 dias atrás

    I dont care what anyone says the Eagles will get revenge.I am a die hard Philly fan.When ever this happens I go back to Eagles superbowl year and there first superbowl win against the Patriots.They will never take that from us.Besides there is lots of football left.

  57. Affordable Sticks

    Affordable Sticks23 dias atrás

    Eagles have lost 6 of their last 7 games to Dallas in Philadelphia so good luck w/ that lol

  58. Daniel Starr

    Daniel Starr24 dias atrás

    Eagles were scared of all those tornadoes going on during the game.

  59. jermaine 86

    jermaine 8624 dias atrás

    That lost to the jets may cost us...cause the back end of the Cowboys schedule is rough...if the win 10 to 11 games i would lock them in as a super bowl threat...next 5 weeks will show how good dallas really is...

  60. Ron Riggs

    Ron Riggs24 dias atrás

    Malcolm Jenkins: Did anybody get the number on that truck that just ran me TF over? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  61. Nancy Rodriguez

    Nancy Rodriguez25 dias atrás

    We Cowboy fans needed this win. Love our boys 🏈🥇

  62. Doktor Bundy

    Doktor Bundy25 dias atrás

    6:04 This commentator is so dumb, he cant see anything on his own, even this clear FG he is always waiting for the signal of the officials. This is something I noticed many times.

  63. ThE PrEdAtOr

    ThE PrEdAtOr25 dias atrás

    Dallas moves up to the top 18 now

  64. Johnny the strong arm Johnny the strong arm

    Johnny the strong arm Johnny the strong arm25 dias atrás

    Cry eagles cry 😢 I love it f^*+# the eagles only one Sb haha haha you all suck!!! Lmao 😆

  65. Derek Savage

    Derek Savage25 dias atrás

    Every sport has a team like the Cowboys. MLB has the Yankees, NHL has the Canadians, NBA has the Lakers and Celtics. They have massive fanbases and everyone else hates them for it. Even Soccer has Real Madrid and Manchester United. But like... at LEAST the Yankees has TWENTY-SEVEN World Series titles. At least the Lakers and Celtics have 10 more finals wins than any other team. You can't be the prestigious team unless you have the hardware no one else has. If your trophy room is the shiniest, that's how you know you're prestigious. The Cowboys aren't even first in Super Bowl titles. In fact........ they're not even second. Two teams have more Super Bowls than they do. Either they're not really the Yankees of the NFL, or they're the most disappointing sports franchise in history. You can't call yourselves the Yankees, when you haven't even matched the Cardinals.

  66. High Vibrations

    High Vibrations22 dias atrás

    Keep hate watching. We appreciate it because at the end of the day it is what makes the Cowboys as popular as they are. High viewership from haters and lovers.