Earth Wind & Fire Medley - 2015 Disneyland All American College Band


  1. Tactical_blasters 139

    Tactical_blasters 13910 dias atrás

    I’m a bassoonist/ alto sax player. This is fucking awesome

  2. Shiverzeeeiraa

    Shiverzeeeiraa3 meses atrás

    qual o nome dessa primeira musica executada?

  3. Shiverzeeeiraa

    Shiverzeeeiraa3 meses atrás

    what's the name of this first song performed?

  4. Carla Brown

    Carla Brown5 meses atrás


  5. Anne Liesveld

    Anne Liesveld6 meses atrás

    Is this a different group each year? From random colleges. Never realized they were in existence

  6. Rory Lewis

    Rory Lewis8 meses atrás

    did they play the song reasons by eath wind and fire

  7. Jose Saavedra

    Jose Saavedra9 meses atrás

    Alright, who let their pep band loose?

  8. capitão montygomeri

    capitão montygomeri10 meses atrás

    Esses dois trompetes são surreais !!

  9. Alex supreme

    Alex supremeAnos atrás

    Did amazing just that there is no boogie wonderland

  10. Kenny Eaton

    Kenny EatonAnos atrás


  11. Tee Dogg 2003

    Tee Dogg 2003Anos atrás

    Go to 1:04 if you want to skip the introduction thank me later

  12. Kevin M. Da Silva

    Kevin M. Da SilvaAnos atrás

    Beautifulll performace!!!...very good!!!!

  13. Carlos Henrique

    Carlos HenriqueAnos atrás

    Alguém sabe o nome da musica 1:08 ???

  14. Mitchell Drubetskiy

    Mitchell Drubetskiy8 meses atrás

    Carlos Henrique in the stone

  15. Olivia Erhardt

    Olivia ErhardtAnos atrás

    Oh my god that mello duet at 4:12.... that is amazing.

  16. Oh Bobcat

    Oh BobcatAnos atrás

    Someone make sheet music for the ending trumpet solos :)

  17. epic dude

    epic dudeAnos atrás

    This band is full of amazing, talented players, who are lively and energetic, and they all put on an amazing show!

  18. NovaInc.

    NovaInc.2 anos atrás

    Imagine a full college sized marching full of talented people like this

  19. Sir Underbridge

    Sir Underbridge2 anos atrás

    This is like a gay version of FutureCorps.

  20. Don't Cry Craft

    Don't Cry Craft2 anos atrás

    David from U of M is my student teacher. He left today. 👎

  21. 須藤秀彰

    須藤秀彰2 anos atrás


  22. Xavier P

    Xavier P2 anos atrás

    The pure coordination of this group is beyond compare. Add the fact that all of them are killer musicians, this is amazing

  23. Barney Winn

    Barney Winn2 anos atrás

    Woody winn QVC

  24. Xavier Robinson

    Xavier Robinson2 anos atrás


  25. flynnryan

    flynnryan2 anos atrás

    can we compile the playlist here? Starts with "In the Stone" followed by "September" then a couple I can't identify... eventually 'Let's groove tonight" "Fantasy"

  26. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez2 anos atrás

    flynnryan then after "That's the way of the world," it's "the bands version of "Africano" then "let's groove tonight" and you know the rest lol

  27. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez2 anos atrás

    flynnryan so after "September," it's "that's the way of the world"

  28. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez2 anos atrás

    flynnryan he says them at the beginning of the vid

  29. Stephania Salcido

    Stephania Salcido2 anos atrás


  30. Stephania Salcido

    Stephania Salcido2 anos atrás


  31. Ethan Magursky

    Ethan Magursky2 anos atrás

    that trumpet player hit the E over double c .-. 10:30

  32. BrandonPryorMusic

    BrandonPryorMusic2 anos atrás

    His inner Maynard Ferguson came out

  33. suazo

    suazo2 anos atrás

    Yeah that was pretty damn clean

  34. Brandon Lopez

    Brandon Lopez2 anos atrás

    holy trumpet!

  35. Laura martinets

    Laura martinets2 anos atrás

    My French horn teacher is playing here

  36. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez2 anos atrás

    Laura martinets who? That's really cool

  37. Mary Broadcast

    Mary Broadcast2 anos atrás

    great video, have a look at my videos too. Thx! Cheers Mary

  38. Kevin Kokx

    Kevin Kokx2 anos atrás

    those trumpets holy shit this is the best version of this group ever

  39. Daniel Hawkins

    Daniel Hawkins3 anos atrás

    Good to see you ladies in a group like this; I hope they keep playing.

  40. Anne Liesveld

    Anne Liesveld6 meses atrás

    Maybe he was posting to certain friends??

  41. harambe

    harambe3 anos atrás

    Daniel Hawkins theyre not all ladys...

  42. Naku Penda Piya

    Naku Penda Piya3 anos atrás

    Maurice White liked this

  43. Naku Penda Piya

    Naku Penda Piya3 anos atrás

    the best medley

  44. TheTorv3

    TheTorv33 anos atrás

    Song at 5:38?

  45. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez2 anos atrás

    TheTorv3 It's the bands version of Earth Wind and Fire's "Africano"

  46. Lennon Beniga

    Lennon Beniga3 anos atrás

    The trumpet though wow

  47. TheLegat65

    TheLegat653 anos atrás

    а две девушки играют на мелофонах!

  48. Kevin Xu

    Kevin Xu3 anos atrás

    song at 7:06 ?

  49. Murux

    Murux3 anos atrás

    Let's Groove

  50. Perry Parsons

    Perry Parsons3 anos atrás

    Beyond awesome. That there are only two mellophones that do yeoman duty, is off the charts. No surprise that they have the trumpet section they have, absolutely the creme of the crop from DCI, bow before you as a fellow trumpet player, you guys are into registers I only envision.

  51. why not

    why not3 anos atrás

    9:20 to the end tho

  52. José Guerrero

    José Guerrero3 anos atrás

    I love Mellophone!!!

  53. Henk Troost

    Henk Troost3 anos atrás

    Very good band... Holland can learn, a lot from this...

  54. Smash22TX

    Smash22TX3 anos atrás

    From all of the comments, I was expecting a GRP caliber performance...this was decent. The two trumpets at the end we very good. I could do without all of the lame dancing. For an All American College Band, I wasn't impressed. My High School band did a similar arrangement and would have mopped the floor with these guys. They were good, but I would expect more from an All American College Band.

  55. Igor Herstel

    Igor Herstel9 meses atrás

    Man, music is not a competition, stop bragging. And for the record, it's fine that you don't like the dancing, but you have to respect and appriciate the talent that it takes to dance and play their musical instruments at the same time like that. Come on!

  56. Bryan

    BryanAnos atrás

    Smash22TX Would you like it better if they just stood there and didn’t dance? Maybe you didn’t like the dancing but the kids in the audience do. I am sure someone in the audience of the concert your high school band did recorded it. Would you mind showing proof the the performance that you claimed could mop the floor with them?

  57. Dang Dickinson

    Dang DickinsonAnos atrás


  58. Dad The Crewmate

    Dad The Crewmate3 anos atrás

    It's Disney

  59. Rj Garcia

    Rj Garcia3 anos atrás

    Anyone know the exact title of medley they played? I tried searching for it, and I didn't find any good studio recordings of it


    GENER CANTO EUÁN3 anos atrás

    +Rj Garcia Excelente.

  61. Rj Garcia

    Rj Garcia3 anos atrás

    +GENER CANTO EUÁN thank you! I was just there last week! Loved watching them


    GENER CANTO EUÁN3 anos atrás

    Earth Wind and Fire.

  63. MrViolero

    MrViolero3 anos atrás


  64. MrViolero

    MrViolero3 anos atrás


  65. Julia Dot

    Julia Dot3 anos atrás

    kick'n ASS ! E,W&F WUD B PROUD

  66. Gabe Nunley

    Gabe Nunley3 anos atrás

    Tenor sax solo was eh

  67. davet11

    davet114 anos atrás

    4 thumbs down? Disney pays these kids just $420/ the top of their game... those trombones... those trumpets....and Disney rewards them with $420/week. Maybe the thumbs down were for Disney.

  68. Anne Liesveld

    Anne Liesveld6 meses atrás

    400 bucks a week is $$. Is experience not enough??

  69. Bryan

    BryanAnos atrás

    BrandonPryorMusic Some of them do but not as common as you think. Usually around 4/5 members marched DCI

  70. BrandonPryorMusic

    BrandonPryorMusic2 anos atrás

    davet11 so what? Most of them probably march DCI too and they don’t get paid for that at all.

  71. Daniel Ruiz

    Daniel Ruiz2 anos atrás

    davet11 Look at this more like an internship than a job.


    DMCBTTF MASA4 anos atrás


  73. andylp lp

    andylp lp4 anos atrás

    muy muy buenoo

  74. Nythlen

    Nythlen4 anos atrás

    Disney OP

  75. Jaden Lee

    Jaden Lee4 anos atrás

    2012 was the best by far!!!

  76. bariguru

    bariguru4 anos atrás

    Good night those trumpets!!!!

  77. ikarooz

    ikarooz4 anos atrás

    I've been a fan of this ensemble for years. Thank goodness we can follow them on YT. They maintain a high standard of excellence. The producers, instructors and director deserve high praise.

  78. Dad The Crewmate

    Dad The Crewmate4 anos atrás

    Wait for 2020 and add a clarinet part and hook me up

  79. Dad The Crewmate

    Dad The CrewmateAnos atrás

    I play alto sax and trumpet as well. I said that before I got serious about learning trumpet and sax

  80. Lynn Hall

    Lynn Hall2 anos atrás

    Brad Pilcher If you can play saxophone, they recommend doubling on clarinet and/or flute/piccolo.

  81. Nicholas Brister

    Nicholas Brister4 anos atrás

    The chops on those trumpets are unreal.

  82. 923rememberme

    923rememberme4 anos atrás

    So awesomely talented

  83. Vikke95

    Vikke954 anos atrás

    Holy cow that trumpet guy has some power

  84. Mike C

    Mike C4 anos atrás

    Madelyn Cook!!! So glad to see that you're really making a name for yourself in the music world!