Ed Sheeran & Travis Scott - Antisocial [Official Video]


  1. adirah adila

    adirah adila8 horas atrás

    0.19 s-shane dawson?

  2. Andre Cajigas

    Andre Cajigas17 horas atrás

    ed sheeran's eyes tho 1:33

  3. Hajara Dilshad

    Hajara Dilshad17 horas atrás

    If ed sheeran has curly hair 😂😂👌

  4. João Guilherme

    João Guilherme18 horas atrás

    Caralho nessa hora 1:22 parece o lubatv

  5. Manuel T

    Manuel T18 horas atrás

    mhh, mhh, i'm not vain, i do not think i'm better than others, but i'm not used to contact, i worked quiet a lot, they tried to fuck me in switzerland (police, mental hospital), and i have had friends, but my reputation was lost after the mental house, my friends, all my friends, they turned their back on me. of course they all started a living, i have now loose contacts to people, i developed through mental hospital social anxieties. i hear a lot of things!!! it's difficult , that's why i try to protect me. my home is my bunker.

  6. Manuel T

    Manuel T16 horas atrás

    dazu wenn mal einmal da war, sperrt einem die polizei mit den amtsärzten immer wieder in die psychiatrie, heisst dann einfach unzurechnungsfähig, verwirrt, psychisch krank. sie entledigen sich ganz einfach einem weiteren problem in ihren augen. einfach so. und die amtsärtze helfen ihnen dabei , bei diesen machenschaften. die justiz ist zu feige zu ermitteln, ich würde mal behaupten die wissen ganz genau was man dort alles macht, aber die polizisten und die pfleger und die ärzte würden eh alle lügen nur um ihre eigene haut zu retten.

  7. Manuel T

    Manuel T16 horas atrás

    aus angst wollten sie mich eliminieren. unschädlich machen, ich will gar nicht wissen was in diesen kliniken mit anderen alles passiert, ich habs ja gesehen. versuchskanninchen für die ärzte , nichts als das sind wir. so berichtet jedenfalls ein überlebender und ich habe überlebt. die vergiften die leute in den psychiatrien in diesem land regelrecht. einfach nur krank sowas ist krank!

  8. Manuel T

    Manuel T16 horas atrás

    einfach verdammte hurensöhne sind die schweizer.

  9. Manuel T

    Manuel T16 horas atrás

    jeder hat das recht auf leben aber mich hat man in der klinik wil mit der schwarzen tablette fast umgebracht. wollten dass ich einen herzinfarkt mache und davor noch ausraste deswegen.

  10. Manuel T

    Manuel T16 horas atrás

    ich habe meiner mutter gesagt sie solle ihr geld in euro und dollar transferieren, natürlich glaubte sie mir nicht, wie immer. selbst schuld würde ich sagen.

  11. Fire Music

    Fire Music22 horas atrás

    Alert 🚨

  12. BazuKem

    BazuKem23 horas atrás

    such a funny music video. shame the song wasn't up to that standard.

  13. Lil GLE77

    Lil GLE77Dia atrás


  14. Lil GLE77

    Lil GLE77Dia atrás

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: No such thing as “soul”: Ed:0:30

  15. odora Allan

    odora AllanDia atrás

    Dope song no doubt

  16. Emmanuel Cortes

    Emmanuel CortesDia atrás

    2:04 The lighthouse by Robert Eggers (2019)

  17. Veronica M

    Veronica MDia atrás

    Ed Sheeran & Travis Scott - Antisocial [Official Lyric Video] brreporter.com/v/video-s6qzA0gyrh8.html

  18. Dark Nina Bear

    Dark Nina BearDia atrás

    I just realized the bluebirds were tweets.😂😅😅😅

  19. Veronica M

    Veronica MDia atrás

    yes and Ed left twitter in 2017, due to hateful tweets and antisocial behavour that's allowed there, and now prefers to post on his IG account

  20. NamaWave

    NamaWaveDia atrás

    "EaT THe dAmn fRy eD"

  21. Ash ash

    Ash ashDia atrás

    Anti social personality disorder is an agoraphobia it can be dealt with each person is completely different of how they deal with this mental health disorder, most are reclusive they don't waste there time on small talk,drama or even somebody trying to create wars that don't exist, they do hangout with people yet, this can be short timing or lived,the people they are around the most or you see them around the most are there safety net system, you won't really see them in crowds or bigger groups or group settings they can become avoidant due to panic attacks along with anxiety attacks, this is also known as an a phobia, can these issues be diminished possible with some others are already accustom to how they deal with this disorder they already kept the same set path because it what makes sense, this is also due to childhood trauma early on,yet this can happen later on in life with any age this does cause the person to split out an disociate for short to long periods of time such as secs, mins,hrs,weeks or even yrs.

  22. Lancelot Gameplays

    Lancelot Gameplays2 dias atrás


  23. Kurde Pyua

    Kurde Pyua2 dias atrás

    beat is literally stolen from "mr krabs is a robot" beat

  24. Veronica M

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  25. Les Rageurs

    Les Rageurs2 dias atrás

    Look m’y playlist on spotify open.spotify.com/user/6wqae70k4w1wyq1fjn2xqfk6j/playlist/6r89Reg4NdNANvjT4DzRYM?si=vWpzPhSxQxq7N0KCRalkFQ

  26. zer0

    zer02 dias atrás

    "Antisocial" BRreporter: *RECOMMENDED*

  27. Leo

    Leo2 dias atrás


  28. Rhythmattica

    Rhythmattica2 dias atrás

    00:35.. Is that Kylie minogue? Not dissing peoples love for it.. But for me, ME, the music is all copy and paste of ideas (All music is of course, but not so verbatim) , production and sounds tailored like every hit before it.... A formula of sorts... Its just seems tired and the style over saturated in the market. Thats just my opinion, and sharing thoughts on the internet. But here lies the conundrum... With artists and labels chasing the new in thing, I do so love those that are the new thing.... They Step outside of the Walled Garden instead of walking in, and sometimes, it can create a genre.....new and fresh.... but there goes your possible demographic, your safety blanket so to speak..... Still... theres some irony in my post, because Ed Did just that. He stepped out of his Genre......Though its not the same as trying something different to whats on the market, Got to give Ed cred.. I do so miss 80's Hip Hop. At least in this day and age, Leikeli47 is keeping it pure for me.

  29. Jan Pivovarník

    Jan Pivovarník4 dias atrás

    jo to je teda nahneran postavicka z fiony

  30. Sofonda Logic

    Sofonda Logic4 dias atrás

    My question being- is he popular bc of wifey, or bc he surfing on talent? -no need to hate on me, this is a legit question

  31. Mariluz Morales Gomez

    Mariluz Morales Gomez4 dias atrás


  32. Waterdiomonds

    Waterdiomonds4 dias atrás

    just bc u didnt you didn’t talk to your aunt at the family reunion doesn’t mean your “antisocial”

  33. Anytime Homeboy

    Anytime Homeboy4 dias atrás

    Almost exactly 50 000 000 views.....

  34. Steven Hollinsworth

    Steven Hollinsworth5 dias atrás

    them bird were high as hell when they were hitting into the damn window

  35. Mc Lovin

    Mc Lovin5 dias atrás

    Don't touch Me, Don't touch Me,Don't touch Me I came to Vibe Yeah 🎶🔥🔥🔥

  36. rohit rawat jr

    rohit rawat jr5 dias atrás

    Music ❤️

  37. Chris CFC Evans

    Chris CFC Evans5 dias atrás

    Wtf, how does this video only have -50M views!! C R A Z Y. B R U H

  38. Icezie1

    Icezie16 dias atrás

    This is a weird music video that I ever heard.

  39. Du85step SF

    Du85step SF6 dias atrás

    When Travis had the wig he looked like quavo

  40. Radu Constantin

    Radu Constantin6 dias atrás



    SEAH HONG-I BRYAN6 dias atrás

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  42. The Blitz

    The Blitz6 dias atrás

    00:31 when u realise it’s a guy

  43. Виталия Макушевская

    Виталия Макушевская7 dias atrás

    Ed: “Can I have your last fry?” Travis: I've had a lot of em so yeah, you can afford it, don't you? P. S. I think I just listen to FOB too much so I can understand pretty much any mumbling.

  44. Lindsay Moore

    Lindsay Moore7 dias atrás

    Brooooooooo. Insane 👌🏽...and the film clip OMG amazing man

  45. Spanish soccer Skills

    Spanish soccer Skills7 dias atrás

    This music video was wierd

  46. Veronica M

    Veronica M6 dias atrás

    yeah it's great

  47. Anxo Lorenzo

    Anxo Lorenzo7 dias atrás

    0:50 Kurt Cobain

  48. Jack

    Jack7 dias atrás

    I'm happy I saw this song live at the O2

  49. Veronica M

    Veronica M6 dias atrás

    Lucky you. it might be the only time Ed and Travis perform this song together :)

  50. kareen fulla

    kareen fulla7 dias atrás

    All you cool people, you better leave now 'Cause it's about to happen Friday night and I'm ridin' solo (yeah) When I touch down, keep it on the low-low (it's lit) I don't mess with your energy (no) No photos (yeah) So antisocial, but I don't care (yeah) Don't give a damn, I'm gonna smoke here (yeah, pop it) Got a bottle in my hand, bring more though (yeah, pop it, pop it) Got my hat low, don't talk to me (straight up) I've been down, give me some space You don't know what's in my brain Music loud, easin' my pain Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me I came to vibe, yeah On something, on something, on something I wanna riot Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me I came to vibe, yeah Won't let nothing come in between me and the night (straight up) Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me I came to vibe, yeah On something, on something, on something I wanna riot Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me I came to vibe, yeah Won't let nothing come in between me and the night I need room, I need room Where you standin' way too close You might catch fumes, might catch fumes When I zoom, when I zoom Pass out, wake up by myself at right past noon, right past noon Then I'm doomed (Occupied and moving dolo) (Yeah!) Hennessy's drowning all of my issues (straight up) Right before I leave, she give me more than just a, "Miss you" (yeah) That thing got more back just like my engine, I can hit it (in the back) Seen a vision in the boy then we committed (it's lit) I've been lost, out inner space You left me right in my place I put you down on my name Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me I came to vibe, yeah On something, on something, on something I wanna riot Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me I came to vibe, yeah Won't let nothing come in between me and the night (straight up) Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me I came to vibe, yeah On something, on something, on something I wanna riot Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me I came to vibe, yeah Won't let nothing come in between me and the night, yeah

  51. Alyssa Hidalgo

    Alyssa Hidalgo7 dias atrás

    Bro for everybody saying it is bad,underrated y'all all underrated here because this is hands down smack and that's on what? That's on PERIODTTTT

  52. Philosopher Prince

    Philosopher Prince8 dias atrás

    Where u find that black hat? Pls senor

  53. It's_Ya_Boi_MoonFeather

    It's_Ya_Boi_MoonFeather8 dias atrás

    2:15 Travis Scott: Me being yelled at for breaking a dish Ed Sheeran: My brother who broke the dish

  54. Sunfrost Sanger

    Sunfrost Sanger8 dias atrás

    That pulp fiction reference tho

  55. Malone Mantooth

    Malone Mantooth8 dias atrás

    This made me a Fan of both.

  56. Husnul Mdf

    Husnul Mdf8 dias atrás

    I'm from indonesia 🇲🇨

  57. A.Cami.N

    A.Cami.N8 dias atrás


  58. リオデジャネイロ

    リオデジャネイロ8 dias atrás

    最後どんな会話してるのか気になるー!!😫︎💕︎ 日本人いたら教えて欲しい笑

  59. Minimalist Vlogger

    Minimalist Vlogger8 dias atrás

    this song is a bop, has a fire video, no curse words, AND its by ed sheeran and travis scott, now tell me why the radio hasnt played this yet?!?!?

  60. Veronica M

    Veronica M8 dias atrás

    it's not like an official single, seemed more of promo single :)

  61. Pri'sicodélica

    Pri'sicodélica8 dias atrás

    Edinho de moleton é umas das maravilhas do mundo ❤️ Coisa mais linda mano, ja imagino ele aqui em casa assistindo um netflix comigo e tomando cerveja

  62. Mario Lugo

    Mario Lugo8 dias atrás

    Song + Video is lit 😂👌🔥

  63. Janek Schmidt

    Janek Schmidt8 dias atrás

    2:05 thats not right

  64. Slayer Pro

    Slayer Pro8 dias atrás

    Ed new album music videos reminds me of Eminem earlier work, the videos r entertaining with Randomness 😁😁


    THEA SEVILLEJA9 dias atrás

    didnt liked the song after hearing it for the first time, pretty much hooked after listening to it 3x xD

  66. Alex Elias

    Alex Elias9 dias atrás

    I love that Ed-ward scissor hands reference there

  67. XS Blang

    XS Blang9 dias atrás

    teacher: how you feeling me: supercalfraglistesposhelldoses

  68. Zaller Mayhem

    Zaller Mayhem9 dias atrás

    Does anyone else love That Ed is now a rapper? Like a really good one

  69. nina h.

    nina h.9 dias atrás

    i think we're ALL antisocial

  70. Sarah

    Sarah9 dias atrás

    Horrid song... Ed's certainly can't have written this rubbish! Worst song and video ever!!! What happened Ed??? You sold out!

  71. XL Leona

    XL Leona9 dias atrás

    Sarah : I guess you just don't get the meaning