Eggs Benedict With Crispy Parma Ham | Gordon Ramsay


  1. FrostyJake Animations

    FrostyJake Animations18 horas atrás

    I see great potential in this guy and i hope he becomes big!

  2. Jack Spratt

    Jack SprattDia atrás

    Hey, Chef. I bet your wife doesn't cook, right?


    QUACK DUCKERDia atrás

    Not enough butter.

  4. Ryan Choi

    Ryan ChoiDia atrás

    Imagine waiting at the dinner table that whole time just to get a piece of bread with one egg on top. :^) *hols out hand for more plx*

  5. The Greasy Strangler

    The Greasy StranglerDia atrás


  6. curly_boy

    curly_boyDia atrás

    I´m watching this stoned and only now I realize how over the top the music is.

  7. ImpossibleGamer

    ImpossibleGamerDia atrás

    Raw egg yolk. Not that good for health.

  8. gypsychavie

    gypsychavieDia atrás

    Fcking raw!!!!!

  9. Hannah Drake

    Hannah DrakeDia atrás

    Basically lots of eggs

  10. Gianna Giachini

    Gianna Giachini2 dias atrás

    Colazione buonissima. Colesterolo a 1.000. Infarto assicurato!

  11. tvolz40

    tvolz402 dias atrás

    Gordon makes bacon and eggs

  12. danivannimwegen

    danivannimwegen2 dias atrás

    Is there 1 video gorden is not using salt ore peper daim

  13. zizozizozizo10000

    zizozizozizo100002 dias atrás

    Actually that look really bad!! Cheesecake Factory makes petter looking and tasting ones

  14. Gastón

    Gastón2 dias atrás

    This video must be in Pornhubs

  15. Big Food

    Big Food3 dias atrás

  16. snake1987100

    snake19871003 dias atrás

    Ti stimo come cuoco, però hai fritto il crudo di parma, no no no no no no, mamma mia! non farlo mai più, mia nonna è morata a causa tua

  17. Леонід Губань

    Леонід Губань4 dias atrás

    залупа конська

  18. Michael Koehler

    Michael Koehler4 dias atrás




    Does he talk like this in real life like? “Door open,then close beautiful”

  20. Chippz

    Chippz4 dias atrás

    teacher: no eating in class! kids in the back of the class:

  21. EatNOTalk

    EatNOTalk4 dias atrás

    Look yummy

  22. Artmeat J

    Artmeat J5 dias atrás

    Thanks dad

  23. FreezinFury

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  24. burns burns

    burns burns5 dias atrás


  25. hello hello

    hello hello5 dias atrás

    Not bad . 👌

  26. Filippo Soracca

    Filippo Soracca6 dias atrás

    It's not Parma ham idiot, it's Crudo di Parma, idiot.

  27. Matteo Spinning Sardinia

    Matteo Spinning Sardinia6 dias atrás

    Cooking Parma ham is a disgrace Gordon !

  28. Your Algorithms

    Your Algorithms6 dias atrás



    CHICKEN MAN6 dias atrás

    I want to be a chef when I grow up but I'm not sure are there any tips I can get from anyone I'm 13

  30. Heidi Karinen

    Heidi Karinen6 dias atrás

    Gordon Ramsay is a bit of a bore.

  31. 송진원

    송진원6 dias atrás

    It looks so easy but in reality ...

  32. Pinocchio Crew

    Pinocchio Crew6 dias atrás

    Porcoddio il prosciutto crudo non si cucina

  33. SWEET

    SWEET7 dias atrás

    the first time i had an eggs bendict it was no where near how you are supppos to make it it wasnt runny at all i wish you made it for me so after that i dont think ive ever eatten one in a long time like sice i was 11 and now im 14

  34. V Velas

    V Velas7 dias atrás

    Im planning on making this for my girlfriend the day after Valentine’s Day wish me luck hope I don’t fuck it up lol 😂

  35. Alessandro Curone

    Alessandro Curone7 dias atrás

    0:56 More buttah

  36. Rafa de Miguel

    Rafa de Miguel7 dias atrás

    Vuelve a freir jamon ibérico y te parto la cabeza

  37. Rehan Naeem

    Rehan Naeem7 dias atrás

    I could all 4 of them in my breakfast

  38. Richard B

    Richard B7 dias atrás

    Looks like crap.

  39. Xiaoyang Mu

    Xiaoyang Mu8 dias atrás

    卧槽 学到好多

  40. Mi Sos

    Mi Sos8 dias atrás

    No paprika? Has this guy even cooked before?

  41. Paolo Gay Guasco

    Paolo Gay Guasco8 dias atrás

    You NEVER cook Parma ham you animal.

  42. Rafaella Sorentini

    Rafaella Sorentini8 dias atrás

    Carro do ovo , aguarde ....Hue Hue Hue ...

  43. Super Coffeemug

    Super Coffeemug8 dias atrás

    Watching Gordon Make anything is like watching an artist paint

  44. Rino Gattuso

    Rino Gattuso8 dias atrás

    Its called prosciutto CRUDO for a reason u dumbass, dislike

  45. irvingg71

    irvingg719 dias atrás

    For those rookie cooks like me, I'd suggest changing the order to prevent the hollandaise cream from getting cold and separating. 1 bacon 2 eggs 3 bread 4 hollandaise cream I love your Gordon.

  46. PG

    PG9 dias atrás

    Looks like a McDonald's advertisement

  47. Galactica Phantom

    Galactica Phantom9 dias atrás

    Imagine having this asshole as your dad and eating good shit all your life

  48. retluoc

    retluoc9 dias atrás

    First off make some f'n good Hollandaise sauce... next learn how to poach an f'n egg. Now try to find out what the f--- parma ham is! Then just get a Thomas's muffin, because, well, who the f--- cares? 😀

  49. Archie Palmer

    Archie Palmer9 dias atrás

    I’ve just watched a bunch of his videos and he is addicted to describing his food as ‘the most amazing’

  50. Jeremy Dukes

    Jeremy Dukes9 dias atrás

    They come bolting down the stairs? I would come bolting across the country for those. Looks amazingly delicious.

  51. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson9 dias atrás

    I love these videos but this nigga tryna kill me with all that butter

  52. the middle man

    the middle man10 dias atrás

    England and Scotland: Bohta America: Buder

  53. OnePalProductions

    OnePalProductions10 dias atrás

    Wow. No wonder the NHS is collapsing.

  54. Joe Jack

    Joe Jack10 dias atrás

    Dude. ....This is food porn.

  55. Martin M

    Martin M10 dias atrás


  56. #KOBE BEEF

    #KOBE BEEF10 dias atrás

    Gordan says not to toast the muffins but then his narrator voice says make sure the muffins are toasted

  57. Mark P

    Mark P10 dias atrás

    just wings it ? completely useless

  58. Zedaso

    Zedaso10 dias atrás

    Better than sex.

  59. Pure Rust

    Pure Rust9 dias atrás

    clearly you're a virgin

  60. Telli Moraglis

    Telli Moraglis10 dias atrás

    Wow it’s incredible how watching a such passionate person cook makes me feel happy

  61. Hegenox Maar

    Hegenox Maar10 dias atrás

    How much butter for that 3 yolks?