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Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas


  1. Mr. Caouette

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    Yo! 4Realz!UPZ!

  2. DesignPassion

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    Make a trio with Kendrick and call it oreo!

  3. YouAreWhite

    YouAreWhite29 minutos atrás

    Joyner: Nigga we made it

  4. Aki Sofro

    Aki Sofro34 minutos atrás

    Listen song pariz from baka prase

  5. tverd

    tverd53 minutos atrás

    You could never say to me I'm not a fuckin' record breaker, I sound like a broken record every time I break a record.... Haha I love that one tho

  6. Jay

    JayHora atrás

    Hopping out casket fresh looking like a fashion show....idk why here in the U.S you get called weird or gay for liking Kpop if your a guy. This is fire 🔥🔥

  7. dUdE wItH nO lIfE

    dUdE wItH nO lIfEHora atrás

    3:29 ohh I'm so clad that he did that

  8. Student James Osmer

    Student James OsmerHora atrás

    i like the new rhythm em has

  9. Philip Prokic

    Philip ProkicHora atrás

    Well this is a real rap..... Em=G.O.A.T. Joyner=Next big thing 😈

  10. Swarup Sarangi

    Swarup SarangiHora atrás

    Magic starts at 2:21

  11. CaptainButtNaked

    CaptainButtNakedHora atrás

    Last time he hit some shit like this was rap God. I mean he is a fuckin animal

  12. Harun Alnaji

    Harun Alnaji2 horas atrás

    this legit put EVERY "RAPPER" to shame

  13. Nursat Sempai

    Nursat Sempai2 horas atrás

    the song is fucking awesome

  14. Raghav Saptarsh

    Raghav Saptarsh3 horas atrás

    Eminem forever

  15. Raghav Saptarsh

    Raghav Saptarsh3 horas atrás

    I can never forget how Eminem music helped me.

  16. Just in viral

    Just in viral3 horas atrás

    Best rap music ever 😈😈😎

  17. 1 like equals more potatoes s

    1 like equals more potatoes s3 horas atrás

    top 10 rappers that 6ix9ine was scared to diss..

  18. Gourav Thatoi

    Gourav Thatoi3 horas atrás

    not even 💯M views ... we live in a sad place where hattaabaattaaa somehow qualifies as rap 🙂

  19. Kyle Singh

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    He said I sold my soul

  20. NcKl Dayzzz

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    43k dislikes Is MGKs Career


    FULL 2 JHAKAAS4 horas atrás


  22. Andy Iakob

    Andy Iakob4 horas atrás

    Eminem dabs. :(

  23. Davey M03

    Davey M032 horas atrás

    He’s the GOAT he can do it and it’s not cringy

  24. MonsterMineplex

    MonsterMineplex4 horas atrás

    So most def underrated.... the the mumble rappers trying to flex LMAO Good try


    ADHD UNDERRATED4 horas atrás

    Yo wtf only 72 mil views?

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  27. MiniG the pro

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    Hit dem dabs

  28. Hunter Ansell

    Hunter Ansell5 horas atrás

    Is it just me or is it scary that they are being followed by people wearing masks with red eyes

  29. Davey M03

    Davey M032 horas atrás

    Hunter Ansell it’s to represent other rappers copying everything they are doing...

  30. Nica Barber

    Nica Barber5 horas atrás

    It's crazy how this song is what introduced me to Joyner now I listen to him every day.

  31. Nica Barber

    Nica Barber48 minutos atrás

    +Davey M03 ross c., I'm sorry, sriracha Joyner verse to name a few.

  32. Davey M03

    Davey M032 horas atrás

    Nica Barber Joyner is dope asf my favourite songs are keep it 100, I’m sorry and winter blues u?

  33. Anything 4 you

    Anything 4 you5 horas atrás

    46 year old... Still the dopest....

  34. Winston The Wacky

    Winston The Wacky5 horas atrás

    Every day Eminem gets one step closer to the grave. Everyday Eminem gets one step closer to evolving into the Rap God.

  35. igor vieira

    igor vieira6 horas atrás

    time to retire eminennn and produce me to be next youuu !!

  36. Shrey Ansh Vines

    Shrey Ansh Vines6 horas atrás

    These sucks

  37. Davey M03

    Davey M032 horas atrás

    Wtf is went with you mate how is this bad?

  38. Simed Nir

    Simed Nir5 horas atrás

    Just like your pathetic life

  39. Austin Wirth

    Austin Wirth6 horas atrás

    is this a try not to laugh video or music video? I can't tell. xD

  40. Goku black rose'

    Goku black rose'6 horas atrás

    This is fire

  41. Goku black rose'

    Goku black rose'6 horas atrás


  42. Lohnický D. David

    Lohnický D. David6 horas atrás

    double M, roast king, always TOP !

  43. Auckland357

    Auckland3576 horas atrás

    Eminem sounds like Sage Francis on this track. His flow and the music in the background.

  44. Gloria Gaxho

    Gloria Gaxho7 horas atrás

    i love em s passion in his voice

  45. Gloria Gaxho

    Gloria Gaxho7 horas atrás

    i live in mars i m not bruno

  46. Dixshant s

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    lets try to get this comment as many likes as there are comments in the comments section.

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    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. LIT TTY

    LIT TTY8 horas atrás

    [Intro: Joyner Lucas] Whoa, Joyner, Joyner, yeah, yeah, yeah [Bridge: Joyner Lucas] Yeah, I done did a lot of things in my day, I admit it I don't take back what I say, if I said it then I meant it All my life I want a Grammy, but I'll prolly never get it I ain't never had no trophy or no motherfuckin' ribbon (Yah I said it) Fuck the system, I'm that nigga, bend the law, cut the rules I'm about to risk it all, I ain't got too much to lose Y'all been eatin' long enough, it's my turn to cut the food Pass the plate! Where my drink? This my day, lucky you Fuck you too, woo! [Chorus: Joyner Lucas] Y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move Give me some room, give me some room, give me the juice Hop out the coupe, hop out the coupe, hop out and shoot Y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move, give me the juice [Verse 1: Joyner Lucas] Back on my bullshit, my back to the wall Turn my back on you, all of you finished Back to these bullets, it's back to the job Pull my MAC out and all of you runnin' Back on my hood shit, it's back to the pushin' These packs and I'm actually pumpin' Can't fuck with you rappers, you practically suckin' You mighta went platinum but that don't mean nothin' I'm actually buzzin' this time Straight out the kitchen, I told 'em the oven is mine I do not fuck with you guys If I don't kill you, just know you gon' suffer this time I ain't no gangster but I got some bangers Some chains and some blades and a couple of knives Choppers and jammies, a partridge, a pear tree My twelve days of Christmas was nothin' but lies (Ayy) I run at you hard like a sumo (Sumo) They say I talk like a chulo (Chulo) I live in Mars, I'm not Bruno (Woo) Bitch I'm a dog, call me "Cujo" (Rah) You play your cards, I reverse on you all And I might just draw 4 like a Uno (Bup) Cállate boca mejor, maricón, little puto, and all of you culo (Joyner) They've invented a level up in the ghetto to get old Lookin' for somethin' I prolly can never find now Shit get relevant 'til the beef die down In truth a nigga just really want me tied down I've been alone and I never needed nobody Just only me and my shotty, I'll tell these niggas to lie down Keep all the money, I never wanted the lifestyle I just pray to God that my son'll be alright now I said ain't no love for the other side Or anyone who ever want smoke (Joyner) When I die I'm goin' out as a underdog who never lost hope (Yeah) You in the wrong cab down the wrong path Nigga, wrong way, wrong road (Woo,Woo) Snakes in the grass tryna slither fast I just bought a fuckin' lawn mower (Vroom!) [Bridge: Eminem] I done said a lotta things in my day, I admit it This is payback in a way, I regret it that I did it I done won a couple Grammys, but I sold my soul to get 'em Wasn't in it for the trophies, just the fuckin' recognition Fuck's the difference? I'm that cracker, bend the law, fuck the rules Man I used to risk it all, now I got too much to lose I've been eatin' long enough, man my stomach should be full I just ate, licked the plate, my buffet, lucky me Fuck you think? (Woo!) [Verse 2: Eminem] I got a couple of mansions Still I don't have any manners You got a couple of ghost writers But to these kids it don't actually matter They're askin' me, "What the fuck happened to hip-hop?" I said, "I don't have any answers." 'Cause I took an L when I dropped my last album It hurt me like hell but I'm back on these rappers And actually comin' from humble beginnings I'm somewhat uncomfortable winning I wish I could say, "What a wonderful feeling!" "We're on the upswing like we're punchin' the ceiling!" But nothin' is feeling like anyone has any fuckin' ability To even stick to a subject, it's killin' me The inability to pen humility Ha-ta-ta ba-ta-ta, why don't we make a bunch of Fuckin' songs about nothin' and mumble 'em? Fuck it, I'm goin' for the jugular Shit is a circus, you clowns that are comin' up Don't give an ounce of a motherfuck About the ones that were here before you that made rap Let's recap, way back, MC's that wreak havoc on tape decks ADAT's, where the G Raps and Kanes at? We need 3 Stacks ASAP and bring Masta Ace back 'Cause half of these rappers have brain damage All the lean rappin', face tats, syruped out like tree sap I don't hate trap, and I don't wanna seem mad But in fact, where the old me at? The same cat That would take that feed-back and aim back, I need that But I think it's inevitable They know what button to press or what lever to pull To get me to snap though (Lil' bitch) And if I pay it attention I'm probably makin' it bigger But you've been takin' ya dicks in the fuckin' back, ho (Get it?) On the brink, any minute got me thinkin' of finishin' Everything with acetaminophen and reapin' the benefits I'm asleep at the wheel again As I peak into thinkin' about an evil intent Of another beat I'ma kill again 'Cause even if I gotta end up eatin' a pill again Even ketamine or methamphetamine with the minithin It better be at least 70 to 300 milligram And I might as well 'cause I'ma end up bein' a villain again Levels to this shit, I got an elevator You could never say to me I'm not a fuckin' record breaker I sound like a broken record every time I break a record Nobody could ever take away the legacy I made, I never cater Motherfucker, now I got a right to be this way I got spite inside my DNA But I wrote 'til the wheels fall off, I'm workin' tirelessly, ayy It's the moment y'all been waitin' for Like California wishin' rain would pour In that drought, y'all been prayin' for My downfall from the 8 Mile to the Southpaw Still the same Marshall, that outlaw That they say is a writer might've fell off I'm back on that bull like the cowboy [Chorus: Joyner Lucas & Eminem] So y'all gotta move (Yeah), y'all gotta move (Yeah), y'all gotta move Give me some room, give me some room, give me the juice Hop out the coupe, hop out the coupe, hop out and shoot Y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move, give me the juice

  50. CassiusPlayz

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    4:34 that gunshot and visuals were amazing

  51. bvollen2

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    They fkn killed that shit!

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    God Bless You Eminem.

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    Song starts at 0:01 lol gotcha love this rap

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    This hits home!

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    he is wearing a level 3 backpack

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    Wanna hear a joke? Read more

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    Yeah my 50 year old father also hates everything new... You're just old mate, time's change, you dont, so sit down with your 72 mil and be happy

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    When you realized that you had to play pubg on an cosplay party then it wasnt an game

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    This song deserves tons of clicks

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    Joyner is Now Emeinem Approved


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    Damn this lyric ! I like u eminem

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    they rap fast

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    That beard is weird! (Dont kill me em)

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    Hands down the best rap song of all time!

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    That dab man

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    Platinum 🙌🏿🔥🔥

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    sick collab

  70. Dan Funk

    Dan Funk13 horas atrás

    I love it when he's going slow and all the mumble rappers and biters are hanging in there and then he pulls out the shottie and they all go flying in the air cause they can't keep up.

  71. Dan Funk

    Dan Funk13 horas atrás

    I m gonna comment first on my post and confirm that I used the word biters intentionally. What up 2001.

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    Used vpn and watched the video!

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    Best song so far!

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    killed it

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    Best song on the album

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    Absolute killed it you two !!

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    yow M how bout making a song with the flow of ass like that?? that sh*t still dope

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    Did he say I don’t hate trap

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    i bought my fidget spinner from a girl named margaret holding down a part time job at target

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    dab, marshall, dab!

  82. MCPikkles

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    marshall, pull the fidget spinner out!!!! time to relate!!

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    When letter actually have a meaning "migos leave...*angrily noises*"

  84. MCPikkles

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    they do everything we do??? yes....they do... oh fuck... welcome..

  85. Mitchell Nichols

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    Thank you , come again ! im offended an differant again, might change my gender again become didferent again. , Thats at will , we all take a pill, (kendrick continuess)

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    M.G.K claims to destory eminem in new album>>> "Spiderman"

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    Ayyy guys, come visit out channel and see our reaction to this song! From 🇲🇾

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    Slim showin the world *Quality* & *Quantity*

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    LOL! 3:50

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    We need 3 stack ASAP!

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    Best rapper ever

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    Eminem is on fire

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    I'm sorry but didnt emenim just mumble, everything after 4:45.

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    If you don't get hype when the beat drops you crazy. Joyner lucas+eminem

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    3:14 when you and your teammate are in a PUBG match and your surrounded

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    ohhh damn , thats why i have to listen and listen again "when i die im going down as the UnderDog who never lost hope" gospel !!

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    Tell Joyner he rocks !! Mr Em

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    Joyner was a kiddo when he did “I’m not Racist”. Boy is grown now.. Respect to MA and Worcester

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    How do 43k people do not like this i won't lie i'm disappointed

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    Listening this shit while doing crossword puzzles.

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    Bruhh!! What surprised me the most is that he is rapping like that next to a legend and not messing this attempt up. Nice Joyner

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    Marshall needs to quit sandbagging. Lightyears above my 32 years of life experience. Come on hes clearly the goat. No matter when u were born

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