Emma Chamberlain & Ethan Dolan Speak On Their Relationship & React To Jake Paul's Wedding 7.12.19


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    you are a good paparazzi!

  3. Reba Boles

    Reba BolesMês atrás

    I love your

  4. dipa datta

    dipa dattaMês atrás

    Ķ0&9()990, . .. ?;'@@)(&(99

  5. Retro Wifey

    Retro Wifey10 horas atrás

    WHY DID EMMA SAY "NOT YET" hmmmmmmmm!

  6. Mini brand collector Mini brand Collector

    Mini brand collector Mini brand CollectorDia atrás

    I think I found some liars

  7. greenartisticfiend

    greenartisticfiendDia atrás

    the other girl didnt get her picture lol

  8. holley holm

    holley holmDia atrás

    "I'm A GhOSt I Ju uhST FloAt around"

  9. raine pittman

    raine pittmanDia atrás

    ethan lowkey looks mad asf

  10. raine pittman

    raine pittmanDia atrás

    that was soo painful to watch💀

  11. Bahga Kanafani

    Bahga KanafaniDia atrás

    Grayson was getting ready to prank Ethan at home😂

  12. Anna

    Anna2 dias atrás

    Ethan: “IM NEVER GOING TO SOLE CYCLE WITH YOU” Also Ethan, has been going to sole cycle for the past month😭.

  13. Amelia Sager

    Amelia Sager2 dias atrás

    this was Ethan drinking out of an empty bottle for 3:13

  14. Beril Şahin

    Beril Şahin3 dias atrás

    Paparazzi: so let me ask you this Ethan: oh shit

  15. Min Merve

    Min Merve4 dias atrás

    this was painful to watch

  16. Cara Abellana

    Cara Abellana4 dias atrás

    I feel kinda bad for them but I'm glad they handled this interview respectfully lol wish it was the same thing with the guy who was interviewing them.

  17. avocado _

    avocado _4 dias atrás

    While they are at the soul cycle gray was preparing for the diamond play button prank...

  18. delina

    delina5 dias atrás

    we love unproblematic queens

  19. Ainsley Hoelscher

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  20. Maud Hoving

    Maud Hoving6 dias atrás

    Ethan: i don’t know i never felt..... *emma interrupts him* NOOO he was about to confess!!!!! 1:00

  21. Golden Tuna

    Golden Tuna3 dias atrás

    Maud Hoving he was gonna say “I’ve never felt them or anything...”

  22. Mickey Williams-Turner

    Mickey Williams-Turner6 dias atrás

    Sometimes I think I want to be a well known figure in society. And then there's these interviews. Can I soul cycle in peace?!?!

  23. Ry Mae

    Ry Mae6 dias atrás

    Emma looks so bad now she’s so skinny and tan is not good

  24. Cisti Yrn

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  25. Emma.Xtra

    Emma.Xtra7 dias atrás

    It’s funny cuz at this moment Grayson was getting ready to prank Ethan

  26. Omar Shah

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    Holy crap

  27. celestixl

    celestixl8 dias atrás

    ship it

  28. Violet suki

    Violet suki9 dias atrás

    They confirmed it on frickin twitter

  29. Sophia Schiappa

    Sophia Schiappa9 dias atrás

    jesus I feel bad for all celebrities bc they can’t even go to a fricken workout class

  30. Scarlett

    Scarlett9 dias atrás

    lol the last thing they wanna do after doing a fitness class is to answer 1000000 questions

  31. diego vegas fernandez

    diego vegas fernandez10 dias atrás

    why didn’t they ask them about james charles?!?!?

  32. Emma Mckeen

    Emma Mckeen10 dias atrás

    This video is a mood 😂

  33. alana driskell

    alana driskell11 dias atrás

    at 3:06 if you listen really closely you can here Ethan say Emma it's out

  34. You Don’t Know Me

    You Don’t Know Me11 dias atrás

    Next time you should bring up the polaroids, the photo of them kissing and other proof

  35. DeaDea 2008

    DeaDea 200811 dias atrás

    I CANT EVEN GET PAST THE PART WHEN HE SAYS, “so you guys are officially dating?” AHHHHH Update: I finished it 😂😂

  36. Neta Raz

    Neta Raz11 dias atrás

    Emma looks like such a nice person I rlly hope she is

  37. holy fuckin trinity

    holy fuckin trinity11 dias atrás

    i still keep coming back to watch this and i’m not sure why

  38. Jasmine Masters

    Jasmine Masters11 dias atrás

    3:05 Ethan says "if that gets out " 🤔🤔

  39. Rosemary V

    Rosemary V12 dias atrás

    Ethan in a headband:🤰


    PEACHY PLAYS12 dias atrás

    Ethan and Emma: causally talks to him Me: CaN yOu GeT aWaY fRoM mE!! weirdo


    PEACHY PLAYS11 dias atrás

    And I oop srry

  42. P g

    P g11 dias atrás


  43. Subscribe to me for Trixii reasons Duh

    Subscribe to me for Trixii reasons Duh12 dias atrás

    Love backnee

  44. Abbie Mooney

    Abbie Mooney12 dias atrás

    ethan looked kinda mad

  45. Delilah Scholl09

    Delilah Scholl0912 dias atrás

    He definitely said if that gets out

  46. michael james

    michael james13 dias atrás

    2006: BRreporterr is a normal person filming on a 240p camera. 2019: BRreporterrs are being hounded by paparazzi.

  47. Ella X

    Ella X14 dias atrás

    Ethan was literally invited

  48. Ghostxflower

    Ghostxflower14 dias atrás

    Why can’t they just admit it :c

  49. Digital Spectrum Productions

    Digital Spectrum Productions14 dias atrás

    This is what celebrities are now?

  50. Blanca Lemus

    Blanca Lemus14 dias atrás

    1:16 she said "not yet"

  51. shasiela z.

    shasiela z.14 dias atrás

    emma: "nOt yEt" me: "don't play with me"

  52. Grayyroses

    Grayyroses14 dias atrás

    I get that people ship them and all that shit but males and females can be friends without dating 🙄

  53. Linley Loew

    Linley Loew14 dias atrás

    what time was this at

  54. Kyle T

    Kyle T15 dias atrás

    Emma said “not yet” when they were talking about if they’ve announced they are dating. That means THEY ARE DATING. Fuck.

  55. Why Dont We x

    Why Dont We x15 dias atrás

    Anyone else wanna be that man in the elevator he knows all the tea 😂

  56. Billie.x Eilish. Videos

    Billie.x Eilish. Videos15 dias atrás

    At the end who else head babe where we going

  57. Quinoa Karaoke night

    Quinoa Karaoke night15 dias atrás

    She literally said “not yet” bitch she just confirmed it

  58. Bailey Arnold

    Bailey Arnold15 dias atrás

    ofc graysons building sum💀

  59. mirissa harman

    mirissa harman15 dias atrás

    “not yet”

  60. ilovefood x x

    ilovefood x x15 dias atrás

    emma: “did we say it” emma:” not yet” ethan:😱. pahahahahaha 1:15-1:17

  61. Toaster Strudel

    Toaster Strudel15 dias atrás

    they’re acting hecka sus

  62. faneditingqueen _

    faneditingqueen _15 dias atrás

    Wait why is pretending to drink the water😂😂

  63. eva diaz

    eva diaz15 dias atrás

    Emma: **slips up** Also emma: **turns into a ghost** 1:15

  64. Kyra Kent

    Kyra Kent16 dias atrás

    She said not yet

  65. Lefwanda Estunafinda

    Lefwanda Estunafinda16 dias atrás

    1:08 Emma: not yet Ethan: laughs AND says what? cuz emma said NOT YET Me: YET!!!!!!! Also me: ethma confirmed

  66. Chhfkuewfh Fehfuhrwl

    Chhfkuewfh Fehfuhrwl16 dias atrás

    Ethan so nervous he’s drinking water that he doesn’t have in his cup 😂

  67. 808 Exposed

    808 Exposed16 dias atrás

    Is Grayson really building again lol

  68. Isabella Marie

    Isabella Marie16 dias atrás

    What the hell jake and tana invited both Ethan and Grayson in a video wtffff

  69. Jirah Agbayani

    Jirah Agbayani16 dias atrás

    The guy: so you guys are officially dating? Emma: who said that, did we say it.... “not yet” Ethan: wa.. watt Me: ....🤭

  70. R I P J A H

    R I P J A H16 dias atrás

    If I reply on a tweet saying my moms lips aren’t crusty that doesn’t mean me and my mom are dating tf😂

  71. matalie cortes

    matalie cortes16 dias atrás

    no one: ethan: *nervously drinks water bottle that has a sip left to avoid questions*

  72. Macey Thomas

    Macey Thomas16 dias atrás

    Who saw Ethan blushing we he said about them making it they are 100% hiding something

  73. Yzzabelle Suficiencia

    Yzzabelle Suficiencia17 dias atrás

    Ethan: drinks empty water bottle nerveosly

  74. hi Hi

    hi Hi17 dias atrás


  75. Michelle kaycee

    Michelle kaycee17 dias atrás

    ethan and grayson unfollowed emma on twitter

  76. Cat Y

    Cat Y17 dias atrás

    Emma’s “not yet” answered everything

  77. Laiana Johnson

    Laiana Johnson18 dias atrás

    1:15 EMMA LITERALLY SAID NOT YET!! 😂💀 and ethan laughs

  78. Alli Gacha

    Alli Gacha18 dias atrás

    Is anyone even Taking about When They tolded them if there Dating and Emma Said "not Yet" 😶

  79. wasnt fuzzy now was he

    wasnt fuzzy now was he18 dias atrás


  80. alice. 84

    alice. 8418 dias atrás

    All I could focus on was Ethans back muscles...

  81. Grace Hansom

    Grace Hansom18 dias atrás

    When u asked them if they were dating emme didnt just say not yet butt the kept smiling trying to keep a serious face

  82. Lela’s Audios

    Lela’s Audios19 dias atrás

    *Ethan Drinking nonexistent water for **3:13** minutes*

  83. Casey Elizabeth

    Casey Elizabeth19 dias atrás

    he was trying so hard to make them say something bad about jake and tana and they were so good about it

  84. anaya simpson

    anaya simpson19 dias atrás

    ah shit, here we go again

  85. Hannie w

    Hannie w19 dias atrás

    Ethan: Em it’s out Emma:Good

  86. a n n a b e l

    a n n a b e l19 dias atrás

    emma said yet, lol, but we all know theres no yet