Emma Chamberlain & Ethan Dolan Speak On Their Relationship & React To Jake Paul's Wedding 7.12.19


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    The Hollywood Fix5 meses atrás

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  2. Cast Il

    Cast Il5 meses atrás

    you are a good paparazzi!

  3. Reba Boles

    Reba Boles5 meses atrás

    I love your

  4. dipa datta

    dipa datta5 meses atrás

    Ķ0&9()990, . .. ?;'@@)(&(99

  5. dolans lvst

    dolans lvst15 horas atrás

    who.. *talks* to people like this?

  6. Brooklyns world454545

    Brooklyns world4545452 dias atrás

    Why does everyone keep asking if they are dating if they are they are and if they aren't they aren't we just need to let them be because there is stuff that people want to keep private

  7. lmao hi

    lmao hi12 dias atrás

    ethan is literally so perfect wth

  8. Hessa Aldereih

    Hessa Aldereih14 dias atrás

    Where’s Grayson? “He’s at the house building some shit” LOLL 😂 Poor Grayson always left out😂

  9. Hessa Aldereih

    Hessa Aldereih14 dias atrás

    Emma is so freakin cute

  10. Beautiful Cuts

    Beautiful Cuts21 dia atrás

    This should be titled Ethan Dolan drinking air for 3 minutes straight

  11. Rachel Castillo

    Rachel CastilloMês atrás

    tbh I miss ethma, even if it wasn't even a thing, I still miss it, tbh I don't even like Emron. I'M SORRY DON'T COME AT ME! 💀

  12. Mariana Ch.

    Mariana Ch.Mês atrás

    i'M a gHosT

  13. beyondwildestdreams

    beyondwildestdreamsMês atrás

    who’s here after Emma and Aaron? 😳

  14. aex0tiic

    aex0tiicMês atrás

    I wish they still hung out..😭

  15. SM peace

    SM peaceMês atrás

    Noooo hate but maybe theyr doing this on purpose?

  16. Rãmëñ ñøddlés

    Rãmëñ ñøddlésMês atrás

    for some reason i dont want to watch this because of how scared i am..

  17. Makayla Blake

    Makayla BlakeMês atrás

    Omggg the impression was spot onnnnn💀 what is this guy’s accent?

  18. Fei C

    Fei CMês atrás

    hated this

  19. Sarah Ward

    Sarah WardMês atrás

    I’m getting second hand awkwardness from this😂

  20. cascadestars

    cascadestarsMês atrás

    seriously......... who cares? who cares who is making out with who?!

  21. just that autistic girl holo

    just that autistic girl holoMês atrás

    Its they're Private life ya'll not ok

  22. Creative Minds

    Creative MindsMês atrás

    Why r u being a beyotch

  23. Alexis Monica

    Alexis MonicaMês atrás

    am i like the only one who sees Ethan and Emma as just friends?! i think it would be kinda weird for them to be a couple! people are only shipping it because Emma is like the only girl-friend the twins have (i’m guessing)

  24. Chillz Ville

    Chillz VilleMês atrás


  25. Elise Doman

    Elise DomanMês atrás

    Honestly who dose this guy think he is

  26. serena vera

    serena veraMês atrás

    be a good fan and let them have their own time. don’t wait for them outside of a literal SOUL CYCLE CLASS. they never get a break i swear

  27. Deanna T

    Deanna TMês atrás

    Ethan did get invited lol

  28. ForEva Maeva

    ForEva MaevaMês atrás

    What the hell is wrong with this guy And here I am giving him views

  29. JackyrCheese Peeza

    JackyrCheese PeezaMês atrás

    The probably can’t go to this soul cycle anymore

  30. Suga kookies & Tae

    Suga kookies & Tae2 meses atrás

    Emma in this whole video is such a MoOd “iM jUsT a GhOsT” *im CACKLING*

  31. Harrison Clayton

    Harrison Clayton2 meses atrás

    When I grow up I wanna be an asshole and work for the paparazzi.

  32. Rosalie Mya

    Rosalie Mya2 meses atrás

    emma is so pretty wtf

  33. Hi ITS ME

    Hi ITS ME2 meses atrás

    No offense but ethma shippers pick at every little thing they do, like guys COME TF ON

  34. Dizzy Fridays

    Dizzy Fridays2 meses atrás

    1:08 is the time for ethma being confirmed (im jkkkk)

  35. Makayla Burke

    Makayla Burke2 meses atrás


  36. alice hyland

    alice hyland2 meses atrás

    lol grayson was at home planning a prank xD

  37. Abigail Purple

    Abigail Purple2 meses atrás

    I think Ethan was thirty! 😂 drinking empty water

  38. Talitha Barrington

    Talitha Barrington2 meses atrás

    okay did anyone else notice that they are wearing matching earrings?😍😢🙊

  39. Cherise Viljoen

    Cherise Viljoen3 meses atrás

    Emma and Ethen looked so embarrassed when the guy asked about the relationship stuff

  40. BaileeGermanotta

    BaileeGermanotta3 meses atrás

    Do fans not realize no one wants to take fucking pictures sweaty af after a workout? Jesus Christ

  41. Lily May

    Lily May3 meses atrás

    0:20 Emma goes to put her arm around e , e : NOT GETTING EXPOSED TODAY !! 😂

  42. Mabongie Mgaga

    Mabongie Mgaga3 meses atrás

    Y is Ethan lying saying he didn't get an invite to Jake n Tanas wedding? I mean Jake went to their house perwonally, but they said they won't make it cause it was clashing with their sisters birthday

  43. 3 1 / 0 3

    3 1 / 0 33 meses atrás

    iM jUsT a gHosT EMMA WHY

  44. CanIusethebathroom CanYou

    CanIusethebathroom CanYou3 meses atrás

    Shawn and camila pulled a ethan and emma lmao.

  45. Katie Eldeen

    Katie Eldeen3 meses atrás

    i honestly hated this. like damn mind your own damn business and stop trying to get them to say what you want them to

  46. Temi I

    Temi I3 meses atrás

    LAKSHANAAA AHAHAHA (i hope you see this comment and know that i found the video 😭😭😭😭😭)

  47. Julia Paiva

    Julia Paiva3 meses atrás

    Me this entire video: 🥴🥴

  48. Vanessa Turrubiates

    Vanessa Turrubiates3 meses atrás

    Ethen and Grayson did get a invite

  49. Mysvie

    Mysvie3 meses atrás

    “nOT yEt” LOL

  50. Libby Morgan

    Libby Morgan3 meses atrás


  51. Libby Morgan

    Libby Morgan3 meses atrás

    They defo slagged him off after thi

  52. Libby Morgan

    Libby Morgan3 meses atrás

    He’s so daym fine😍

  53. Thanh Tú Nguyễn

    Thanh Tú Nguyễn3 meses atrás

    The only thing i like about this video is that the fact ethan still manage to go to soulcycle like he said he would

  54. Hannah Moon

    Hannah Moon3 meses atrás

    guys 3:06 ethan: “if that gets out” ETHMA CONFIRMED 🤩

  55. itzjustme x

    itzjustme x3 meses atrás

    i never realised they ACC went out damn

  56. MaryKatherine Wegman

    MaryKatherine Wegman3 meses atrás

    Who else watches this like every week??

  57. analise hernandez

    analise hernandez3 meses atrás

    Ethma shipper here ;) p.s. I’m a small BRreporterr 🦋💘

  58. Zazzi Darden

    Zazzi Darden3 meses atrás

    Even if they were dating it doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to make up these videos and assume that they are dating with the very little if not any information that y’all have on them, besides if they were dating(which I’m NOT saying that they are) it is none of your business and they might just want to have a private relationship or it is because Emma is underage!!!! However it still DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT!!!!!

  59. Dahlia IsB

    Dahlia IsB3 meses atrás

    I love how much Emma likes to avoid drama!

  60. sskye

    sskye3 meses atrás

    Ethan: Oh Gayson is just building stuff at hone Grayson: yes im building a *p r a n k*

  61. Retro Wifey

    Retro Wifey3 meses atrás

    WHY DID EMMA SAY "NOT YET" hmmmmmmmm!

  62. Mini brand collector Mini brand Collector

    Mini brand collector Mini brand Collector3 meses atrás

    I think I found some liars

  63. greenartisticfiend

    greenartisticfiend3 meses atrás

    the other girl didnt get her picture lol