Esports Legend Ninja Teams Up With Kevin Hart | Cold as Balls Season 3 | Laugh Out Loud Network


  1. LOL Network

    LOL NetworkMês atrás

    Who would you pick for your duo squad - BamBam, Daryl, or Kevin?

  2. Hazard Is G.A.Y

    Hazard Is G.A.Y2 dias atrás

    Kevin he will just make me laugh and keep my mood up

  3. Taylor DeLoach

    Taylor DeLoach5 dias atrás

    bam bam look like timthetatman

  4. RaVe Dogg

    RaVe Dogg6 dias atrás


  5. Defaultgod -1234

    Defaultgod -12347 dias atrás

    Bambam and Kevin


    YOZ3N GAMIN610 dias atrás


  7. Carlos Bocanegra

    Carlos BocanegraDia atrás

    Eh Kevin hart's so hilarious hahaha drake does he say.... eh

  8. Faith Ingber

    Faith IngberDia atrás

    No one else is bothered by how Ninja took his shirt off? No? Just me? cool.

  9. PM Labarga

    PM LabargaDia atrás

    rip kobe

  10. Eddy Mwangi

    Eddy MwangiDia atrás


  11. PaulTheLemon

    PaulTheLemonDia atrás


  12. _.SBeatle _.

    _.SBeatle _.Dia atrás

    Ninja: I don’t hop on bandwagons Demon slayer: I’m gonna end this mans whole career

  13. Chris O.

    Chris O.Dia atrás

    4:17 cringe level 9999

  14. S.M.K

    S.M.K2 dias atrás


  15. Kurosu Midnight

    Kurosu Midnight3 dias atrás

    Ninja’s a frog 🐸

  16. ChuloLalito

    ChuloLalito3 dias atrás

    I thought ninja was gotta act kinda lame and cringe when it turned out Kevin hart acted that way

  17. yougotservedyo

    yougotservedyo4 dias atrás

    kevin didnt go belly button deep, soft af

  18. Dragon_King797

    Dragon_King7974 dias atrás

    I can't believe I watched this

  19. Thunder

    Thunder4 dias atrás

    Fortnite ninga does chilly challenge with the shorty

  20. Sunitha Vinod

    Sunitha Vinod2 dias atrás

    Lmao..I laughed so hard at this

  21. LH Vlogs

    LH Vlogs4 dias atrás

    Does he have tats or some thing

  22. Jason Matthew

    Jason Matthew4 dias atrás

    drake no longer follows ninja :/

  23. Omar Parks

    Omar Parks4 dias atrás

    Took that shirt off like he was expecting some money after😂😂😂

  24. Dan Pewpewman

    Dan Pewpewman4 dias atrás

    Ninja doesn't even play e sports he just streams

  25. Jesse Lucas

    Jesse Lucas5 dias atrás

    No one is gonna say anything about when Ninja said he's not a bandwagon guy? whats's he famous from again?

  26. Slim Shady

    Slim Shady5 dias atrás

    4:27 NinjasHyper is still alive

  27. Sūpēr Nōva

    Sūpēr Nōva5 dias atrás

    They looked painful

  28. LILG TV

    LILG TV6 dias atrás

    Dang ninja fat

  29. D savage the king

    D savage the king6 dias atrás

    Ninja got fat

  30. Michi221da Tv

    Michi221da Tv6 dias atrás

    Old spice body wash!

  31. Moykaaa

    Moykaaa6 dias atrás

    Didn't know that that soyboy is an athlete and also didn't know that gamers needed an ice bath.

  32. Zulu Nantambu

    Zulu Nantambu6 dias atrás

    I like old spice

  33. Тунук Суеркулов

    Тунук Суеркулов6 dias atrás


  34. Max Sanders

    Max Sanders6 dias atrás


  35. Seankikong

    Seankikong6 dias atrás

    Ninja:I forgot my katana in the back can I have that? Kevin: no **continues to use the nunchucks**

  36. xd exoticzfn

    xd exoticzfn7 dias atrás

    Bro why hhhahaha

  37. Hybrid_Robin

    Hybrid_Robin7 dias atrás

    Ninja is the CEO of no muscle 🤣🤣

  38. Ki0t Jot

    Ki0t Jot7 dias atrás

    Where is my boi XQC to yoink this content?

  39. Greg Sieracki

    Greg Sieracki7 dias atrás

    Who's the lesbian? BTW it's fake ice! Who takes their shirt off like that? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. EduMw4

    EduMw47 dias atrás

    I've seen this scene before in a peculiar website...

  41. J Bone

    J Bone7 dias atrás

    Why’s he got a shirt on wtf

  42. silentguy 117

    silentguy 1177 dias atrás

    esports legend tho in my opinion?

  43. Jacob Gosnell

    Jacob Gosnell8 dias atrás

    9:00 looks like he is getting his peen sucked

  44. Jacob Jaramillo

    Jacob Jaramillo8 dias atrás

    13:32, when ur homie is tryna mess wit ur mom

  45. Nate Saunders

    Nate Saunders8 dias atrás

    Kev really love just making money cuz he tortured himself every episode with this ice tub😂😂

  46. AranchO_DK

    AranchO_DK8 dias atrás

    ninja looks like a 28 year old lesbian woman who loves buzzfeed

  47. Cloudyy

    Cloudyy8 dias atrás

    I think ninja is a little full of himself. I'm pretty sure people don't watch him bc he can do something others can't. His target audience finds him entertaining and that's why they watch him

  48. Fortunate Mean

    Fortunate Mean9 dias atrás

    Ninja legit said Kevin's instagram name without knowing it 8:32 (@kevinhart4real)

  49. Reveion

    Reveion9 dias atrás

    Ninja makes me cringe so much

  50. SotoSpitsFire

    SotoSpitsFire9 dias atrás

    can we get Summit1G in here?

  51. GamingWith8k

    GamingWith8k10 dias atrás

    I Got 3 Llamas In My Video Check It Out On My Page

  52. Shtebie

    Shtebie10 dias atrás

    when kevin brought out the old spice stick ninja should have brought up amazon prime. missed opportunity

  53. Slitzy

    Slitzy10 dias atrás

    Im a gamer but if more than 4 billion people joined in our planet would be doomed , everyone would wannabe be a streamer

  54. PewDiePies Goldfish

    PewDiePies Goldfish10 dias atrás

    4:28 this is where i die

  55. Frederik Henderson

    Frederik Henderson10 dias atrás

    Esporst legend tho like really

  56. Adam Isaacs

    Adam Isaacs10 dias atrás

    ninjas balls is small

  57. Ashau_132 !!!

    Ashau_132 !!!10 dias atrás

    Who is watching this now when Ninja has blue hair

  58. YOZ3N GAMIN6

    YOZ3N GAMIN610 dias atrás


  59. Parker yount

    Parker yount10 dias atrás

    Ninja is ripped

  60. Mystikka1Gaming

    Mystikka1Gaming10 dias atrás

    Honestly I think Kevin Hart could Tear it up if he streamed!!! doesn't even have to play games, just IRL and sit around and BS with the fans, I would watch for sure!

  61. Callaway Jones

    Callaway Jones8 dias atrás

    lol, he's worth $240 million dollars. I think the fanbase is pretty much built in.

  62. Toates Goats

    Toates Goats11 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who noticed how Ninja took his shirt off?

  63. Almoni Primis

    Almoni Primis11 dias atrás

    The part about drake was so funny🤣😂

  64. Callum W

    Callum W11 dias atrás

    Who is here after the Ninja skin was released?

  65. cristian lopez

    cristian lopez11 dias atrás

    This was so cringe

  66. Master kV

    Master kV11 dias atrás

    😂😂😂😂😂 i love these two!!!

  67. アーロン

    アーロン11 dias atrás

    Called ninja but he’s never studied ninjitsu. Smh.