Euler's Disk


  1. Missing Texture

    Missing Texture11 horas atrás

    0:26 when you see your friend in

  2. Misty Swisty

    Misty Swisty17 horas atrás

    2:14 why he look so empty lol


    RAAHIMDia atrás

    Get someone who look at you like the way Michael's looking at that euler's disk.

  4. TheDrunkinMunkee

    TheDrunkinMunkeeDia atrás

    Euler's Disc: Staying a few steps ahead of your problems in a precessing downwards spiral.

  5. Flamorus

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  6. Gabriela Cisneros

    Gabriela CisnerosDia atrás

    disk: *spins* autogenerated captions: *applause*

  7. Yea No

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    Vertasium has a some what similar vid: and

  8. 123Crafterman Plays

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    nobody: me, watching my food cook in the microwave: 1:23

  9. Me Every Morning

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    5:28 is a bit *KiNkY* don't ya think??

  10. Penguin Gaming

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    I’m a dingaling now ig

  11. Jose Carranza

    Jose Carranza3 dias atrás

    Still waiting for the beat to drop

  12. GHT BUH 1

    GHT BUH 13 dias atrás

    1:22 just why

  13. nosey person

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    I am going to get one for when i am tripping balls on mushrooms

  14. EnderBlazex

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    I was going to post a meaningfull comment.... But just listen to this 5:28

  15. Riza

    Riza4 dias atrás

    2:03 Minecraft bois staring at enderman first time

  16. IM AN APE

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    Disk: *spins* Captions: *[Applause]*

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    D!NG is my favourite Vsauce.

  18. Nicholas Moffett

    Nicholas Moffett4 dias atrás

    can't wait to get an euler's disk then accidentally fling it across the room in an attempt to spin it

  19. Craig Mooring

    Craig Mooring4 dias atrás

    Why didn't he call it 'Bendik's Disc'? Did he fear that it would be confused with William Bendix (who usually played guys of limited intelligence), than whom Euler is much cooler?

  20. TheHAHA199

    TheHAHA1994 dias atrás

    Spins disk* starts slowing down Me: Well that didn’t last that long Also me: Well fu#% me, look at it go!

  21. Chris Williams

    Chris Williams4 dias atrás

    Every time he says Oiler's disc I cringe...

  22. ZaTTy!

    ZaTTy!4 dias atrás

    Michael's beard is so majestic.

  23. nafisbernafas

    nafisbernafas5 dias atrás

    I laughed at the first disk spinning part like a maniac and I'm not proud


    RANJAN KUMAR SAHU5 dias atrás

    Classical mechanics by Helbert Goldstein 😎

  25. Kai Wigg

    Kai Wigg5 dias atrás

    You wanna play with my ding-a-ling, my ding-a-ling

  26. Aaron Wyman

    Aaron Wyman5 dias atrás

    I wonder if you could do a similar experiment and demonstration/lesson that has to do with “counter-steering” in motorcycles. I’d love to see more scientific explanation of that

  27. Libby Wood

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  28. Libby Wood

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    Michael toy yay 🤪👐

  29. x1expert1x

    x1expert1x5 dias atrás

    If u think of the universe as a 3-dimensional support vector machine, or the gradient of a neural network, then physics is the backpropagation optimization of gradient descent. In neural networks, to find the local minimum, you take steps in each direction, and if you pass the minimum, you take a smaller step back, and then you make a smaller step forward again and back again, again and again, until it reaches the minimum. Love you VSAUCE!

  30. Fred Quimby

    Fred Quimby5 dias atrás

    I can't understand that if you know so much of the theory you can't design this yourself

  31. Lee YAHwehson

    Lee YAHwehson5 dias atrás

    Ok creepy man

  32. Ajax Ashford

    Ajax Ashford5 dias atrás

    A gyro prove the world is flat.

  33. Ajax Ashford

    Ajax Ashford5 dias atrás

    Well....if the world was round??? But it's not. It's flat. Nothing you believe is true. Mind control. Your a victim

  34. Chris Chris

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    He's trying to hypnotize ya!

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    Michael - The Beard!

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    Am I a dingaling to you ??

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    " *Hello dingalings* , and welcome to another episode of *Michael's toys* ." *HMMM*

  38. Nick J. H.

    Nick J. H.6 dias atrás

    I could be wrong but I feel like the tilt shown in the rotating disc will not be inherently 90 degrees away from the vertical force, but will depend on the angle of the component vector formed. So if you blew very gently it would be closer to 70 degrees or something along those lines, or if you spin it even faster it would also have a lower degree tilt relative to the source of the impulse applied.

  39. Chris Bradley

    Chris Bradley6 dias atrás

    If you could spin it in a vacuum chamber then quickly put the lid on and pull a vacuum would it spin for much longer ?

  40. TheRedAnimator

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  41. Vardhan Shah

    Vardhan Shah6 dias atrás

    I want someone who looks at me like Michael looks at the disc spinning for first time in the video😆

  42. CHAVSS gaming

    CHAVSS gaming6 dias atrás

    noone: Definitely noone: Me: watching the vid. FLAT EARTHERS: sees globe in video *QUITS

  43. Harry XD

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  44. Derek Tukuniu

    Derek Tukuniu6 dias atrás

    At eight years old I found this and never knew why? It was amazing! I never knew why? But know I does. It's fantastically simple but only if you know the why :D . Physics is amazing but not just that the world is amazing. thank you for teaching everone easy to understand and ease to do science or experiments for me n my kids to do. Thank vsauce

  45. Alex Dobre

    Alex Dobre6 dias atrás

    Imagine if you put some small magnets to repel each other it will spin longer

  46. SpokenMindRecordzEnt

    SpokenMindRecordzEnt6 dias atrás

    So no Vsauce or did he just block me hahaha because I haven't seen or heard of any of his videos

  47. Matthew H

    Matthew H6 dias atrás

    Wait what? The orbiting satellite example is not a rigid system. Doesn't belong in this discussion.

  48. makoshark40

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    Slo mo guys plz

  49. Ernesto Chang

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    It sounds like an angry clam and an helicopter had a baby

  50. markkens9

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    Little soft bevel on the edge, no rocket science except in calc'ing the curve?